Itachi was having a bad day. His clan was plotting to over throw Konoha, his student was almost caught training in things he should not know, and his annoying brother was following him like a fan girl, and to top it all off he was going to have to be the one to end his clan.

His clan had been unhappy with their position in Konoha ever sense the beginning of its creation. They believed they should be the ones to rule. That the others clans and civilians should be subservient to them. The only one who did not have this type of mentality was him, his best friend Shisui, and his little brother Sasuke, though lately Sasuke had started acting more and more like their father, probably trying to get some attention from the cold clan head.

Then there was Naruto. He caught Naruto breaking into the ninja section of the library one night during his shift to protect the boy. He wondered how a child could break into the library when it was guarded by ninja. Then again the guard was usually lax around places that didn't get much action, plus the boy had been hiding from people for as long as he had been alive, so it must have been second nature to him. What made Itachi mad was not that the boy had broken in here trying to learn how to defend himself from practically everyone in the village, except a small portion. What made him mad was what the boy was reading. "Advanced Chakra Control". That meant that the boy had snuck in here before, and the only way he could have done that is if his AMBU guards were not protecting him like they were supposed to. That was five years ago. On that day Itachi made Naruto promise not to break into the library, if Itachi promised to teach him seriously when he was not on missions.

Naruto was a good kid, but he had been dealt a terrible fate at birth. He had blood red hair, with amethyst colored eyes. He was average height, with strong, lean muscles. He had a look of a seasoned ninja. Itachi figured he got it from the terrible life he had had every day since birth. His hair was long, reaching his waist, and was held in a high pony tail.

After that Itachi trained Naruto in chakra control, tai-jutsu, ken-jutsu, gen-jutsu, elemental training (found out he had a wind release), first aid med- nin-jutsu, and beginner fuin-jutsu. Naruto was a genius on par with Itachi, and it showed.

His Tia-jutsu was a mix between the Uchiha interceptor fist and muytai. He called his style the shadow fist, because you were either so close that you couldn't see the attacks coming, or the punches were attaching a person's blind spots. He had reached med-nin chakra control which was very difficult with such large reserves. It took about two years to master his wind release element, along with its shape manipulation. During this time Itachi took more missions close to the border of Suna to try and copy as many wind jutsu as he could, so he could teach them to Naruto. He also went through the Uchiha clan scrolls for more wind techniques. His father caught him one day looking through the wind release section (it was filled with dust, because nobody ever took the time to learn any of them). Itachi lied and said he was looking through the wind style section, trying to figure out if he should learn it. His father was curious as to why wind. Itachi just said that not many people learn it so it would be good since not many people were trained to fight the wind style, plus it would work well in combination with his fire. His father thought it was a good idea and said that he would spread it to the other Uchiha and try and get them to learn it as well. After that Itachi was more cautious about going to the Uchiha library. All the wind techniques he learned and copied down were placed inside a scroll that he gave to Naruto, along with a few books on jutsu making. He gave Naruto this scroll for his with birthday, for the third year of their training. Naruto was so happy nobody had ever given him a present before (clothes didn't count from the homage, it was partially his fault he was forced to live this way). Naruto learned a couple of the E, D, B, and even one A, but most of the jutsu he learned were C ranked because they were so versatile.

After that Itachi started to teach Naruto fire release and ken-jutsu. Fire release was much harder for Naruto to learn, because it directly conflicted with Naruto's natural affinity wind affinity. Itachi also taught him a multitude of weapons. The chokuto, washabi, katana, bo staff, but what surprised Itachi the most was Naruto's ability to learn Madara Uchiha's Gunbia/style. He was very skilled with a sword, but carried the Gunbia with a strange sense of familiarity.

After that it was familiarizing him with other ninja techniques such as med nin-jutsu where he taught Naruto first aid and how to heal cuts and bruises. Then there was fuin-jutsu Naruto didn't have much difficultly learning this, so Itachi taught him how to make storage, explosion, and other simple seals. After all this he increased Naruto's stealth abilities. This is we're he truly shown (haha). He first taught Naruto how to hide his chakra, and then to hide his presence. After Naruto had mastered both he was instructed to do both while running away from Itachi. He was an actually able to hide from him for about fifteen minutes. But with a chakra capacity like Naruto's he was bound to slip sooner or later and when he did, Itachi was on him like white on rice.

Now though they were just increasing his current skills or Naruto self-taught himself, because of all the complications going on at the Uchiha clan home.

The final thing that was making his day difficult(not that training Naruto was considered difficult, he actually enjoyed teaching Naruto, because he never complained and kept trying until he got it right. The only problem was that they always had to be hidden when they did it) was his little brother Sasuke.

The boy would follow him around and beg him to train him. Training the boy wouldn't be so bad if he didn't go around bragging about how much better he was then the other children, when Itachi taught him something. Sasuke would pout and through tantrums when people didn't do what he wanted. Itachi would have even been able to tolerate that, but the only reason Sasuke wanted to be trained was so there arrogant father would take a more active notice of him. His mother would have loved to train him, she was a retired jonin, but no it wasn't good enough. It was either the clan prodigy or the clan head himself. No one else was good enough. He wanted nothing more than to put Sasuke in his place but, had a feeling it would make things worse, if there rare training moments were anything to go on.

Sasuke would brag about how he got stronger, and that Itachi was no match for him now, only for Itachi to swat away his feeble attempts without any effort. After that Sasuke would just go off and brood or demand someone teach him so he could do the whole thing over next week. Itachi really hoped Sasuke would grow out of his selfish attitude.

The only good things in his life now where his best friend Shisui, his rare moments alone, and his talks with Naruto about life and anything else that crossed their minds while speaking.

He had been noticing some strange things about Naruto, ever sense he started training the boy. Every time Naruto lost or was hurt his body seemed to change ever so slightly to overcome the problem. He first noticed that Naruto's healing rate steadily improved over the years, where cuts and bruises would disappear in an hour or two instead of overnight. His skin was still soft and smooth, but now it was very strong. It reminded him of the third Riakage (or at least the stories since he never actually met/seen the guy). He also didn't get poisoned twice. When Itachi was teaching Naruto how to make different poisons Naruto accidentally poisoned him-self. The poison only lasted the night, but the next day he slipped, again but this time didn't have any ill effects on him, which lead Itachi to believe that not only did Naruto have a very powerful healing rate, but also an even more powerful adaptation rate. He spoke about this to the only person he could trust.

Shisui, at first he was shocked that Itachi was training someone, let alone Naruto. Shisui never had a problem with the boy it just didn't seem like something he would do. He was also surprised by Itachi's theory. If he were injected with the blood of someone with a bloodline it was possible for him to activate it. Shisui, having the childish personality wanted to try it out, offering his own blood as a test subject.

When they spoke to Naruto about this, he didn't care much. A bloodline was a powerful tool though and if he had a chance of gaining one he wouldn't mind trying it out.

After stealing some supplies from the hospital, Shisui, Naruto, and Itachi began setting everything up. After a few hours and a couple of pints of blood that left Shisui feeling dizzy, they were shocked to see that nothing changed in Naruto except his eyes. Now instead of an amethyst color, they were a royal purple that seemed to make him look wiser. The next day they extracted a vile of blood from Naruto to test and see if he got the bloodline. They were pleased to see that he had. Now came the difficult part, activating the sharingan.

Shisui came up with a genius plan to help Naruto activate them. They took him to a ravine, and tied some ninja wire to him when he wasn't looking, and then pushed him off the side of the ravine. As Naruto fell he could feel his adrenaline pumping, he was scared and that made him angry. He had spent his entire life hiding, training, and praying for a day to come when he would be the strong enough to not have to live in fear. Now he was going to die in some pathetic way as falling off a cliff! No! He refused to die that way! Just then his sharingan activated one tome in his left eye and two in his right.

Using his wind release to propel him to the wall he stuck out his feet. As soon as his feet came in contact with the wall, he pumped as much chakra into them as possible. It took a minute, but finally he stopped, and stuck on the wall, heart beating a million miles a second. He looked up mad at the only people he trusted attempted to kill him, but then he saw it a small almost invisible wire dangling down from we're he fell. He wouldn't have noticed it if it weren't for his newly activated sharingan. Tracing the wire down, he noticed it was connected to him. Smiling he figured out what had really happened. His sensei's had placed him in an artificial life threatening situation, so that he could activate his sharingan. In reality he was never in any danger. Smiling he began his walk back to his sensei's to tell them the good news.

Shisui and Itachi were both very pleased at how Naruto handled the situation. They had figured the sharingan would activate and the wire would catch him, before he hit the ground. They were happy that he, even in a difficult situation such as this, was able to use his head in such a difficult situation to save himself.

After a few minutes Naruto made his way up proudly displaying his new dojutsu. Smiling and congratulating him on his success. The rest of the year was teaching Naruto how to use his sharingan. Shisui took over most of the training claiming that Naruto was now like an unofficial brother that he always wanted, and that he should get a chance to teach him something. So after much fighting Itachi conceded to let Shisui teach Naruto how to master the sharingan while Itachi taught him how to summon. Of course his summonses were just like his sensei's, which was the Crow/Raven contract. The crow and raven contract was basically two clans of birds, the crow and ravens, sharing one contract. If there were two summoners, they had to pick which clan they wanted to represent. Itachi chose the crows, so Naruto chose the ravens. Naruto didn't see what the big deal was. To him they were the same bird, but with minute differences, not that he would ever say that out loud and risk losing his right to summon the powerful birds of the raven clan. Itachi even taught Naruto his personal clone technique that Naruto mastered, but had to alter so that it used ravens instead of crows. Now Naruto had his own personal clone technique, the raven clone jutsu.

They continued training this way until around Naruto's tenth birthday. Shisui was mysteriously murdered and his eyes were missing. Itachi had been acting oddly as well. He reminded Naruto of a robot, which had no emotions doing everything with perfection. Naruto also knew Itachi knew more about Shisui's death then he let on. When Naruto had mentioned it out of the blue he caught an almost microscopic twitch in the man's face, before Itachi replied that he didn't know. Then it happened about a week after Shisui's death the entire Uchiha clan was massacred. That piece of gossip was only rivaled by the gossip about Itachi cutting out the demon child's eyes, and replacing them with the sharingan. This however was very far off from the truth.

What had actually happened was after Itachi slew his clan he came and told Naruto about the next step in the sharingan, the mangekyou, and how to obtain it. After their speech Itachi used Tsukuyomi on Naruto, but instead of torturing, he gave him instructions on how to obtain to eternal mangekyou after he had awakened his normal mangekyou. This of course would not be remembered until he had awakened the mangekyou. After Naruto passed out Itachi took out a large vial full of green liquid, and two sharingan eyes (Shisui's), and then drew a seal on Naruto's left hand. After swiping some of Naruto's blood on it so it would only be visible to him (and only activate for him) Itachi carefully cut out Naruto's eyes. He couldn't have the village putting blame on Naruto for something he had no involvement in. So if Naruto wanted to use his sharingan, and not be executed for it, he had to make it look like Naruto was a victim as well. After cutting out Naruto's eyes he placed them back in and healed them just enough to we're there would be no complications later. After he was done he picked him up, and dropped him off in one of the dumpsters in the Uchiha clan food district, where he was sure he would be found.

He also informed the Hokage that while he was exterminating his clan he came across Naruto. The room got cold. Then the Hokage asked, "What did you do to the young boy?" Itachi's reply shocked the old kage. "I cut out his eyes and replaced them with new ones."

"What kind of new one?"

"Much better ones" was all he needed to say.

The old kage was going to ask why, but before he could Itachi told him that he needed to leave quickly before the massacre is discovered.

After everything was said and done many were not happy, but when they discovered the transplant was successful they were satisfied. Having to bearers of their precious sharingan was better than one, even if one was a demon.

Naruto slowly woke up "god damn it Itachi what did you do to me?"

"He cut out your eyes and replaced them with new ones."

'What is she talking about' Naruto wondered to himself.

"What do you mean new ones?"

"Oh you don't remember?"

Now Naruto was getting mad, she was playing with him and it was about to stop! "What is there to remember?" He asked with an edge to his close.

This didn't go unnoticed by the nurse who realized what he must be thinking "I apologize as it slipped my mind that you were unaware of the massacre."

Now Naruto's curiosity was peaked. He couldn't wait to hear about who was massacred since he held no love for anyone in the village that was alive or Itachi. "What massacre?"

"Yes the entire Uchiha clan with the exception of Sasuke Uchiha and yourself, who was found near a dumpster, were all murdered by Itachi Uchiha last night."

That was a shocker for him. 'Mr. Perfect flipped out and went crazy or there's a hidden reason behind this' thought Naruto.

"You said now I have special eyes what does that mean?" He had an idea of what Itachi did, but had to make sure first.

"We'll for some reason after knocking you out; he removed your eyes and placed the eyes of an Uchiha who had a fully mature sharingan in both of your eye sockets."

Now Naruto understood what was going on here. Itachi wanted to make sure he wasn't blamed for the massacre. By making it seem like he was a victim as well. But by doing that, it only proved to Naruto that this wasn't an on the spot decision. No this was planned for what he couldn't tell, but also didn't care. The only thing that bothered Naruto about the whole situation was that it must have been Itachi that killed his friend Shisui. But other than that he couldn't care less. Looking in the direction he herd the nurses close come from he asked "when can I have these blind folds removed?" His tone was pleasant, but held a note of aggravation at being blindfolded.

"That's exactly why I'm here." Slowly she removed the blind fold that blocked his view from the world. When she was done she let out a small gasp and whispered "they were right."

Curious Naruto asked "right about what?"

Cooling her expression she replied "you can activate, and deactivate your sharingan."

"Why wouldn't I be?" He was generally curious. He figured it was just an eye transplant so if it had a dojutsu, then that person would get have the dojutsu.

"When a person tries to implant a dojutsu into their eye, the eye is constantly active and must be covered or have a seal on the cover In the case of the Byakugan. The eye also puts a lot of physical strain on the person, because their bodies are not able to keep up with the powerful organ."

That intrigued Naruto; he didn't know there were such risks transferring dojutsu. But in retrospect it was probably for the best. If anyone could have them then those born with them would be in trouble for organ thieves.

"Alright well thank you but why does mine turn on and off?" He figured he should just go along with the lie sense it wouldn't draw attention to him-self.

"We are not sure." She said, but Naruto could see she was lying.

'Hmmmm so she thinks it's the Kyuubi.'

Naruto had found out when Itachi found him messing with the seal on his stomach. It took a while, but he was able to con it out of Shisui who wasn't such a stickler for the rules like Itachi was. He was mad at first, but realized it wouldn't help so put it in the back of his mind in a 'to deal with later' folder. "Alright so may I leave, I feel fine so it should be ok for me to leave right?"

"Yes. You are perfectly healthy so you may leave whenever you feel like." Saying his thanks for treating him so well, Naruto made his way out of the hospital.

Outside he could see the looks of fear, hate, and the new one curiosity. It seemed people had bought Itachi's lie, and didn't blame him for the Uchiha massacre as it had come to be known. Checking the time he realized he still had a few more hours left of class, so he made his way over to the academy. As he entered the room he saw an all too familiar sight.

When he finally got to class everyone surrounded him. They were shouting out questions, like what happened to Sasuke, is it true you have the sharingan, and what happened the night of the massacre.

Naruto just ignored them, like he had been all his life.

'Humph. They don't give a rat's ass about me, but when something interesting happens, I turn into their best friends. Humph! Well they can just ask Sasuke, if he ever gets out.' Thought Naruto, as he took a shuriken, and started levitating it with his chakra. When it got to the right height, he would spin it one way, and then stop it, to spin it the other way. He made sure no one saw him do this, because they would question how he learned it.

It continued this way for about a month, until Sasuke got out of the hospital. When he came back he was quiet, broody, depressing, and a general ass. He sat beside Naruto, trying to get away from the annoying fan girls that chased him around. Two of the fan girls, by the names of Ino and Sakura, tried to force Naruto to move. When he said no, they attacked him. He quickly went through a few hand signs and whispered, 'demonic viewing' technique. As soon as he was done the both fell on the ground screaming, before passing out. Iruka demanded Naruto tell him what they saw. Naruto's response sent the class into a laughing fit.

"I made them watch as Sasuke admitting he was gay, and had no interest in women." Spoke Naruto, instantly making the entire class, except Sasuke, fall over laughing. Even Iruka couldn't stop laughing. They continued to laugh for a few minutes, until Iruka regained order and continued teaching class.