There was nothing.

The world was a very different place from what it had been just a few short years ago. My family and I had been watching from the sidelines as the world dwindled like the embers of a fire. It was only a matter of time before the embers that kept this world alive went out entirely.

My family had been living in Michigan when the first reported cases of the EU Influenza virus started cropping up. Within days of the first few reports the hospitals became swamped with the sick. There was not that many sick to start with, but the scare made put everyone on edge. Hospitals filled with the sick and the healthy and within days the virus spread from the ill to the healthy. Carlisle was one of the few doctors that managed to stay working full time because he couldn't catch the Virus.

Three weeks after the first reported cases cropped up they imposed a nationwide quarantine, absolutely no air travel was allowed. Only several were dead at this point but the panic was there.

One day Carlisle came home with the news that there had been a local case of the EU Virus. They had died earlier that day.

'It's like they're being eaten from the inside. The pain and sheer terror seems to be enough to send them off the edge. I have never seen something so horrific. If this continues to spread this could be it. Maybe it is cleansing of the world all over again. We don't know how its being spread. It could be air born or touch or even through animals. This could really be it for the human race' Carlisle told us in a hollow voice after seeing the first patient die. We could all recognise the desperation in his voice.

Months passed hundreds dead. Within six months over eighty percent of the hospital staff was ill or already dead. The ill were told to just stay in their homes because the hospital was just to full and couldn't cope with any more people. Carlisle started living at the hospital all the time, without the need to sleep he thought he would be of more use there. With the state of panic that the world was quickly falling into no one really noticed that he never left, never ate or never slept.

Most of the family visited Carlisle at the hospital regularly to help a hand of just to be some company so he wouldn't go stir crazy. I just couldn't find it in myself to go there though. It was scarily similar to how it was in my human life and I couldn't take the vicious assaults from my memory. Carlisle told us that it took only hours after the symptoms appeared for the patient to die and no body had recovered once they had shown any symptoms. Esme started to frequent the hospital as well, giving aide wherever she could. Doctors didn't care where they got help aslong as they got it. I would have gone to the hospital to help more because I held three different medical degree's under my belt but everyone in that town thought I was a seventeen year old high school student, that and the whole I'm-a-giant-coward thing.

Every night the TV reports stated the same thing. That the death toll was increasing. Everyone could see the emotional toll that this was taking on Carlisle. We had decided to make some new vampires but after making five new ones, Carlisle just couldn't handle making any more in such a short period of time. It was beginning to threaten his restraint. They stayed with us past their newborn stages but the house was getting very crowded so they all eventually went on their own way leaving us the way we were before the pandemic.

For myself watching the Virus sweep through the world was hard, It brought up way to many blurry memories from my human days. Of my death. I had been dying of the Spanish Influenza when Carlisle found and changed me. The memories that had blurred to nothing long ago came back at full force watching the humans slowly fade to nothing.

There was a huge difference between this pandemic and the one back in 1918, and that was the death toll. There was still so many people left standing at the end the horror that swept through the world in the 1900's.

This time, the humans just didn't stop dying. We estimated that there was probably only a few hundred humans left in the entire world. Two years after the virus broke out there was nobody left. The towns had been ransacked and were full of bodies, the smell was overpowering, thankfully we didn't have to breathe so the smell didn't affect us to badly. Shops had been looted by what little survivors there were. Smashed in windows and empty shelves. Deliveries to the food stores had stopped over a year ago. The whole world really was a mess.

It was like one of those apocalypse films. It was truly horrifying to watch. There was shortages of gas and electric. Our abilities meant that we were able to set up generators and gather as much fuel as we could, because I think us Cullen's would be nothing without our cars.

Eventually after a several months after the first cases appeared Carlisle came back from the hospital, declaring in a desolate voice that there was nobody left. No doctors, nurses or patients were alive. It was only him. The news weighed heavy on his shoulders. He had stayed there until the very end, until the last person died.

Eventually we started living our life in some semblance. We didn't work or go to school though. We stayed as a family in the house. Sometimes we went out to gather supplies but we didn't really need much. Usually it was just fuel for the generators or cars we needed. The animal population was dwindling, so we had to be careful with how much we hunted.

Two years. We stayed in that sober house for six years after the virus first broke out. It was like a dark cloud had descended over our lives. Carlisle missed working. He missed helping humans. I think everyone one missed human interaction in some part. We had became stuck in our new, more depressing ways over the years.

We had all been getting cabin fever in Michigan. We had to find ways to entertain ourselves and after a while there just wasn't any books left to read or games to play. What with no new books or TV shows coming out we would eventually run out of entertainment. that Esme declared that she wanted to relocate to another one of our houses. It didn't take long at all for us all to agree and decided to move back to the small town of Forks. We loaded up the cars, getting ready for the trip.

Emmett and I had decided to go out on a scavenge before we left. We needed fuel and a few other small items. We decide to run. It was better than driving. We stopped quickly to hunt some food first though.

'I wish there were more grizzlies around. There just seems to be less now,' Emmett griped as he finished the deer that he had caught.

'It's because the humans have started to eat the bears in their desperation for food.'

'Yeh, but Grizzlies are mine!' Emmett whines like a child 'These deer are no fight at all!'

'But are grizzlies really a fight? We are vampires Emmett.'

'Well if you provoke the bear its better than taking down a pussy deer!'

I just rolled my eyes. Emmett was getting restless here. Hopefully Forks will be better for him.

'Okay! I can't eat any more of this pussy shit, lets go get some fuel!' Emmett declared, brushing the dirt off his clothes.

I finished off the rabbit I was eating and joined Emmett for a casual run to near the town.

The few people that were left had started hoarding goods. There was one group in town that had most of their stuff stored in a few warehouses. It was easy enough to run in and grab what we needed.

As we came near the town I was shocked. It was bad the last time I saw it, but it had been a year since I had been here. The smell of the dead filled my nose. It was so strong that I felt like gagging. And I'm already dead. All the shop windows were smashed in, things stolen. There had clearly been a riot of some sort that was long over. Cars were dotted everywhere yet there wasn't a living person in sight. It was silent and still. Last time we had been here there was still a few lone survivors walking around the desolate streets.

'I think we should find the stuff and go, Ed, there's fires around and I don't want to be around when they spread,' Emmett advised, I agreed with him entirely. I led us in the direction of the Storage units, hoping that someone had stored fuel in one of them.

We broke the locks with our bare hands and looked in each storage unit one by one, we would search the warehouses later. There was defiantly a mixed lot with the storage units. Some held just useless family junk, others had body after body in them. Like a makeshift grave. Emmett was disgusted and frankly so was I.

Finally after a good forty minutes of searching we found some gasoline canisters. Em grabbed them and ran back to the car with them, returning in record time. We opened a few more units, but decided that we had enough to get us to Forks and started walking back to the Jeep, trying to not pay attention to the chaos and destruction around us. I really hoped Forks wouldn't be like this.

'Hold up a sec,' Emmett threw his hand out to stop me and looked pointedly toward the large garage that was near us.

'you want to go in?' I asked. Emmett nodded.

'I wanna get some bits for my Rose. She'll love some new equipment, help me carry some stuff,'

I gestured for Emmett to lead the way. He grinned and walked briskly to the garage. We were in luck it appeared, there wasn't any bodies. Just car parts and a few old dusty cars.

'This is a gold mine!' Emmett declared, thrusting a few items in my arms. He was grinning like a little kid. Probably because he knew he would get laid for getting Rose these parts. Well that's what his mind was saying at least.

It took a good few trips to the car to get all the things Emmett wanted out the garage, but in no time we were packed up and driving home.

Everyone was already waiting in the cars when we got back. They had packed up the items that we needed in moments.

'How do we even know that the house in Forks will still be there?' Rosalie asked, after running up to Emmett for a hug.

'It was in the middle of nowhere babe. Hopefully it will be totally untouched.' Emmett soothed quietly. He didn't want Esme to hear, she would hate it if one of her homes that she worked so hard on was damaged.

'I guess there's one way to find out,' I told them.

'Oh by the way babe, go look in the back of the car, I got you something,' Emmett declared. Rose went over for a look.

I walked over to my Volvo. I would be driving alone. The back seat of my beloved motor vehicle was full of clothing bags, courtesy of Alice. You would think what with the world ending that she wouldn't be so strict on fashion any any more but that was hardly the case, she still insisted on dressing the entire family and if she could make us she would get us to have several outfit changes a day. It wasn't like there was any humans left to impress any more.

I heard Rose little shriek of happiness as she saw what Emmett had found for her. That girl really was car mad. After her and Emmett had a quick impromptu make out session which I did my best to ignore we were all in our cars and driving away from our home, not knowing what was waiting for us.

We didn't make many stops, only when we needed to refuel and then It was quick. With our speed driving and with how empty the roads were we made the trip in a fraction of time that any human would have. Before we knew it we were pulling up at the Forks house. I got out of the Volvo, happy to stretch my legs, when the smell hit me like a tidal wave. Human, fresh, sweet. It was so glorious, like strawberries and freesia. I was instantly enthralled.

There was a human. And they were in our house. Everyone looked at each other. Lost for words. Someone had decided to squat in out house. Jasper looked pissed.

'Well whoever is making that stench should know that this is our house,' Jasper told us. Rosalie nodded.

'Lets not be hasty,' Carlisle started but Rose was already running into the house. We heard a crash and we all swiftly followed. I wasn't prepared for the sight that met me though. It was a girl, sitting on her butt, clearly having fallen down with a pissed off Rose towering over her.

She was thin, scarily so. Long dirty brown hair, but her eyes were the richest brown that I had ever seen in my life. She was small, fragile and smelt amazing.

A quick glance around told me that she had been living here a while. There was a nest of blankets that she clearly slept in.

'Hello,' Esme greeted. Waling up to the girl who scrabbled to her feet. She looked terrified. What had happened to this girl? 'I'm Esme, we're not going to hurt you, we just want to know who you are,' She spoke like she was talking to a small scared child which this girl basically was.

She had clearly been abused and was starving. What the hell had happened to this girl?

Had humanity really gotten that bad?

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