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Sonic: So that is why I have been ignored.

Percy: How did I get here?

Me: Percy! Glad you could make it. This is my first crossover, and that is with my two favourite things: Percy Jackson and Sonic the Hedgehog!

Sonic and Percy: Do I get a say?

Me: No, so one of you do the disclaimer.

Percy: Rick Riordan owns all copy rights to PJO.

Sonic: And Sega somehow own me.

Me: Splended, now enjoy!

Sonic's point of view:

Well, my life is just about normal at the minute.

I have just blown up Eggman's new base (again), gotten through a riot of the press, and am now relaxing, and waiting for someone to pop up and ask for help.

But no. I am getting none of that today.

Emerald Coast, the sun, the sea, the nature.

I could stay here forever.

Well, I would, but I have duties too ya know.

Recently, I had to get over my fears of water. I am not a lover of the water, but do enjoy the odd splash in the water.

I then heard my modified Iphone 5 ring. And before anyone asks, Tails modified it.

Open Your Heart K-klub remix was my ringtone, so I let my phone ring a bit.

I answered my phone.

"Wassup? Sonic speaking here. Better be a good reason 'cos I'm on vacation." I said, adjusting my sunglasses.

"Hey Sonic! It's been a few weeks since I've heard from you!" Tails said, and I could hear Knuckles and Shadow in the background.

"Hey lil' bro! What's up?" I greeted my little brother.

"Eggman hasn't made a peep yet, and I'm getting suspisious. There is already a tear in the Space and Time Continuum since the Time Eater and split prsonalities issue, but something weird keeps on going on. The world is acting as if Eggman was never - wait, Knuckles! Get the door!" I heard Tails say.

"Whatever." Knuckles grumbled in the background.

"Holy-!" Knuckles howled, and the sound of warping sounded.

"Guys! What happening?" I shouted down the phone.

"Sonic! Help!" Tails pleaded.

I then heard Shadow scream in pain... And then nothing.

Just silence.

I threw off my shades and leapt to my feet.

I already knew that since the dimension incident, Angel Island has vanished, as well as the Ark, but something else had came here.

As if on cue, a bony hand shot out of the sand and grabbed my ankle.

"Get off of me!" I howled in pain as the skeleton hand gripped my ankle even tighter.

I kicked my leg out, and the skeletonal hand shattered, scattering across the sand.

"Just what the hell was that thing?" I screamed to myself, slowly walking away, towards my beach house that I have now brought.

A group of hands this time leapt out of the sand and gripped both of my legs, preventing me from moving.

Okay, I'll admit this one thing here: the great and infamous Sonic the Hedgehog is scared, and is about to pee his pants (if I was wearing any, I would of already did it!).

The hands slowly pulled me under the sand.

"Someone! HELP MEEEEEEE!" I roared, but no one came.

I was swallowed up by the sand and waited for death to snatch me away...

Percy's point of view:

I sat at the beach, over looking the sea in front of me.

I am 17 today, and it has been two months since we won the Giant War. Camp Half-Blood grew with a few Romans entering (Jason, Frank and Hazel), but the rest (such as Reyna) remained at Camp Jupiter.

Annabeth, my girlfriend, cuddled up closer to me. It has been a year since we had started dating. And that was the day the second Titan war had ended. The day that Luke had died.

I will never forgive Luke for all of the innocents that he has killed, even if he sacrificed himself to save the world and stop Kronos. He may be a hero to some people, but to me, he will always be one thing: a scumbag, lying traitor.

"Seaweed Brain?" Annabeth asked me.

"Yeah Wise Girl?" I replied, kissing her on the forehead.

"Look up." She said, her eyes going wide.

I followed her gaze, only to see four meteors in the sky. One was yellow (like Apollo), another red (like Ares), the third one was an orangey black (Hades?), and the last one was eletric blue (Zeus or Poseidon).

"What in Hades is that?" I asked Annabeth, and she just shrugged.

My sea green eyes followed the blue one, and it seemed to crash in New York.

My eyes widened.

"We need to tell Chiron and go the New York." I said, and Annabeth agreed.

"We leapt up to our feet and sprinted past the cabins towards a huge farmhouse.

I ran onto into the porch to see Mr. D and Chiron playing one of their card games.

"Hey Chiron, Mr. D." I greeted.

"Perceus." Chiron greeted, turning towards me.

"Peter Johnson." Mr. D nodded, not leaving his game.

"What can I do for you child?" The centaur (Chiron) asked.

"Can Percy and I go to New York? Something just landed there and we would like to see what it is." Annabeth requested.

"Very well. I will give you two days free from camp. Argus will drive you two to New York. Oh, and Happy Birthday Percy." Chiron smiled warmly, and returned to his came with Mr. D.

Annabeth and I walked, hand in hand, towards the edge of camp, where Argus waited for us, the keys for a Mercades in his hand.

Argus let us into the car and git in the driver's seat. He hit the gas and sped down the road at ridiclious speeds.

Within half an hour (A/N: I am not American, so I do not have a clue how far Manhatten is from Long Island.), we had reached the edge of Manhatten.

"Let's go." I said to Annabeth, and we jogged around the city of Manhatten, looking for the blue meteorite.

We soon walked into Centeral Park, where we found a crater around a three foot deep and six foot wide.

I looked inside of the crater to see a six foot tall boy laying there, unconsious.

He had dark blue hair and a well tonned body. He wore blue jeans and a plain white t-shirt, as well as red and white running shoes.

"Help me out Wise Girl." I said as I jumped into the crater. I looked at the boy and saw that he was no more than 15.

I picked him up and handed him to Annabeth, who put him on the grass next to the crater.

I jumped out of the crater and sat next to the boy.

"He might be a Demi-God." Annabeth suggested.

"He might be." I shrugged.

As if on cue, the boy's eyes snapped open to reveal two emearld green eyes.

Sonic's point of view:

I snapped my eyes open.

I'm not dead? Yippe!

I saw two humans next to me. A boy with raven black hair and sea green eyes was crouching down next to me, and a blonde girl with stormy grey eyes sat down next to him.

The girl was pretty hot, I had to admit.

"You alright?" The boy asked.

"Fine." I lied. My head felt like Eggman had just sat on it.

"You sure? You just fell from the sky." The girl said, concern in her eyes.

"I'm used to that kind of stuff." I chuckled, and they both went wide eyed.

"Where am I anyway?" I asked the two.

"Centeral Park. Why?" The boy replied.

"Not place. I meant planet." I groaned. I know, they probably were thinking things like 'weirdo' and 'nutcase' but I couldn't care.

"Earth." The girl said. "Why would you want to know what planet you are on?"

"Because I was sucked underneath a beach at my home, and I then fall from the sky here. Ain't you used to people falling from the sky?" I replied.

"No we are-" I cut the boy off as I saw a woman with no legs, only a snake tail, appear from the bushes, two golden swords in their hands.

I sat up and leapt at the snake lady, knocking her to the floor.

"What the?" The girl asked.

"Annabeth, we need to take this guy back to camp." The boy said to the girl.

"What is this 'camp'?" I asked, elbowing the snake lady in the head as she was getting up.

"A place where we would all be safe." Annabeth replied.

"Directions." I ordered.

"Long Island, if you know where that is." The boy said.

"I'll find out. Now, hold on tight." I smirked, as I grabbed the two and ran east.

I broke the sound barrier in no time, and was soon grinding on telephone cables (A/N: don't ask how he does it.).

"Slow down! How is this even possible!" Annabeth screamed.

"Fastest creature alive! With me, I am the inpossible. I grinned and sped up, nearing my top speed.

I was soon in some woodlands, and running along an empty road.

"STOP!" The boy roared, so I skidded to a halt.

"Are you crazy or something?" Annabeth screamed at me.

"That was nothing compared to what I usually do." I rolled my eyes.

"I wonder how you have friends... And how your family even put up with you." Annabeth hissed, venom dripping from her voice.

"Annabeth, that's a little too harsh, don't you think?" The boy asked Annabeth.

"Why do you care Percy?" Annabeth argued.

I turned away from the two.

"Your right. How could they stand me? Oh wait... They could until they were murdered!" I shouted in anger.

The two just stared at me.

"Go to your stupid camp. I will be happy out here." I glared at Annabeth, and Percy gave me a sympathetic look.

Percy left Annabeth's side and walked up to me.

"Look, kid-" I cut Percy off.

"My name is Sonic." I said simply as I kept on walking.

"Okay. Look, Sonic, come into camp. We can help you, and you will have friends here." Percy pleaded, making me stop walking away and turn to face him.

"Help me?" I laughed.

"Look, just come to camp. You will have a life there." Percy reasoned.

"Do I pay?" I asked.

"No." Percy replied.

"Cute girls? And decent food?" I questioned.

"Depends and Hades yeah!" Percy laughed a bit.

"I'll consider it." I replied.

I could see Annabeth glaring daggers at me.

By the way, I already know that I'm human. It's a nice modification, as well that I had my Iphone 5 in my pocket.

I decided to try and call Tails' mobile, as well as Knuckles and Shadow, tomorrow.

Percy led me up to some huge white pine tree. I walked past it, noticing a golden fleece on it.

"Protects the camp borders." Percy said, knowing what I was going to ask.

He led me to a dining hall, and a lot of people were already eating.

"Capture the flag tonight, so we better get you some armour and a sword." Percy said as he sat at a table. I sat oppasite from him.

"How come everyone is restricted to other tables?" I asked.

"Because they are assigned to each godly parent. Mine is Poseidon, god of the sea." Percy answered. A plate of chips and a cheese burger appeared in front of him.

"Just think what you want, and you might get it." Percy offered. "Same with the drinks, as long as they are non-alcoholic." He added.

'Ten Chilli Dogs.' I thought. A windy breeze whipped around me and ten Chilli Dogs appeared on the plate.

I grabbed my goblet and thought of a drink that I liked. 'Lucozade Energy orange.' I thought, and it appeared.

A speedy little trouble maker needs his energy, right?

Percy got up and walked over to some fire, so I followed him.

"Sacrifice some to the gods. It could be helpful." He said as he sacrificed some of his food.

I threw a generous four Chilli Dogs into the fire. 'Gods, if you can hear me, help me out.' I prayed slightly, and then went back to my seat to wolf down my Chilli Dogs.

"Now we have to go and see Chiron." Percy said as he finished his dinner.

He led me to a huge barn house that had around four floors.

"Chiron! I have another Demi-God!" Percy shouted, and a horse - man cam into view.

"Thank you, Perseus. And you are?" The man known as Chiron turned to me.

"Sonic." I said simply.

"And for your information Sonic, I am a Centaur." Chiron said.

"Okay..." I rolled my eyes.

"Was you the blue meteorite that hit New York?" He asked me.

"Probably." I shrugged my shoulders.

"Then you must go to Olympus tomorrow. Percy, you can skip Capture the flag for tonight and Sonic can stay in your cabin if you are alright with it." Chiron ordered.

"Come on Blue boy." Percy joked, causing me to pout.

"Like you can talk." I smirked.

I followed Percy to a sea green cabin that was decorated with Tridents and sea shells. The cabin was also right next to a beach.

Percy hopped onto a bunk, the smell of the sea filling my nose.

"Pick a bunk." He offered.

"Thanks." I smirked at him.

I chose a top bunk on the otherside of the room and fell asleep nearly as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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