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Why were they helping me? These people truly did seem unreal. They could have just as easily gotten rid of me, and made their own lives a lot easier, one less hungry mouth to feed and such. Instead they help me, and treat me like family. Did I mention my Twilight Zone theory before? Because I was sticking to that theory.

The shower, oh lord that shower. I had not had hot water in a long time, so when Esme shoved me upstairs to the shower room, revealing that there was hot water. I almost kissed the woman right there and then. Probably would have if I wasn't so terrified of her. Then, the cherry on this hot water cake – The shower itself was a huge jet pulse shower. I stood there looking at it for ten minutes just in heaven thinking about the shower I was going to have.

Safe to say I felt cleaner than I had in a long time. It felt good to finally have my hair cleaned. The Cullen's must have been magicians. Within an hour of their arrival they had electricity, hot water and the heating running. Not a single one of them looked even slightly ill of health. They looked like they had stepped out of world Pre Apocalypse.

I know most referred to it as 'The Epidemic' but lets call a pot a pot – it was basically the apocalypse. They world was brought to a halt and a large portion of the worlds population died, and the few that lived, well I wouldn't exactly call it living.

I was still feeling faint when I was woken up by Esme. She made me sit in the front room in front of the giant ass TV watching – get this – Finding Nemo yeh, we were watching a kids movie. I hadn't seen a working TV in so long that I just watched the entire film entranced. I cried when Nemo was taken away from his father though. That just brought back far to many bad memories. Esme didn't question my tears, she only sat next to me and hugged me throughout the whole scene.

It was near the end of the film from what I could remember when I felt myself drifting off again. I should really eat something soon. All I could do at the moment was sleep. Must be my body beginning to shut down.

I woke up a short time later, I could tell because we were nearing the end of the film, when Nemo makes it back into the ocean. I sat up curled the blanket tighter around me. Esme was sitting next to me, she didn't speak, but her presence alone was very comforting.

I could feel myself drifting off again when a voice called out 'Catch!' out of the corner of my eye I saw a bag of something fly towards me and land next to me.

It was a bag of dried berries. After Edward had assured me that they had plenty to go around I quickly ripped the bag open and dived in. I hadn't ate anything even resembling food in over a year. The sweet tangy taste made me moan with joy. My stomach felt like it was doing joyful summer-salts at the delicious food.

Before I even knew it I had ate the entire bag and was left longingly looking at the bottom.


It took several hours to get everything from the Drug Store back to the house. We stored it all in the garage, we had managed to develop quite the stockpile of medications and vitamins that even the most prolific hoarder would have been proud of.

I was packing one last box of bandages and plasters when Emmett and Jasper came back to collect them.

"Well it looks like we truly cleared the place out, did you manage to get everything on Carlisle's list?' Jasper asked, looking around the empty shelves. I nodded. The place did look like it had been completely emptied. There was only a few pill bottles hanging around. Luckily, I had got almost all of the items on the list from this one store alone.

"We need to find more food though, the energy bars that we found won't last that girl long, She'll need more soon enough," Jasper started casually walking through the store, keeping an eye out for anything we'd missed while still talking with me.

"Well we should find more food now, Ideally I don't want to be doing another run for a few more weeks. If it was just us we wouldn't need to do a run for months, but we'll be here lots with the girl, so I say get as much as we can now,"

He did have a point. "Where to next then?" I asked, sighing.

"There's several stores down the street. I say that we try there next. The Humans probably cleared it out in the early days but we might as well see if they left anything behind."

"Okay then, I'll run these back," I told him, indicating at the box near my feet. You go see if you can pull Emmett away from the magazines, he drifted back over there a while ago,"

It was easy enough to run home with a single box. I knew that my brothers were waiting for my but there was this pull in my chest, encouraging me to go into the house. So after grabbing a couple of the Energy bars, a bottle of water and a bag of dried berries I walked up into the house.

I smiled at the sight that met my eyes made me smile. Bella was curled up on the sofa, a blanket over her and my mother sitting next to her. I looked at the film that they were watching and my smile went wider. Beauty and the Beast, this girl clearly had a thing for Disney.

"Catch!" I called before throwing the berries towards her, she looked up shocked, and didn't catch them. They landed with a small thwump next to her.

Esme laughed, I walked up to Bella and handed her the water and the energy bars, she remained wide eyed.

"it's okay," I told her, "eat, we got plenty of food, I'm about to go back, we'll bring more,' I smiled at her. She clearly didn't need telling twice as she ripped into the bag of berries. The moan that left her throat as she ate the first few could have easily been classed as sex moans.

Lets just say that a certain part of my anatomy stood to attention at the sound. She made her way through that bag quickly and was left looking at the bottom with the a slight look of longing on her face. I smiled and tossed her the energy bars and bottle of water in turn. She dived right into them. An almost gleeful look on her face.

Esme was grinning at the sight of Bella enjoying her food. The colour was quickly returning to Bella's face, her eyes had a little bit more sparkle.

'Well we have to go back out, if we hit a few more places we'll be able to get lots more stuff.'

'Isn't it dangerous to go back out?' Bella asked in a quiet and timid voice.

I smiled at her, 'We're tough don't worry, we'll be fine,' I re-assured her.

She gave me a meek smile and nodded, turning her attention back to the food in front of her.

'Esme, there's more food in the basement if you need it,' Esme got straight up and made her way to the basement, I could tell from her thoughts that she wanted to go get more food for Bella.

I didn't bother to take a car back to the town, opting to run instead. It took me only minutes to run what would have been a thirty minute drive. Navigating the streets I followed my ears, listening out for either of my brothers. We had cleared the drug store out so now they were looking in different places for food. They had managed to get pretty much everything on the list other than food. So that's what we were on the search for.

Don't get me wrong, I could smell food, but all the produce had rotted. Food deliveries had stopped so long ago so all fruit and vegetables had long since decomposed. Bread and baked good had gone stale and moulded. Most the electricity had gone early on so all the frozen meats and such had gone bad as well. It was the canned good we had to keep an eye for, they had such a long shelf life and could last years.

Following what from what I could hear I was assuming was Jaspers noises, I found myself in a street full of large houses. This was clearly a well of area, or at least it was before the virus. The houses were still neat and tidy, so I assumed that they hadn't been looted yet. This particular street was a small distance away from the main town so they must not have reached here yet.

Jasper was in one odd random house, he had pretty much smashed the door down, I laughed at that. Now the house did look looted.

I found my brother sitting crossed legged in the pantry looking at various cans.

'I honestly cannot tell one food from the other!' He grumbled holding a can in each hand looking at them.

'As long as it looks like a type of food take it, Esme will be able to sort it out,' I started shifting through the canned food, there was a fair few cans, we packed them up and just moved through each house on the street. Some houses had nothing in them other than rotted food. Others had a few cans of soup and similar items that we grabbed. We also found things like flour. We got everything we could find I thought we would have enough stuff to make bread, which would be a nice treat for Isabella. She probably hadn't had any baked goods in months, if not years. It would also help Bella put on those extra pounds and stop her looking like such a skinny twig. The skin was stretched so tightly over her hipbones and ribs that she really did look sickly.

We also did a quick search through the houses for any other useful items. We found some batteries, some thick quilts and blankets. We only had a few blankets and quilts at the house because my family didn't really feel the cold. The blankets would be more than helpful for Bella though.

Emmett found us with the car and we took everything we had deemed useful and piled up and transported it all into the Jeep. We were creating quite the stock pile, the stuff we had gathered should last Bella a few weeks at the very least. Happy with the haul we made our way home. Emmett and Jasper were pretty much chomping at the bit to see their mates. Any time away from them tended to make them a little bit on edge. It must be nice, I thought, to have someone who cares about you so much that they didn't feel right or whole again until they were near you. I really had my doubts weather I would find my mate. I had been around much longer than Jasper and Emmett and they had both managed to find their mates before me.

Then again they didn't find their mates, their mates found them. Rose found Emmett after he was attacked by a bear, and Alice just skipped into Jasper's life because she could see that he was her future mate. So maybe it wasn't a question of when I found my mate, but when my mate would find me.