A/N: Title is a play on the movie title X Men: First Class

A/N the 2nd: Whoa, I knew I forgot something. This drabble was inspired by SciFiNutTX's wonderful epic, Winchesters, Wolverines and Wendigos. Dean meets Wolverine and the X Men and becomes an instructor at Xavier Institute. I'm not gonna spoil the story, but there's more to Dean and Sam that meets the eye.

Word count between the line and the -30- symbol: 100 on the nose. Yeah, I'm good.

Summary: E/O CHALLENGE. Drabble word(s) check in. Sam and Dean take the next generation of hunters to school.

Dear Students:

Welcome to the Winchester Institute for Gifted Hunters. Check in time is 8AM Monday. Student orientation starts at 10AM sharp. Attendance is mandatory. If you don't show up then get the hell out and find another line of work.

Semester class schedule: alternating weeks.


Detection/Elimination of Spirits, Angels, Trolls, Assorted Fuglies

Instructor: Dean Winchester

Following week:

Field Interrogation Techniques (Victims, Witnesses, Law Enforcement)

Instructor: Sam Winchester

Please note: any student who brings a sockpuppet to class will be expelled immediately. No exceptions.

We look forward to meeting you this semester.

Best regards,

Robert Singer,
Dean of Students