'Ohhh boy I am so dead. When Tayuya and Karin find out about this they are going to kill me. It's not like this is what I wanted. I wanted to restart the Uzumaki clan, but I didn't mean with my own genes. The girls barely let me slide with having two girlfriends, but now they will surely kill me. Aaahhhh, and I just started enjoying life. Who knew it would be so deadly out hear. In the face of three angry Uzumaki women I might of just stayed back in the Hidden Leaf Village' thought Naruto, as he was finally coming out of his daze induced state.

The cause of his dazed state was a deep kiss from a beautiful woman who has been turning heads for more than forty years. She was breath taking and in any other situation he would have been thrilled to of caught the eye of such a powerful and beautiful woman, but he had two red heads back in his sub dimension that was going to tear him a new one when they found out, and that was something Naruto was not looking forward to.

"So what do you say? Am I good enough to be your girlfriend mister Uzumaki patriarch" asked Tsunade with a sultry tone in her voice. She did not realize it yet, but because Naruto had returned her body to its peak twenty one year old state, he body was now being overwhelmed by the excess hormones that it was producing. Tsunade had not felt her hormones act up this way in a long time so it was causing her to act on them a lot more than she normally would have. Normally she would have been able to control herself, but it had been so long since she had been so interested in a man, and add in the extra hormones and you basically have one horny teenager. But before she could go in for another kiss, she was surprised when he broke free of her hold on him, and made some distance between them. She was hurt, but the Uzumaki woman in her was burning for some answers.

"Why did you avoid my kiss" asked Tsunade, as she crossed her arms underneath her impressive bust which only amplified them by making them stick out even more.

"Tsunade I thing you are one of the most amazing, beautiful, smart, strong, and intelligent women I have ever had the pleasure to know" spoke Naruto, and he saw that Tsunade was waiting for more of an explanation as to why he avoided her kiss.

"Then why did you avoid me? If I am as amazing as you claim then shouldn't you be thrilled at my advances. You have got me all interested in you, and now you're pushing me away" shouted Tsunade as tears started to form in her eyes. 'Damn these raging hormones' thought Tsunade, as she eyed Naruto with her teary eyes.

Naruto saw how Tsunade was close to crying, and if there was one thing he hated it was making a woman cry, so he quickly started explaining why he was denying her advances.

"Look Tsunade all of those things I said about you are true, but I already have two girlfriends and I don't think it would be fair to you if I didn't tell you as you would think I was leading you on. I do think you're an amazing person and I would love for you to come with me, but I highly doubt you would be willing to share me with two other women" spoke Naruto, as he watched Tsunade's various facial reactions.

Tsunade was shocked when Naruto told her that he was already seeing not one, but two other women. She could only imagine that they were both Uzumaki's by the way Naruto spoke of the clan. He obviously had a lot of pride in his clan, and she figured it was one of the things that made him attracted to her, and those other women. As she thought about it, with a clear mind since she returned to her twenty one year old boy, she realized that she had gone more than fifty years without finding serious love. She had loved Dan, but he had died way too early for it to become one of those one time only things. She realized that having more than one girlfriend could actually be a good thing, so long as he did love and treat them equally.

If there were two or three girlfriends then they would be able to watch each other's backs, they would always have a friend on hand, Naruto would always be interested in them so there would never be any wondering if he was cheating on them, and they would be much stronger as she planned on training them herself, and she was not going to go easy. She was going to show them that she was the dominate mate, and that she was would make the decisions for this little harem so long as it was in the best interests of Naruto and the group. That was when her face turned to that of one of determination. She would have a real lover; she would make sure he was safe, and she would end up happy even if it killed her.

"Well I am glad you told me, and did not lead me on, but you do not need to worry about that. I think we can make each other very happy, and even though I am back in my twenty one year old body I still have the memories and experience from all my years of life. I am way past that immature stage in my life, and if you will have me then I will be overjoyed to be your girlfriend. Don't worry about the other two girls because when I get through with them they will see things my way, and I will make sure to turn them into S ranked ninja in less than three years as a token of my gratitude" spoke Tsunade as she leaned in closer to Naruto. She saw the blush on his face, and that made her grin from ear to ear.

Naruto thought about what Tsunade said. It would be awesome to have her as a girlfriend as she would not fight the other two over petty things and he could tell she would probably break him if he said no. After taking that into consideration his answer to her question was a simple one, but he could not help but think about what else she had said. If she was being serious then he would have three S ranked ninja girlfriends in less than three years. That would help him out exponentially in the long run.

To be honest Tayuya was only probably a C ranked ninja on her own, and maybe a low B with the curse mark, but Karin had absolutely no offensive capabilities besides a little tiajutsu, and whatever medical ninjutsu she could convert to an offensive attack. If he started dating Tsunade as well then he was sure that she would be able to teach them how to be amazingly powerful ninja. That way he would not have to worry about them all of the time while fighting.

The only problem he saw was how Tayuya and Karin would react. He knew Karin would be the easy one of the two to convince this was a good thing, but Tayuya had an amazing large pride, a slight confidence issue, and was obviously not the sharing type. She would probably beat him over the head whenever she found out about this, but it was a sacrifice he was going to have to deal with if he wanted to protect them in the long run.

"Sigh, ok I guess I can learn to live with this odd arrangement, but you and the other two are not allowed to harm each other because of anger. If you harm each other it will only be due to training, and nothing else. I want you girls to get along, and fighting is not the way to do that" spoke Naruto, as he pulled Tsunade into a deep kiss. She was surprised at first, but quickly got over it and began to kiss him back.

The entire time all of that was happening the entire bar that they were standing in was looking at them with stunned expressions. The conversation that they had, what they talked about, how the boy turned the woman into a young woman, and everything else had left them all with eyes the size of saucers. The only one with a relatively normal facial expression was Shizune, but even she was having a hard time not gaping at what had just happened.

"Uhm, Tsunade-sama what does that mean for me" asked Shizune as Naruto and her master pulled apart. Tsunade gave her a strange look, and Shizune realized instantly that in all of the confusion her master had forgotten about her. It almost made her want to cry, but honestly she could not blame the woman. If the same thing happened to her she wouldn't doubt she would have forgotten were she was.

"Oh, Shizune I am so sorry I forgot you were even here with me. I want you to meet my new boyfriend Naruto. He will be taking me to where he will be restarting the Uzumaki clan. You are more than welcome to come with me, as you were the only one who stayed with me durning my depression" spoke Tsunade, as she wrapped Shizune in a deep hug. Naruto saw how much Shizune meant to Tsunade, so he decided to do something for her to show how much he was thankful for her taking care of Tsunade for all of these years.

"Here I got something for you Shizune-san for all the trouble I am sure Tsunade-chan here put you through" spoke Naruto, as he dodge one of Tsunade's halfhearted punches. He smiled at her, when she gave him a mock pout, and walked up to Shizune. When he got to her, he touched the Yang necklace to her forehead. When the Yang necklace touched her forehead a bright light enveloped the same way it had Tsunade. When the light died down there stood an eighteen year old Shizune. She looked completely shocked, and let out a high pitched scream when she saw the way she looked.

"Oh my god, I am young again" shouted Shizune, as she fist pumped the air. She then gave Tsunade a smirk that Tsunade didn't like which caused her to narrow her eyes at her apprentice. "I am so young in fact, it makes you look old Tsunade" joked Shizune, and she smiled when she saw her master's face turning red.

"You little brat" shouted Tsunade as she started chasing Shizune around the bar. She did that for another fifteen minutes before she decided to give up and walk back over to Naruto.

Naruto had taken a seat at the booth Tsunade had been drinking at for before he had arrived. He was currently drinking a little cup of sake, and eating a tray of dango. He smiled when he saw Tsunade sit beside him and snuggle into his side. He also noticed Shizune smiling from the other side of the booth. Something that Naruto was starting to believe was the face she made when she annoyed her master.

"What getting tired so soon master? You really are old at heart" spoke Shizune with a smirk on her face. Tsunade shot her a glare that said if she kept it up she would see just how old she was. Shizune wisely shut up, and turned her attention towards the dango that she suddenly found interesting.

"Hahaha I can tell taking you girls with me was the right thing to do. I can only imagine things will be like when I introduce you two to Tayuya and Karin" spoke Naruto, as he took another shot of saki. It was the first time he had ever drunk the stuff, and now he was wondering why adults drank it. It burnt the crap out of his mouth and throat, it did not do any favors to his sense of smell, and it didn't sit right in his stomach, but thankfully he was able to play it off so that neither Tsunade nor Shizune noticed. The last thing he needed was for them to start treating him like some kind of kid. Naruto did not think his pride could have taken it.

Right before Naruto was able to say anything one of his shadow clones popped into existence. Shizune and Tsunade tensed up, but Naruto used one of his hands to calm them down. He looked at his shadow clone, and could tell that it was carrying important information.

"Report" spoke Naruto flipping over to his strong persona.

"Sir, we have found out that Orochimaru will be moving today, but we also found out that the toad sannin will be entering the village very soon. He seems to be looking for someone and the only person I can think of is Tsunade. I don't know what he wants with her, but I am willing to bet the old man put him up to it. He probably wants her to heal his old body, or some people that were harmed due to the Sound Sand and Leaf invasion (it will be referred to as the SSL from now on)" spoke the clone.

This bit of information was very helpful to Naruto. He knew that the old toad sannin had the key to the seal that was holding the nine tailed fox back, and he wanted it. He wanted to be able to communicate with the nine tails and try and work out some kind of deal. If he had the nine tailed fox on his side then there was not a single living person on the entire planet that could match him. He was already one of the strongest ninja in the elemental nations, but he was not arrogant enough to believe that he could not be defeated. Stronger ninjas had died because of their arrogance and he was not willing to go out like that.

"I need him alive, so you will have to tell the rest of the shadow clone team to stay away from him. You can keep an eye on him, but do not engage. I will have to use the 'Kotoamatsukami' on him to force him to give it to me" spoke Naruto, as thought about the reproductions of fighting the toad sannin. He would really be labeled a missing nin, and he would have Konoha hunting him down at all points of the day. That wouldn't be a problem seeing as nobody would ever be able to find him in his sub space. He had to make sure nobody found out about his powers or they would try and take precautions against him.

"What is the 'Kotoamatsukami'" asked Tsunade, as she looked deeply into his eyes. 'Damn her for having those adorable puppy dog eyes' thought Naruto, as he activated his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.

"Gasp, how do you have those eyes" asked Tsunade, as she stared deeply into the eyes that he had used to kill many people who crossed his path. To Tsunade they were beautiful on Naruto, but being a Senju she had a natural dislike of the Uchiha clan and their dojutsu. That being said she was not going to hold it against Naruto, so she decided to make him her little exception.

"That is a story for another time. I need to use a technique of your old teammate that only my eyes can do. You could say my Mangekyou Sharingan gained a special ability even among the Uchiha clan that makes getting what I want from my enemy's much easier" spoke Naruto, as he left the bar with Tsunade and Shizune hot on his heels.

They walked for a good thirty minutes. Naruto did not want to let Jiraiya into the village as he did not know if a fight would break out or not, and he certainly did not want to be the cause of these kind people losing their homes, so he figured he would take the fight to him as the saying goes. They came into a long expanse of flat land with long fields of nothing but grass on either side of the dirt road they were walking on, with thick trees surrounding the clearing. It was the ideal place for a ninja to fight in, and if Naruto had to guess that is what he would be doing soon.

They waited for ten minutes before a lone figure came from behind the tree lines. He was old and had long white hair that was held up in a long pony tail. He had two red lines coming down from his eyes, and warts which kind of grossed Naruto out. He wore some kind of red outfit and had a giant scroll on his back that Naruto had no idea what it did, but he hopped it was to the seal on his stomach.

Naruto knew a little bit about the toad sage from what he read in various bingo books he had found around the elemental nations, as well as from his own knowledge. The title sage suggests that he is either full of himself, or he has mastered senjutsu. The second one will cause him quite a bit of problems as he did not know what the toad style of senjutsu did. If he was just full of himself, then Naruto was going to inform the ravens, who would make sure that the toads got an ear full for allowing their summoner to get away with calling himself that for no reason. Naruto also knew that Jiraiya used earth, fire, and lesser known ninjutsu styles, and that Jiraiya was horrendous at genjutsu. He had good tiajutsu and from what Naruto knew it was taught to him by his summons, but the man's real saving grace was fuinjutsu skills. He was one of the few fuinjutsu masters. A fuinjutsu master was not something you wanted to face unless you yourself were a fuinjutsu master. You can recover from and counter attack after being grazed by a fireball jutsu, but you won't be going any were if you are sealed into a tree. Naruto knew he would have to watch out for any sneak attacks.

"Tsunade is that you? Wow that henge never ceases to amaze me. Ahhh, I see you taught it to your apprentice as well" shouted Jiraiya as he approached there little group. He saw Naruto there and figured he had hit the jack pot. Not only did he find Naruto, but he also found Tsunade. Now he wouldn't have to become the Hokage, and the village would not have to worry about other villages attacking them because now they would have the nine tailed fox and its jinchuriki in the village again. That would keep the other villages away, so that he could train Naruto to harness the nine tails chakra while convincing Naruto not to hate the village but to love and protect it.

"What are you talking about you old pervert? This is not a henge, but the real thing" spoke Tsunade with a grin on her face. She did not like Jiraiya, but rubbing her youth in his face was enough to put a smile on her face.

"What are you talking about Tsunade of course it is a henge. I admit it is the best henge in the entire world, but it is still just a henge" spoke Jiraiya, as he got closer. He saw Naruto eyeing him with his sharingan. He had heard from the old man that Naruto had activated the sharingan, but Jiraiya just couldn't believe him. Now seeing it up close there was no denying it, but he still could not figure out who in Naruto's family tree could have passed on the dojutsu. He also noted that Naruto did not seem happy to see him, but he could not for the life of him understand why.

"And what do you know about medical ninjutsu? Exactly you don't know anything. I said that this is the real thing, and I mean it" spoke Tsunade, as she gave Jiraiya a death glare that said if he continued to call her a liar then he would be in for a world of hurt. Surprisingly Jiraiya seemed to get the message and shut his mouth on the subject, but his perverted lifestyle would not be denied.

"Oh so this is your young self again, I wonder if they are soft as I remember" spoke Jiraiya as he tried to touch Tsunade's breasts, with drool coming out of his mouth, and smoke coming out of his nose. What shocked him came right before he was able to touch Tsunade's breasts. He knew he would be in pain, he knew what he was doing would piss Tsunade off, but what he didn't expect was for Naruto to kick him between his legs with enough force to destroy a fully grown tree. Jiraiya dropped to the ground instantly with tears in his eyes, and pain like fire in his groin.

"No man gets to touch those but me" spoke Naruto with a sense of finality, but Tsunade found it the hottest thing since the sun was invented. She quickly hugged him from behind, and started kissing him on the cheek. Even from the ground, and being in as much pain as he was in, Jiraiya looked shocked.

"What is going on here" shouted Jiraiya as he shot up, previous pains all but forgotten.

"Does he not have any balls or something" asked Naruto to no one unparticular.

"Nope" spoke Tsunade, as she hung off of Naruto's shoulder.

"Ok I must be dreaming because there is no way Tsunade is young again and dating Naruto of all people when she could have me" spoke Jiraiya as he rubbed his chin in thought.

Tsunade did not take to kindly to that and punched Jiraiya through a giant tree. Naruto was going to have to make a note to remember to ask her to teach him the secret to her supper strength. It would make his tiajutsu far more devastating and his kenjutsu, especially with the Kubikiribōchō, and using the 'Flying Swallow Technique'. He was also going to have to teach Tsunade a tiajutsu style as he had heard that she didn't actual use one and only relied on her super strength. That would have to be rectified if he wanted her to get any stronger.

"Tsunade I don't care if your young again you can't go around robbing the cradle like this" spoke Jiraiya right before Tsunade sent he back through another tree.

"What a jerk" spoke Naruto. The toad sage really needed to learn how to talk to people or that would keep on happening. Naruto did have a disturbing thought that maybe Jiraiya got off on that kind of thing but quickly shook it out of his mind.

"Well whatever is happening we can talk about it in Konoha. Sensei has declared that you will be becoming the next Hokage and Naruto we have been looking all over for you. Now it is time you come home as this little vacation of yours had caused a lot of problems" spoke Jiraiya. He expected Tsunade to give him problems, but he was not expecting Naruto to.

"I am not going back to 'THAT' place. I finally found somewhere I belong and I will not let you or Konoha take that from me" spoke Naruto, as he gave Jiraiya a cold stare.

"The same goes for me. I am happy to be in the one I love's arms, and I don't want to love that because of Konoha can't take care of itself because sensei was a horrible Hokage" spoke Tsunade, as she stuck her tongue out at Jiraiya who looked like he was impersonating a fish.

"You two have to come back. If you two don't come back sensei will put both of you in the bingo book with a high ranking bounty. Tsunade you already have a hard time hiding from all of the people you owe money two, and Naruto you just became a genin there is no way you will be able to defend yourself from the ANBU level ninja that will be coming after you" spoke Jiraiya as he tried to convince the two of them that coming to Konoha was a much better idea than trying to make it on their own.

"You will see that I am very capable of taking care of myself, and now that Tsunade-chan is young again, and is with me I doubt anything short of a kage or two could take us now" spoke Naruto, as he gave Jiraiya the famous Uchiha smirk.

Jiraiya was taken aback by Naruto's statement. It was true that when Tsunade was still old she could fight any kage to a stalemate, but now that she had her youth back she really did have the upper hand. She had her assistant which could look after Naruto while she fought, and sensei did say Naruto was a prodigy so training him wouldn't take very long. The problem is she was not training Naruto to be loyal to Konoha in fact it was the exact opposite. This had to be fixed or Konoha would not have a jinchuriki and he would have to be the Hokage.

"How about a bet? If I win you both come back with me, but if I lose I back off and let you three leave with no questions asked" spoke Jiraiya. He knew better than anyone of Tsunade's famous bad luck.

Tsunade just grinned, and nodded her head. "Ok, but I'm making the bet. I bet that Naruto-kun hear will kick your ass in a fight" spoke Tsunade. She really enjoyed the look of shock on Jiraiya's face when she said that.

"Hahahaha, ok Tsunade now I know your messing with me, but a bets a bet so let's get this over with" laughed Jiraiya as he just smirked at Naruto, who got into the Uchiha interceptor fist stance.

"Begin" shouted Tsunade.

Instantly Naruto was in front of Jiraiya. Jiraiya for his part was shock, and that cost him a direct punch to the face. He quickly recovered by spinning and landing on all fours. When he looked up he saw two Naruto's going through hand signs.

"Fire Style: Fire Dragon Jutsu" shouted the first Naruto. As he breathed out, a giant Chinese dragon came out of his mouth and charged Jiraiya.

"Wind Style: Wind Dragon Jutsu" shouted the second Naruto. Just like the fist Naruto a giant dragon came out of his mouth only this one was a transparent green color, and had a horned nose.

The two dragons collided with one another and combined into a dragon five times larger than the original ones. This new dragon had two heads, and was moving at three times the speed of the other dragons.

Jiraiya did not have much time so he started going through hand signs. "Earth Style: Earth Wall Jutsu" shouted Jiraiya as he started spitting out what looked like mud, but it quickly hardened and started to grow. The wall was three foot thick and about twelve foot wide when he was done. It stood no chance against the giant two headed combination dragon, and that was proven true when it easily blasted through causing massive fire damage to everything in the area.

Jiraiya popped out of the ground a few feet away, but it was obvious he did not escape unharmed. His left arm was burnt up, he was shaken a bit, and Naruto could tell he tried to make that earth wall hold by forcing much more chakra into it than need be. It still did not work because not even a water wall with that much chakra would have been able to hold off against his combo dragon. The secret was in the fact that Naruto had an affinity for both wind and fire chakra making his wind fire combo's much more powerful than the average person's.

"You're looking tire there old man. You really should learn how to de-age it would come in handy" joke Naruto, as he watched Jiraiya give him the stink eye.

"That would be nice, but I doubt my teammate would be so willing to bring me back to my youth would you Tsunade" asked Jiraiya. He would be lying if he said he was not jealous of Tsunade for learning how to actually revert he body back to its prime. That would be amazing and the thing that all veteran ninja wished for. To have all of their knowledge from years of dedicated work to the leaf, and also have their bodies in their prime would be amazing, but Tsunade was known for being stubborn, and he knew she would not just turn back the clock for him just like that. Hell he would happily be the Hokage for twenty years if Tsunade would revert his body back to its eighteen year old state.

"You got it pervert. The world would be a much better place with a few less perverts" spoke Tsunade, as she crossed her arms making her impressive bust jiggle. Even Naruto was slightly distracted by this, but was discreet enough to not get caught.

"How about we take off the kiddy gloves Jiraiya, as I do not have all day to mess around with you. I have some people waiting for me, and I just know I will have to save my strength to survive them" spoke Naruto using a double meaning. Jiraiya would probable think it was some enemy nin, but Tsunade would know it was about Tayuya and Karin. He also knew he would need to rescue that Amaru girl as well.

"Alright let's do this. 'Summoning Jutsu'" shouted Jiraiya. Instantly three puffs of smoke appeared and then three giant toads came into be. Naruto could only assume it was the toad boss and his two cronies.

"Two can play at this game" spoke Naruto as he went through hand signs. "Summoning Jutsu" shouted Naruto as he slammed his hand on the ground. There was a large puff of smoke and then a giant raven came into being. Naruto was riding on top of the raven, and was eye level with the shocked toad sannin.

"Let's do this" shouted Naruto.