The young boy stared at the set of keys in his hand and chewed on his lip for some minutes thinking. Surely his Master will know if he was in his study, Kaname knew everything. Well ..almost everything, Zero had a secret the Lord didn't know and that gave him the courage to make the decision to go snooping in his Master's office. He had to know what was going on.

Zero left his room and hurried towards the office. No one would be awake during the day so he knew he had time.

Zero stood in front of the office and looked down at the number of keys in his hand, they all looked the same. He picked one of the dull grey keys and slipped it in the door, as he turned the handle the Silver haired boy held his breath.

The door didn't open. With a soft sigh Zero removed the key and tried another, That one also didn't open the door. After trying three more keys Zero had became nervous, there was only one key left.

Just as Zero grabbed the last key on the ring a light flicked on at the end of the hall and footsteps started to approach. In a panic Zero jammed the key inside the key hole and started franticly jiggling the handle.

Just as the footsteps began to get louder the office door popped open and the thin boy silently slipped into the office shutting the door silently behind him.

Zero was in a cold sweat and plastered himself up against the study door listening as the footsteps passed down the hall. Zero stayed still for some minutes as his beating heat slowed finally after he was calm he looked around the dim room.

The room was plain with a large desk and old antique books lining all the walls. Zero made his way over to His Lord's large desk. It was oddly left a mess. Paper and books scattered everywhere in complete disorganization. Kaname was never messy and that only made the boy's suspicions grow.

Sinking into the oversized leather chair Zero began to shuffle through the papers. Nothing made sense; half of the papers were in old Latin and other various ancient languages. After sometime of shuffling through the papers Zero's attention layed on an old book that was open on the corner of the desk. It looked ready to fall apart if he touched it.

Zero slowly slid the tattered book in front of him and glanced down at the yellow thin pages. At the top of the page Zero read clear as day " Pure blood transition." Zero's world froze as he read down the yellow page. This couldn't be what Lukka had talked about. Kaname was planning on killing him, the realization was hitting the boy slowly as he read the page.

As Zero read down the page he began to shake and was completely oblivious to the presence that slipped through the door and was watching him. The words were making no sense to the boy but the gist was clear, he was going to die. Right before Zero could get to the procedure section a hand came out of nowhere and slammed the book closed.

" What are you doing?"


Lukka grabbed the old book and held it to his chest as a wide eyed Zero stared up at him. He noted how pale Zero had gotten and how close to tears his lilac eyes seemed.

They stared into each other's eyes for a moment before Lukka turned away with the book in hand.

" Give that back, I have the right to know what's going on." Zero stood up in a panic.

Lukka didn't look back but stood in the center of the room looking at the carpet.

" Its best if you don't know, nothing will change if you know. Just obey him."

Zero began to shake as he stepped around the desk.

"He is going to kill me and I am too obey him?! Why are you letting him do this?" Zero's voice was becoming frantic as his pitch rose higher than usual.

Lukka stood in silence as Zero stepped infront of the red head.

" I thought you loved me, you said you would protect me." Tears filled Zero's eyes and that brought Lukka's attention up from the floor.

" I do love you, I am protecting you. This is the only way to protect you." Lukka gripped the book to his chest as he stared at his Love. Without giving Zero time to explain Lukka continued.

" Kaname needs a Pureblood Mate and he has picked you, the Blood transition will kill you but you will be brought back as Pureblood. It will make you stronger and protect your life. It's the best I could do…" Lukka trailed off as his grip loosened on the book and his hand fell down to his side.

"I don't want him. What if it doesn't work?" Zero began to cry calmly as he looked down at the floor.

Lukka stepped closer to the boy and pulled him gently into his chest holding him tight.

" You don't have a choice, either you do it or wait till he kills you by accident." He stroked the younger boy's hair as Zero cried into the Red head's chest. Slowly everything was coming together.

" But what if it doesn't work?" Zero's sobs slowed as he clung to his lover waist.

" We don't know for sure, no one has attempted it in thousands of years. It's a well guarded spell." Lukka tilted the boys head up so that there face's were inches apart. " It's the only option, you have to try. I will do everything I can to make it work or I will meet you on the other side."

Zero nodded and reached up to tangle his fingers in the Advisor's hair.

"What about us?" Zero hardly whispered.

Lukka's face dropped and the pain was visible all over his face as he pulled the Silver haired boy closer.

"You need to try to love him, not for him but for you."

Zero bit his lip and stayed silent for a minute as everything hit him after awhile he nodded slowly.

" But not right now."

Zero got on his tippy toes and kissed the Taller male with so much passion it almost knocked them both over. Lukka dropped the book to the floor and fully wrapped his arms around his Love as there tongue swirled together and hot heat began to build between them.

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