(The Great White Fox Chapter 1)

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Naruto was sitting beside a small river, at the edge of the forest of death. He was depressed, because all of his teachers were intentionally teaching him the wrong things. Ever since he found this place he would come here to escape his problems, because nobody wanted to be this close to the forest. He didn't know what to do. He knew he couldn't stay here forever, and even if he did he wouldn't be happy.

Naruto was a six year old boy, with blood red hair, sapphire blue eyes, tan skin, and a decent build. He wore a black muscle shirt, with some blue ANBU pants. The Hokage had gotten them for him, since nobody would sell to him.

"Sigh! Why does everything in my life have to suck? Why can't I have something good?" asked Naruto. He continued to look at the river until he saw a flash of yellow. He saw it again, then again. It continued to get closer to him until he saw what it was. It was a long handle with a skull at the end. The blade, as he guessed it was, was covered in bandages. He wanted to know what it was, and to keep his mind off of depressing thoughts, so he jumped in the water and swam towards it. When he got there he grabbed the handle. Instantly memories that weren't his flushed through his mind. Life times of users, who wielded Samehada, as he learned its name, ran through his mind. Instantly he felt drained. Slowly he desperately swam towards the shore. It took a while, but he eventually made it. After he made it to the shore be laid in the sand, and passed out.

In his mind he was reliving all of the past users experiences. The weird thing that he noticed was that none of the other users seemed to be going through what he was now. He saw a man who looked like a blow fish using it, a man who could turn his body into water after him, and finally a man who was more shark then human. He saw the shark man die after saving a bunch of people, and he also saw him writing some seal he had no idea what it did on the sword. After hours of reliving there memories Naruto woke up.

"Holly shit!' Gasp' 'gasp' 'gasp' what was that? We're those memories real?" asked Naruto to no one specific. Then he felt a strange smooth feeling in his hand that felt like a large yet hard braided rope. Looking down he saw the sword that was in his memories, the Samehada. It looked smaller then he remembered, but it was probably due to not having any chakra for a while.

"Are you hungry boy?" asked Naruto. To his amazement the sword started to make a weird sound while moving. It sounded like its scales were tapping against one another. Naruto had learned to unlock his chakra from the academy, though now that didn't matter since with the memories he had just received he knew all kinds of advanced chakra control exercises, so he started to channel some to the blade. Instantly the sword seemed to grow slightly, and he could feel its happiness.

"Hmmmm so I guess those memories were real. With those memories, my chakra reserves, and you Samehada, we are going to become very powerful." Spoke Naruto, as he went through a few hand signs he saw in his memories. It took him fifteen minutes to get it right, but then 'poof!' Four exact clones popped into existence.

"Haha I got it! Alright boys this is what we're going to do. One of you is going to practice the leaf balancing exercise, another will practice the tree walking exercise, another the water walking, and the last will practice water manipulation, while I practice kenjutsu." Spoke Naruto. The clones instantly went to work, and he started to go through the basics of Kisame's personal kenjutsu style. It was called the shark frenzy. It relied on power and speed, so Naruto was going to have to beef up soon.

He found out through his memories, and personal use, that Samehada constantly absorbed a fraction of his chakra. This was not entirely bad, because the more chakra he used the more his body would make. This would cause his reserves to greatly increase, because of him constantly have his chakra removed, and replenished. The down side to this was that he couldn't make as many clones. He figured that it would still pay off in the future, so he continued to use Samehada. He decided that he would keep it with him at all times, even when he went to sleep at night, so that his chakra would be forced to increase to its max. All of this mixed with the Kyuubi expanding his reserves, though he didn't know that, his chakra exercises, and his Uzumaki blood meant he probably would never suffer from chakra exhaustion.

The training was hard honestly. Naruto wasn't that very muscular although, but even still he could produce quite a bit of power, though he usually relied on quick wits, speed, and evasive maneuvers. Swinging around Samehada was difficult and he usually overextended the swing which would cause his little body to lurch forwards and if he pulled back to far he would fall on his ass.

"Damn it this is working my nerves so damn bad! If it wasn't for these memories I would think someone was pulling a bad prank on me and claiming it was kenjutsu lessons" shouted Naruto as he stood back up. Samehada made some gurgled noises and Naruto just sighed.

"Yea I know practice makes perfect but it is just so annoying. It's like no matter what I do I can never focus what I am doing and I just get so aggravated sometimes" spoke Naruto as he sat down to catch his breath. Once again Samehada started making some sounds but this time it used its scales instead.

"What do you mean I have too much chakra? Kisame had way more chakra then I do and he was still a crazy S class ninja. I don't want to break it to you but that is about as high as you can go" spoke Naruto as he continued to listen to Samehada talk.

"Well I guess he didn't have all of that chakra when he was young. Maybe you should siphon off more of my chakra at a time and then slowly back off. That will give me some time to get better chakra control and then work on it later on with more chakra" spoke Naruto. Samehada made a happy sound and began to siphon off more of Naruto's chakra.

Naruto felt strange, like he didn't need to run a marathon, and his body felt so much lighter. He breathed in slowly and he could feel the air coming in much more smoothly, but the best was his mind. It wasn't all cluttered like it had been, though all of the memories were still far from being sorted out, but now it felt calm and relaxed. He sat down and slowly processed everything that was going on and realized that he would have to get his mind right before he started using the shadow clones in excess because if he did that it would just add more memories that would hurt him in the long run.

"Alright I think I will call this a day" spoke Naruto as he lifted up Samehada and began carrying it on his back, back into the village, and towards his apartment.

"Hey you know your heavy right?" Samehada seemed to take offence to this as it used some of its scales to poke Naruto in the back.

"Ow damn that hurts" spoke Naruto as he walked into the village.

As he walked through the village the people gave him their usually looks of disdain and hatred but now they were also giving his sword, which was all wrapped up in bandages, looks of shock and fear as well. They really freaked out when Samehada started to growl and poke Naruto in the back of the head.

"Hey if I can't get them to stop glaring at me then what makes you think I can get them to do the same for you?" everyone was looking at him like he had done lost his mind and were quickly walking away from the 'freak', 'monster', 'psycho', not that Naruto minded in the least.


The Hokage was a nice old man though he was kind of weak willed at time now during his old age. He would much rather sit in his house reading 'Make-Out Paradise' then deal with the council or that god forsaken paperwork but due to the disaster that was the Kyuubi he longer had that option.

As the Hokage was about to pull out his newest addition of the 'Make-Out Paradise' series, written by his student Jiraiya, a bull masked ANBU ninja landed in front of him causing him to sigh.

"Yes what is it" asked the Hokage as he straightened up and looked at his subordinate.

"Sir, reports of odd activity have been reported surrounding an orphan by the name of Naruto Uzumaki" spoke the ANBU. That was all it took for the Hokage to get up and stand in front of the ANBU with a fierce look.

"Yes and what are these reports about. If it is another request to have Naruto bared from the shopping district then the answer is no" spoke the Hokage with ferocity in his voice.

"No, sir nothing like that I assure you. Apparently he was seen inside of the village walking around talking to a sword. The description of the sword sir is the real troubling part. Apparently it is about five feet long (it doesn't have much chakra even with Naruto feeding it, it will take time to get to its larger sizes) wrapped in bandages, with a long handle a dull gold color with a woven inlaid shape and a skill at the bottom. The most disturbing part of it is they said it actually growled at some of the people. The only sword we were able to match it to is the" but he was cut off by the Hokage who had a look of realization on his face.

"Most fearsome sword of the Hidden Mist Village, the Samehada" spoke the Hokage right before he left in a Fire Style: Body Flicker Jutsu.


Outside of Naruto's house the Hokage appeared to come out of fire and start knocking on Naruto's door somewhat frantically. He wasn't surprised to see Naruto, but he was surprised to see Naruto holding a giant blue sword in his hand comprised of hundreds of shark looking scales. He half expected the report to be false; some kind of joke, but here Naruto was with maybe the most dangerous weapon in the elemental nations.

"Yoh, old man what are you up to?" the Hokage sweat dropped at that, but he knew Naruto was just messing with him. He did it often enough that the Hokage was able to shrug it off.

"Naruto I received some reports saying you have recently gained a rather famous yet dangerous weapon. I came to make sure you're alright" spoke the Hokage as he looked down on Naruto and Samehada.

"Yea I'm great, never better. I made a friend actually" spoke Naruto In a childish voice. He wanted the Hokage to think he and Samehada were close, even though they were, and he would use that to keep the old man from taking it from him.

"Well Naruto technically Samehada is a weapon, considered to be owned by the Hidden Mist Village and if they find out you have it they may want it back." the Hokage didn't like breaking Naruto's heart but if it came between Naruto having the sword of war with the Hidden Mist then he would have to choose the sword. He didn't want to break Naruto's heart, but he would choose the many over the few any day.

"Then I will go to the Hidden Mist Village with Samehada" spoke Naruto in a matter of fact voice that spoke of no hesitation whatsoever.

The Hokage was kind of in a bind here. He couldn't just tell Naruto he couldn't leave and he would be forced to stay here even against his will but the Yodaime did sacrifice his life for the village and Naruto, and to just see Naruto walk away like that (with the nine tails) wasn't something he could let just happen.

"Well I will see what I can do, but try and keep it out of the view of foreigners. We don't need anyone spreading any rumors that could make its way to Kirigakure" spoke the Hokage before he got up and left Naruto to his own devices.

Samehada started making some noises but Naruto just rolled his eyes and sighed. 'Yea I know but he is the best I have right now. Everyone else just acts like I don't exist or just hates me for reasons unknown' thought Naruto as he went to bed.

Naruto continued his training for the next year strait. He was beaming with determination and with his head now clear he knew he could do things he never thought possible. He did use the shadow clones to help with his training but instead of using them to help him master chakra control he had them meditate. A lot of his memories were really mixed up with the influx of foreign memories so he needed the clones to help him organize his mind while he practiced chakra control. It wasn't easy really. Even with his new found clarity chakra control was still a bitch, but he was determined to make it his bitch. Every day from sun up to sun down Naruto was out there practicing his chakra control. He finished mastering the leaf balancing exercise, then he moved on to tree walking, really freaked him out when he realized he could do such a thing, and then water walking which was much more difficult than tree walking but eventually he was able to master that to.

"Alright I finally master all of my chakra control exercises" shouted Naruto as he stood on a small pond with Samehada on the shore where he left him. Samehada started making some strange noises which cause Naruto to sigh.

"What do you mean I'm not done? Look with… whatever you're using to see me with. I am standing on the water without any difficulties" spoke Naruto in an annoyed voice. Samehada started making aggressive sound now.

"Of course I could use you while water walking" spoke Naruto but then Samehada made some more sounds and Naruto walked over to him.

"Ok fine I'll take that bet" spoke Naruto as he picked up Samehada and walked into the water. He picked the sword up and swung it down. Now Naruto had been practicing his kenjutsu and doing some work outs to increase his strength and his ability to transfer his weight but he was no Kisame so he was far from being a master of any of that. The first swing Naruto used his right foot to transfer the weight forward, but lost control of his chakra and fell right into the water. He and Samehada swam up to the surface where Samehada started making sounds that sounded like laughing.

"Ok you were right I need a lot more practice" spoke Naruto as he swam over to the shallow part of the pond and began going through his kenjutsu stances and trying to not fall into the water again.

At the end of the day Naruto was tired out of his mind and just wanted to fall asleep, but he needed one thing before he could go to bed that night. All year he had been thinking about this and he believed it was time he learned what his elemental affinity was.

"Good time for a little Shadow Clone Jutsu reconnaissance mission" spoke Naruto as he created a shadow clone.

"You know what to do" spoke Naruto as he grabbed Samehada and started to walk home.

"Yes boss" spoke the shadow clone as it jumped up into the trees and ran off towards the village.


(Shadow Clone Point of View)

SC-Naruto jumped through the trees towards the village at a quick rate of speed. He had only been given one hour to get his job done because after that he would disappear in a puff of smoke and fail in his mission.

He slowed down when he came upon the village and slowly crept into the village undetected. After that he wall climbed the nearest building and started running across the houses. The SC made sure to watch out for any ANBU while it ran until it came upon a shinobi weapons and supply store.

It knew that the store had more security then it looked, but really besides chakra control and a little kenjutsu training he didn't have much in the way of stealth besides natural born talent that he had honed over his life.

SC-Naruto wall climbed down to a window and slowly began to unlock it using his skills with a hair pin. It didn't take long for Naruto to open the window and sneak inside of the store.

It was dark inside of the store and it was full of various weapons lining the walls and underneath the counter. SC-Naruto slowly walked around the back of the counter, dropped down low, and then stood up holding a lock box. Using his skills he was able to open it up and inside was twenty sheets of blank paper. SC-Naruto took one out, then put the lock box back underneath the counter, and the snuck out of the building and made his way back to the real Naruto's apartment.


"Do you think he will be able to get the paper or do you think he will disperse to not get caught" asked Naruto as he sat Samehada beside him as he watched some TV from his couch. Samehada made some noises which really aggravated Naruto.

"What do you mean 'Well it is you so most likely he will get caught' hmmm?" Samehada made some sounds that sounded like laughing again which only made Naruto sigh.

Just as Naruto was about to reply SC-Naruto appeared holding the paper in his hand.

"Ha, told you he could do it, good job by the way" spoke Naruto as he took the piece of paper and dismissed the clone.

Naruto held onto the chakra paper and sent up a silent prayer. He really was hoping that for once he got something that he wanted and the gods didn't feel like pissing on his parade like it was their favorite pass time.

'Please let it be a water release' thought Naruto as he channeled chakra into the little piece of paper. He really hoped that he had a water release because if not his power was about to drop by at least fifty percent. Almost all of his jutsu were water based so if he didn't have a water release affinity he skills no matter how much he tried would never be on the same level as they would be if he had a water release affinity.

Naruto's heart nearly stopped when he saw the paper literally liquefy. It didn't get damp or soggy not it turned into water that left little drops on his floor. Naruto stared at the water droplets for a few moments just trying to realize what was going on.

This was better than anything he could have ever asked for. No his power wasn't about to drop fifty percent it was going to increase two hundred percent. While thinking about his powerful water release, Naruto remembered a certain technique or more specifically hidden technique that he had really wanted to learn.

There was a man by the name of Mangetsu Hōzuki that used a very powerful technique he called the liquid body technique. Apparently it was a clan technique, but Naruto didn't care about that. He was determined to master everything in his memories, and those techniques were very powerful, so he would master them as well. Naruto figured it would take years to learn and master such a powerful and advanced hidden technique even with his memories, but that wasn't something he was going to let scare him away. He and Samehada were going to be big names, though Samehada kind of already was, and then they would get the respect that they deserved one way or another.

Naruto quickly learned that he really excelled in kenjutsu. It was like he had a natural inborn talent for it. He was able to completely master the basics of Kisame's kenjutsu style, and was starting to learn the more advanced forms much faster than Kisame had been able to. He also started to learn Fuguki Suikazan's tiajutsu style. It was called the arhat fist, and it was a close range style. It focused on short powerful attacks that were meant to take down an opponent very quickly. He mastered the basics, and was now learning a more advanced form. It worked very well with Kisame's kenjutsu style, and he often practiced them together.

The best way Naruto figure out how to learn kenjutsu and alternate to tiajutsu was to have his clones attack him repeatedly so he would be forced to get better at it. When he couldn't bring his sword up to defend himself he would have to use his hand that wasn't holding Samehada and believe me when hi say Naruto got knocked on his ass by a lot of smug clones I am not lying.

"Hey Samehada don't you think I should you know learn some ninjutsu? I mean kenjutsu and tiajutsu are great an all but don't you think I need something to help my range out a bit?" Samehada made a sound like it didn't like it but it couldn't deny the truth.

"Hmmmm I haven't mastered Water Release yet so it will have to be a non-elemental ninjutsu like the shadow clone jutsu. Ah, I got it I will learn the Needle Senbon Jutsu. All I have to do is send chakra to my hair to grow, harden, and then launch it at my enemies. If I do master it I may not even need to use and signs freeing up my hands for kenjutsu" spoke Naruto causing Samehada to make a pleased sound.

"I guess I should make a few shadow clones to get started learning it. I already have ten of them learning how to master water release, and it is difficult to have them multi task when learning something so maybe I should handle it myself. I guess I am going to have to put off kenjutsu training for a while" spoke Naruto causing Samehada to growl in a very displeased way.

Naruto also increased his physical strength and speed. He saw how strong Kisame was, and how fast Mangetsu was. He decided that just learning how to do something wasn't enough if he didn't have the skill or strength for it. So he had a shadow clone steal a bunch of weights from a shinobi store, and applied them to his body. After that he ran, and ran, and ran. He ran across the lake so much he thought his foot prints were going to get stuck on top of the water. This also increased his chakra control and his chakra capacity, since he had to use both constantly to stand on top of the water. This continued for the entire year. Naruto wouldn't have gotten even half as far as he did, if it wasn't for his of the shadow clones. He made a good two hundred of them every day, to help him learn. They were great for anything that didn't cause them damage. Naruto still had to train physically every day, so that he would one day surpass Kisame's strength.

The second year was focused on increasing his current skill, while also mastering a few new things. He added shape manipulation to his training, since it would help when forming jutsu. He also started to have a few clones learn how to break out of genjutsu, and the basics of fuinjutsu. By the end of the year he had mastered the shape manipulation training, was able to break out of chunin genjutsu with the genjutsu release technique/s, and the basics of fuinjutsu. The shape manipulation training really helped him master the liquid body technique. Now he could transform his body into water at will, or merge with water sources to escape enemies. His chakra control continued to grow, as well as his mastery over water release. He learned that he didn't need to carry water with him for the liquid body technique, because he could just pull water out of the air to use it. His tiajutsu increased to an intermediate level, and he was a master of kenjutsu, though he still lacked real world experience or battle honed reflexes. He continued to push his physical training, and chakra exercised, by running as fast as he could on water, while wearing heavy weights.

For the next four years Naruto mastered everything in his memories, except the weapons Mangetsu had learned, besides how he wielded the Samehada and, shrunken, kunai, and senbon throwing. He did want to learn how to use the other six swords of the Mist though. He also started to learn some of the earth release training techniques that Kisame had some knowledge in. He did master everything else though. His favorite was of coarse Samehada, and then the runner up was the liquid body techniques. He mastered the shark frenzy style, arhat fist, water release, shape manipulation, lots of chakra control exercises, liquid body techniques, how to break out of jonin level genjutsu, and intermediate fuinjutsu. His physical training was amazing as well. He figured he would be able to match Kisame in a few years. He also mastered all of their jutsu, but Naruto was unhappy about not having the shark contract to sign like his unknowing/deceased sensei. Samehada's favorite thing Naruto learned was how to channel the nine tails chakra. He could control up to three tails perfectly, but started losing control around four tails. He wasn't too worried about this though, because he usually just channeled it into Samehada to feed its appetite. He also did this so no one would know he could control some of its power.

Around the sixth year of training, Naruto mastered the earth release, and started learning new things. He was particularly favoring the hidden mist technique, along with the silent killing technique. Mangetsu was a master of both of these techniques, and even used Samehada when he used them. He made two hundred clones every day to master both of them. After he mastered the hidden mist jutsu, he took it even further. He knew if he practiced it enough, then he would be able to use it without hand seals. It took six months with two hundred clones to be able to summon the mist without hand seals. After that he had four hundred clones mastering the silent killing technique for six months. He was happy that Samehada understood that he couldn't make noise when using it, and was shocked to find out Samehada could flatten himself. It could turn into a completely flat blue sword that had light scale markings on it, and was about an inch think. Samehada didn't love this form, but agreed to let Naruto use it whenever he wanted, if Naruto would feed it a tail of demonic chakra afterwards.

Naruto realized that while he had ample amounts of jutsu for his water release, he only knew one for his earth release. While the 'Earth Release: Subterranean Voyage' technique was very useful, Naruto decided he needed to know more. Since he wasn't a ninja yet he couldn't go to the shinobi library. After a second of thinking, a thought came to mind that made him smile. If he couldn't go to the shinobi library, he would go to a library that wasn't protected and had hundreds of earth techniques. There was one place that came to mind. The Uchiha library was the perfect place to learn a few earth jutsu. So in the middle of the night, Naruto snuck into the Uchiha library and made fifty clones. He had twenty of them right down defensive jutsu, twenty offensives, and ten supplementary. He had his clones write down all of the manipulation exercise for the other three elements he didn't already know. He also had the clones right down a few tiajutsu, and kenjutsu styles. Once he was done he jumped through the window, and ran towards the forest were he had his clones started to master as many earth jutsu as they could.