Finally they were in the hidden leaf village. Kakashi was reporting to the Hokage, Sasuke was probably showing off his sharingan, Sakura was without a doubt following him like a lost puppy, and Naruto was lying on a stolen cot, with a shadow clone hovering beside him.

"You ready boss?" asked the clone.

"Yea" was Naruto's reply, as he was put to sleep by the clone.

The clone worked diligently, to transplant Shisui's eyes into Naruto. He carefully removed Naruto's and placed them in a jar that looks the same as the one Shisui's eyes were in. After that he took out Shisui's eyes and placed them in Naruto's eye sockets. After this was done, the clone covered its hand in green chakra, and placed his hand over each eye. Slowly the eyes healed, and adjusted to Naruto. Three hours later, Naruto started to wake up.

"Uhhhh, that wasn't as pleasant as I had hoped." Spoke Naruto.

"The operation was a success boss. Your eyes should be healed in a week, or less." Spoke the clone.

"Alright here's the plan. You will tell Kakashi, I won't be coming to practice for a while, to get over Haku's death. Then you and a few other clones will train, while I recover. Once I recover, I will begin to master the EMS, and its techniques. When this is all said and done, we will rejoin our 'team' and see what happens from there.

"Ok boss." Spoke the clone before it ran off.

'So now it's just me and my thoughts huh. I hope I get some sleep. I'm so tired of having nightmares.' thought Naruto, as he drifted off to sleep. In his dreams everyone hated him, he wasn't allowed to be happy, and his existence felt pointless. The he woke up. This continued for a week. Every nightmare he had brought his hate of Konoha up little by lightly. After a week, he finally got to remove the bandages over his eyes.

When he removed his bandages he walked over to a mirror. His eyes were still a royal purple, so he was happy about that. He then pushed more chakra into his eyes, and was happy at what he saw. In the center of his red buzz saw was Shisui's black angled shuriken. He could feel the power these eyes were giving him. He was still tired from the transplant, and decided to get a nap to recharge his batteries. That's when he started have weird dreams of an old guy trying to steal his eyes. The elders plotting to kill the Uchiha clan and the Hokage just letting it happen. These dreams continued to haunt him until he woke up.

'I hate Konoha so much! I just wish I could run away.' Thought Naruto, as a 'poof' could be herd in the room.

"Ahhh Katsu, how may I help you today?" asked Naruto. Katsu was his personal summons from the raven contract. They were friends, and he was the only one Naruto could truly confide in, before Haku.

"Hey Naruto what's up? I see you finally went through with the transplant. I'm sorry about Haku though. Anyways the ravens believe you are ready to learn our most guarded secret." Spoke Katsu.

"Yea, it took a while, but now I have the EMS. Haku's death has really hurt me though. I almost gave up on life, but I remembered everything Itachi, Haku, and Shisui have done for me, so I can't just yet. What is this big secret anyways?" asked a curious Naruto.

"Only a few clans know about it, and the ravens are one of the few. There is a type of chakra that comes from nature. It is very powerful, but also very dangerous. Very few can use it without dying. If you're willing, the raven clan wishes to teach you how to harness this power. You will have the right to be called a sage as well, because the techniques are called sage arts "Spoke Katsu.

Naruto was shocked for his part. If what Katsu said was true, then this would greatly increase his chances of finding Itachi, and getting some answers. So Naruto replied. "I would be honored to learn from the ravens." Spoke Naruto.

Katsu nodded his head, and put his beak on to the ground. Then he spoke.

"Reverse summoning jutsu!" shouted Katsu.

Instantly Naruto was in a dense forest. It was dark, and he could hear many birds talking. Looking around he saw hundreds of eyes on him. Some were twice as big as round shields, and other were average size. There some in all sizes in between as well. Then a grey raven made himself known.

"We haven't had the pleasure of meeting, but I'm Ryo, the grand elder of the raven clan, and the master of the sage arts." Spoke Ryo.

"Oh well hello. I'm Naruto Uzumaki, and I am the contract holder for the raven clan." Spoke Naruto, as he gave a slight bow.

"It's good to see the young have such good manners. Now follow me, it will take a while, but when you're done I promise you will be pleased." Spoke Ryo, as he began to fly off.

"As you command, grand elder" spoke Naruto, as he rushed off to follow the old raven.

After a long run, they came upon a giant tree. It was easily four times larger than the previous ones. Naruto could see that there were many holes in it as well.

'Probably houses the royal ravens or something like that' thought Naruto.

As they entered the tree, Naruto continued to follow the elder. Eventually they came upon a large room that had a small basin in the center. A small drip seemed to fall every few seconds into the basin from a single root, which hung from the ceiling.

"This is the room we use to train the sagely arts. Teaching you how to just find the natural chakra would take years, but with this special sap that comes from this tree, we can help you find it almost instantly.

"So what do I do? Drink it?" asked Naruto.

"No! If you did that, then the nature chakra would flows into you nonstop until turned into stone." Spoke the elder.

"So what do I do?" asked Naruto, as he took a step away from the sap.

"Stick a finger in it. When you do, you will be able to sense nature chakra." Spoke the elder.

"Ok..." Spoke Naruto, as he approached the strange sap. Slowly, he stuck his index finger inside the sap. It was cold to the touch, but instantly could feel a strange energy in the air. If felt so calming, yet powerful. He retracted his finger from the sap, and allowed the feeling to overcome him. It felt so good. After a life of constant hate, and training that left him beyond sore every day, this feeling was like paradise to him. It took away all of his worries, and made his body feel so strong. Then out of the blue, a giant feather duster like instrument slammed into his head, and the feeling was gone. But now he didn't feel sore, and felt much more rested. When he looked up, he saw it was the elder that had hit him. Slowly he stood up and asked,

"What was that for? I felt so good, and then you had to go and ruin it!" shouted a very angry Naruto.

"Is that his you speak to someone who just saved your life?" asked the calm elder. His voice held no malice or anger, just understanding.

"What do you mean, 'saved your life'." asked Naruto.

"You didn't realize it, but you were slowly starting to turn into a giant stone raven. Your body was slowly starting to change, and your fingers were turning a stone white color. If I hadn't hit you with this special feather fan, you would have gone too far for me to save." Spoke the elder, as he crouched on a branch.

"I'm sorry elder. It's just I haven't ever felt so good in my life. It felt like my worries, pain, and anger were all gone. I was just so happy, but it turned into a desperate anger when it was gone." Spoke Naruto, as he bowed lowly with a look of guilt on his face.

"It is ok young one. Katsu has informed me of your life, and I knew that the feeling would be very difficult to fight. You have carried a powerful burden since the day you were born, and the feeling of peace was too much for you to lose at once. I'm sorry I didn't inform you sooner, but I thought if you realized how dangerous this training was it would make you more cautious while training." Spoke the wise elder crow, as he cleaned his feathers.

"No it's my fault. Katsu told me it would be dangerous, but I let my momentary feelings get the best of me, and disregarded my reasoning, and it almost cost me." Spoke naruto, in a guilty voice.

"It's ok young one. The reason you almost turned into stone is because you didn't balance the forces inside your body." Spoke the elder.

"Balance? Forces?" questioned Naruto, with a confused look on his face.

"Yes. As you know most people have two types of chakra in their bodies, and by mixing them together are able to make regular chakra. You have three since the Kyuubi is within you, slowly leaking chakra in your coils, making them larger. You will have to learn to balance you chakras, so that they work in perfect unison. This is only capable for people with large reserves, because if they were small, the nature chakra would take over almost instantly." Spoke Ryu.

"When do I begin?" Spoke a determined Naruto.

Ryu grinned and said, "Now".

It took two months for Naruto to master the sage arts. He sent a shadow clone to the original world to do all the things he did with his 'team'. It had enough chakra to last a year, but since it used jutsu, it would only last three or four months. Naruto trained every day to master the sage arts. He balanced on the top of the giant tree, while sitting on a stone slab at the very tip of the tree. He then trained to absorb it while in motion. Ryu had told him it was impossible, but somehow Naruto was able to do it. It was extremely difficult, but the rewards were plenty worth it. When he entered his sage mode his eyes slitted and turned shiny silver. He also got two silver lines on each cheek like Tobirama Senju had. He gained sensor like abilities, super strength, his speed increased, reaction time, his sharingan's abilities increased as well, they also could see chakra in more color when his senjutsu was active, and his jutsu became much more powerful.

When naruto finally mastered his sage training, he was given midnight black samurai armor that shined like the ravens feathers. On the back of the samurai armor had the words 'Raven Sage' carved into it, along with an silver Uzumaki swirl above were his heart was. Naruto loved it, and put it on instantly. It made him look like a young, red head, Madara. After his training was complete he was sent back to his original world.

'I wish I could stay with the ravens forever' thought Naruto, as he sat in his room. After a few hours Kakashi shunshined inside his house un announced.

"It's not very polite to enter someone's home without permission Kakashi." Spoke Naruto, as he strapped the Kubikiribōchō on his back

"I was just coming to check on you. You seem to have gotten over Haku's death, and you have some cool armor. Where did you get that?" asked Kakashi, as he examined Naruto.

"I have come to terms with Haku's death, and this armor is mine. We're I got it, isn't you concern though." Spoke Naruto as he walked outside, followed by Kakashi.

"Fair enough. I just came to tell you, I have put up the team up for promotion, via chunin exam. Be at the academy on Wednesday at five if you wish to compete." Spoke Kakashi, right before he shunshined away.

'Hmmmmm well at least it's better than team exercises. I need to master my EMS, before I leave this place.' thought Naruto.

For the next four days Naruto tried his best to master his EMS. Saturday he spent the whole day mastering the Amaterasu. He learned he could shape it, extinguish it, and create it. He was even able to make small weapons that he could use, such as swords that resembled the fabled sword of Tatsuka.

Naruto had been searching through records, trying to find the three sacred treasures. Not many people knew it, but they were actually made by the Uzumaki clan, to prove their mastery of weapons and sealing techniques. They combined there two best skills to make the Sword of Tatsuka, Yata Mirror, and the Yang necklace. They were the three treasures that the Uzumaki prided them-selves on making, and he was determined to reclaim them.

Sunday was Tsukuyomi day. He caught unsuspecting ANBU in his Tsukuyomi, and held them there for as long as he could. He also created as many scenes, sensations, and censorious. When he released them, he just told them Kakashi told him to do it to make his sharingan stronger. They were pissed and went looking for Kakashi to show how mad they were.

Monday was Susanoo's turn. He first made his full body Susanoo, which looked like a fully armored black and blue European knight. Then he made different parts appear separately for different scenarios. He also made his Susanoo use ninjutsu, tiajutsu, and kenjutsu until it was more natural.

Tuesday was the day Naruto was looking forward to the most. He knew about Shisui's Kotoamatsukami. He knew what it did, and how powerful it was. Shisui's MS allowed him to use any genjutsu in the entire world without the negative backlash techniques like Izanagi did. Naruto believed it gave him an extremely powerful Yin release, but couldn't prove it. His genjutsu's power was considered absolute when Shisui invented the Kotoamatsukami, the ultimate genjutsu ever made. The only problems his mangekyou had was it made him go blind, and he could only use it once a decade. Naruto was sure that his Uzumaki blood, would allow him to use it more often, plus now it was in the EMS form, so it shouldn't have such a large gap between uses. It also did other things, but now that it was a part of his EMS, Naruto was sure it would only become even more powerful.

Naruto practiced it on predictors in the forest of death, and was shocked at the results. He used the, 'Demonic Illusion: Shackling Stakes Technique' on a giant tiger, but was shocked that when he did it with the intent to kill, the effects appeared in reality. He continued to test out his EMS genjutsu prowess, and came to the conclusion that he could create any effect in his genjutsu, and it would (if he chose) affect the person the same in reality. This meant that he could kill with genjutsu. Naruto believed that his original MS gave him a powerful Yang release, and when it was combined with Shisui's powerful Yin release, allowed him to use Yin-Yang release. Using the Yin-Yang release, he could make fantasy a reality. He wasn't sure if he could do that in reverse yet though. This was very scary to Naruto, because he realized how powerful this ability was. He also figured out that he could use any genjutsu as well, without the negative side effects to the user. He made sure to master the Izanagi, and the Izanami.

Finally it was the day of the chunin exams, and Naruto couldn't care less. He knew he was more powerful than any jonin, and the thought of fighting children, was stupid to him. After he got done fastening his armor and strapping the Kubikiribōchō to his back, and made his way to the academy.

As he was walking, he got his usual looks of hate and fear, but now he was getting confusion, and curiosity.

'Must be wondering about my armor and my sword' thought Naruto, as he walked to the academy. When he got there, he saw Sakura and Sasuke waiting for him.

"What took you so long dobe?" asked Sasuke, with an annoyed look on his face.

"Why are you so worried about what I am doing runt?" was Naruto's reply.

"Hey you can't talk to Sasuke-kun like that Naruto-baka!" Shouted Sakura, as he reached back to punch him. Naruto seeing this slowly reached for the Kubikiribōchō. Sakura stopped as soon as she saw this movement. She knew Naruto had no problem killing her, and would more than likely get away with it, because of self-defense. Slowly she dropped her hands in a submissive stance. Naruto seeing his stopped his reach for his sword and turned around.

"Hurry up. I can't stand to be around y'all any more then I have to be. As soon as we finish this exam, I'm joining the ANBU" lied Naruto, because he could sense Kakashi in the area. He didn't need Kakashi snooping in places that weren't needed. He then began to walk into the academy.

Same thing happens, except Naruto uses his sharingan for the exam, and he is more laid back and quiet.

(Now they at the entrance to the forest of death)

"Ok you all know your objective. Get the opposite scroll from another team, and make your way to the tower." Spoke the proctor.

"Alright I got an idea. I have sensor abilities, so finding or target shouldn't take very long. All we have to do is set an ambush and were done." Spoke Naruto.

"Humph, we don't need your sensor abilities. I am more than capable of finding, and defeating any of these weaklings myself, you included." Spoke an over confident Sasuke.

"Yea! Sasuke doesn't need you Baka!" shouted Sakura.

"Sakura were supposed to be stealthy you dumb bitch! I'd prefer not to explain why you had an 'accident' to Kakashi when were done. And Sasuke, in case your all-knowing mind forgot, I have the mangekyou and if you don't want to relive your worst nightmare in my Tsukuyomi I'd watch what you said to me." Spoke Naruto with plenty of venom in his voice, although it never rose beyond a whisper.

Sakura looked scared, but Sasuke looked pissed. Just when Sasuke was about to retort a giant gust of wind came rushing through the area. Naruto was able to dodge, but Sasuke and Sakura weren't so lucky. While Naruto was in midair a giant snake came out of the ground and ate him.

(Inside the giant snake)

"Uhhhggg this is gross!" shouted Naruto. He was protected by his Susanoo's ribs which acted as a filter as well. Naruto had been developing a jutsu that he modeled after the Sword of Totsuka. It was basically extreme fire manipulation, and shape manipulation.

"Hell's blade!" Shouted Naruto, as a ten foot blade of fire appeared in his hand. Naruto then released his Susanoo, and swiped it across the snake's stomach. The blade instantly burned through the snake. He herd the snake hiss, before puffing out of reality.

"We're the he'll did that snake come from?" asked Naruto, to himself. 'Better go find those idiots. I can sense there chakra not too far away, but there is another one there with a mass amount of chakra. It's at least at kage level. What's going on?' thought Naruto, as he ran in the direction of the chakra sources.

When Naruto got there Sakura was passed out, and Sasuke was fighting a female kusa ninja. She was more then she appeared, that was something Naruto was sure of. He continued to watch until Sasuke hit the kusa ninja with a fire technique. That's when things got weird. The girl pulled off her face, and underneath was Orochimaru. He the extended his neck and bit Sasuke on the neck. When he retracted his fangs a seal, that looked like the sharingan formed on Sasuke's neck, which interested Naruto a great deal. Orochimaru then looked at Naruto. Naruto knew hiding from Orochimaru would be too difficult, so he jumped out of his tree with the Kubikiribōchō in hand.

"Orochimaru, missing nin of Konoha for inhuman experimentation on leaf citizens. Considered an S class ninja, and has a deep hatred for Konoha." Spoke Naruto, as he listed off a few things he knew about Orochimaru.

"Oh so you know me do you, we'll two can play at this game. You're Naruto Uzumaki, jinchuriki of the nine tailed fox and a ninja of Konoha. Wielder of the Kubikiribōchō that you got from Zabuza after your team killed him, and his partner. You also have been able to assimilate the sharingan into your body, while retaining the ability to deactivate/activate it." Spoke a grinning Orochimaru.

'So he doesn't know about the mangekyou, my EMS, my summoning, or my sage training' thought Naruto. Naruto raised the Kubikiribōchō over his head with his left hand, while channeling wind chakra into it.

"Oh you want a kenjutsu fight? Haha you might be one of the last Uzumaki, but don't think a child could match someone like me." Spoke Orochimaru, as he opened his mouth. Then a handle started to come out, then the guard. Finally Orochimaru grabbed the handle, and pulled the blade out of his mouth. In his hand was the Kusanagi. The sword was the legendary grass cutter, and it was now in the hands of an S class nuke nin.

'Shit he has the Kusanagi. I know the bingo book said he had it, but I hoped he wouldn't have it. Damn! It looks like I'm going to have to go all out. If I can get that sword away from him I probably won't have to use my EMS' thought Naruto as he activated his sharingan, and sage mode.

"Why is your sharingan turning silver? Why are those markings starting to appear on your face?" asked a curious Orochimaru.

"That's my business, now die!" shouted Naruto, as he charged Orochimaru with shocking speeds. In a second he was on Orochimaru, bringing his sword down with plenty of force. Orochimaru brought up the Kusanagi, and blocked Naruto's slash. He was shocked that he wasn't able to stave off the attack. When there weapons meet, he was blown twenty feet away by the power behind the swing. Naruto wasn't going to let Orochimaru recover, and continued his assault. He was able to keep Orochimaru on the defensive, but his abnormal reflexes, speed, and mastery of the Kusanagi was able to keep him from serious danger. Naruto was able to pry Orochimaru's guard open and cut him in half. That's when Naruto got a little sick. Snakes popped out of both halves of Orochimaru and reconnected him.

"What the fuck was that!" shouted Naruto.

"Hahaha what's wrong? Were you shocked by my 'Snakes Gathering Technique" laughed Orochimaru, as he eyed Naruto?

"That's one weird jutsu." Spoke Naruto, as he raised the Kubikiribōchō.

"Hmmm maybe to most ninja, but to me it's just another technique. But I digress, I'm more curious about that jutsu you are using to augment your abilities." Spoke Orochimaru, like he was examining a fine piece of work.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, but even if I did I wouldn't tell you." Spoke Naruto. He had an idea on how to separate Orochimaru, from the Kusanagi but it was going to be difficult. The real problem was keeping the sword from flying back to him. That's it! If I seal it, he won't be able to command it' thought Naruto.

Looking deep into Orochimaru's eyes Naruto thought, 'Demonic Illusion: Shackling Stakes Technique.' Instantly Orochimaru freezes up. Three dark red blood stains appeared on his body. Naruto, taking advantage of Orochimaru's paralysis state, charges and cuts off Orochimaru's arms. He then grabs the Kusanagi out of the air, and seals it into the seal he used for the Kubikiribōchō. Then he jumped back, and then used the 'Kotoamatsukami' on Orochimaru to learn the secrets of that strange seal he placed on Sasuke. Once he got all of the information he wanted he waited for Orochimaru to recover.

"Gahhhh! What did you do to me! Where is the Kusanagi?" demanded Orochimaru.

"I have hidden it. I cut off your arms and took it. Now you won't be able to stave off my sword." Spoke a grinning Naruto.

"Curse you child! I will get the Kusanagi back eventually, and figure out how you did this to me! When I do I will kill you!" shouted Orochimaru, as he melted into the ground.

"Whoooo! Glad he's gone. Now I can get to the tower, with these two idiots." Spoke Naruto, as he made two clones. Each of the clones grabbed one of his teammates and began to walk towards the tower. Naruto kept his sage mode active the whole way until he got to the tower. He didn't want Orochimaru sneak attacking him. When he entered the clearing he deactivated his sage mode. The clones dropped his teammates and opened each of the scrolls. There's a big explosion Iruka appears, and takes Sakura and Sasuke to the medical ward. Naruto goes to his room for some sleep. Naruto trains in his room for five days until the time was up. Now they are in the tournament arena. The Hokage gives the same speech along with the sick ninja.

All of the fights are the same except Naruto's.

"Naruto vs Kiba!" shouted the proctor.

"Ha we got it easy Akamaru!" shouted Kiba, as he jumped into the arena. That comment slightly pissed Naruto off. Naruto didn't say anything, but he started to walk towards the stairs. He took his sweet time getting down. He put the Kubikiribōchō back into its seal, and exchanged it for the Gumbia. On his way down he herd Kiba's sensei speak.

"Your student is screwed Kakashi. There isn't any way your student is going to beat Kiba and his clan's techniques, even if he has the sharingan." Spoke the confident brunet, with wine red eyes.

"I wouldn't be so sure." was Kakashi's only reply. Kurenia looked at him funny, before turning her attention back to the fight.

As Naruto made his way down the stairs his mind was racing. 'Is this how low the Uzumaki clan name has fallen? That woman truly believes that an Uzumaki is inferior to an Inuzaka. I will have to show her why the Uzumaki were once feared.' thought Naruto.

"Kurenia you have just doomed your student with that mouth of yours." Spoke Kakashi.

"What are you talking about?" asked a confused Kurenia. Many of the other jonin sensei's were listening in to their conversation.

"Naruto is very proud. The thing he prides himself the most on is his Uzumaki heritage. You basically said that an Uzumaki was inferior to an Inuzaka. Naruto will take that insult and see it as a challenge as well. And to Naruto, the best way to prove that the Uzumaki are better than the Inuzaka is to win a completely flawless fight. I have no doubt that your student is about to be either killed, or put in the hospital for a while." Spoke a depressed Kakashi.

"What! He wouldn't do that to a fellow ninja of the leaf over something so petty!" Shouted Kurenia

"We will see." said Kakashi, although he looked very worried. Everyone looked down at the arena waiting to see what happened next.

"Ha! I'm going to show you that Akamaru and I are the alpha dogs here!" shouted Kiba.

"Even if you're the alpha dog, your human master is here to put you in your place. Prepare yourself to be tamed." Spoke Naruto, in a deadly voice.

Everyone herd this and shuddered. They couldn't believe Naruto would say that to a fellow ninja, but he seemed to be full of surprises today, but if the look in Naruto's eyes was anything to go on then Kiba was in a lot of trouble.

"You bastard I'm going to kill you!" shouted Kiba.

"That's enough. Kiba vs Naruto... Fight!" shouted the proctor, as he jumped back.

Kiba passed a pill to Akamaru, who seemed to become more feral. Then Kiba went through a few hand seals.

"Beast mimicry: man beast clone!" shouted Kiba. Instantly a cloud of smoke enveloped him and Akamaru. When the smoke cleared there were two Kiba's.

"Now you're in trouble! I'll pay you back for that comment now!" shouted one of the Kibas.

"All this means to me is when I house train you, I'll have to do it twice." Spoke a completely unfazed Naruto.

"You bastard! Come on Akamaru 'Fang over Fang Jutsu'" shouted Kiba. Instantly he and Akamaru jumped into the air. When they met they started to spin until they looked like a giant drill. Then that drill charged Naruto.

Naruto took his Gunbia in his right hand and held it in a defensive position. When Kurenia saw this she laughed.

"Haha is this what you were worried about Kakashi? Kiba and Akamaru will drill right through that week defense." Spoke a confident Kurenia.

"You really are a fresh jonin Kurenia." was Kakashi's only response. Kurenia was about to ask him what he meant, when she herd.

"Gunbai Barrier Technique" shouted Naruto. Instantly a giant barrier of chakra enveloped him. When Kiba ran into this, he was instantly stopped, and fell to the ground. To Kiba, it felt like he had just run into a giant steel wall. He knew he had multiple broken bones, and maybe even a concussion. That's when he herd Naruto speak.

"The Uzumaki clan was known as the greatest Bukijutsu, Fūinjutsu, and Suiton ninjutsu users in the world. I only used a defensive barrier jutsu, and the great heir to the Inuzaka clan is laid out on his ass. Pathetic! I can't believe someone was stupid enough to believe an Uzumaki was anything but strong." Spoke Naruto, as he reequipped the gumbai to his back. He picked up Kiba by his throaght and smashed him into a wall. He left Kiba there imprinted into the wall, and kicked akamaru into the adjacent wall. After that was done, he started to walk away. Medic nin came and took him away for treatment.

"And the winner is... Naruto Uzumaki!" shouted the shocked proctor.

"Whooooo he let him live good" spoke Kakashi.

"What do you mean 'good'? He nearly killed Kiba, and insulted him and his clan!" shouted Kurenia.

"We'll first off its good he didn't kill him. Second you were the reason Naruto used such force, and third all Naruto did was defend himself, except that little bit at the end" spoke Kakashi.

"I still can't believe you taught him such a powerful barrier technique." Spoke Asuma.

"I didn't. I think Naruto breaks into the library at night, and learns whatever it is he wants. I've tried to catch him a few times, but he's very skilled at hiding" spoke Kakashi.

All the other nin looked shocked. They couldn't believe Naruto self-taught himself all of that, and was able to use it with such skill. They were beginning to see that Naruto was a true genius. When Naruto got to the ledge he was given a dirty look from Kurenia, and weary looks from the rest.

'This is how it's always going to be if I stay here. I need to leave, but I have to make sure I don't get caught. I'll go to the Uchiha library, and see if one of the jutsu they stole will be of any help' thought Naruto, as he sat down to get some rest.

After the preliminary fights were over they were given a month to train. Then they were told to draw lots to see who would fight who. The fights are the same.