Beta: Manatsuko (fanfiction u/2385876/)
A/N: I wasn't even in a bad mood when I was writing this.

Everyone makes mistakes

Rivaille knew that this day would come sooner or later. Surprisingly, it came later than he had thought and earlier than he had hoped. To assume Eren would always be able to control himself in his titan form... How very stupid of them.

To be honest, sometimes he wondered if it was true that people see their whole life flash by before their eyes when they're dying. Probably not. Because in the moment before the titan's – Eren's – fist slammed into him, crushing his body, he saw only blood, fallen comrades and hordes of incoming titans.

In the end, humanity lost.

And maybe, just maybe, in the exact moment when he died, Rivaille felt as if Eren was hugging him like he used to do at nights when no-one could see them, comforting him.


To andrea (you posted your review as a guest and I have to write my response this way): I wrote "manga spoilers", because people who watch anime don't know that Eren can turn into a titan, not because Rivaille dies in manga (I hope he won't do this).