Lukka reclined against a tall pillar on the front veranda of the castle. He stared out into the massive garden that lead down to the drive way. The night was warm and he scanned the garden slowly trying to gather his thoughts.

He had been in absolute misery for years but since he brought up the idea to his Lord his heart had been completely broken but he knew if he doesn't push for Kaname to mate Zero then Zero will surely die from the Cold Lord's abusive one night.

He couldn't allow Zero to continue living the way he was and although it broke his spirit the only way to save Zero was to push him closer to the Vampire they both served.

He was so wrapped up in thinking about Zero he didn't hear Kaname approach the veranda.

"Is everything ready?" Kaname was wearing his normal dress pants and perfectly tucked in button down shirt that he was adjusting as he walked.

"Yes My Lord, Everything is set up for you for you to collect the needed items. The old Healer left earlier to talk to other healers in the area."

Kaname nodded and a black carriage pulled up in the drive way and the pair turned and started walking off the veranda.

" I should only be gone a week at most, keep everything calm here?" It wasn't really a question Lukka knew that but he nodded and they crossed the garden. When Lukka didn't say anything Kaname went on.

" Most of the items can be collected simply all except the dragon's breath. There is only a rumor that a faith healer may still have some way up in the mountains." They reached the carriage and Lukka stepped up to open the door.

"There will be no trouble, you are a Pure Blood Lord. You will get everything smoothly." He flashed a fake smile at his Lord as he climbed in the carriage and closed the door behind him.

In moments the carriage was heading out of the castle gates and Lukka turned to head back inside.


Zero was standing in the hallway connected to Kaname's private rooms and watched his Master leave and his Love return to the house.

Zero continued to stand there a minute and think about everything. Earlier today his Master was acting weird and it scared Zero but in a way thrilled him.

He blushed thinking back to how his Lord kissed him, it was the same way Lukka always had but not as passionate. And with his Lord's sudden departure he was unsure on how to feel about everything. His Lord's random act of love was completely out of character but then again these last few days have been out of balance aswell.

He needed answers and he knew Lukka would give him them but he would have to wait for the Advisor to come to him. If any of Kaname's spies saw Zero going to Lukka the Lord would surely know and all hell would break loose.

So the Silver haired boy sighed and returned back to his Master's room to further think about things and wait for his Secret Lover to meet him.

The rest of the night went as slow as it possibly could and the boy kept himself busy by showering and talking to Nino awhile when the girl brought him food and cleaned the room. As the sun was rising Zero finally felt restless and knowing his Master was away took it upon himself to try to find his own answers.

Zero quietly headed to Kaname's office, when he reached the door he found it was locked. The boy had only been in the room a few times over the years but knew if it was locked it was because his Master was hiding something. Surely there was a key.

He quickly returned to the room and stood in the center of the massive room trying to think. Zero had been all over this room and was not aware of any hiding places except Kaname's bed side table. Zero had never looked in there and knew he was not allowed. That's where his Master kept his more personal belongings and he had hardly even seen Kaname open the drawer. If the keys were anywhere they would be there.

Zero started shaking as he stepped slowly towards the small table. He reached the table and slowly opened the table drawer. Inside was a few small books and oils and trinkets. One by one Zero removed each item and placed it on the bed. After emptying the entire drawer Zero sighed, The keys were not there. Zero reached in the drawer one last time to feel around to see if he missed anything.

He ran his fingers along the bottom of the drawer and his finger tips ran across a invisible seam in the wood. Startled Zero pulled his hand back and leaned closer to the drawer looking inside further. There was definitely a hidden spot in the bottom of the table. Gently Zero reached back in the drawer and pushed his fingers against the seam in the wood and with a soft pop the hidden compartment popped open.

Zero reached into the small dark hidden space and felt cold metal touch his finger tips. He grabbed the unknown metal object and heard a clinging of keys. A wide smile spread across his face as he pulled out a set of keys.


The Vampire King was reclined back in the plush carriage seat heading to the next town to meet up with the his family's Healer and that towns Healer to get a better understanding of where each of the items were located.

He heard the thundering of the horse's feet outside and the dark night was comforting for him. His thoughts went to Zero.

He knew he was rushing the boy and knew his sudden acts were scaring him but he didn't know any other way to make the Silver haired boy fall in love with him before the blood moon.

He couldn't take his time, the next blood moon wouldn't be for some years and he didn't have that much time. He wanted to smother the boy in love to make him return it and Zero has indeed returned the Lord's kiss, which gave the Pure Blood hope.

Slowly his eyes drifted shut and sleep over took his exhausted body.


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