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As Naruto ran all he could hear was Iruka agreeing with Mizuki about him being a beast. If he would have waited a few more seconds he would have heard Iruka saying that Naruto is part of the Village Hidden in the Leaves and he's very proud of Naruto. Naruto began to hate the village with all his heart and soul. They ignored him like he was not there and treated him like he was a disease, now he wanted to get even with everyone that treated him that way. He could only think of maybe three people in the whole village that he actually cared for. The Third Hokage, Shikamaru and Hinata Hyuuga. As he ran he was approached by Mizuki who finally caught up with him.

"Demon fox give me the scroll or I will kill you where you stand. "Said Mizuki as he held his Demon Shuirikens in both hands.

Naruto just glared at him and was ready to attack.

"That scroll contains jutsu's that can make even the weakest ninja into the strongest in the village. I will learn all of the moves and I will accompany Orochimaru in his quest for the ultimate jutsu's and together the five great nations will bow before our might!" As Mizuki yelled at Naruto.

"Orochimaru is he that powerful to help me become strong? Who is he and why do you want to give him this scroll? Where is he and where can I find him? Is he an enemy of the Leaf ….?" As Naruto continued to question Mizuki about Orochimaru person.

"Shut up and die Nine Tail Fox! "As Mizuki rushed Naruto to destroy him.

"Shadow clone jutsu!" As Naruto yelled about hundred shadow clones surrounded Mizuki and began to attack him ferociously leaving him in a bloody mess.

"How did you perform that jutsu? You're a failure, the last in class a buffoon! "As Mizuki looked up at him very badly beaten and unable stand.

"Where is Orochimaru? Is he really that powerful? Can he make me strong enough to destroy all of my enemies in the Leaf village? Tell me now or what I just did to you will feel like a light rain that came down upon you! "As Naruto and his shadow clones began to approach him with a killer instinct in his eyes.

"I don't know where he is but you will have to travel to different parts of the world to find him. He never really stays in one spot for long. You won't make it outside of the Fire country, they have every available ninja waiting to kill you and take back the scroll. It's something they will enjoy doing to a beast like you Nine Tail Fox! "As Mizuki began to smile.

"They'll never catch me, when I return to this village it will burn and all will know it was me who destroyed their precious little village! I'm the disease they made, their own monster that will be their destruction!" As Naruto looked at all his clones and each clone took off in all directions. As Naruto prepared to search for Orochimaru, he prayed that he would help him train to come back and seek retribution on his perpetrators that treated him like a disease.

"I will comeback so strong even their Hokage will not be able to stand against me this I swear believe it!" As thoughts of evil raced through his mind.

As Naruto started running as fast as he could to get away from the village that scorned his existence the day he was born.


As Iruka lay on the ground bleeding half to death, the ANBU ninjas came and attended to his injuries.

"His injuries are serious we better take him to the hospital so he has a chance to survive". Said the ANBU in the wolf mask.

"Wait Naruto is innocent; it's Mizuki who tricked Naruto and told him to steal the scroll. Help Naruto before Mizuki kills him. Naruto might be upset, Mizuki told him about the village rule not to tell him he has the Nine Tail Fox sealed inside him". As Iruka passed out from his injuries.

As the ANBU ninjas helped Iruka, the others followed the tracks to find Naruto. As they approached they saw Mizuki laid out from his injuries.

"Where is the child? What did you do with the scroll?" As the ANBU shook Mizuki violently to wake him up.

As the rest of the ANBU arrived they quickly interrogated him for the whereabouts of the scrolls. Mizuki just laugh as more ninjas came to help get back their secrets of the village jutsu's.

As Mizuki just laugh some more the Third Hokage appeared and looked Mizuki straight in the eyes.

"Where is Naruto and the scroll? Talk now and we will hold off the treason by the death penalty if we receive the scroll back."

"Gone, he has the eyes of a true demon of revenge. Like I told Iruka he will pour his soul into his training learning everything from the scroll and he will release his anger and hatred onto all in the village that despised him for being the Nine Tail Fox. This village just doomed itself because of their prejudice against him. You will know destruction of hate by his hands, a demon born in the Leaf!" As Mizuki laughed at the Third Hokage for being too late to do anything.

"Third Hokage we weren't able to track Naruto's movement, it looks like there about forty or fifty tracks heading in all directions. We called for the special tracking ANBU to give us a hand. Depending on the time frame he may have a large head start on us, tracking him could prove very difficult since we actually don't know exactly where he is heading." Said the ANBU ninja as he gave his report to the Third Hokage.

"Third Hokage we must give the order to subdue Naruto at all cost or all of our secrets will be exposed and the village will be in danger." As Danzo crept from around a tree.

"I will give the order for them to return the scroll and Naruto unharmed, I just hope he hasn't gotten too far." As the Third Hokage looked out in the distance hoping Naruto will come back to the Konoha on his own free will.

"The beast will have his day when he gets older, if he could master the shadow clone jutsu in a matter of hours just think what he will accomplish in a years' time, motivation for his revenge on the Hidden Leaf village will be the only thing he thirst for!" As Mizuki smiled devilishly knowing the village will suffer by Naruto's hand.

As Naruto looked at the scroll he wondered if he could actually escape the Konoha ninjas. He had no idea where to go because he never been out of the village. The first thing he thought of doing was to keep making shadow clones every half mile until he was able to hit a river or catch a ride with some travelers for cover. As Naruto started to run he got his first big break. He was able to come in contact with some travelers that were heading to the town of Kyo it was beyond the Fire country and he was pretty sure he could hide in one of the towns if he was to keep a low profile. Naruto knew he did not think things out he had no money and change of clothes. As he lay in the carriage all he could think of was Hinata Hyuuga. Although he never really spoke to her, she smiled and let him know that she thought of him as not of a disease but a human being. He thought it funny in all his life the one who blushed when she spoke his name is the one for some reason entered his mind. Although Shikamaru and Choji came across as friends also, he knew that he would have to cut all ties with his former village for he needed the darkness in his heart to achieve his goals.

"Hey there short stuff we will be heading out of the Konoha and we will be heading to the Sand village in five days where would you like to be left off at?" Said the full size lady smiling at Naruto.

"The Sand village sounds good and on the way I can practice all the way there". Thought Naruto

"I know I can't ride for free but maybe I can work for my passage if you like? This part of the country holds no more significance for me" Said a nervous sounding Naruto.

The large lady smile as to say it was okay and that he need not worry about it as long as he gets to the Sand village safe.

"Where are your parents?" She asked looking at the young blonde shiver from the cold.

"Dead, I have no one so I am going to look for someone named Orochimaru who can help me. I believe that he of all people will give me what I am looking for and at the same time give me purpose in life." As Naruto put his head down hoping she would just walk away from him and leave him alone.

As the lady walked away from Naruto he put his head down and began to fall asleep. He knew deep down in his heart he would never ever cry again and that a new Naruto was born on this date. The Nine Tail Demon container that will destroy every man woman and child in the Konohagakure with his hatred and vengeance.