Leonardo sat in his room in the Lair. He sat thinking about the one enemy he fought who had managed to affect him on a personal level, Karai. He knew Karai was pure evil, especially because she's the Shredder's daughter, but he couldn't stop thinking about her. How he could have sworn there was some good in her, how she spared him the first time they met. He went to sleep.

Leo's dream was an unusual one for him. He was perched upon a ledge in the Foot Clan's lair. However he didn't see Shredder, Fishface, Dogpound, or any Foot Soldiers. There was only Karai. She looked different, though. Instead of her typical armor, she was dressed like a normal girl, in jeans and a T-shirt. He looked into her eyes and saw a man, surrounded by flames, holding a woman's dead body, crying. The image got smaller and smaller. He soon noticed that the person whose vantage point he was looking from was being moved away. Before he could figure out who the man was, he was woken up by Spike, Raphael's pet turtle, biting him in the leg.

Leo spent the rest of the day pondering over his dream. Who was that man? Whose body was he holding? Whose eyes was he looking through and why were they being dragged away?

"Leonardo," said Splinter that morning, "is something troubling you?"

"No, sensei." Leo lied.

Leo's dream was still on his mind when he was patrolling the city that evening. He was so deep in thought that he didn't notice the Kraang-droids standing on the roof of the building across the street.

"Leo," said Raph over the sound of Kraang fire, "get out of your La-La Land and back into mine!"

"Sorry." Leo drew his Niten Ryu swords and sliced off the heads of a couple Kraang. He then turned and amputated the forearms of one and knocked it off the edge. He was about to strike against the last Kraang-droid when he started thinking about Karai and his dream again.

Not the best time! he thought to himself, but he still saw that man in Karai's eye. He would have been a goner had Donatello not shown up stabbing the Kraang through its robot head with his naginata.

"What were you thinking, Leo?" asked Donnie.

"I don't know, Donnie."