(Combination Chapter 10)

[One week since Naruto and the gang last saw Anko-sensei]

Naruto, Naruko, and Yakumo were sitting underneath a large tree that Naruto had made so that they could escape the summer heat while they waited for Anko, as she had told them that this was the day that they were supposed to start training.

"Wonder what is taking Anko-sensei so long to get hear" asked Yakumo, as she leaned her head against Naruto's shoulder. She loved being around him as should could practically feel his warm presence surrounding her.

"Maybe she forgot. It has been a week since we last saw her, and I am sure she has been busy sense then" spoke Naruko, as she copied Yakumo's action. She was not going to lose to the Kurama clan heiress no matter what. If you looked at it from a certain point of view she was the Uzumaki clan heiress, so Yakumo was not any more special than her.

"Maybe she is waiting till we drop our guard to attack us using a giant snake summon" spoke Naruto, as he let a smile grace his lips.

"Yea right there is no way a sensei would use a snake summon to attack fresh genin right out of the academy" laughed Naruko, but then she heard a hissing sound that was much louder than any snake she had ever heard before. She quickly looked up and saw a snake that was easily eight times longer than she was tall, forest green with patches of black, with grass green eyes looking at her with a look of hunger.

"AAAAAHHHHHHH, it is a snake summon" shouted Naruko, as she got up, and made some distance between herself and the giant snake.

When Yakumo saw the snake she instantly cast genjutsu on the surrounding area, and hid herself to regroup and think of a battle strategy. Naruto used the Body Flicker Technique to get to the other side of the clearing. He watched Yakumo and Naruko combat the snake, and was proud at what he was seeing, although he admitted he would have to work on their team work skills.

[With Naruko]

"Why would sensei send a giant snake summon to attack us" asked Naruko to no one unparticular. She started going through hand signs as fast as she could. "No matter, after I send this thing back to where it came from I will just ask her. "Wind Style: Vacuum Bullets Jutsu" shouted Naruko. Instantly ten baseball sized wind bullets shout out of her mouth towards the giant snake.

She was surprised when the snake buried itself underground before the wind jutsu could hit it. That was when she felt the ground underneath her start to shift, and she knew she was in trouble, until a long string of ninja wire wrapped around her and pulled her out of the way. Just as she was out of the way the snake came from out from under the ground, looking pissed that it missed its meal.

[With Yakumo]

Yakumo saw how Naruko's ninjutsu did not work because of the snake's impressive mobility so she started going through a few hand seals. When she was done she whispered "String Bean Binding Illusion." Instantly, what looked like string beans ripped out of the ground, and began to restrain the giant snake?

The snake was not into being bound, so it started sniffing the air. When it did this, it turned its head to look directly at Yakumo. Yakumo was shocked that the snake found her so quickly, but was even more shocked when the snake's cheeks started to bulge. In a flash a large powerful ball of water shaped like a snakes head shout out of the snake's mouth and was shooting off towards Yakumo. The water attack would have hit, if the same ninja wire that was used to save Naruko was used to save her as well.

[With Naruto, and the Gang]

When Yakumo figured it was safe to open her eyes, she was shocked to find that she was on the shoulder of Naruto, and that Naruko was on his other shoulder. Naruko looked to be enjoying herself as well, which slightly aggravated the Kurama clan heiress.

"What is going on here" asked Yakumo.

Seeing that Yakumo and Naruko where fine, Naruto let them down off of his shoulder ignoring the grown of defiance as the slide off.

"I saw what happened, and am happy to say you girls are coming along nicely, so tell me why were you not able to defeat the snake" spoke Naruto. He had several clones running around to confuse the snake so that it would not find them for now.

"It was too fast. It was able to dodge my wind jutsu, and even counter it without me even scratching it" spoke Naruko.

"Its sense of smell is incredible, and I was not aware it could use water ninjutsu. I also do not have any jutsu strong enough to do any real damage to the snake. Its skin is to strong, and its body is too large" spoke Yakumo as she hung her head.

"So tell me what it is that the BOTH of could have done to defeat it" spoke Naruto, putting inference on the both.

They looked at each other, and Naruto could tell by the look in their eyes that it finally clicked.

"If we had worked together" spoke Yakumo.

"Then we could have defeated it" finished Naruko.

"Exactly, that is why you are placed on a team. It is so that you could defeat enemies that normally you could not defeat on your own" spoke Naruto.

"I think I understand. Come on Naruko, let's go kick some snake ass" shouted Yakumo, as she and Naruko ran off to find the snake.

"They still have a lot to learn" spoke Naruto, as he watched Anko jump from behind the tree he was looking at.

"They still have amazing potential both individually and as a tag team. Yakumo has amazing genjutsu capabilities and her aspiring medical ninjutsu skills, while Naruko has amazing ninjutsu capabilities as well as a budding skill for fuinjutsu. They are a strange mix, but they just might make it work" spoke Anko, as she watched Naruko, and Yakumo try and defeat her snake summon.

"What are you talking about? Strange women are always the best. They are the ones that always keep things interesting" spoke Naruto as he eyed Anko, which caused her to blush a little.

"Oh, then what about me? I have been told I am very interesting" spoke Anko, as she took a sexy pose. Naruto just smiled at her attempt to seduce him, but decided to mess around a little, so he used his hands to cup Anko's face, and use them to bring his and her lips centimeters away from each other.

"If you find us a decent C ranked mission instead of the crappy D ranked missions I have heard about then I might just show you what I think about your unique form of interesting" spoke Naruto in a husky voice which seemed to cause Anko's knees to lose some of their strength.

"I… ah… uhm…. I….. uhm" was all Anko could get out, before the sound of a large 'puff' could be heard followed by a large cloud of smoke.

"Hmm, looks like the girls were able to defeat your snake summon" spoke Naruto, as he left to congratulate them leaving Anko to straighten herself out.

[With Yakumo and Naruko]

"We got it" shouted Naruko. She had been able to hit the giant snake with her Wind release: Vacuum Great Sphere after Yakumo placed it under a genjutsu.

"Yea, but it felt a little too easy" spoke Yakumo. She knew that that could not have been what the big fuss was over a summon contract. She was able to put the giant snake under the same 'String Bean Binding Illusion' genjutsu technique, and just like last time it fell for it. That was why Naruko was able to hit it with her wind jutsu because the snake thought it was being restrained with her genjutsu.

"Good work girls. I am so proud of you two for working together and defeating the snake summon" spoke Naruto as he jumped out from behind the tree he was watching them from. He was proud they could work together even though they were both pining for him, and also that they knew how to fight together. The only problem he saw was that neither of them seemed to have any real up close fighting capabilities.

"Yes you girls did amazing for fresh genin" spoke Anko who was standing on a tree branch. She seemed to have recovered from Naruto and her special moment, and seems to of come back even stronger than before.

"Why did you sick your pet snake on us" asked Naruko.

"Do you two really think that I would let you two face a fully grown snake summon just like that. It was a test. She was not trying to actually kill you two, just make you work together" spoke Anko, who was refusing to make eye contact with Naruto. She was thankful Naruko and Yakumo did not notice.

"Ohhhhh that makes a whole lot more sense" said Naruko sarcastically.

"Whatever brats let's just get your training underway. Naruto told me he hasn't started to teach you two any tiajutsu because he heard my style is top of the line. I will also be teaching you two a variety of other things, but we will stick with tiajutsu for now" spoke Anko.

"Yea finally, Naruto said he was going to let you teach us as you knew some great tiajutsu style for women" spoke Naruko.

"Yeap I do, but it requires a lot of flexibility to use, so we will have to get you to very limber" spoke Anko as a creepy grin spread across her face.

For the next two months Anko trained Naruko and Yakumo into the ground. It was harder for Yakumo to keep up as she did not have the natural energy that Naruko had, but it was harder for Naruko to get the stances down as she did not have the natural flexibility that Yakumo had.

Anko made sure to get the endurance up to par by chasing them every day around the forest of death while she threw kunai at them from atop a snake summon that she would ride on as she chased them. Naruto stoke around to make sure nothing bad happened to them, and watched from the shadows to see if Anko could really teach, or if she was just going to scar the girls for life. He was happy to see that she, although not very ethical, could teach and get some very good results.

Naruto had to strong arm Anko into realizing that the girls needed more than just physical training. He had to make her realize that he needed time to teach Yakumo genjutsu and medical ninjutsu, and he could only do that if she was awake and not totally exhausted from running from a thirty foot snake, and the same for Naruko. He needed her calm to learn how to meditate and how to use and make fuinjutsu seals. It was not good enough for her to know how to write seals, she needed to know the basics and the fundamentals of the sealing arts. Naruto would have never claimed to be a true fuinjutsu master, but when the Kyuubi gave him all of the memories of the last two Uzumaki he had been sealed into he could honestly say he was probably the greatest living fuinjutsu master in the entire elemental nations, and he wanted to pass on all of this knowledge onto the last living Uzumaki, but she needed a calm mind to truly grasp the greatness the was fuinjutsu.

[Two months later]

"Anko, you and your team are being called in by the Hokage. The Hokage needs your team for a mission, as Kakashi and his team have run into some trouble and need assistance" Spoke an ANBU ninja that had been sent by the Hokage to give them that message.

"Tell him we will be right there" spoke Anko, as she looked away from the rat masked ANBU ninja on towards Naruko and Yakumo. When the ANBU ninja was gone, Naruto seemed to merge out of a tree.

"Well it looks like we will finally be getting a real mission" spoke Naruto, as he walked towards Anko and team. The girls had come a long way in the last two months, and Naruto could honestly say he was proud of them. The girls were able to get their tiajutsu up to a level that seemed to please Anko, Naruko mastered earth release, and a few jutsu, and how to make basic fuinjutsu seals. Yakumo learned a bunch of genjutsu from him, and could use higher level medical ninjutsu which was amazing for someone her age.

"Yes, finally we get to go on a real mission, and not one of those 'custom' missions Naruto and you made for us" spoke Naruko, as she eyed Anko and Naruto who looked like they wanted to laugh but were fighting it with all they had.

"Yea, now we will finally get some real world experience" spoke Yakumo, as she started to follow her team captain and her appointed vice captain Naruto.

After running for a while they wound up in the Hokage's office. It was pretty standard for an office. It had a few book shelves, a wood desk, brown carpet, four pictures of the kages that have graced Konoha with their presence, but the thing Naruto hated what the leather hand bag that was giving them the fake grandfatherly smile. Naruto could tell the old man did actually care somewhat for Naruko, but it was much less than he made it seem.

[Hokage's Office]

"Hey old man how is it hanging. You look like hell" spoke Naruto as he walked into the Hokage's office with a smile on his face. He really liked the Hokage, although he really didn't like Konoha, which was weird since the Hokage was supposed to embody the ideal so Konoha, but then again ideals and reality were completely different things, which was probably why Naruto did like the Hokage and not the village.

"Hahahahaha hey Naruto it is good to see you as well. Unfortunately it seems that calamity has truck and I will need the best of the best to help me out" spoke the Hokage with a smile on his face. "Now the mission I need you four for is a rather urgent one. Apparently Kakashi and his team have run into some rogue ninja from the Hidden Mist Village, and are believed to be in the company of an even stronger ninja. We need you four to go and act as back up for them" spoke the Hokage, as he handed Anko a scroll wit details on mission.

"Yes sir" spoke Anko as she gave the Hokage a friendly salute with a grin on her face as she enjoyed her new jonin outfit. She now wore the standard outfit for all jonin, though her large breasts pushed up against her vest making it seem more erotic than most.


"I still cannot believe the Hokage lets you call him an old man and talk to him in such an informal way. It remindes me of how a grandfather who is more hip spends time with his grandson" spoke Anko with a small laugh that made her team laugh a bit as well.

"Yea it is weird, but he is a good man, although I hate this village" spoke Naruto as he thought about what all had happened in the last two months. The tension between the village and the Uchiha clan had gotten so bad that even a spark would have set off a war, but then Itachi just went all crazy when Naruto had been out of the village and killed all of the Uchiha except for Sasuke. Now Naruto was very clever so he could see what had really happened, and it left Naruto hating the village much more than he had before, but he had noticed how guilty the Hokage had been afterwards and knew that he couldn't blame him specifically for this, just the Senju government that had caused it.

"I don't know about all of that, but it is true I hold no love for the elders as they are one of the main reasons I don't get promoted" spoke Anko with a bit of anger in her voice.

'Hmmm, maybe there is hope for her yet' thought Naruto with a smile on his face.

"Ok team it will take several hours to get to the rendezvous point where team seven is waiting for us, so let's move out" shouted Anko, as she began running towards their destination.

"Right behind you sensei" shouted Yakumo, as she started running after Anko.

"Hey wait for me" shouted Naruko, as she started running after the rest of her team.

'These girls will be the death of me' thought Naruto, as he matched Naruko's speed.

[Four Hours Later]

"Where are they" shouted an enraged pinket.

"They are on their way I am sure" spoke Kakashi from behind his book.

"I don't see why they are sending an extra team. I am plenty strong enough to defeat anyone we will come across on some stupid C ranked mission" shouted Sasuke, as he heard Sakura yell "Yea" in the background.

"Oh please dickless as you stand you are nowhere near as strong as your pink haired whore tells you you are" spoke Sai, as he continued to draw on his note book.

"What did you call Sasuke-kun and me you freak" shouted Sakura.

"Damn are you guys always this loud? I am surprised a rogue ninja hasn't slit all of your throats just to silence the pink haired whore" spoke Naruto, as he exited the tree line.

"What did you call me you" shouted Sakura, but stopped when she caught the brunt of Naruto's killing intent that was being directed at her. It was nowhere near its full power, but it was enough for her to see him killing her via curb stomp.

"So you were the ones the Hokage sent" spoke Kakashi as he eyed Naruto.

Naruto eyed Kakashi right back. He didn't have a problem with Uchiha giving other people that they cared about an eye, but Kakashi's story just did not sit right with Naruto. Obito Uchiha and Kakashi Hatake where basically enemies the whole time they were on their team, and Obito just so happened to be smashed underneath a boulder exposing the same eye that Kakashi lost, and it just so happened that they became friends in the end. It was weird that that Rin girl was skilled enough with medical ninjutsu to transplant something as complex as an eye, or that Kakashi lost the same eye that Obito didn't. No the story was just too convenient for Naruto's taste, and he suspected fowl pay was involved.

"Yea he figured you and your team were too incompetent to finish it on your own, so he sent the best of the best. In case you are thinking that is you Sasuke let me be the first to tell you that it is not. That title is reserved for me and me alone" spoke Naruto. He did not like Sasuke one bit. He was like an exact replica of Madara, and if Naruto suspected he would ever actually have the chance of becoming as powerful as the man, although he highly doubted it, then he would kill the boy without in hesitation.

"What did you say" shouted Sasuke, as he looked ready to attack Naruto, but to Naruto's displeasure Kakashi stopped him before it could get good.

"Sasuke you cannot attack a fellow leaf nin, and Naruto I would kindly ask you not to insult your comrades in arms" spoke Kakashi as he eyed Naruto wearily. He had been debriefed by the elders on what an extremely powerful flight risk Naruto was and didn't want to be a part of it if he could avoid it.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night" spoke Naruto, as he gave Kakashi a lazy stare.

"Right well let's get going. That bridge isn't going to build its self, so we need to get their ASAP" spoke Anko, as she and her team got into the diamond formation around Tazuna.

"Hey we were the ones guarding the old man" shouted Sakura in her whiney voice.

'I almost feel sorry for Kakashi and the rest of his team for having to deal with that annoying bitch, but only almost' thought Naruto, as he ignored Sakura.

"Well now we are you got a problem with that pinky" asked Naruko.

"Don't you talk to me like that you demo" but that is as far as she got, before a fist connected with her face. The one who delivered the punch was none other than Yakumo, who was looking furious.

"Don't you ever call my friend that again or I will do much worse than that to you" shouted Yakumo.

"Alright everyone needs to calm down. Now Yakumo apologize to Sakura for hitting her" spoke Kakashi.

"I don't think that will be necessary Yakumo-chan. If Kakashi wants an apology, then he will have his genin apologize first, and then we may think about it" spoke Naruto, as he eyed Kakashi. It was obvious the man played favorites as he had ignored everything his team had done, and only gone after Naruto's team.

"Naruto I am a jonin, there for I out rank you, as well as your sensei who is only a special jonin. I order your teammate Yakumo to apologize to Sakura for viscously attacking her without provocation" spoke Kakashi, thinking he had won, that was until Naruto started laughing at him.

"Do you honestly think I care about the ninja grading system? It is obviously flawed as I am much stronger than you, but I digress. Let's be off and please refrain from making ridiculous requests as they are funny, but also annoying" spoke Naruto, as he and his team started to walk off with Tazuna.

The tension was thick as team 7 would not stop glaring at team 11 the whole time they were walking. Naruto took great pleasure in telling them they would have to water walk across the water, and nearly burst out laughing when Kakashi told them that his team did not know the water walking exercise. It was even funnier watching Sasuke and Sakura's faces when they decided that they would walk across the water. Sasuke was obviously jealous, Sakura looked ahhh stuck, Sai didn't look any different, but Naruto could see a calculating look in his eyes. Naruto figured he was mental gathering information to send back to Danzō.

Naruto learned of Danzō unintentionally as he had been approached by what Naruto could only assume as a human robot and offered a position in something called root. Apparently one of the elders by the name of Danzō had failed in his attempt to become Hokage, so he created a secondary organization that was much like the ANBU but they were stripped of emotion, trained to fight robotically, and where basically the elders very own hit squad. Naruto did not like that the man was abducting young children who had potential to be used by the 'root' but didn't do anything as he knew it would only back fire on him.

'So he must be a jr. root agent' thought Naruto as he eyed Sai for a second before resuming his walk.

"Wow that bridge is amazing" spoke Naruko.

"It truly is. I thought you were blowing smoke out of your ass about being a master bridge builder, but I can see you were not" spoke Naruto, as he examined the bridge. It was massive, and Naruto briefly wondered where they got all of the material to build. 'Maybe they leveled a small mountain' laughed Naruto in his head.

When they made it to land they continued walking towards the city Tazuna lived in. Naruto could sense four chakra signatures hiding in the trees. One of them was pretty good at hiding his chakra signature, but the other three where terrible. Naruto figured even Kakashi's team would have been able to sense them, but he was sadly proven wrong.

"Naruto" whispered Yakumo, but stopped when she saw Naruto nod his head a fraction of an inch. Naruko saw this as well and let out a breath she didn't know she was holding in. that was when Naruto froze up.

Naruto heard Naruko let out her breath, but that was when he heard the sound of something coming towards them at a high rate of speed. Judging by the sound it was a large weapon of some kind, but none he had ever heard before. Quickly Naruto shouted "Duck", and watched as Anko grabbed tazuna and dragged him to the ground. Sasuke, Naruko, and Yakumo were able to get themselves to the ground but Kakashi had to grab Sakura and drag her to the ground because her reaction time sucked.

Naruto did not drop to the ground. He had been looking for a reason to use his other bloodline, and this just seemed like the perfect opportunity. Naruto let three large bones grow out of his right arm. He lifted up his arm and used it to block the incoming weapon. Only now, because he did not have his sharingan active, did he see that it was some kind of giant butcher knife like sword. It hit him pretty hard, but it was nothing compared to training with Madara, so he used his arm to deflect the giant sword into the air. He looked down and was proud to say that there was not even a scratch on the bone that the sword had hit. The sword landed right in front of a tree, with its blade stuck in the ground, and its handle sticking strait up. After a second a ninja with no shirt on, but oddly facial wrappings appeared standing on top of the sword.

"Well that was unexpected. I thought all of the Kaguya had died out thanks to that little plague of theirs. It looks like one of them was able to escape and make it to Konoha" spoke Zabuza. He was not pleased to be fighting a Kaguya as physical attacks where basically useless against them, but he could use water ninjutsu which was the main weapon against the Kaguya as it was used to drown them.

"My back story would take far too long to explain to someone I am about to kill so you will have to excuse me for not being forthcoming with my back ground" spoke Naruto.

"It is understandable. I am not too interested anyways, but that does not mean I am going to let you leave this place alive" spoke Zabuza, as he began examining his potential enemies. There was Konoha's snake mistress who gained a name for being an A ranked ninja with a strong sadistic side to her, and then there was the Sharingan Kakashi which would be very difficult to defeat, but thankfully he had allies, and then there was the genin.

The genin on Kakashi's team did not appear to be much. There were two emos and a pinket which removed any form of stealth from the team Kakashi seemed to be in charge of. On the other hand the snake mistress's team looked capable. The boy was a Kaguya, which meant he had the dead bone pulse bloodline that made them masters of tiajutsu and bukijutsu. He probably knew how to use one element, but if he was anything like his ancestors then he would stick with the dead bone pulse as much as possible. The girl with the long brown hair had the symbol for the Kurama clan, the master genjutsu clan of Konoha, so she will probably stay in the back and use genjutsu to help her team. The blond haired girl had the symbol for the Uzumaki clan on her chest so she was probably a ninjutsu oriented nin, but he should watch out for fuinjutsu traps as well.

"Zabuza Momochi, an A ranked missing nin from Kirigakure. You are wanted in Kiri for attempting to kill the Mizukage, attempting to usurp the government of Kiri, and various assassinations of very influential people throughout the shinobi world" spoke Kakashi.

"Wow you can read the bingo book, good for you Kakashi" spoke Naruto in a bored tone, completely ignoring the angry look Kakashi was giving him.

"Ha, the kid got you there Sharingan Kakashi. Yea I can read the bingo book as well. It says you are an A ranked ninja that has a Sharingan eye transplanted into your right eye socket from your dead friend. It said you have copied over a thousand jutsu with that Sharingan eye of yours, and that it is the only reason you can use that fire jutsu you are so known for" spoke Zabuza, as he removed the Executioner's Blade from the ground.

'Fire jutsu that needs the sharingan? Is he talking about the Amaterasu?' wondered Naruto.

"Anko you and your team are to guard Tazuna, while my team and I team take care of him" spoke Kakashi, but stopped when he saw Naruto rush past him. "What are you doing" asked a very peeved Kakashi.

"Having some fun, duh! I haven't been able to fight any serious ninja in a while, and I am not going to sit back and let you have all of the fun just because you say so" spoke Naruto, as he extended another set of bones from his left arm, and started to do battle with Zabuza.

"Water Style: Hidden Mist Jutsu" shouted Zabuza, as a thick blanket of mist covered the battle field.

"Hmmmm, I had heard of the silent killing method from my studies of the various ninja villages from around the world, but this is not the first time someone has used this jutsu on me, so I know how to fight in it" spoke Naruto.

Zabuza had been sneaking up on Naruto, and brought his blade down on the boy, believing it would cut him in half. He was sadly mistaken when two bones came out of Naruto's shoulder, crisscrossed, and caught the blade in place.

"Unfortunately for you, you are far from mastering the use of that sword. You can swing it around for a while without getting tired, but you use it like a club. You are nowhere near strong enough to use that sword how it was intended to be used, and the mist jutsu only works if you can keep the mist in place. Any decent wind style using ninja could easily blow this mist away taking with it your only real advantage in this fight" spoke Naruto, as he turned his head to look at the enraged face Zabuza was sporting at the moment.

"How dare you say I have not mastered using the Executioner's Blade? I will enjoy killing you" spoke Zabuza, as he placed his foot on Naruto's back to use as leverage to remove the Executioner's Blade. Naruto could have easily taken the sword, and used his bones to pierce Zabuza's foot, but he was still looking for a good fight, so he let the man keep both his foot and the sword.

'Hmmmm, without the silent killing technique and the Executioner's Blade, he really is not that strong. I bet even Naruko and Yakumo could defeat him if they tried hard enough' thought Naruto, as eyed Zabuza.

"Let me show you the difference in our abilities" spoke Naruto.

He began channeling wind chakra into the bones sticking out of his arms. Naruto then used his amazing speed to appear as if he had teleported in front of Zabuza. Zabuza brought up the Executioner's Blade to defend himself, but when Naruto's bone hit the Executioner's Blade, it started to cut through. Naruto was circulating his wind chakra around his bones to act like a chainsaw, and was quickly cutting through the sword. After a few seconds Naruto had cut completely through the Executioner's Blade, and was watching as Zabuza made some distance between them.

'I don't see how he can find me so easily. I am hiding my chakra signature, I am being a silent as possible, and I was using the Executioner's Blade perfectly. Not even a sensor nin should have been able to find me that fast' thought Zabuza, as he began going through hand signs. He figured he ought to bring out the big guns if he wanted to live. "Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu" shouted Zabuza, as a giant dragon made of water came out of the ocean that they were fighting beside.

"Hmph, is that all you got? Pathetic, I will show you a real dragon. "Fire Style: Great Fire Dragon Jutsu" shouted Naruto, as a large dragon head blasted out of Naruto's mouth. Everyone was confused at what was going on until Naruto started going through another series of hand signs. "Wind Style: Wind Dragon Jutsu" shouted Naruto, as he blew out a large transparent green dragon from out of his mouth. It moved twice as fast as the fire dragon jutsu did, so it easily caught up with the 'Great Fire Dragon Jutsu'. When the two jutsu met, they combined into a giant two headed fire dragon that had both the head of the fire dragon, and the head of the wind dragon. When the combined wind and fire dragon collided with Zabuza's water dragon they easily extinguished it, a continued traveling towards Zabuza. Zabuza had no chance of survival, and was instantly turned to ash by the powerful combination jutsu, or so everyone but Naruto thought.

"And that ladies and gentleman is how it is done" spoke Naruto, as he began walking towards Zabuza's ashes, and picked up the half of the Executioner's Blade that had the handle. After he picked up the Executioner's Blade he began walking back to his team. They were all slack jawed which something Naruto was finding very amusing.

"That was amazing! How did you do that? Will you teach me" asked Naruko, as she glommed him.

"Thanks Naruko-chan. I used two jutsu that I knew could be combined to make an even stronger version of its self. I will one day teach you how to do it, but right now you do not know any elements that will combine together to made a combination jutsu. I could teach you fire release so that you could combine it with your wind jutsu, or I could teach you water release to combine with your earth release to create mud style jutsu, which I would not recommend. I will be teaching Yakumo-chan lightning release to go with her water release, so I think learning fire release would be in your best interest as it can be combined with both wind and earth release" spoke Naruto.

"YATTA I can't wait to start learning" shouted Naruko.

"Hahaha well we will start as soon as we get to Tazuna's house. I also want to fix up this sword, and find someone who will use it right" spoke Naruto, but he was not sure who give it to as he did not want to make a future enemy stronger.

As they continued their walk towards Tazuna's house Naruto was receiving a few new looks. Kakashi was eyeing him warily form behind that pervert book, Sakura looked scared of him which only made Naruto smile, Sai still had that creepy look on his face, but Naruto knew he would try and send some info to Danzō about his skill. Naruto was going to have to augment the boy's memories a bit. Yakumo and Naruko were looking at him like he was some kind of star, but the funniest of all the looks was Anko's hungry look that was in her eyes. Naruto could only assume that acts of violence, power, and dominance turned Anko on in some kind of messed up way.

After another hour of walking they came across a dump of a town that looked like it was made for criminals. Children looked like they were going to starve to death, adults looked lifeless, the buildings looked like they were only standing up one a hope and a dream that these people did not look like they had.

"Well this place is depressing" spoke Naruto, as he continued to follow Tazuna.

"Yes, ever since Gato came here he has only made our lives a living nightmare, and none of the ninja villages would come to our aid" spoke Tazuna with a bit of venom in his drunken voice.

"Why would they not come to help you" asked Naruko, who was still ignorant to a lot of the dark side of the shinobi world.

"Shinobi are hired by contract, which means they are paid to do what they do. Gato made sure the people of Wave would not be able to afford to pay for ninja, so he would not have to worry about them. Ninja only work for money, not because it is in the good of their hearts to help them. In a way I agree with the ninja, as who would risk their lives to rescue a bunch of people they do not know for no reward what so ever. It does not make sense to risk your own life if you are not going to gain something you actually need, but Gato only employs thugs and mercenary, well until now that is, so a group of ninja should have been able to sweep out the area with relative ease, but the ninja villages do not care about the suffering of others and only work for money not for moral" spoke Naruto.

When they got to Tazuna's house they were introduced to Tazuna's beautiful daughter, and her emo son. Naruto could already tell that the brat was a complainer, but his mother was obviously the type to try and teach her son by smothering him with love instead of forcing him to see the truth of the world by showing him just how good he has it in comparison to others.

Once they got all settled in, Kakashi and his team went to bed, while Naruto had clones secure the area. After Naruto's clones secured the area Naruto, Anko, Yakumo, and Naruko left to go outside to train. Anko started to train Naruko how to use fire release, and was surprised when Naruko started to use the clones to start learning. Naruto started to teach Yakumo lighting release, as it was an element he knew, and he was sure she would only gain from learning

This routine continued for two weeks. Naruto and Anko would start the day off by helping them master the element of their choosing, then it would move on to chakra control, and manipulation exercises, then stretching, followed by tiajutsu training, and then an hour or two on personal training. Anko would teach Naruko and Yakumo how to make and cure certain poisons, or torture techniques, and then she would hand them over to Naruto for his turn to train them. Naruto continued training Yakumo in genjutsu, medical ninjutsu, and how to use a tanto. He also continued to train Naruko by having her meditate so that she could clear her mind, fuinjutsu, and furthering her skills tiajutsu.

"Hey Naruto-kun what was that thing you did with your bones when you were fighting that mist ninja" asked Naruko.

"The thing I did with my bones when I coated them in wind chakra is called the 'Flying Swallow Technique'. It is a chakra flow technique that is used to increase an objects overall capabilities. The wind version does increase the piercing abilities of an object, but not to the extent that lighting release does. Wind release's real strength lies in its cutting capabilities. Wind chakra could make an old dull katana sharp enough to cut through solid stone with ease. It is a jonin level technique, but is very useful" spoke Naruto. He could see Naruko as having a hard time from just shouting out that she wanted to learn the technique, but Naruto could tell the meditation skills he had taught her was really starting to help. Yakumo looked very interested as well, but Naruto figured her interest was the lighting version as that was what she was already learning.

"Could you teach it to me" asked Naruko, as she and Yakumo used the puppy dog eye jutsu on him.

"Sigh, alright I will teach it to you two, but not before you completely master the elements you two are currently learning" spoke Naruto, with a grin. He knew this type of motivation would really get them to work even harder.

Naruto just smiled when he saw how excited they were.