(Rebirth of the Uzumaki Clan Chapter 7)

Naruto observed the three summonses Jiraiya had summoned. They were all very large and had large and powerful back legs which meant they could probably jump very high, and their speed was probably nothing to sneeze at either. The one thing that he did notice though was that they all were carrying some kind of weapon which led Naruto to believe that they did not use ninjutsu, or if they did it was not very much, although their size would still make the jutsu powerful compared to him.

Naruto then looked at his own summonses. It was a giant black raven that was equally as large as the giant toads, but he had only summoned one while Jiraiya had summoned three. He knew his raven was not one of the smarter ones so ordering it around would be a simple task and he would not actually get into to much trouble with the raven clan if his summons was injured. He knew his summons was faster, had better range, and could use wind style ninjutsu, so he was pretty set to fight the old pervert.

"Are you ready to lose you old pervert" asked Naruto, as he eyed Jiraiya. The man looked shocked, but weather it was because he summoned such a large summons or because he had his own summons was unknown to him.

Jiraiya quickly recovered and looked at Naruto with a harsh look. "Naruto be serious and think about this. I am a sannin and a candidate for being Hokage, while you are a fresh genin, don't let the fact that you have your own summons or a fully mature sharingan give you a big head and get you into trouble" spoke Jiraiya.

Naruto was not happy about what that old pervert had just said so he figured he should start making a name for himself, and what better way to do that than by defeating another sannin, although nobody but he and Tayuya knew that he had defeated the snake sannin to begin with. Naruto quickly began going through hand signs and when he stopped he yelled out "Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu". Instantly a giant fireball full of red and white fire shot out of Naruto's mouth, but that was not the only thing that happened. His summon took in a deep breath and then release a blast of wind that was shaped like a raven that collided with Naruto's fire jutsu. When they met the fire and wind jutsu combined to form a giant flaming phoenix that was five times the size of the original fire ball, and allowed it to move three times as fast as it had before. Naruto was so amazed that he decided to name the jutsu on the spot. "Hah how do you like my summons and my combination jutsu? I call it the 'Burning Phoenix Jutsu' shouted Naruto as he watched his attack decimate Jiraiya and his forces.

When Jiraiya saw the fireball at first he figured Gamubuta would have been able to put it out with a water jutsu, but when it combined with the wind jutsu he knew that option was out. He quickly had the three summonses get out of the way. They were surprised when the jutsu turned in midair and continued traveling directly at Jiraiya. Jiraiya quickly used a summoning jutsu to summon a fire toad. The fire toad saw the fire technique coming its way, and to Naruto's amazement opened its mouth and ate the fire technique. Naruto was actually impressed at the versatility of the toad, and silently praised it for being such a useful summons.

Naruto was not deterred though and quickly pulled out the bone gunbai from his subspace. He looked over the battle fan and smiled at all of the seals that covered the war fan. Many of them were seals to strengthen his gunbai until Naruto figured it would be able to even deflect at tailed beast ball. Slowly Naruto raised his gunbai and then quick as lightly slashed it down at Jiraiya and the toads below. It created a powerful blast of wind that covered the entire battlefield below Naruto's summons.

What surprised Jiraiya was that the wind coming at them was slightly purple. They were able to dodge it, but it was too late for them and Jiraiya realized why the wind had been purple. Naruto had mixed poison in with his wind jutsu to spread the poison across the battle field. When he looked around he saw that his entire summons seemed to have been affected by the poison as now they were lying on the ground looking sickly. Jiraiya did the only thing he could and sent them all back to the summons world and prepared to fight Naruto by himself.

"That was a smart trick you used on me Naruto, but my old partner was Orochimaru of the sannin so I have built up a decent immunity to poisons" spoke Jiraiya as he smirked at Naruto.

Naruto was not worried about Jiraiya. It was a powerful poison yes, but it was not meant to kill, only make feel sick as a dog for a few days. He quickly released his summon and fell to the ground. When he landed he looked Jiraiya in the eyes, his sharingan was spinning lazily and he knew he could defeat the toad sannin for sure.

"Let's see if that title you got for loosing is worth bragging about" spoke Naruto as he held the gunbai on his shoulder and made 'come get me' motion with his free hand.

Jiraiya was mad and quickly engaged Naruto in a tiajutsu vs kenjutsu fight. Naruto was easily able to block Jiraiya's attacks with his gunbai and because of its length was able to hit him as Jiraiya could not get far enough fast enough to avoid his attacks. The battle was quick and painful for Jiraiya who was sporting a few new bruises. He decided to stop playing with Naruto and manipulated his hair to shoot thousands of hair needles at him. When Naruto saw this he quickly used his gunbai to defend himself. That was when Jiraiya used his hair again to wrap around Naruto. The man grinned like he touched Tsunade's breast and didn't get beat to hell and back.

"Looks like I finally got you" spoke Jiraiya in a condescending voice.

"Do you" asked Naruto in an equally condescending voice.

Jiraiya was surprised when Naruto grinned at him, but that stopped instantly when 'Naruto' exploded sending Jiraiya across the battle field. When he stood back up he was sporting quite a few burns on his body, and he looked to be in pain.

"Your specialty is not genjutsu is it" asked Naruto as he came out from behind a tree perfectly unharmed.

Jiraiya saw this and was tired of being beaten like a fool so he started going through a few hand signs. "Earth Release: Swamp Underworld" shouted Jiraiya as the green flat lands turned to a dark murky mud color beneath Naruto's feet.

Naruto was not surprised when he started sinking, and was even less surprised when he found it difficult to move. He could already tell this jutsu was not only useful, but powerful as well. He would have to master earth release so that he could use it some time.

"Ha, looks like I finally have you" spoke Jiraiya as he stood at the edge of the murky swamp. He had that stupid grin on his face that Naruto just enjoyed turning into a frown.

"Do you have me? Or do I have you" asked Naruto.

Jiraiya looked ready to yell at Naruto when the world started to blur and then their positions were switched. Jiraiya was the one stuck in the swamp and Naruto was the one smirking at him from the safety of the grass.

"How is this possible? I know I used this jutsu, so how is it that I am the one that was captured and not you" demanded Jiraiya angrily. He really hated genjutsu as it was his true weakness. While in his sage mode he was safe from genjutsu because Ma and Pa would disrupt his chakra freeing him from its awful effects.

"I am sure you are aware of who the Sage of Six Paths was right? Besides defeating the Jubi, having the most powerful dojutsu known to man, and founding both the Uchiha and Senju clans, the Sage created a jutsu called the 'Creation of All Things'. It was a technique that allowed the great sage to make fantasy a reality and vice versa. The Uchiha took this concept and made a few kinjutsu that were based on these effects. The first one they made was called 'Izanagi' which allows the user to remove the boundaries between reality and illusion for a small while. To a degree this technique allows users to control their own state of existence. The second kinjutsu was called 'Izanami' which allowed the user to decide destiny. It is far too complicated to explain so I will just skip the explanation. I invented a kinjutsu that allowed me to alter me and another's state of being. When I used the technique I simply switched my state of capture for your state of freedom. When I did this I became free in a sense while you became captured. It is a technique that alters someone's lot in life as they would say" spoke Naruto as he smirked at Jiraiya. He could tell that Jiraiya was having a hard time possessing what he had just said, and honestly it was very difficult to explain exactly what the kinjutsu, the 'Yami' did. First the jutsu made the people who were to be affected become fantasy like the 'Izanagi', but then it altered their destiny like the 'Izanami' and changed Naruto's fate which was imprisonment with Jiraiya's fate which was freedom. After it did this it made them reality again, just like 'Izanagi'. After it was all said and done 'Yami' was like a combination of 'Izanagi' and 'Izanagi'. It was very difficult to create, and was only possible due to his particular mangekyou sharingan's ability to use genjutsu without the negative backlash.

Jiraiya was trying to proses what Naruto had just said. It was difficult to understand as he was not the guy you would go to when learning about genjutsu, and he was sure that the technique was based on the manipulation of yin and yang which again was not something he was used to. The only way he was going to defeat Naruto was if he used his sage mode and was able to tamper with the seal on Naruto's stomach causing him to lose control of his chakra. It was a risky and very dirty attack but Konoha needed their jinchuriki and he really didn't want to be Hokage.

Jiraiya puffed into smoke and all that was left was a toad. Naruto was surprised at Jiraiya's ingenuity in using his summons, but knew the man was just too lazy to actually invent his own jutsu so like Orochimaru he relied heavily on his summons for both offence and defense.

Another puff of smoke appeared at the other side of the training field. Their stood Jiraiya but now he looked even more toad like, and he had two old toads sitting on his shoulders. Naruto could tell that they must have been preparing for some kind of combination technique.

"Jiraiya boy why have you summoned us here" asked the female toad.

"Yes mama was just about to serve her famous cricket soup" spoke the male one.

Naruto noticed how Jiraiya seemed to turn a slight color of green when the male toad mentioned the cricket soup and could only figure the toad sannin actually tried it and form his reaction was not very satisfied with the taste.

"As horrible as that sounds I need your two's help. You see that boy over there. That is Naruto, the jinchuriki of the nine tailed fox, and he is attempting to leave the village. I know he may look young, but he is very powerful" spoke Jiraiya like he was trying to make sure they didn't just leave him there to fend for him-self.

"Hmmm, the jinchuriki of the nine tails, and he has the sharingan eyes. That is a very deadly combination indeed. How much of the nine tails chakra can he use" asked Pa as he eyed Naruto.

"So far he has yet to use it, but that doesn't mean he doesn't know how to use it. He mainly uses wind and fire based ninjutsu and combination, and is a master of gunbai bukijutsu, but his greatest gift is his genjutsu. He was able to capture me in a few different genjutsu and injure me a few times. He also invented a powerful ocular kinjutsu that allows him to switch places with people" spoke Jiraiya.

Naruto for his part was slightly shocked. The old useless toad could actually use senjutsu, although it didn't look like he had perfected it. He could tell Jiraiya depended heavily on those two toads to gather nature energy for him. Thinking it over Naruto decided to show the old man he wasn't the only one who was a sage around here, but before that he couldn't believe that Jiraiya had explained 'Yami' in such a sad way. 'It is a powerful kinjutsu that allows him to switch places with people' really? That was the worst explanation he had ever even heard of.

Naruto smirked when he saw the toads and Jiraiya tense up when he started to move. When he stopped his sage mode was going strong and Jiraiya and the toads looked very surprised, but Jiraiya looked far more worried than surprised which was even better in Naruto's opinion.

"Is that" started Jiraiya, but Naruto cut him off.

"What you didn't think you were the only one that could use senjutsu did you? The raven taught it to me a while back, and unlike you I have mastered it" spoke Naruto as he looked at them with his silver sharingan spinning wildly. He loved the way using his sage mode made him feel. He felt at piece, and a lot stronger. He knew that Jiraiya was no match for him now, but the old man was as stubborn as a mule, so Naruto was sure he would attack.

"I will show you" shouted Jiraiya as he and his two toad friends started going through hand signs. When they were done they all shouted out "Sage Art: Goemon". One of the toads breathed out a wind release technique while the other spat out a powerful stream of oil followed by a raging inferno of fire that came out of Jiraiya's mouth.

When Naruto saw the jutsu happening he was actually excited to see a three way combination jutsu powered by nature chakra, but it kind of fell flat. It was like a big flaming oil wave. He didn't even see the point of the wind release technique as not even half of the oil was on fire. When the oil washed over Naruto Jiraiya had though he had won, but then he sensed a presence behind him, and when he looked back there was Naruto's fist smashing into his face with the power of a freight train. Jiraiya was sent skidding across the ground with the two toads still connected with them.

"How did he escape our combination jutsu" asked Ma, as she looked at her husband Naruto was guessing.

"I don't know. I am sure it hit him, but he seems completely unharmed. At least he did not use that kinjutsu on us that Jiraiya boy was telling us about" spoke Pa.

"Yami" spoke Naruto.

Everyone looked at Naruto with confusion written on their faces.

"The name of the ocular kinjutsu I invented is called 'Yami'" spoke Naruto as he did not want others giving his jutsu some weird name.

"Oh, ok" spoke Pa with confusion in his voice. 'The boy does not seem that bad, and he does not have any really dark chakra although that could be because he is in sage mode. From what I know all of the jinchuriki are treated terribly for the burden they carry which causes them to become angry and suicidal. I really cannot blame them either which is the sad part about it' though Pa.

"I am getting tired of this fight, so I think I will just end it" spoke Naruto as he started to charge Jiraiya.

Jiraiya seeing this does the only thing left that he can do and starts to go through hand signs before shouting "Summoning Jutsu". When the smoke cleared Naruto saw an orange frog, but its midsection was actually a scroll. Jiraiya went to reach for the toad, but Naruto was not going to have any of that, and decided it was time to stop playing around and increased his speed to its maximum for a split second before delivering a earth shattering elbow to Jiraiya's face that sent the man all the way through the forest regardless of how many trees he destroyed along the way. Naruto knew he would survive with the sage mode's powerful defense it gives its user and its healing abilities the toad sannin would live another day, but that was not Naruto's main concern. He quickly established eye contact with the toad that Jiraiya had summoned and used the 'Kotoamatsukami' on it instantly. When the toads eyes became that of the sharingan Naruto knew he had to toad right where he wanted him.

"Are you the toad the fourth Hokage gave the key to the nine tails jinchuriki's seal" asked Naruto as he stared intently at the toad. Naruto didn't even pay any mind to Tsunade and Shizune as they approached him.

"Yes" spoke the toad in a dazed voice.

"I want you to give me the key to the Four Symbols Seal" demanded Naruto as he watched with glee as the toad unfolded himself. In the center of the scroll was a very intricate seal. The toad informed Naruto how to get the key and he quickly went through with it.

Naruto placed his right hand on the center of the seal and pressed chakra into it. He watched with childish fascination as the seal 'crawled' on to his right arm before it was completed.

"Is that everything" asked Naruto as he turned his gaze to the toad.

"No. The Yodaime Hokage sealed the Yin half of the nine tailed fox's chakra into the stomach of the death god before he died" spoke the dazed voiced toad.

"So you're saying the fox is only at half power right now" asked Naruto with a raised eyebrow.

"No, it has its conscience so it will be stronger than the Yin half, but since it does have its conscience it will fight back and try to corrupt you with its chakra if you cannot defeat it" spoke the dazed frog.

"Could I reseal the yin half of the fox inside of my body before I confront the fox" asked Naruto as he eyed the toad.

"Yes, all you would have to do is release the chakra that is stored within the Yodaime's body and then reseal it within your own seal. Once you have done this the chakra will naturally reform inside of the nine tailed fox completing it once again" spoke the controlled toad.

"Good" spoke Naruto before he used the 'Amaterasu' and burned to toad to dust.

"Why did you want that seal" asked Tsunade as she hung off of Naruto's shoulder.

"I want to become as strong as possible, because I am sure Konoha and a few other villages will do whatever they can to make sure Uzushiogakure never comes back. If I added the power of the nine tailed fox to my own then I would be almost unstoppable and that means I would be able to defend Uzushiogakure from all of her enemies" spoke Naruto as he examined the seal on his arm. It was very intricate and he knew he was still not on the four Hokage's fuinjutsu level yet, but he would get their eventually.

"And protect our future babies" spoke Tsunade as she grinned at Naruto as he was the one to blush for once. He quickly gained control of his facial expression and looked back at Tsunade with a grin.

"I am ready whenever you are" joke Naruto as he kissed Tsunade on the lips as she turned cherry red.

"Ok girls let's get this over with, so I can go get the nine tails yin chakra" spoke Naruto as the space around Naruto, Tsunade, and Shizune started to spin until they were all pulled into Naruto's alternate dimension.

"Wow this place is amazing" said Tsunade as she looked around, but it did not take long for Tayuya and Karin to appear and they both had the patent Uzumaki woman scowl on their faces.

"What the hell is going on? And why is she holding up on you like that" asked Tayuya as Karin nodded her head in agreement.

Naruto went on to tell them about his trip to visit Tsunade, their deal, her confession, Naruto's fight with Jiraiya (which Tayuya thought was super cool), and his idea on gaining control of the nine tails power, and for what reason. Needless to say Tayuya and Karin were anything but pleased about having to share Naruto with another girl, and secretly they felt threatened by Tsunade's large bust.

"How about I make you girls a bet? If you two can defeat me then I will leave, but if I win you have to accept me as one of Naruto's future wives and mates, and I will even agree to become your sensei so that you can both become S ranked ninja" spoke Tsunade as she eyed the two girls. Karin really wanted to lose just to learn all from a medical ninjutsu master, and learn what she knew about medical ninjutsu, while Tayuya was more interested in learning her super strength. She was amazed when she saw one of Naruto's clones wielding a giant metal cleaver weapon like it was nothing. When she tried to pick it up, she couldn't even get it off of the ground with both hands. If she knew Tsunade's super strength technique she would be able to wield it like Naruto could.

"Alright, but prepare to lose" shouted Tayuya.

"Yea" shouted Karin as she charged Tsunade.

Needless to say it was a very quick fight. Tsunade was faster, stronger, more experienced, and just overall better. She easily swatted both Tayuya and Karin away like they were flies and after she beat them up she healed them next.

"Ok it looks like I win. Now you two must admit that I am just as much a part of Naruto's life now as you two" spoke Tsunade. Karin nodded her head in defeat, but Tayuya just looked pissed off. Naruto grabbed her hand and they spiraled out of the sub space. When they came out of the sub space Tayuya looked ready to cuss him out, but Naruto kissed her on the lips completely stopping anything she was going to say, and completely erasing her mind of everything but that kiss.

"Look Tayuya I know things are not turning out like we expected them to when we were walking to Karin's location when we first met, but I promise you I will always love you with more love then you could ever imagine" spoke Naruto as he kissed Tayuya again.

She grabbed the sides of his shirt before burying her face in his shirt and asking "really"?

"Yes now dry those beautiful eyes, tears don't befit a queen such as yourself" spoke Naruto as he wiped the tears out of Tayuya's eyes.

"Ok, but where are we" asked Tayuya as she looked around. The area looked familiar, but then it dawned on her where she was when she saw the four faces on the mountain on the other side of the village. "We are in Konoha" Tayuya almost shouted.

"Yea, I need to visit a man who ruined my life and get something he stole from my partner" spoke Naruto. Tayuya would have asked what he meant, but the space around her started the shift and then she found herself in front of three crypts. The character for one, two, and four were engraved on them

"Where are we" asked Tayuya as she looked around.

"Inside the final resting place of Konoha's kages" spoke Naruto as he removed the lid from the crypt that had the character for the number four on it.

"Why are we here" asked Tayuya with confusion.

"The Yodaime Hokage sealed half of the nine tails chakra into the death god, but left a seal on his body to act as a gateway to the nine tails chakra incase the village ever needed it I guess. I will be taking the chakra and resealing it inside of my seal thus making the nine tailed fox inside of me hole again" spoke Naruto as he placed his hand that had the sealing matrix on it onto the seal on the dead kages stomach. When he did that he twisted his arm ninety degrees to the left and red chakra blasted out of the dead kages stomach and rushed into the seal on Naruto's stomach. Instantly you could hear alarms going off all over the village, but Naruto was tired after that ordeal so he grabbed Tayuya and brought them back to the sub dimension. Once there Naruto fell asleep on a bed he had sealed up and left the girls to their training.

Inside of his mind Naruto was standing in front of a giant golden gateway with ankle deep water surrounding him, and a pair of murderous red eyes behind the gate looking at him like it could not wait to kill him. Naruto rolled up his sleeve and was about to release the nine tails when he was tackled from the side by none other than the Yodaime Hokage.

"You, what do you want, and why are you in here" asked Naruto as he eyed the deceased kage.

Minato was shocked when he saw that Naruto had the sharingan, but then again he could not say for sure who his parents were so he may have had an Uchiha in his family tree.

"I am here to make sure you don't release the fox and to protect my son from doing anything that might get him killed" spoke the Hokage with a happy smile on his face. Obviously he was not expecting the right hook he got from Naruto.

When the deceased kage got back up he saw the look of bloody murder in those evil sharingan eyes of his, and he also noticed the way they were spinning around like a buzz saw blade.

"You condemned me to a life worse than death, and then you think you can just spring that you're my father with that stupid smile on your face and think you can get away with it? I think no, and if you try to stop me from releasing the fox again I will kill you" spoke Naruto as he began to repeat the process of unsealing the nine tailed fox.

Minato was shocked at the absolute hate his son had of him, and then remembered his wife telling him not to seal the fox into Naruto, that it would be a bad idea, but he hadn't believed her and it seemed Naruto paid the price for his foolishness. Minato faded from his son's mind but not before leaving him memories on how he invented the Rasengan, and the how to master it.

Naruto just ignored his so called father. He never had a father or a parental figure, so just because the ghost of some dead man claims to be his dad didn't mean he was going to fall at his knees and forgive him for putting his life through hell.

When the seal was release the nine tailed fox immediately charged him, but Naruto just used the Kamui technique to avoid the nine tails jaws.

When he solidified he started going through hand signs. When he was done he called out "Fire Style: Great Fire Destruction Jutsu" shouted Naruto as a powerful long line of fire came out of Naruto's mouth and bathed the nine tails in it. The nine tails howled in pain, but it was no were near enough to stop it.

The fox raised its claw to swipe at Naruto, but Naruto avoided it, but he did not avoid one of the tails that caught him on the back side. As Naruto stood up, he felt a strange chakra flowing through his being, and then golden chakra chains rushed out of his bodies. He noticed the fox's reaction to the chains and started to try and destroy them. He was able to destroy a couple, but eventually he was subdued. Naruto not one to look a gifted horse in the mouth grabs hold of the nine tails chakra and starts to pull. He felt the nine tails start to pull his own chakra and Naruto could only assume that if the nine tails got his chakra it would be back.

That was when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Looking up he saw the most beautiful red headed woman he had ever laid eyes on. She had high C low or maybe D cupped breasts, pail flawless skin, long smooth legs, and captivating amethyst eyes, skinny delicate fingers, and a bubble but that would put even Tsunade's to shame.

"You have to think about something that makes you truly happy. If you don't then your anger will destroy you, and the nine tails will break free. I know you are powerful; you are the son of the princess of whirlpool country, and the heir to the entire nation Uzushiogakure once held. You are my son, and I know you will make our ancestors proud, because you have already made me the proudest mother to ever walk the face of this planet. Not even the Sage of Six Path's mother was a proud of her son as I am of you. I just want to tell you one thing before I have to go. I am sorry for not stopping your father before he sealed the nine tails into you. We could have split its chakra and sealed it away forever, but he thought you would need its power thanks to that moron Jiraiya sprouting his crap about a child of destiny. Do what you want to, and do what you think will make you happy, as I know I will love you no matter what. That is why I will leave you with a power to truly determine your destiny" spoke the last princess of whirlpool country, Kushina Uzumaki, Naruto's mother, before she faded away.

Naruto suppressed his tears at his mother's sudden hello followed by that bitter sweet good bye and didn't even notice the prickle he felt in his eyes, so he started thinking about his girls. Tayuya had the fiercest attitude and she sometimes reminded him of a viper always ready to strike. Karin was more subdued then Tayuya although was still quite the fire cracker when mad, but she he the cutest look on her face when she blushed that it sent shivers down Naruto's back. Tsunade, he hadn't known her long, but he knew she was an 'alpha' if he wanted to use the term Kiba sprouted off all the time. She knew how to take charge, and Naruto just knew she would be running his house, his children, and his heart one of these days. Naruto used these emotions, and started to channel senjutsu into his body and he noticed his own chakra turned a golden color, and had a strange effect on the nine tails. It seemed to become less angry and more at peace. Eventually Naruto won their little battle and gained the nine tails chakra, before feeding the nine tails a large dose of golden nature chakra. The big fox just laid their like a dog in front of a fire place completely relaxed.

As Naruto examined himself he saw that he was completely covered in a red chakra that had fox like ears and nine red tails that swished around on command. When Naruto tried to move, he moved at such speeds that if it were not for his sharingan he would have ran right into the wall. Slowly he channeled the nine tails chakra into a separate 'room' for later use. He would have to start at using only one tail of chakra at a time before he could use all nine tails without killing himself.

"Well this looks like it is going to be a lot of fun" said Naruto as he looked at the giant fox sleeping like the happiest dog on the planet before leaving his mind scape. He absent mindedly noticed that everything he saw was in black and white instead of color.