(Combination Chapter 1)

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Sitting on a mat in the center of the Uchiha clan's stronghold was Madara Uchiha and his younger brother Izuna Uchiha. They had called a meeting together because of some disturbing news they had received from their spies. The news was disturbing indeed so Madara called together the ruling body of the Uchiha clan, after him and his brother whose power trumped theirs easily.

"Lord Madara why have you called us here in such a manner" asked one of the elders off to the side. He was old with almost not muscle left making him looked like a zombie, with grey hair that used to be black with a pair of sharingan eyes locked into his eye sockets.

"We have received reports that the Senju Clan of the Forest had signed a treaty with the Uzumaki clan. We do not know what type of treaty they have written up but it is possible it is an alliance. If that were so the Senju clan's power will grow exponentially tipping the balance of power in their favor. This we cannot allow to happen" shouted Madara as he slammed his fist into the floor causing it to break through leaving a hole beside Madara's knee.

"The Uzumaki clan has always been a neutral clan. They were once a part of the Senju clan before defecting and starting their own clan. I believe their main base is on Uzu isles, a dangerous place of sea farers" spoke another one of the elders as he rubbed his long beard with his index and thumb making a low humming noise as he thought.

"What do we know about the Uzumaki clan other than they were once a part of the Senju clan, and that they are always neutral" asked a younger member of the council. He was a team leader, a big position in the clan, which came with a voice and vote in the council.

"We know that like their relatives they almost all have prodigious skills, but their skills lie in mainly less known shinobi arts like fuinjutsu. They are also master medical ninja, as well as kenjutsu masters, and they usually have either water or wind based nature affinity. They are strong in other areas but these areas are where they shine. They also are usually born with large chakra reserves which make it easier for them to fight long battles of attrition. The down side to these large chakra reserves is chakra control. It seems they need quite a bit of time mastering chakra control since they start off with such large chakra reserves" spoke Izuna as he remembered their lessons their father had taught them. It was important to know about the other clans as you don't get taken by surprise as much and can counter even better.

"It is as lord Izuna says. If the Senju whose greatest skill lay in ninjutsu, tiajutsu, and genjutsu the mixing of their two clans could produce children who have prodigious skills in all ninja arts from fuinjutsu to ninjutsu" shouted another Uchiha as he to slammed his fist on the ground, but unlike Madara his hand didn't go through the floor.

"If the Senju want an alliance with the Senju then we will just do the same and create an alliance of our own" spoke Izuna causing others to gasp in surprise. Izuna usually let his brother run the show and just sat back giving advice here and there. To say that they were going to just do it without even looking at his brother surprised a lot of people.

"Yes, but whom? Who is worthy to join us, the Uchiha clan, and the strongest clan in the world" asked one of the elders obviously not liking the thought of joining an alliance. The Uchiha should stand strong on their own; it has always been and should always be in their opinion.

"If we look at it logically it is obvious" spoke Izuna shocking everyone again. "The Uchiha are like the Senju in a lot of ways. We are all highly skilled in the ninja arts producing prodigies left and right, but that doesn't mean we are perfect." By now Izuna had opened his eyes to reveal his sharingan. "We are skilled and our bloodline makes use even stronger, but even for us mastering it is difficult. We can predict just about anything and copy down to the letter, but just because we can see something coming doesn't mean we can dodge it. Just because we copied something doesn't mean we can instantly do it. Without proper training our bodies wouldn't be able to handle many of the techniques we have copied from ninja who have trained for years. If our bodies were stronger, faster, and more resilient then we would be nearly unstoppable" spoke Izuna as he walked up to a map that was in the center of the room. He then threw a kunai that pierced a piece of land that was controlled by one of the strongest clans. "If we were born with bodies of the Kaguya and the eyes of the Uchiha nothing would be able to stop us" spoke Izuna as he sat back down beside his brother. His brother was looking at him with surprise and pride in his eyes.

"It is genius! The Uchiha clan's eyes and the Kaguya's bodies will be an unstoppable combination" shouted another member of the council grinning like the greedy bastard he was.

"Good job Izuna" spoke Madara as he stood up. "We will send a message to the Kaguya clan immediately letting them know of our proposition." With that the meeting was adjourned and everyone left with big dreams of greater power floating around in their brains.

As Izuna left he felt a spark, like the universe had just given him a pat on the back. He didn't know why but he smiled feeling good about himself.

XXX A Week Later XXX

The meeting went swimmingly. The Kaguya were more than happy with the alliance between their two clans and the possibility of a merger if things went right. A genius plan devised by Madara and Izuna, Izuna to make sure Madara didn't do anything wrong, to get members of their clan to meet was brought before their two clans but the clans were told it was just for members to get to know each other.

They held a tournament. The prize if it was an Uchiha was information on several visual genjutsu techniques that were invented by Madara. If the winner was a Kaguya then the Uchiha clan would give that Kaguya any scroll from their library depicting ether a tiajutsu or kenjutsu style. Needless to say everyone was pumped and where quick to agree.

The matches were long and brutal, but as a rule there was to be no killing, they were allies now, so the death rate was very low. Chakra depletion killed two members, accidents killed a few, and a lack of concentration killed another few. Other than the few deaths the plan was working wonderfully in Madara's opinion. When one would win the other usually helped him or her up and they would talk for a moment. These created openings and if Madara was right a budding friendship. If that person didn't help the other than people from the other clan would come and help said person out. This had a slightly different effect but still it was working.

When the tournament finally came to the finally Madara was generally surprised. A woman by the name of Reumi Kaguya had made it through the tournament like it was a joke defeating Uchiha and Kaguya with ease. Madara was impressed and wondered if Hikaku had what it took to defeat her. Like Remui, Hikaku had defeated everyone in his way with precision ease that reminded Madara much or Izuna's fighting style.

"Alright ladies and gentlemen, Uchiha and Kaguya, let's put our hands together for the final match between Remui Kaguya and Hikaku Uchiha. You know the prizes, you've watched them fight, now all that is left is to see them finish" shouted an Uchiha who had been nominated to host. He was doing a good job of it, especially since he was such a good ninja.

"3, 2, 1 GOOOOOO" shouted the man with joy in his voice

The woman didn't stick around for long and quickly charged the Uchiha in front of her. She had fought lots of Uchiha on her way to the finals and had gained a strong grasp on how they fought.

'He will start with ninjutsu' thought Remui as she ran towards the Uchiha at incredible speeds, bones starting to protrude in key positions.

"Fires Style: Great Fireball Jutsu" shouted Hikaku as he exhaled a large red and orange fireball at the girl. He watched as it exploded with a smirk on his face thinking that he had easily won.

"Not good enough" shouted Remui as he popped out of the ground and delivered a power uppercut to his chin sending him high into the air spinning rapidly before catching himself in midair before landing.

Hikaku rubbed his cheek feeling the pain in it. If it hadn't been for his sharingan he wouldn't have been able to lean his head back slightly and jump up with his tippy toes thus reducing the damage he received from the girl.

'Damn I underestimated her' thought Hikaku keeping his sharingan on her without blinking. 'But that won't happen again' thought Hikaku as he charged Remui trying to get into close range.

'So predictable' though Remui as she charged the Uchiha.

They clashed in the center, Remui's bone kunai being blocked by Hikaku's metal kunai. They struggled against one another using strength to try and get an advantage over the other but unfortunately for Hikaku the woman was stronger than he was so he decided to resort to his last weapon. He looked up into the woman's eyes but only saw her closed eyelids.

"You Uchiha are known for being copycats but who would have ever guess you guys so predictable? First ninjutsu, then you switch over to tiajutsu, and if that doesn't work your fabled ocular genjutsu for your ace in the hole." Everyone in the stands gasped at how easily this woman had analyzed Hikaku's moves. It was a shocker to the Uchiha brothers as well. "I'll let you in on a little secret" spoke Remui as she leaned her head back "It's not much of an ace if everyone knows about it" shouted Remui as she derived an earth shaking head butt to Hikaku's forehead. Hikaku went down like a sack of potato leaving Remui with a smirk on her face and no damage on her forehead.

After a pregnant pause filled the air applause broke out and cheers and whistles feel down on Rumui like rain. She held up her hands showing everyone as the bones started to recede back into her arms. After that she was escorted by another Uchiha towards the Uchiha clan's compound.

"Well that was interesting, though it didn't have the effect I was looking for" spoke Madara with a tired sigh in his voice. He looked over to his side and saw his little brother looking down at the arena, or more specifically at the woman, Remui, who was walking away.

"Izuna did you hear me" asked Madara looking over at his brother. His brother seemed to come out of a trance but he knew it wasn't genjutsu. He and his brother were the best sharingan users so there was no way genjutsu would work on them.

"Huh? Oh yea not what you wanted, gotcha" spoke Izuna as he stood up and fake stretched. "Well I am tired so I will catch you later" spoke Izuna as he walked out of their little booth. Madara watched him walked away and sensed him start running after he got so far away.

"What was all that about" wondered Madara out loud. He shook his head and smiled a bit. His brother could be so weird sometimes but it was ok, he loved him even still.

XXX with Izuna XXX

Izuna was walking down the road towards the Uchiha compound library. He was curious about that woman, Remui, who had defeated a captain like it wasn't any big deal. He had watched her with his sharingan so he had analyzed her fighting stile with ease and he had to say he was impressed.

It was obvious to him that her fighting style had been altered to fight against the sharingan. The sleeves had been extended reaching past her fingers even when extended which blocked the sharingan user from seeing exactly where her fist were until the last moment. Like her sleeves the rest of her clothing was somewhat baggy.

She also used the Dead Bone Pulse with great skill. Izuna wasn't aware that the Dead Bone Pulse could be used for long range ninjutsu. Though it was limited it was highly effective, which made having the Kaguya as allies that much better.

He was curious as to what scrolls she would want. Would it be another fighting style that she would incorporate into her own to increase her tiajutsu or would it be a kenjutsu style to improve her use of her Bone Weapons. That was an ability that Izuna thought was really cool.

As Izuna walked through the Uchiha stronghold he saw all of the white heads with dots on their heads. Madara had invited the entire clan to their stronghold but only about a fourth of them came. Izuna could understand that. They would still need to defend their lands after all.

As Izuna walked into the Uchiha clan library, he was hit with a wave of moldy old books and stale air which caused him to wrinkle his nose in disgust. Izuna ignored the smell and began walking through the giant library, but no matter where he went he couldn't find that Kaguya woman. He was starting to get depressed.

"Why are you looking for me Uchiha" came a tough voice from behind Izuna. Izuna was shocked that someone was able to sneak up behind him without him sensing it. He slowly turned around and was blown away at what he saw.

Standing there was Remui Kaguya. She had her arms crossed under her lovely C plus sized breasts making them even more pronounced. He blushed a bit and looked away to avoid offending her, but he did take another quick look at her to get a closer view of her. She had beautiful porcelain white skin with absolutely no flaws. Her face was beautiful as well as heart shaped. Her body had perfect curves. They widened a fair deal by the hips, hot and good for bearing children, and then thinned out around her waist and went up to her breasts. Her legs were long and flawless like the rest of her body. They had muscle in them; strong muscles that could break concrete walls, but still appeared as smooth as still water. Her arms were average length but were slender with thin nimble fingers. Her hair was a flawless snow white color that was held up by a dark red pony tails. Her face was perfect was the only way Izuna could describe it. She had two red dots on her forehead which Izuna though was cute, but those eyes locked him in place. They were an emerald green color but in the dark of the library they seemed to glow a neon green color.

"Hello I am talking to you" shouted Remui as she glared at the Uchiha who was staring at her with a blank look on his face. At first she thought he was trying to put her under an ocular genjutsu but then the sharingan disappeared from his eyes which confused her. After that he just stared at her with that blank look.

"Huh, oh, wait, uhhhm, I, I wasn't, well I was" stuttered Izuna as he looked around trying to come up with an excuse for his staring.

"Your kind of weird" spoke Remui as she looked that the weird Uchiha. She saw the shocked look on his face right before he seemingly disappeared only to reappear in the corner with depression clouds over his head as he mumbled to himself.

Remui sighed knowing that this was going to be a pain in the ass. Seriously why couldn't men be more…. manlier? She hadn't found a man who was a match for her in her entire life and when the clan head told them that they were going to enter an alliance with the Uchiha clan she was excited. Her heart nearly stopped when the leader mentioned a tournament thinking she would find someone from the 'strongest' clan challenging. Unfortunately it never happened. The Uchiha were strong but not nearly strong enough.

"Weird isn't always a bad thing" spoke Remui as she rubbed her head. She was surprised when the depression clouds cleared and he was standing before her with that goofy smile on his face again.

"Sorry my brother always tells me I am a little immature but what is life without a bit of fun" asked Izuna as he scratched the back of his head in an embarrassed fashion. Remui wanted to counter that statement but couldn't and it kind of annoyed her.

"It is cool, so why were you looking for me anyways" asked Remui as she held onto two scrolls she had found that she wanted to take with her. She was told that any scrolls she took had to be given to another Uchiha so it could be copied so the Uchiha clan wouldn't lose the information on it.

"Oh I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your fight. You're a lot better than a lot of people thought you would be, but then again you proved them wrong. Another reason I came to talk to you was to congratulate you on the inventive way you weakened the sharingan's effectively with your baggy clothes" spoke Izuna with a smile on his face. His smile widened when he saw the surprised look on Remui's face. It seemed he wasn't doing as badly as he previously thought.

"So you noticed that. I thought it would be obvious with you guys perfect eyes but it seems a lot of you guys fight like those muscle bound idiots from my clan, on pure instinct alone no brains" spoke Remui with an audible sigh. Izuna chuckled a bit causing Remui to look at him funny.

"What's so funny" asked Remui as she looked at Izuna like he was crazy? All the other Uchiha were so uptight but this one was the opposite. He seemed like a good natured type who just enjoyed enjoying life.

"I was just thinking how true that statement. Many of the Uchiha fight recklessly and rely on the sharingan to bail them out in a tough situation" spoke Izuna with a smile on his face. Remui was nodding her head sagely which he found hilarious.

"Yea you have no idea. A lot of these idiots don't even dodge jutsu because they don't think it will hurt them because of the Dead Bone Pulse, but I have news for them, you drowned in water regardless how hard it hits you" spoke Remui with another audible sigh. They looked at each other and then started to crack up. When they were done Izuna saw the scrolls she got and nodded his head right before he got an idea.

"Hey what is your elemental affinity" asked Izuna looking at her with a smirk on his face. Remui looked at him suspiciously but then shrugged her shoulders. It didn't really matter since she didn't use elemental based ninjutsu.

"I have a lighting affinity" spoke Remui but she was surprised when Izuna walked off and started looking through scrolls with a serious look on his face. Remui observed his face and smiled a bit when she noticed just how handsome he was. She usually didn't notice things like that, just how strong someone was based on their body structure and the aura around them.

"Ah here it is" spoke Izuno as he pulled a scroll out from one of the top rows. He walked over towards Remui and handed it to her. "I think this will really help you out with your Dead Bone Pulse Techniques" spoke Izuna with a smile.

Remui looked down and opened up the scroll. It was a lighting based ninjutsu scroll that described a technique that allowed you to channel your elemental chakra or just chakra through and object to give it the properties of the element or just an overall effect if you just used chakra.

"Wow this is amazing, thanks" spoke Remui as she hugged Izuna before backing off really quickly and stuttering a bit. "Sorry got a little over excited."

"Hahaha it is cool, I don't mind. Hey how about this? When you learn whatever is in those scrolls we have a spar? Winner can ask the loser for anything" spoke Izuna with a sly grin on his face.

Remui was suspicious of him but he seemed like a good guy so she agreed and ran off to start training. When she was gone Izuna fell to his knees breathing heavily with a major blush on his face.

"Wow I can't believe I will get to see her again" spoke Izuna with a smile before standing back up and going home to train.

XXX One Month Later XXX

As Izuna was walking through the forest close to the clan compound talking to his brother he stopped and a serein smile formed on his face. Madara sensed someone was in the area, but the look on his brother's face was unexpected.

"I haven't seen you in a while, Remui-chan" spoke Izuna with a smile on his face as he looked over into the woods. It didn't take long for a white blur to shoot out of the trees and land right in front of Izuna. Izuna was about to say something when Remui grabbed him by his cheek and twisted it.

"Ow Ow Ow" was all Izuna could say as it felt like the left side of his face was about to be twisted off.

"Who are you calling 'Remui-chan' pretty boy" asked Remui as she let go of Izuna's cheek but that smile that formed on his face made her wish she hadn't.

"So you think I am pretty" asked Izuna with a smile on his face. This time he got the death grip to the ear making anime tears rush down his face, but he still thought it was worth it.

"You're not very smart are you girly man" spoke Remui as she glared at Izuna who, although was in a great deal of pain, was smiling like a mad man. This only made Remui twist harder.

"Car to explain what is going on" asked Madara in a smooth and silky voice. It held neither malicious nor good will. It just was which caught Remui by surprise.

"This girly boy challenged me to a spar a month ago and now I am here to collect" spoke Remui looking into Madara's sharingan eyes without fear or worry which gained her a modicum of respect from the clan leader.

"So you remembered me" spoke Izuna with a big goofy smile, that was quickly removed by the heel of Remui's ninja sandal, but when he saw the faint blush on her face he thought 'so worth it'.

"You're Remui Kaguya, the winner of the tournament we set up a month ago. I must say you have good tastes brother, your children will be very strong with this one, though hopefully that goofy behavior of yours will disappear" spoke Madara with a faint smile on his face. He knew that like all powerful men only a strong woman who could put him in his place would be able to steal his heart.

The blush on Remui and Izuna's faces were priceless. It took a lot not to start laughing but Madara had an image to uphold so he couldn't start acting like his brother. Looking at his brother now he couldn't help but be jealous of him. He could express himself so freely and not have to worry about what others thought. It seemed to have even roped him a woman, though after that train of thought though a cold trickle ran down Madara's spine. If this woman and Izuna were to be together then they would undoubtedly spend most of their time together or with the family they would undoubtedly make. Without Izuna Madara realized he was alone. He had no friends other than Izuna; their family was all dead besides Izuna and him, so without Izuna all he had was his clan head status and his power. For the first time in his life those things sounded so hollow to him.

"Yoh bro what's the dillio" asked Izuna in his wanabee raping self. It was a form of music that Izuna had been trying to create in his spare time. So far all he had created was headaches.

"Shut up Izuna I was just thinking" spoke Madara as he gave Izuna a heated gaze but Izuna was immune to his brother's…. unique personality.

"Oh, well you wana referee me and Remui-chan's fight" asked Izuna but then he sensed a disturbance in the force. He looked over and saw death written in Remui's eyes

"Sure" spoke Madara grinning like a mad man when he saw the Kaguya girl's eyes.

"3, 2, 1, fight" shouted Madara and just like that they were at it.

"Let me show you what I can do now" shouted Remui as she pulled out a bone from her arm. It looked like a short sword, but the really interesting bit was when lighting encased the bone. With the sharingan Izuna and Madara could see how smooth the flow was and had to admit it was damn near perfect.

"That is amazing. How did you learn that in just one month" asked Izuna as he pulled out a tanto and channeled fire chakra through it. The blade turned red and you could see heat rising from it. Remui looked annoyed but didn't say anything about it.

"It is actually easy to do with my own bones since they are a part of me and my chakra is used to flowing through me. Plus I had already mastered the lighting element so all I had to do was learn to channel it" spoke Remui as she charged at Izuna.

Their blades continued to clash back and forth causing sparks and pieces of fire to shoot off of their blade. Their speed was phenomenal. They clashed again and again trying to outdo one another. Eventually Izuna grew bored of their little confrontation and through three kunai with fire chakra inside of them. When Remui saw the kunai coming she easily dodged and charged Izuna who hadn't touched the ground yet. Seeing that he would be skewered if he didn't do something Izuna started going through hand sighs.

"What? Was I to fast for you pretty boy" asked Remui trying to get a rise out of Izuna who didn't even look winded at all. She figured a Uchiha wouldn't have that kind of endurance but she seemed to be wrong.

"Oh I just love the electric personality Remui chan" spoke Izuna as he started going through hand signs. Remui was pleased but a smirk formed on her face. Before Izuna could finish his jutsu Remui slammed her hand on the groun.

"Dance of the Seeding Fern" shouted Remui. Instantly bones started to shoot out of the ground making Izuna dodge them. The kept on coming one after the other until the entire field was covered by giant dinosaur looking bones.

"Interesting" was all Madara said as he eyed the jutsu with his sharingan.

"What the hell" asked Izuna as he stood stuck to the side of one of the giant bones? He hadn't expected such a jutsu to be used in a spar, or at least no this early.

"You're spacing out pretty boy" shouted Remui as she immerged from a bone close by. Izuna went to run but a chain made of bones shout out of Remui's arm and tied Izuna to a bone.

"Looks like this is the end" spoke Izuna as he looked at Remui with a defeated look.

"Yea it is" spoke Remui as she puffed into smoke. Izuna looked shocked but let out a sigh as a blade touched the back of his neck.

"Looks like it is a drawl" spoke Remui as a blade coated in fire chakra from a clone behind Remui was pointed at her skull.

"This was fun, but who won? We can't have a reward if neither of us won" spoke Izuna clearly depressed.

"I will let you take me out and buy me dinner, but that is it" spoke Remui with a blush on her face.

Izuna was in heaven and quickly agreed.

XXX 2 Years Later XXX

"Congradulations Lord Izuna it is a healthy baby boy" spoke an Uchiha doctor as he swiped off some blood that was still clinging to the baby before handing it to Izuna.

"Look honey he is so handsome" spoke Izuna as he held onto Naruto with a tear running down his face.

"Yea he has your build" spoke Remui as she took the baby from her husband and started to coo her first born.

"But he has your features" spoke Izuna as he looked down at his first and probably only child if what his wife had said during the operation was anything to go by.

Izuna looked down at his son and saw snow white hair that was fairly long for a new born. He didn't have the dots on his forehead but on his cheeks there was a black slash looking mark that was blood red. He defiantly had his father's aristocratic looks, but the part that made Izuna happiest was when the baby yawned he opened his eyes a bit showing bright green eyes instead of the usual charcoal black of the Uchiha clan.

"Ok Lord and Lady Uchiha could you two just tell what you want to name him so I can put up the information for his birth certificate. Also will you two be naming someone as Naruto's guardian if something were to happen to you two" asked a Kaguya medic. It was best for them to be the medics for Remui since she was a Kaguya and their bloodline messed up the birthing process.

"Let's name him Naruto Uchiha Kaguya" spoke Remui. She gave her husband the stank eye almost daring him to challenge her.

"Sounds great honey" spoke Izuna as he scratched the back of his "but who should be Naruto's legal guardian should something happen to us?"

"I am not sure" spoke Remui as she continued to play with her son. She definably wasn't about to have any more kids after that little experience.

"How about Madara? He has been kind of moody as of late but he is still my brother and I will always love him" spoke Izuna. Remui thought about it for a moment but then nodded her head. It wasn't like she had any other choice. "Great I will let him know soon about this decision."

"I Love You" spoke Izuna as he kissed his wife.

"I Love You To" spoke Remui as returned the kiss.