I wake some time after to the movement under me. My lord was awake and was in the process of moving me to the side. In my sleepy state I assist him by rolling in the direction he wanted. Through my blurry eyes I see my dark haired king slip from his bed and walk to the bathroom.

"Zero, call down to the kitchens I am hungry", he calls in a husky voice from the bathroom. I roll off the side of the bed and walk over to a small table in the corner of the room which held the phone. I pick it up and dial down to the kitchen. After all these years I know without even asking what my Master will eat this morning. Two pieces of bacon with an English muffin and his coffee, black of course with additional Tylenol for the hangover.

Just like his unchanging beauty, his routine also never changes.

The water turns on in the bathroom and I see the shadows of my King moving from the cracked door. After hanging up the phone I busy myself by making the bed. Making sure to fold each blanket perfectly and placing each pillow rightfully where it belongs. As I move I feel the pain in my side, not as painful as before due to my healing kicking in slowly.

After the bed is perfect as it had been all the other mornings I move over to the wardrobe to get my King's clothes out before laying them out on the bed. I pull out his usual semi casual garb, dress pants and a simple but elegant button down. The water shuts off from the bathroom as I lay his clothes gently on the bed.

Before I could fully turn around I felt him beside me staring down at me, I turn slowly to meet his gaze. His heavy brown-red eyes glare into my own lilac ones and I realize I still fear him, even after all these years. He is the Vampire Lord and even when he is not hitting or raping me just his look alone sends chills down my back.

His arm reaches out and pushes me out of the way as he steps up to grab his clothes. The bath towel hanging loosely around his waist hardly staying on to his hips. He strips the bath towel and hands it to me, clutching the bath towel and keeping my eyes to the floor I walk back into the bathroom to put it in the laundry bin.

On the way back I pause and readjust my collar to sit more comfortably on my neck before walking back out into the large bedroom. My Master was almost fully dressed now and was finishing buttoning up his shirt when he looked up at me.

The look that flashed across his face was one I had only seen a few times among the decades and it confused me. Then he was in front of me pushing me against the door frame, he gripping my wrists and held them over my head. I kept my head low and stared at the patterns on the rug.

A low growl rumbled through his chest and I slowly raise my head to look up at him. The expression on his face took my breath away; it was a mixture of anger and sorrow. He held our gaze for a few long moments then slowly eyed down my body, observing the damage. When he spotted my side he made another small growl and his forehead wrinkled together.

"How many", he asked still eyeing my bruised ribcage.

"Maybe two or three my Lord." My reply was hardly over a whisper.

He nodded slowly still looking at my black side then he released my hands from above my head. I saw him thinking and for a few long moments I dared not to even breathe. His face was so close to my side that I kind of felt ashamed I was wasting his time on something so minimal.

"My Lord, It is fine it hardly even hurts-", My reply was cut short as he reached his long delicate fingers out and brushed them against my side making me inhale sharply. His head snapped up and stared at up at me before he straightened up and took a step back.

Then before I knew it he had slapped me. So hard I almost fell over if it wasn't for his arm that had steadied me. My lilac eyes widened with shock as the pain rushed to my cheek.

"Zero, you know to never lie to me." His cold gaze was upon me and I hated when he looked at me like that. All I could do was nod. The amount of sorrow I saw before was gone and his cold brown-red eyes were back.

Then a low knocking came from the chamber door. It was Nino, the favorite maid with breakfast. I looked from the door back at my Master. His eyes never leaved me and for a second I doubted he even heard the knocking.

My Master then moved away from me and walked to the door. He slowly cracked the door and was having a low conversation with the small blonde girl that I didn't bother to listen too. Suddenly very tired I lean fully back on the door frame, letting it support me.

Kaname then closed the door, carrying in the trays himself. Setting them down on the table in the corner he didn't look up at me as he motioned me over.

I meet him in front of the small table as he lays out the trays. Without pausing at what he was doing he says "You are cold." And for the first time I realize I was still naked and shaking. From the draft in the room or from fear I am not sure.

I watch my Lord then walk over to the wardrobe and pull out one of his more plain dress shirts and return to me. He doesn't make eye contact as he slips it over me, buttoning it up carefully over my ribs.

The light blue cotton shirt hangs loosely on me and stops just right past my ass. This jester is an odd one for my Master usually enjoys me naked and refuses me clothes within his company.

After he is done he takes a seat at the empty chair at the table and motions me to climb on his lap, which I do without hesitation. I curl up into his chest and he firmly rests a hand on my hip. He flips through some papers that Nino has also brought him as he eats.

He pauses every once in awhile to offer me a bite or two of his breakfast. In my current state I have little use for human food and don't require it often, my life revolves completely around his blood which he rarely gives me.

To pass the time I trace my pale fingers along the collar of his shirt. Up and down the stitching, around the buttons. He hardly seems to notice my little touches and in time he finishes eating.

I sit up to get up from his lap but as soon as I begin to move he scoops me up in his arms rather roughly and carries me to the bed dropping me in the center. I inhale sharply again as the bed makes contact with me side as I bounce a few time then stop.

My Lord then begins to unbutton his shirt exposing his neck to me. I see his neck pulse and I bite my lip to stay in line.

" Yes, Zero that's for you," He seems to have heard my unanswered question before climbing into the bed and on top of me. I stare up at my dark haired king as he bends his neck down towards my mouth.

Taking his nail he punctures the side of his neck spilling his dark blood onto my face. I lean up and start to suck on his neck like a starving child. The need for food overwhelms me as my fangs start to ache. I drink my Lord's blood as fast as I can, its sweet metal taste sliding down my throat. Just as I am about to lose myself in it he pulls away.

My fangs ache for me as he hovers over me. His neck is already starting to heel as he pulls back to observe me. I know my lustful red eyes please him because he smirks. He likes to remind me how much I need him.

Then his attention turns elsewhere as he slides up the shirt I am wearing, up to my chest. He is staring at my side and I join him in watching as my ribcage slowly heals and the color returns to normal.

A quick smirk flashes across his face as he pulls away and unfolds a blanket at the foot of the bed. He then leans back over me wrapping me up in it.

His blood still on my face and drying he leans down and kisses my forehead gently.

"Sleep now" I hear him whisper. Then everything goes black.

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