Chapter 13: Choices and Consequences

It had been three days since Naruto had kissed Hinata and neither one of them knew how to act because of it. Although she helped him trained she was still too nervous to bring up what happened between them that night. It was her first kiss and she really wanted to feel his lips upon hers once more but she didn't know if she should initiate it or should she wait for him to kiss her again. She started to feel self-conscious because Naruto seemed to act like nothing happened or it wasn't special to him. As they finished training Cree approached them and told Naruto that they had a team meeting at the hotel. As Hinata left Naruto she could feel a cold gaze upon her given by Cree, she tried to ignore it but it felt too intense for her not to say something. Hinata waited until Naruto walked away so they could speak in private.

"Is there a problem Cree-san?"

"Yes you're spending a whole lot of time with (Mikado/Naruto) and I'm starting to wonder if you're going back and giving your cousin the inside scoop on how to defeat Mikado. I mean you're a Hyuuga and Mikado isn't special to you he's just some boy you met, you can use him to get in good with the rest of your clan by divulging critical information on my comrade's weakness. I did my homework on you disgrace heiress failure of the Hyuugas." Cree didn't hold anything back on what she thought and was extremely cruel on making her point to Hinata.

"I would never do something as malicious like that and Mikado is special to me." As she defended herself and looked at Cree.

"Oh really? What makes him so special to you? Because you bat those big pearly eyes at him and smile? And you know he's willing to go all out for you just to see you happy? Or is it that you just want someone strong so your family won't think that you're a weak failure? Do you just want to screw him so that he'll be by your side to make you look strong so everyone will stop looking down on you? That's what called using someone and you're doing it to Mikado!"

"If you think that, why don't you go and tell him!" Hinata for the first time in her life stood strong and nose to nose with Cree about how she felt about Naruto.

"Because Mikado can't get past those eyes of yours without thinking anything below his waist! But I'll tell you this Hyuuga girl; if you share his secrets with anyone I'm going to pay you a little visit in the middle of the night and make you feel sorry that you're were ever born." Cree turned and walked away.

Hinata looked stunned."Did they have a relationship before the two of us?" Maybe that was the reason why Cree was so protective of (Mikado/Naruto)? Hinata had a hurting feeling in her chest that made her feel depressed and took her out of her happy zone. She wanted for some reason for (Mikado/Naruto) to called her his true love and no one else. Although she told Mikado about Naruto there was no history of romance just a strong crush. Everything seemed to come crashing down on Hinata as she headed into the village.

As she headed back into downtown village to waste some time, she came upon a little restaurant that a lot of the ninjas go to eat. As she waited patiently for a table she overheard a couple of genin talking about Mikado, her curiosity got the better of her as she eavesdropped on the tables' conversation.

"I heard that Mikado is one hell of a ninja, they say his Ninjutsu is extraordinaire among anyone in our age group. I tried to talk to him yesterday and his teammate shooed me off, I think they have a thing going on." As the tall genin told of the event on what happened.

"Yeah I tried to flirt with him and he walked away from me ignoring me completely! But I seen him hanging around that dethroned Hyuuga heiress, maybe he's trying to get more popularity by hanging with a Hyuuga?" Said the other genin with long brown pony tail.

"How would that help him? She's way below average as a genin can get, sure she has books smart when we were in class but she isn't girlfriend material. Maybe someone like that Tenten or Sakura would be a better match for him." As the tubby girl genin started laughing at what she said.

As Hinata was shown to her table by the hostess, she followed her hostess away from the girls who didn't even know she was present. As Hinata sat at the table many things started to run through her mind,

"Maybe they're right, maybe that's why Mikado hasn't tried to kiss me again? No that can't be it, he said all those things to me and they came from his heart he can't fake something like that. Maybe he's still interested in Cree? No, that can't be it either, I don't know if I'm coming or going when I think about Mikado and our so called relationship. I've become very narrow minded when it come to him, he's always in my thoughts and when he's away it feels like I'd said good bye to my best friend forever. I never been this confuse in my life but at the same time I'm really happy when I'm with him." As she sat there trying to figure out what to do, some of her friends approached her.

"Earth to Hinata come in Hinata" as Ino waved her hands in front of her face." All seeing eyes my ass, we been here for a good minute and she just looked up at us." As Ino looked at Tenten and Sakura.

"Hey I know that look; it's when girls have a certain boy on her mind and she can't concentrate. Spill it Hinata tell us who it is." Tenten sat down next to Hinata and put her arm around her.

"Are you kidding? It's that Mikado that got her feeling the fire below her waist. Heck he's definitely hot with all that long black hair coming down to the middle of his back. Every girl in the village has been trying to holler at him since he broke a long standing record held by the Fourth Hokage himself. Hell I even heard the Sanada clan Matriarch approached him about marrying one of her six daughters." As Ino kept talking Sakura elbowed her in her side to get her to shut up.

Hinata flinched on hearing what Ino said, it was though she was told again she wasn't good enough.

"Hinata you know for a fact that Mikado wants you by his side, he risked everything in the Forest of Death to keep you safe. I'm pretty sure that things hadn't changed that quickly on how he feels for you." As Sakura comforted her teammate.

"We kissed" as Hinata said it below a whisper." Maybe the kiss wasn't what he expected it to be? I never kissed a boy before and maybe it was bad and he didn't want to be with a woman who can't kiss or he wants a stronger woman in his life? Plus I keep hearing all these girls say how much they like him and some said they even flirted with him, he didn't even tell me about that." As Hinata put her head down, it seemed more problems fell upon the young heiress. Although she felt insecure, she knew deep in her heart that Mikado wasn't that type of man to play with someone's emotions but when you have strong feelings for someone your emotions are doubled for some reason.

"You kissed him? My, my you're not that shy as we thought you were. Anyways those are rumors just talk to him, maybe he's feeling the same as you. This is something new for the both of you, it's only natural that both of you feel insecure about what to do Hinata. I hate to say this but he was ready to tear Neji a new butt hole for harming you, I say those are strong feelings or you can call it love. He openly challenged him and jumped down to be by your side." Tenten looked at Hinata hoping her words helped her just a bit from feeling sad.

"Well speak of the devil look who's outside the restaurant." As Ino pointed toward the window they saw Naruto walking with his head down.

Naruto was outside the restaurant when a Tayuya bumped into him, Naruto didn't recognize her with that black wig on at first.

"Hey Naruto, I heard some strange rumors going no about you. They say you have a failure of a Hyuuga as your girlfriend. Please say it ain't so?" Tayuya kept her hand on Naruto's chest and rubbed one finger on it tenderly in a seductive manner.

"What the hell are you doing using my real name in public fool, why the hell are you here?" Naruto whispered it but kept his composure as he smiled at Tayuya.

Naruto looked over and the Sound ninja known as Kin was standing next to Tayuya as she had confuse look on what Tayuya was doing.

"You're deviating from your mission; I'm here to make sure you stay on course and not to get some big breast girl into your bed." Tayuya took her hand and pulled back some of Naruto's black hair to see his features.

Naruto removed her hand and threw an angry smirk look at her.

"You report to me and don't forget that! One day Tayuya you're going to meet the end of my kunai, you pissed me off too many times for me to turn a blind eye toward you! Be prepared for that day, its coming sooner than you think!"

Kin looked at Naruto and never felt such hatred in her life resonating off someone so young; this actually scared the young Genin. Tayuya looked over and saw Hinata looking outside the window, Tayuya smiled at her. She quickly put her arms around Naruto's neck and rubbed her cheek with his.

"I see you want a sweet tasty virgin, I may not be one but I'm very experienced enough to make you scream out my name to the heavens a thousand times over." She quickly took her other arm and rubbed his lower back. "I know you're a stamina freak maybe you need two women to satisfy that endurance and lust of yours, how about it Kin feel like some three way sex activity with Naruto-kun here?" Tayuya was the only person that could piss off Naruto to a boiling point.

Usually this type of situation would embarrass Naruto but his anger cancelled out his shyness about sex.

"Take your flat chest friend and get away from me now before I…"

"I'm sorry am I interrupting something?" Came a soft sounding voice.

Naruto looked over and it was one of those fan girls that refused to leave him alone, he smiled as he went to talk to her so Tayuya and Kin could leave him alone. Naruto he had a scowl of discontentment of being bothered by the young girl but she served her purpose well as an distraction as he put on a fake smile for Tomika.

Tayuya walked away and smiled knowing she pissed him off thoroughly.

"Hey Kin how about you do me a favor and kill Naruto for me, he's becoming quite the little asshole. Do you think you can kill him?"

Kin smirked and shook her head yes as she pulled out some senbon needles to show Tayuya she's just right for the job.

"Wow she's really pretty; wait that's Tomika from our class, boy Mikado really is a popular fellow isn't he? She was the prettiest in the entire school; everyone thought she would get Sasuke's attention. Then that other girl just stopped Mikado and damn near said in a flirtatious body language that you can have my body for your pleasure anytime you want…" As Ino kept talking, Sakura gave another well placed elbow to the ribs of Ino to shut her up completely.

As Hinata watched the two women be openly flirtatious with the man she shared her first kiss with fear began to set in her heart. As the girl walked away from Naruto he walked inside the restaurant and seen all four of the girls sitting at the table. Naruto hated that Hinata wasn't alone but still came by and asked if he could join them for a minute. As he sat down all of Hinata's friends eyes were on him as he smiled so big at Hinata that it made her blush crimson red.

"So Mikado it seems that you're the eye candy for some of these Kunoichis around here." As Ino was blunt as ever.

"Eye candy?" As Naruto was confused by what she meant at first." I don't think so, I'm happy as is." As he looked at Hinata and her friends.

Hinata's heart skipped a beat. Maybe he really felt the same but she had to be certain.

"So Tomika the girl you were talking to she looked happy to see you Mikado and who was that other girls before Tomika arrived, I recognized that Kin girl from the exam?" As Ino kept with the questions making Hinata wonder just how he would answer.

"Oh she wanted me to stop by her house to help her train but I told her that I have a prior engagement with my Hyuuga partner who is trying to keep me in shape. The other girl from earlier was just some stupid fan girl who knew that Sound ninja who was just being annoying, I hope to never see them again." As Naruto took a sip of water.

Hinata breathe a sigh of relief, he had no plans on dumping her to be with Tomika or be with that other girl either.

"Good answer, very good answer." Tenten smiled at him and then Hinata." Well it's time for us to leave but you and Hinata enjoy your lunch together. As all three got up and left the two lovebirds alone.

As Hinata looked around she saw many girls attention was placed in Naruto's direction. She wasn't use to the attention she was receiving by being with him.

"Mikado do you mind if we go somewhere else, away from everyone's attention?"

"Sure but no matter where we go it seems I can't just be left alone, it's quite disturbing. I don't like the attention either." As he looked at Hinata and grinned.

"Me too, let's just get some takeout and leave. Actually I know the perfect spot away from prying eyes." Hinata forgot everything and was back to her jovial self once again.

"Sure let me use the bathroom and you can order the food." Naruto reached in his pockets and handed Hinata some money.

As he left to go to the bathroom, Hinata went to the counter and ordered the food. As she waited for Naruto she was approached by the girls she seen earlier when she was eavesdropping.

"Just like a Hyuuga, finally a decent guy and you want to throw your wealth around making him ignore the true Kunoichi's of the village. Just how did you even get nominated for the chunin exams and we didn't is a mystery to us?"

"Easy she's the failure heiress or did you forget? Plus the Hyuuga name means the rules don't apply to her." Said the heavy set Kunoichi.

"I heard from my father that she was a disgrace for being too weak to even defeat the lower branch of her family clan. Yet low and behold she's hanging with someone who's stronger than Sasuke himself. I guess her family wants to pass on some good genes since she herself doesn't have anything to offer, so they need someone like Mikado to strengthen their clan further."

Hinata was about to say something Naruto walked out of the bathroom.

"See ya later Hinata, enjoy your boy toy for now." Said the tall girl as she walked out with her friends.

"Friends of yours?" As Naruto saw the girls leave.

"Nope, just talking. Are you ready to leave?" As Hinata grabbed their food off the counter.

As the two left out and headed to Hinata's secret place she only knew about. The two headed deep into the forest way beyond the bustling village leaving their problems in the village. As they sat down to eat neither one said anything.

Hinata's mind was racing as she decided to break the silence.

"Mikado how much do you like me?"

Naruto almost choked on his food on hearing what she said.

"I...I... like you whole lot… I feel something special…for you." Naruto was sweating and his voice was breaking and he felt that he was about to vomit from nervousness.

"Okay then why do you like me?"

"Hinata that's a question that can't be answered with a couple of words. I like you because you are you. Simple and plain. I like you because this feeling I have is just for you, you are the one that cause my heart to race every time I approach you. Nervousness that turns into a exhilarating feeling t when you say my name. The longing to…"

"See you? That's how I've been feeling since we kissed. Every time I go to sleep I remember that kiss we shared, we only known each other a short time but somehow I feel connected to you on some personal level and it scares me to death. I want this feeling and then I don't, when those girls were talking about you and how nice you look my heart sank. They were talking about you and I didn't want them to be saying such things, I wanted you all to myself. That's really selfish of me isn't it?" Hinata stopped and looked into his dark black eyes.

"No it's not, I feel the same way probably more. Is that why you ask me about how I felt? I thought it was obvious the way I felt about you." Naruto looked at Hinata waiting for her answer.

"Because I'm considered a failure in my clan, no matter how hard I try to get my father or clan to recognize me they don't see me for who I am."

Naruto remembering feeling that exact same way and saying those precise words in his head when he lived in the village, he wanted to be recognized by the villagers as a person not a disease or demon. He realized that he had more in common with Hinata than he had with anyone else in the whole village maybe the world. As he reached over toward Hinata and placed a heated kiss on her lips, she eagerly returned the kiss with even more passion than the night they first kissed. As they began to explore each other's body, their body was intertwined with a position that made their bodies become hot from grinding and kissing. Naruto started to lick Hinata's neck with his tongue up and down as she moaned from this new sexual foreplay she was receiving from Naruto. He quickly came to Hinata's face and placed his tongue in her mouth, at first she was shocked but she enjoyed this sensation that made her wrap her legs around Naruto's waist instinctively. She quickly sat up and began to suck on Naruto's neck as she ran her fingers through his hair. Naruto was feeling so many emotions and unchecked hormones running through him he unbuttoned Hinata's jacket and put his hand up Hinata's shirt and rubbed her breast. He began to kiss Hinata's stomach and was about to suck on her breast.

"Yes oh god yes kiss me there more suck on my breast…wait I can't do this! Oh god it feels so good though …no I have to stop this!" Thought Hinata as she was in ecstasy from the young man's touch.

Enough Mikado! I can't … we can't do this, I'm sorry." Hinata quickly pushed Naruto off her and ran away from him as she fixed her clothing leaving a very confused and horny Naruto.

"Hinata wait I didn't mean for it to go that far I got caught up in the heat of the moment!" Naruto wanted to follow but if he caught her he didn't know what he could say to her to make her believe it wasn't just about sex.

Naruto decided to try and let things cool down… way down before he even thought about seeing her again. As he walked on the shore of the lake he saw some women in bathing suits playing in the water. As the young ladies waved at him, he heard some perverted giggles coming from the bushes. As he went to investigate the source he saw a telescope sticking out of the bushes staring directly at the girls.

"You old pervert! You can't take a day off without peeking at young girls can you? I can't believe you're one of the legendary Sennin of Konohagakure, aren't you afraid that people will label you as a deprave sex girl chasing addict?" Naruto was mad but not at Jiraiya, he had to vent at someone.

As the girls heard Naruto screaming at the bushes, they noticed the tall white haired man hiding in it and ran to get their clothing to get away from their peeping Tom.

"Wait ladies come back I'm the totally awesome Toad Mountain Sage of Mount Myōboku and writer of the Icha Icha Paradise series, don't you know it's an honor for you to inspire me with your beauty to put in my new book?" As Jiraiya ran from the bushes to stop them from leaving." Oh well I got enough inspiration for the day, this will go good in my next chapter." As he jotted down some words on his tablet.

Jiraiya noticed that Naruto looked sad and confused as he looked up at him.

"What's wrong Mikado? You should be happy now that you have an heiress craving for your full attention, don't tell me there is trouble in paradise already?" Jiraiya patted the young man on his back.

As he looked at Jiraiya he wondered if he should tell him his problems involving the young Hyuuga. If it was anyone that Naruto trusted, it was the old pervert in front of him.

"Do you really know things about women or do you just make this stuff up as you go along? Anyways I think I went too far with Hinata, we were kissing and things got so heated between us that I think I scared her off me completely." Naruto looked down at his feet; he thought he lost the woman of his dreams do to his perversion.

"How far did it go?" Jiraiya raised an eyebrow at the dark haired boy in front of him and gave a perverted grin.

"We were kissing and I lifted up her shirt and kissed on one of her breast like you said in that book of yours."

"Did she smack your face?" Jiraiya had to sit down to get more details on the situation as it intrigued him.

"No, it was quite a while before she stopped me, then she ran off saying "No" that she's not ready yet."

"Of course she's not ready yet, you little Casanova! She's still a virgin and she's afraid to lose what's precious to her by giving into lust. She's afraid that you may not like her or it's all about sex with you. Then I heard she's really shy, she's probably afraid of you to see her naked. Women are very self conscious about their bodies, although we see perfection in them no matter how tall, small, thin or fat we love to look at their bodies. They have insecurities about feeling that vulnerable in the eyes of the man they care for; it takes time for a woman to fully trust a man with their body. You must make an effort also, show her your true feelings and be there for her. After that she won't be so shy and your relationship can blossom and you two can understand each other much better." Jiraiya smiled at the boy as he sat down next to him.

"So I should apologize and tell her how I feel about her and that I'm great with us taking it slow?" Naruto looked at Jiraiya and saw a completely different side of him that wasn't filled with perversion.

"Right, you care for her so it should be easy. Plus both of you are too young for that type of relationship right now, wait until your both older where your maturity can make you both feel more comfortable and secure with each other's bodies and feelings. Now get to moving and show her that you love her without a shadow of a doubt. Now hurry and get the girl of your dreams before she realize the Uchiha brat might be a better catch." As he smiled at Naruto.

Naruto blushed and smiled back at his sensei.

"So this is what it's like to have a father? Thanks Jiraiya-sensei, I was really confused and I had no one to turn to. Thanks for listening to me; I really needed someone to talk to." Naruto stood up and bobbed his head and headed to the Hyuuga complex.

"That's the first time he hadn't call me a pervert or a freak and he was so sincere about it and he was respectful too. Kid if I had a grandson I would want him to be just like you. While I'm at it I can start a new book called the Heiress and the Casanova Ninja. I'm so glad that I took the pictures of the two of them making out at the secluded area, this will give me plenty of inspiration to start new characters for my new book about the two of them." Jiraiya smiled as he had a photo of Naruto kissing the young heiress breast through her bra. He couldn't help but give a devilish grin and laugh." I wonder how much he will pay me not to show Hiashi these incriminating pictures of the two of them fornicating in the woods?"

As Naruto made it to the Hyuuga compound, he was stopped by the two guards at the gate.

Mikado Tae Shin to see Hinata Hyuuga please." As Naruto waited to be shown to her house.

"Hinata-sama asked not to be disturbed by anyone today, come back tomorrow to see her." Said the Hyuuga guard in an icy tone.

"Just tell her it's me and I'm pretty sure she'll let me pass." Naruto looked into the Hyuuga guard's eyes.

"Let me rephrase that, she didn't want to be bothered by you in particular Mikado-sama. Our orders were very clear, if you showed up that we were told to not let you in until tomorrow."

"What! Did she say why? Is she mad at me for feeling her…?" Naruto caught himself as he saw the guards raised an eyebrow at part of his last statement.

"So don't tell me you two had your first fight already?" As Hiashi came from behind Naruto to see what the fuss was about.

Hiashi put his hand onto Naruto's back and nodded at the guards, he escorted Naruto on the premises personally to see Hinata.

"No it's not like that, I'm still new to this stuff and I really don't want her to be mad about something stupid I may have done or said." As Naruto tried to explain to her father.

"Like what, if you don't mind me asking?" Hiashi was now intrigued by his daughter relationship with the dark haired boy who somehow stolen her heart.

"It's a lot of things from other girls who I don't like trying to get my attention all the way up to her not truly understanding my feelings for her. I think it's my fault, I don't know how to convey my feelings into words. I know what I want to say but for some reason it feels corny or stupid, like I'm some sort of idiot with all the wrong words to say."

Hiashi knew all too well about young men and their feelings, wanting to stay strong like a man suppose to be but feeling so insecure when it comes to the opposite sex and how you feel.

"Here is a little secret, honesty is the best policy. Eventually your feelings will reach her and she will convey what's in her heart as well." Hiashi smiled at the young man who took a fancy to his eldest daughter.

Naruto smiled at the older Hyuuga.

"So tell me Mikado what is it you see in my daughter? She's not an accomplished ninja and she's considered the weakest of all the Hyuuga clan members."

She's not weak!" Yelled Naruto so loud that it startled Hiashi." I seen her risk her own safety to help out her teammates against a foe that didn't mind killing anyone that got in his way! She has loyalty that is immeasurable, she constantly search for an old friend of hers that left this village. She wanted to become a Chunin to help find him; she's totally amazing to go the distance for a friend like that. While everyone is looking down at her, she's steadily looking up with pride in her heart and a soul. If everyone was like Hinata there would be no reason for wars or ninjas, just gentle understanding coming from the heart that is conveyed through actions of love. Hinata is the strongest person I ever met in my life, if anyone ever tries to hurt Hinata they'll deal with me personally! I don't care who it is! No one and I mean no one will ever make Hinata cry when I'm by her side!"

Hiashi didn't know if that threat was aimed directly at him or not but he could see that this boy in front of him was in love, even if he didn't fully know it yet. It was crystal clear to everyone else. Hiashi always thought that Hinata was weak but this boy thought the complete opposite, for the first time in ages Hiashi smiled genuinely for his daughter's future. As they entered the house he went to the foot of the stairs.

"Hinata come downstairs please." Hiashi thought it would be better if she didn't know that Naruto was there to see her.

"Yes father what is it?" Hinata eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw her father standing next to Naruto.

"Mikado what are you doing here?" Asked a very confused Hinata.

"He came to see you of course; I'll leave you two alone. I'm pretty sure you have much to discuss." As Hiashi went up the stairs he stopped at the top of the stairs where he was not seen and activated his Byakugan to help him ease drop on the two lovebirds.

"Hinata I just want to apologize for my behavior, it's just that I never met any woman like you in my life. I want to go at the pace you're comfortable at; you are well worth the wait." Naruto decided to talk from the heart like the two older gentlemen had told him to do and to be honest. "I thought my destiny was to always be alone and to walk a dark path filled with violence and hate but when Hinata Hyuuga is by my side I walk in the path of your light making me feel I can truly change my destiny for the better. You once told me that you wanted to change the way of the Hyuuga tradition, I believe that you can. No, I know you can because unlike everyone else you believe in the goodness in the person's heart and soul. I don't know if we will be together forever or just for a few days but I wouldn't trade my days with you for all the money in the world, for the first time in my life I feel happiness and it's because of you."

Hinata didn't know what to say, she did what Naruto would have never expected her to do. She embraced him and placed a passionate kiss on his lips.

"Aww wasn't that sweet scene Hiashi-sama? The two are truly in love, this will break her heart when she finds out that a couple of suitors asked for her hand in marriage. Don't get me wrong this boy is good but he isn't the proper gentleman material for our heiress, he needs to come from a prestigious clan or family. He's just like the rest of the dogs who aren't from noble families…underprivileged ninja scum trying to make themselves royalty through our prestigious clan name." Said the brown haired Hyuuga known as Sasha.

"No he's not like that at all, he's being trained by Jiraiya-sama himself and you heard of his abilities, the villagers and Jounin of the village are in complete awe of this boy's incredible abilities. He's what this clan needs to insure our future of one of Konoha's greatest clans in the Fire country." Hiashi deactivated his gaze from Naruto's and Hinata position to talk to his associate.

"Hmm… I wonder if he's a pervert like his master? That depraved sex fiend Jiraiya caught me in the nude at the bathhouse a couple of days ago, who knows what he's teaching that apprentice of his. Anyways we have one in particular that's a good choice for her; his bloodline will guarantee strong children with our kekkai genkai. He's already a Jounin and the most feared in our clan at the age of just twenty."

"Don't say his name in my presence! He's a foul loathsome human being of a man, Hinata deserves much better than him!" Hiashi anger toward Sasha Hyuuga unnerved the arrogant woman.

"Very well but if you like you can submit this Mikado Tae Shin's name as a possible suitor, it will be very interesting to see how he's stack against a top notch Hyuuga. I hope you have some info on the boy before you submit him to a world of pain?"

Hiashi watched as Sasha walked back up the stairs and into her private room.

Hiashi knew that Jiraiya would have some information on Naruto; he decided to look for the legendary Sennin himself for a recommendation for Mikado to be a possible suitor for his daughter. As he searched for an hour, he couldn't think of any place that Jiraiya might visit when he comes to the village. Then it came to him, the women bathhouse.

As Hiashi made it to the bathhouse he looked around for the old pervert to gain some information on this Mikado Tae Shin. As he couldn't find him he was ready to walk until he remembered how good of an expert Jiraiya was at surveillance, he quickly activated his Byakugan and searched the area. As his gaze came upon an old white haired man looking in the bathhouse he walked over to Jiraiya and lightly coughed to get his attention.

"Later Hiashi, I'm getting my motivation for my new book." As Jiraiya chuckled from seeing Anko and Kurenai in the nude.

"I'm sorry Jiraiya-sama but this is of the upmost urgency that I speak with you, it's about Mikado the student that you recently taken on. I will leave you to your voyeurism of the young maidens as soon as you can answer a couple of questions for me. Then you will be undisturbed and you can take pleasure in the exquisiteness of Konoha's most pleasurable and desirable fruits of the village." Hiashi looked into the eyes of the legendary warrior.

Jiraiya arched his eyebrows and looked up at Hiashi, never had his despicable act of being a peeping Tom sounded so regal and proper. Coming from Hiashi it made it sound like it was expected of him to peep at women or it would be a crime if he didn't.

"Sure what do you wish to know about the kid?" As Jiraiya continued to stare at Kurenai in the bath as his tongue was nearly out his mouth.

"Is this boy truly worthy of my daughter?" Hiashi waited patiently for Jiraiya to answer.

"Yes, very much so. The kid only thinks about her and training and lately he combined the two. Oh you really are a sexy woman with a rack like that!" As Jiraiya looked at Anko as she stood up to wash the soap off her body.

"Humph" as Hiashi coughed to make Jiraiya stay focused on the subject. "How good are his skills? Be very honest."

"Believe it or not I would say that he's comparable to a Jounin level already, maybe a little less than Kakashi but what makes this kid formidable is his ability to never give up on anything. When he sets his mind to it there is no chance he'll change his mind, he's a little simple minded that way but he's straight forward on his beliefs. Oh man I wish I could be between those two women, if I had a genie that would be my first wish and second wish and third wish." Jiraiya was becoming more and more unfocused on the questions at hand as he stared at the two women.

"Does he love my daughter or does he just want to have money or the power of the Hyuuga name behind him." Hiashi had to know for sure. True he could tell that the boy cared for his daughter but there were many that wanted the hand of the Hyuuga heiress for their own personal agenda. Much as he liked the boy it was still a possibility of deceit to get what he wants from his clan.

This statement made Jiraiya stopped his peeping as he stood directly up as he looked directly into the eyes of Hiashi with anger.

"That boy defeated a Jinchūriki known as Gaara to keep your daughter safe! You heard the rumors of the Sand shinobi who contains the One Tail, he murders indiscriminately whoever gets in his way. His own father placed a bounty on his head and we all know that no one was able to collect the money! Mikado defeated this same Jinchūriki with skills way beyond a Genin and saved Team Seven from certain death, his goal was to save Hinata from being killed. This is the story I heard from Sakura and Hinata, Mikado's version of the story was on how strong Hinata was. She risked her own safety to save her team, his words was that he wished he had her courage and loyalty. He knew that Hinata had a crush on Naruto Uzumaki before he disappeared, as much as it hurt him he stayed by your daughter's side because he actually cares for her. Now that they have mutual feelings for each other, he doesn't mind that she search for him because he has that much love and trust for her. The only thing he wants from the Hyuuga clan is your daughter's love and eventually her hand in marriage, this kid would give anything to be with her." Jiraiya stood nose to nose with Hiashi to let him know to never look down on Mikado ever again, especially when it concern his student's honor and intentions.

Hiashi just smiled, someone loved his daughter no matter what. As he continued to smile it quickly became a frown of fright and misunderstandings as he saw Kurenai and Anko standing directly behind Jiraiya.

"I would expect this type of behavior from Jiraiya-sama but you Hiashi? If you were going to peek at us you could have at least been quiet about doing it instead of all that yelling! Jiraiya it's time for you to pay for your crimes against women! We are not objects and we will be respected!" Kurenai and Anko pulled out their weapons and prepared for to give them a beating they wouldn't forget.

"Wait this is a misunderstanding I just came to talk to Jiraiya-sama, just let me…" he was cut off by the Sennin pervert.

"Don't waste your breath; they'll never believe us no matter how hard we try to explain we're innocent. The best thing to do is to just run!" As Jiraiya just vanished in a puff of smoke as he dropped his notebook.

Hiashi picked up the notebook and read the title which made him scowl in anger.

The Heiress and the Casanova Shinobi.

Chapter one: The Lustful Acts of Two Unsupervised Teens.

"So you're not even going to bother to run?" As Anko smiled in delight of harming the pompous peeping Hyuuga leader.

Hiashi was too dignified to try and explain and to run would be more humiliating if people saw him running away from the bathhouse while being chased by two women. He decided to just accept what they deemed necessary for being a peeping Tom. The two women smiled as they unleashed a barrage of punches and kicks leaving the Hyuuga leader beaten in the dirt.

As Naruto was taken to a secluded spot that Hinata liked to look at when the sun goes down, he was shocked it was on top of the Hokage mountain monument. He had always come here when he was a child to look over the village; it always gave him an inner peace in his mind and soul. No matter how long he was gone it was still the most beautiful view in the world, this was the spot he missed the most in the Konoha and now he was sharing it with Hinata.

"It's spectacular isn't it? No one comes up here so we can talk and get to know each other better." Hinata looked deep into Naruto's eyes and she could tell that he was truly touched about her bringing him here to her sanctuary from the world below.

"It's breathtaking." Naruto wasn't looking at the view but that of the woman in front of him.

Hinata blushed a crimson red as she turned her head from Naruto view in embarrassment. Naruto walked over toward a tree and sat down and leaned against it as he looked at the setting of the sun. Hinata took a bold new step and sat between Naruto's legs and leaned back into his chest.

"Can I hold your hand?" Asked a stuttering and nervous Hinata.

Naruto placed his hand out in front of Hinata; she looked at how large his hand was compared to hers. She examined his hand with great care before she intertwined her fingers with his.

"You come here a lot?" As Naruto kissed the back of her head.

"Yes I do, we can leave our problems behind and look at the night time sky without a care in the world. It will be just you and me." As Hinata snuggled closer to Naruto.

"You want to stay in the village forever? You don't ever plan on leaving?" As Naruto looked down on the beautiful Hyuuga girl in between his lap.

"This is my home; this is where my family and friends are. I'm also here Mikado; I thought that you would want to be where I'm at?" Hinata's nervousness started to kick in as she tried to rise up from between Naruto's lap.

Naruto slightly pulled her back down.

"No I thought you didn't like this village all like that, I thought you would love a change of scenery from this place. A chance to start over and be what you want to be, you can be like a phoenix and be reborn from your own ashes."

Hinata thought about it and it did sound good to be what she wanted to be but her roots were connected to this village. No matter how good or bad the village was, it was her home and the village was her family.

"I love this village Mikado and the only way it could become better if you were here next to me."

Naruto heart was at a loss, he swore to destroy this village with his own two hands and his other vow was to never make Hinata cry or let harm come to her. The choice was a simple one to him, Hinata was his first priority.

"You wish for me to stay?" As Naruto looked into those big pearly eyes of hers.

Hinata nodded her head yes enthusiastically at the question he asked.

"For me to be with Hinata then Naruto Uzumaki must truly die and Mikado Tae Shin must live on in his place. Maybe in time I can get Hinata to come with me and leave this village. She obviously likes me the way I like her; if it's just the two of us we can make our own destiny and forge a new path." Thought Naruto as he continued to stare at his girlfriend between his legs.

"Then I'll stay but one day Hinata we will have to venture out into the world and make our own future, this world is ours for the taking all we have to do is reach for it." As Naruto looked at her.

"As long as Mikado is by my side but I must first change the way my clan thinks and change it for the better. I want a clan everyone can be proud of, Main and Branch family alike. If I can change this terrible tradition of sealing, I will have succeeded in my goal." As Hinata leaned backed further into her boyfriend's chest, she felt so at ease with him now that she knew how he really felt.

The two young lovers stared at the sun as it started to fall from view over the village. Neither one wanted to move as they both were content on feeling the other's heartbeat and warmth.