Title: Rebirth of the Uzumaki Clan

Chapter One: The Beginning

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Midnight saw the stillness of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Though some still wandered throughout the streets and allies of the village safe in the knowledge that the village's hidden shinobi would protect them the vast majority were in their homes getting a good nights rest to recharge their batteries so that they could take on a new day. The rest were shinobi doing midnight patrols around the village making sure the civilians were safe while at the same time checking to make sure no foreign ninja had broken in.

There was one individual who was moving through the village that did not fall into any of these descriptions however. A hood thrown over the young boy's head to hide his noticeable hair which was a golden blond color moved swiftly through the Village Hidden in the Leaves. His eyes darted to all of the most advantageous positions that he came across knowing that any ninja out patrolling the area would use them. He had been chased so many times by the shinobi of his home village that he could easily predict their movements by now.

Still his feet moved soundlessly as he ran from shadow too shadow. His breathing was controlled while his sapphire blue eyes examined the area. His ears also heightened by the adrenalin pumping through his body caught practically ever sound in the village. The creaks, the groans, and the moans that echoed softly from various positions in a general vicinity around him. Even his sense of smell was sharper than a normal human's allowing him to detect and identify various scents in the air.

These senses combined with his experiences allowed him to easily predict when he was safe and when he needed to hide. Right now he knew he was safe so he slipped out of the shadows of a trashcan before sprinting into the adjacent alley.

He wasn't too worried anymore. With time come experience and he had been doing this since he was a small child of six. It was training in his mind. His dream to be a ninja demanded his stealth skills to be top notch. And while getting there helped his stealth his combat skills is where he has always been the most concerned.

Slipping out of the village to find a clearing in the surrounding forest was something Naruto did daily. There were only rare occasions where he would miss a night too train. Only the dog ANBU was skilled enough to stop him but he had not been present lately. Naruto's guess was that he was either dead or removed from the special Black Ops unit known as the ANBU. Which one was right and or how it happened he didn't know. What he did know was it made training much easier.

He never used the same training field twice in a single month. There was over a hundred training fields in the village's usage so it was pretty pointless. That and getting there would become repetitive which would defeat his stealth training results down to sub-par results. Of course the third reason was that he didn't want to become repetitive himself. If he did he ran the risk of getting caught and he didn't need the stigma of what he was doing labeled on him yet.

The clearing for Training Ground 55 was nice. It was a circular training field that had several large boulders on the southern side with a stream running through the center completely surrounded by thick trees. It was perfect for training as it provided multiple training zones with a high degree of coverage. Normally the coverage wasn't needed but it was an added bonus for the blond Uzumaki.

Bringing both of his hands together and molding his chakra inside of himself he was able to extend his sixth or possibly seventh sense outwards in order to sense for any hidden charka signatures. His sensory capabilities were especially potent or so he had been told previous. It gave him an extremely wide range with a high degree of clarity. He could even sense elemental affinities should he concentrate high enough which was unheard of in most other sensory ninja.

When he was sure the cost was clear he bit his thumb so that it started to drip blood. Seeing the blood offering was sufficient he ran through several complex hand signs before silently slamming his palms to the ground and whispering the name of his jutsu. Upon impact with the ground a large puff of smoke shot out all around him. He really needed to figure a way to use the summoning technique without the cloud of smoke.

The reason for his continuous need for secrecy stood before him. Well, stood was a misleading term. Sat could would have been a better choice of words. After all, a snake cannot stand, at least not in the traditional sense.

The Snake Clan was not very much loved anymore in Konoha. The snakes were the personal summons of a rogue shinobi named Orochimaru, a student of the Third Hokage no less, who fled the village after killing a lot of people. Apparently he was still at large causing issues all over the world and in the end the Snake Clan had decided to stay loyal to Orochimaru over the Hidden Leaf Village resulting in those who used the snakes anymore to be branded with the same stigma as the Snake Sannin himself.

Hints the reason why Naruto could not be seen using such a summoning contract. He was hated to begin with by practically the entire village for being the host of the Nine Tailed Fox. If it was known that he had also signed the Snake Contract he would go from ignored to possibly assassinated. Having two stigmas on him would no doubt be the death of him. For that he hadn't even told the Third Hokage.

"Why are you ssssooooo disssssstracted" asked the snake in its hissing voice. It looked at him with interest. "You rarely loosssse focussss."

The snake he had summoned was around ten feet in length and thicker in the waist than a fully grown man. It had diamond pattern scales of orange and brown with fangs of a venous snake over a constrictor. The snake had green eyes with a black slit for a pupil. Oddly enough there was a black hat situated on its head and a scroll tied around its throat.

Naruto shook his head before bowing slightly to the large snake. "Sorry, the trip from my home to this training ground was long. I had to cross the entire village and move through over two miles of forest before I could make it here. I guess I am still a little on edge."

The snake's tone was dismissive as if he problems did not even register to it. "Were you followed?" The snakes didn't care about his social stigma. They hadn't even wished to make him a summoner until they learned of the Nine Tails. If there was one thing the snakes respected it was power. "Have you been keeping to your training?"

"I saw you yesterday." Still, he reached out with his sensory abilities once more just to be sure. He thought he felt a flicker of something he couldn't be sure. It was gone as soon as he thought he felt it. "And yes I did my best to get here. I stuck to the shadows and employed the silent killing method to my steps to prevent myself from making any sounds."

"Good" replied the snake and it generally sounded pleased. It was not surprising really. This trainer snake was the one who had been training him for the past five years. Naruto's failure would reflect poorly on it. His successes would likewise reflect positively on its teaching abilities. "You are lucky you showed such promise else you would have been left to your own devices child. Never forget the generosity of the Snake Clan else you forget the ones who gave you power."

"How could I forget with you repeating that line every time I see you." Naruto shot the snake an annoyed look. "I an not ungrateful for the Snake Clan's teachings or your efforts to see me grow stronger as a shinobi. That being said I grow tired of being treated as if I owe my life to the snakes. The snakes knew what they were getting when they agreed to let me sign and I did so as well. Now lets move on already. I only get so much time to train and I would prefer not to waste it going back and forth with you."

The snake grinned with its scales crinkling at the corner of its mouth showing some fang. It's tail whipped out fast as lighting aimed straight at Naruto's head. Naruto was able to move back fast enough to avoid having his head taken off but soon had to jump up in order to avoid a bite from his master's fangs. In the air he was vulnerable however to his master's ability to breath a poisonous mist up high into the air. It was only thanks to Naruto's mastery of wind style that saved him from it's effects.

Landing on the ground gave him but a moment's relief before his master came out of the ground trying to swallow him whole. What appeared like the young Uzumaki's last moments soon changed as his master spat out the splinters of a long. The sound of a kunai hitting snake scales that had the consistency of steel echoed through the forest. The kunai wasn't able to do any damage but the second one coated in wind style chakra cut through leaving a bloody trail down the snake's side.

"You have improved hatchling," whispered the large snake. It's head swiveled around until it locked in on a heat signature several meters away hiding behind a tree. Grinning the massive snake's cheeks swelled up until it blasted a blast of water that destroyed the tree and the being behind it. "But you haven't gotten strong enough."

The large snake slithered over to the destroyed tree before peering down at the aftermath. "You are not dead yet are you hatchling? Wouldn't want to put five years of training to waste so quickly now would we?" The body that had been hit burst into smoke leaving no remains. "What?"

"I can learn on my own." The voice came from behind the snake as a powerful blast of wind caught the snake in the back sending it reeling through the air before landing hard on the ground. "I have been doing some practicing of my own."

When the snake got back up it saw it's young apprentice standing there with a confident look on his face while small rings of what looked like wind chakra spun around his outstretched index finger. The snake didn't recognize the jutsu though it was safe for it to assume it was the technique the hatchling had used to attack him with. Given he hadn't taught it to him and no one in the human village was willing to teach him it stood to reason that the boy had taught himself.

The snake kept a close eye on this new jutsu. While he had never said it before it went without saying his student was a prodigy. After all mastering three elements before even graduating the academy wasn't something that just anyone could do. Add to the fact that elemental manipulation training was a reward and not the focus of their training just compounded the fact. Even he had to train back in the Ryuchi Cave to prevent his student from surpassing him too quickly.

"Interesting" hissed the snake as it eyed Naruto's jutsu. The shape of the three light green elemental rings that were only slightly larger than Naruto's forearm hovered silently around his right arm. From the looks of them they should cause cutting damage and jet the blast he had taken was more blunt force trauma instead. "You have been training hard."

Naruto didn't say anything as he gazed towards his master. In truth he had grown stronger than the snake two years ago but had hidden the fact in order to continue his training. No doubt the snake would have claimed the training over should it lose and it's pride become injured. Without a backup teacher waiting in the wings to take over his training he could not afford to alienate the snake until he graduated. Then he would be assigned a jonin to teach him. How effective this jonin would be was yet to be seen but from some of the fights he had spied in on he could say quite a few were really strong.

"Wind Style: Halo Blades" spoke Naruto before flicking his arm and sending the first ring of wind towards the snake. It's rapid speed allowed it to easily dodge the high speed wind style ninjutsu. It's results however surprised the snake long enough for it to pause.

As the first blade of wind made contact with a tree it easily cut through and continued on it's journey. This happened several more times before it left a deep gash in a rounded boulder that had moss growing all over it.

The snake turned back towards Naruto, but a second blade of wind had been sent during it's distraction. Instead of coming at the snake with the blades out it's trajectory had the top of the ring hit the snake. This provided a powerful blasting action instead of a cutting one that hurled the snake through the air once more. Before the snake could get up and retaliate the third blade cut past it's head leaving a light gash on the side of it's throat.

"I would say this battle goes to me" announced Naruto as he slowly walked towards his former teacher. The snakes were far to prideful and losing to a child would be a blow too deep to the snake's pride to overcome. This would be the last time they saw each other for sure.

"So it doessss" replied the snake. It bowed it's head slightly before looking back up at Naruto. "It seemssss the ssstudent hasss finished hissss training." It looked around the battlefield assessing the damage. "Now you must grow stronger on your own. Try not to rely on the Snake Clan to do all of your fighting. You will find little respect in such endeavors."

"Noted" was all Naruto said. He didn't feel anything for this summons outside of respect and some gratitude though not enough to get emotional over his loss. Their relationship had been purely business with a student sensei dynamic. The snake had made sure they didn't develop any kind of friendship as it distained anything unprofessional.

"One more thing before I go." Naruto's head tilted to the side a fraction of an inch. It was all the motion his body made that betrayed his curiosity. "As a reward for finishing your training a blade was commissioned in the Ryuchi Cave for your use." The snake then regurgitated a katana from its mouth before spitting it with the force of a bullet at Naruto's heat.

In a deft motion Naruto moved out of the projectile's way and caught the blade by the handle. It was a lovely sword he had to admit with a flawless blade. It had a unique design to it as the back of the blade possessed a strange rune like design running down the full length of the blade. Naruto assumed it was the snake clan's fuinjutsu style as the swirl was the basis of the Uzumaki Clan's fuinjutsu. The hilt was a beige color as well sporting the same runic design as the blade. Finally the guard of the sword was a grayish purple color though it was devoid of any additional markings.

"A reward for your hard work the White Snake Sage says." Something in the creature's tone made it sound almost like he believed Naruto unworthy of such a gift. "Be grateful, with the exception of Orochimaru a blade hasn't been forged for a snake summoner in over five hundred years. Enjoy."

In a puff of white smoke the snake was gone leaving Naruto standing alone in the center of a destroyed training ground. He gazed down at the new sword in his hand. It was of average length for a full sized man so it looked quite large in his eleven year old fingers. It was a nice gift but people would question where he got it from. A crappy katana would be questioned though dismissible. A blade of this caliber was a different story.

He dismissed it after a moment of reflecting. He did have a basic understanding of kenjutsu, but not enough for it to be a preferred fighting style. He wouldn't use the blade until after he gained more training and experience. By then he figured an explanation would have come to him to explain where he got such a blade. The Hokage was sharp however so his ability to see through Naruto's lie was undetermined.

Shaking his head he sealed up his new sword and made his way back home for a good nights rest. He didn't have the academy in the morning so he could sleep in. He was lucky he had such strong regenerative powers and stamina or he would have run his body ragged, possibly even beyond repairable, long ago.


With the sun up shining down on the planet Earth once more the people of Konoha were up and about peddling their wares or performing their trade. From the shinobi to the merchants the hustle and bustle of the village never seemed to end. Their faces cheerful, their dispositions happy, their moods positive, and their days hopeful. This was the air that usually flowed through the Hidden Leaf Village.

Except when one young man was walking through.

Naruto had grown accustomed to people quieting down when he was nearby. The constant glares, the whispers behind his back, or in his opinion the worst was when people simply acted as if he did not exist. Being hated was much easier to accept than being ignored. Being hated made you angry. Being completely ignored felt like you were drowning. Anger was definitely preferable.

Still it had gotten better over the years. People still thought of him as a troublemaker due to his pranks and rugged style but it was becoming old by now. He was a promising shinobi in training who would soon be a genin of the village in now less than a week. Had it not been for his training schedule and his disinterest in Iruka's boring lectures he would no doubt be one of the top students in his class. Number one no doubt in practical.

He ignored the glares and distaste as he made his way down the streets. He could have used the roof tops as he had been able to explain away his learning of the wall climbing exercise by claiming to have spied on another genin team and seen them doing it. That and he had been using it in his escape of the ANBU sent to contain him after one of his pranks. It had been quite the shock to them as well.

No, he preferred the glares and such as the more the people saw him the more desensitized they became to his presence. He only received general distaste now when before he could practically feel their killing intent. Having to get people used to him was annoying. He shouldn't have to do it. That being said this was the real world so it would never be fair to anyone. He made himself feel better knowing that there were others out in the world who had it even worse than he did. He paused. That was a really dark line of thinking. He would need to keep an eye on that.

Shaking his head he moved the flaps out of the way to the entrance of a shinobi weapons stand. It was a store run by a family known for producing quality shinobi gear for good honest prices. They had been doing it for generations, possibly since the beginning of the village, and as such developed quite the devoted clientele. People who shocked at the Black Iron Shop often came back. The quality, service, and price was just too hard to beat.

"Naruto my boy haven't seen you in quite a while" came a voice from further down into the store. A big man who stood two and a half times Naruto's height waved to him in good will motioning him on over. "Figures though. You always wear your equipment down to the bone before coming back to my shop. You know it would be easier and cheaper to just let me repair your stuff over buying new supplies every few months."

Toto was a good man in Naruto's books. He was a real peoples person who didn't discriminate against anyone even when it would be more profitable for him to do so. The only other snake summoner in the village was even welcome here even after what her former master did to her and the village. Failures, beginners, the lazy all the way up to the ANBU, jonin, and the Hokage were allowed to shop in the story without any trouble.

"I don't see the point in only training when my equipment is at it's best." Naruto shrugged his shoulders and raised his hands flat palms out. "I like to practice even with crappy equipment so my body will be able to learn to compensate for the difference. Figure it would be smart should I run out and have to resort to scraps lying about on a battlefield."

"True, but your not even a genin yet. You have plenty of time to get such experience. For now you should just be working hard on the basics until you really master them." His words were said with his gruff voice but it was kind none the less. "Oh, what is this?"

Naruto had handed Toto a standard storage scroll. "I went through Training Ground 44 and found this in a small underground bunker. I need a scabbard made for it preferably with the same design as the one on the handle."

Toto unsealed the katana from the storage scroll and looked it over. He took out various tools to examine the blade but all the while his face never showed anything but utmost concentration. After twenty minutes of examining the sword, while in the meantime Naruto browsed the wares replenishing his inventory, but eventually he placed the sword down. He let out a long whistle which drew in Naruto's attention.

"I don't know who made this thing but it is a work of art. I would say its priceless no doubt." Elation moved through Naruto's spine for possession something of such worth. "It was made of chakra metal that I can say for sure but the forging methods I cannot identify. It seems a process using chakra to augment the trace metals was used making the blade far more capable than previously possible. That and these runes seem to have some additional affects on the blade. Unfortunately I am not a fuinjutsu specialist. In fact I know almost nothing about fuinjutsu."

"Looks like I got lucky." Toto looked at Naruto with a slight grin. "Yea, real lucky." Neither one of them said anything yet the general understanding hung in the air.

"Who got lucky with what" asked a voice from behind the counter.

Naruto turned his head and raised an eyebrow. A girl with two buns came out from behind the counter to stand next to Toto. She was about Naruto's height with warm almond shaped eyes colored hazel and set in a smooth linear face. She dressed in traditional clothing though more for men than women that were colored pink and brown. Her skin was a pail white though small scars could be seen on her hands from all the training she liked to do.

"Oh, hey Tenten" replied Naruto. "I was just showing your dad a sword I found in the Forest of Death."

That got her attention as she swiftly moved over to her father's side practically knocking him over to get a look at Naruto's new sword. As soon as she saw it she went into geek mode. It was a term Naruto used to explain Tenten's overenthusiastic love of any and all weapons. That being said she had an especially fond love of any and all exotic weapons preferably ones with a unique history. She went geek mode every time the Swords of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist were brought up which is why Naruto never did anymore.

"It's beautiful" shouted Tenten as she picked up the blade and held it up vertically. She gushed at the sword seeing her own reflection in it like a mirror. "Oh, it's so light! I bet it has some kind of useful ability. Maybe it's a chakra eater or it can turn invisible!" She swung it a few time causing Naruto and Toto to back off worried they may become test subjects for the girl's unending love of ninja weaponry.

While swinging it around a nearby cup that stored all of Toto's coffee got cut in half spilling the contents all over the counter. "Ahh, come now sweetie you have to be careful" groused out Toto as he moved over to clean up the mess. "You could take a leg off or something if your not careful."

Tenten became indignant. "But I didn't cut the cup dad! I swear I know exactly what I am doing!" She looked over at Naruto for some help. "You saw didn't you? I didn't cut that cup. The blade was too far away to do something like that."

Indeed Naruto had watched Tenten's performance with the sword. While he may give her a hard time every once in a while the girl was quickly developing into a master weapons expert. She also had a knack for fuinjutsu which was surprising for a non-Uzumaki. It was for that reason he knew she wouldn't mess up, yet the results still spoke for themselves.

"Let me see that sword Tenten." She handed him the sword albeit reluctantly. Naruto pulled out a old kunai that he had worn down to half the size it had originally been. "Naruto I told you about taking care of your equipment." He ignored her and threw it up in the air. He swung at the kunai, not particularly fast, but made sure to miss it by about three inches. To his and everyone else's surprise the kunai was still cut in two.

"There's a barrier around it" announced Toto as he retook the blade from Naruto. He looked it over. "I would say the barrier extends from the guard all along the blade and at least six inches past the tip. The barrier must be used to augment the blade while extending it's killing capabilities. it's a more subtle enhancement that only sensory ninja or those with dojutsu would be able to notice. Still I have never seen one of such quality."

Naruto wasn't sure what to say. He was a skilled sensory type ninja. He suspected his sensory abilities to be another Uzumaki Clan trait but couldn't be sure. But even with this ability he could not sense any chakra coming from the blade. If there was an energy field around the blade then it was not chakra but something else. What kind of energy the snakes used in it's forging he couldn't say, but whatever it was deadly should be it's name.

His thoughts came to a screeching halt as Tenten snatched the blade out of her father's hands. She had stars in her eyes as she gazed at the blade. Naruto wanted to roll his eyes but knew Tenten would know. She always knew when it came to him oddly enough. It must have been a woman thing. They were an especially volatile breed of creature after all.

Naruto looked over at Toto who was sighing tiredly. "So I'll be back to pick up the sword in a week. That should be plenty of time right?" Toto nodded and Naruto started to make his way towards the exit. He felt sorry for Toto who was going to have to break it to Tenten that she wouldn't be able to keep the sword. That was a fight he thought best to avoid.

As he stepped out of the weapon's shop he sensed six chakra signatures who were doing very well to hide their presence. He contemplated what he should do but in the end decided to just let things play out. He was strong and assumed he would be able to escape or hold off his attackers long enough for the ANBU to be drawn to the violence.

As he entered a nearby alleyway two men dressed in all black landed in front of him and behind him with the other four hiding in the wings just in case. Their features were hidden by white featureless masks that had the symbol for ROOT stamped where the forehead normally would be. Even their black outfits were identical.

"Can I help you?" Of course the question was rhetorical with a hint of boredom mixed in just for the annoyance factor.

"Naruto Uzumaki, you are to come with us." The man's voice while distinctively male even hidden by some kind of device that altered his tone still sounded dull and even.

"On who's authority?" Best to know who he was dealing with and how much leeway he was going to get. "State your affiliation and purpose. I am a civilian. I cannot be abducted without due cause."

The one behind him was the next to speak up. "You are not being abducted Naruto Uzumaki." Again there was that dull even tone as the first. "You are being summoned by Danzo Shimura."

"Never heard of him." He looked between the two of them. "The Hokage is the only authority I recognize."

"Danzo Shimura is a village elder who commands a great deal of respect from the Hokage and who the Hokage on occasion goes to for advice." There was a pause. "He was also once the head of the ANBU and then before that an organization known as ROOT. He is a valuable asset to have should you wish to progress quickly through the ninja ranks."

While this Danzo person sounded powerful and interesting it did sound like he lacked proper authorization to order such a confrontation. This may be good blackmail material in the future should issues rise up. He was already going to catch hell for being affiliated with the snake clan. Best to have an ace in the hole should things go south to quickly.

"Fine, take me to your leader" replied Naruto in a imitation of their flat dull tones. They did not react, simply grabbing him before disappearing in a fluttering of leaves.


Naruto came out of the body flicker technique inside a grey lifeless structure that reminded Naruto too much of his escorts. This place seemed to have no individuality. It was like a brand new hospital that had not placed up the pretty pictures or drawing of small children who had or were still patients. The temperature was also low though not enough to see one's own breath. Who would use such a place must have no social skills whatsoever.

They escorted him through the compound though he suspected they took longer trying to throw him off to get there than if they had truly been in a hurry. He didn't really see the point. He didn't know how they had gotten here, where here was, and on top of that he had a hard time distinguishing anything with how monotone the entire building was. Maybe that is why they made it this way. To prevent identification.

Eventually they were led to a semi-large room filled with personal effects yet keeping to the Unitarian look the rest of the organizational group seemed to enjoy. The only thing that seemed to have any character was the desk the old guy sitting behind had due to its age and slight damaging. Even that he suspected would be corrected soon enough.

He was walked to the front of the desk where a chair was already prepared for him. He took his seat without saying anything and gazed into the face of the one eyed man in front of him. The man's one eye was a faded brown color as lifeless as everything else around him. His face was lined with several wrinkles though instead of giving him an aged look of wisdom it was more a hard piece of granite that was thrown away after being labeled unworkable.

They stared at each other for a moment before Naruto broke the silence. "Could have at least offered me something to drink." There was a brief pause before the old guy nodded his head. Some rustling was heard as a shinobi left and then came back with a glass of ice water. "Thanks." He took a sip happy that so far he hadn't been poisoned.

"I am going to assume young Uzumaki that you do not know why you are here." The man's voice held more life than the other shinobi but it was a far cry from the Hokage's voice or that of Toto's. "But I am curious. Why do you think I have brought you here."

"Well it's not to kill me or else I would be choking to death from this water" he said indicating the ice water in his hand. "Then there was the brief history your associates gave me so its either you want to recruit me into the ANBU or this ROOT organization of yours."

The old man nodded his head accepting the response seemingly with satisfactory results. "While I admit I would like to have you here in ROOT or even the ANBU the Hokage believes you would flourish best in the standard shinobi set at least in the beginning." Naruto nodded his head and continued to take sips from his ice water. "No, I actually have a much different reason for bringing you here."

"And that would be…" He let the question hang as to let Danzo know he didn't know what he wanted and would like to immediately if possible.

"I wish to discuss with you an aspect of the Uchiha Clan Massacre." There was a pause as each of them eyed the other with varying degrees of intensity and purpose.

Naruto snorted loudly and rudely. "Let me guess, I'm going to be blamed for that too now? What is your theory hmmm? I brain washed Itachi Uchiha with my demonic powers? Or is it that I framed him by shape shifting into his appearance and slaughtering the clan myself. I must say the village seems to hold my skills in high regards if they think I have the ability to control a Uchiha prodigy who had mastered his families bloodline limit by myself. Or was skilled enough to not only kill all of the Uchiha but to also frame Itachi as well." The young blond rolled his eyes for added effect.

Danzo shook his head. "No, I do not believe you had a hand in the Uchiha Massacre." Naruto's eyebrow raised slightly. "Then why would you want to talk to me about the massacre?" Danzo's faded brown eye locked in on Naruto's sky blue ones. "Because I believe you have prior contact with Itachi Uchiha and Shisui Uchiha before the clan's destruction."

Nodding his head but continuing to look unconcerned Naruto continued his conversation. "Yes I met Itachi and Shisui before the massacre. They were both assigned to my guard detail in their formative years in the ANBU when the village's distaste for me was at an all time high. The Hokage also felt it best I have someone to talk to so that I didn't become hateful or spite filled."

"Yes I am aware" responded Danzo. "What I was not aware of is that you had contact with Shisui Uchiha sometime close to the time of his death. I have also learned that Itachi had come to visit you briefly before he massacred his entire clan. Could you explain to me why this is."

"Yea, It's not like it was something I was keeping secret until after the massacre. I didn't want to be associated with that as well so I didn't say anything. It was pretty easy when you don't have any friends to talk to after all." Naruto paused as if to remember the individual conversations. "Shisui came by because he was going to let me sign the raven contract but Itachi came and took it saying he needed it for some reason. I was especially upset but I let it slide though I regretted it after I learned what Itachi did."

"Is that it? The simple possession of a summoning contract." It was clear Danzo didn't believe Naruto but he revealed nothing.

"Most people would say that is a big deal" countered Naruto. "A summoning contract is something guarded fiercely by clans and organizations alike. The Kurama and Uchiha Clans have made heavy use of the ravens for many generations so being allowed to sign it when your not a part of that clan is a big honor."

"Is that all?" Danzo continued to stare at him as if hoping to look into his very soul.

"Yes" was all Naruto was willing to give him. "Am I free to go?"

They stared at one another for a long while before Danzo nodded and one of his ROOT ninja came to grab hold of Naruto. In an instant they were both gone in a flurry of leaves leaving behind an old man whose granite like face had not changed though the intensity in his eyes was new.