I was crying hysterically, curled up in the corner of my Lord's bed chamber. He was an awful drunk and the beatings he dished out each time keep getting worse. I was naked and bloodied. He would surely beat me for getting my worthless blood on his expensive antique rug. I tried to open my left eye but it was swollen shut from the punch I was dealt just minutes earlier. When he drinks he become so rough its almost unbearable.

I slowly stop my crying and sit up painfully. I looked around my master's chamber to observe the disaster he created while in his drunken fury. He would be back soon and I do not want to displease him any further. So I slowly stood up, my leash dangling down my back past my naked ass to quickly straighten the room as best as possible. I straightened the rug and put the misplaced and turned over furniture back in its rightful place.

I was awfully sore, it hurt to breathe. I was moving slowly around the room picking up his belongings. A sharp pain shot through my side when I bent down to pick up a empty wine bottle. I looked at my ribcage- it was black and bruised. It would be no shock if he had broken one of my ribs, it surely would not be the first time.

After picking up his room best as I could I went to the bath room to get a bowl of hot water and soap to clean my blood spots off the blue velvet carpet. When I returned to the bathroom I saw my naked and bruised body in the mirror. I pour more hot water and slowly wash away the dried blood. Which revealed bruised all over my body where he hit, kicked, and bit me.

I held my breath as I washed my bruised ribs. As bad as the beatings were I know what usually comes after them is worse. Lord Kaname has a cycle when he drinks. First he gets shit faced drunk and takes his anger out on me then he leaves to drink more. And when he comes back that's when his rage turns into lust. Hard ,painful lust that leaves me limping for days.

I shudder and the thought of what's about to be my fate, much like every other night. I reposition my heavy black collar around my neck and pull the leash across my chest. Master Kaname insists I wear a collar because he says dogs don't obey without being reminded that they are dogs.

Just as I finish cleaning up and trying to soak my swollen lilac eye I hear my drunken Master thud through his heavy oak chamber door.

I walk out of the bathroom with my head bowed ready for his command. He is standing by the bed eyeing me up and down slowly. I feel myself start to shake under his cold heartless stare. Then after a long minute I hear him speak.' Come here Zero, crawl to me.' He says it so calm and that's what scares me.

I drop to my knees and keep my head bowed and slowly crawl over the soft blue carpet to my Lord's feet. I make sure to sway my hips the way I know he likes ,maybe he will go easy on me tonight. My leash softly jingles and I crawl. When I reach just a few inches from his feet I stop and sit back on my heels, being very careful to not making contact with my Lord.

He reaches down and grabs a fist full of my silver hair yanking me up hard. I close my good eye tight so tears don't spill out and he drags me up onto the king sized bed by my hair. He drapes me over the side of the large bed forcing me to stand with my ass up in the air. I keep my eyes closed tight as I feel him press his growing cock against my backside. I hear the sound of him taking off his belt and the loosening of his pants.

All of a sudden I feel m Master leaning over me and his hot breath on my neck, the smell of alcohol fresh on his lips. 'Tell me pet, Do you like it when I treat you like this?' I squeeze my eyes tighter and hold my breath in fear. Before I can really thing of the question he asks me I feel his cold leather belt crash across my ass. My eyes shoot open in surprise and I gasp loudly and the pain shoots through me. He swings again, and as the belt hits me I close my eyes again and grip the silk blanket on the bed.

He hits me a few more times till I am crying and whimpering for him to stop. " Aww, what's wrong pet, You don't like it? I thought you did." He speaks slowly in his usual low tone. I can hear that he is smiling at me crying in front of him. Before I can answer him, his temper takes over and he hits me with his belt a few more times.

I slide off the bed crying and begging him to stop. The pain on my backside is too much added with the previous pain from his beatings. I curl up at his feet whispering " I like it, I like it, I like it". Anything to get him to stop. My humiliation pleased him enough that he dropped the belt with a loud thud.

I feel his long fingers wrap around my leash before he pulls it up roughly forcing me to look into his red-brown eyes. They are glossy with alcohol and he has a defined smile across his thin lips. My eyes drift down his body and to his crotch where his pants were unbuttoned and loosely clinging to his hips.

With shaking fingers I reach for his waist band pulling his pants down enough to free his throbbing erection. His hard pink cock slipped out easily, I feel his grip on my leash tighten. I watch as it stiffens and the cold night air brushes across it. I duck my head slightly under my Lord's erection to gently lick the underneath side. I hear him inhale and his grip tightens almost to the point of choking me.

Pushing the need for air from my mind I slowly lick my Masters testicles sucking on them gently before moving up to take his tip in my mouth. My lord is practically purring above me and I know I am pleasing him tonight. " Good boy..", he growls and places a hand on the back of my silver head.

I start to lick the tip of his hard cock, licking off all his sweet precum before wrapping my lips around his head fully. Immediately I feel him push on the back of my head making his erection slide into my mouth further. It happens to fast It almost gags me. I place my hands flat onto the floor and allow him to thrust roughly into my mouth. His cock slides down my throat and I start to panic from the lose of air. I fight so hard to not pull back.

I begin to gag, he hears me struggling and pulls out of my mouth with a loud pop. I gasp and inhale rapidly but its all too soon before he slams back into my mouth. I feel his cock sliding down my throat making it raw and sore. I start gagging and making awful slurping sounds as he pounds quickly into my mouth. He doesn't care to stop this time and just as I begin to get dizzy he pulls out and tosses me to the floor.

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