[Uzumaki and Senju Chapter 1]

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Tsunade Senju was more than a little pissed. In all of the years that she had been alive she had yet to accomplish the things that she truly wished to do. Sure she was a powerful kunoichi that could kick anybody's ass in all of the Land of Fire, but that isn't what she truly wanted. No what she had always wanted was a family to be there and congratulate her when she succeeded, a man to hold her in his arms and shower her with love, and a child that she could hold onto, train, and show him or her how much she cared for him or her.

She had read in some of the oldest texts inside of the Senju clan compound about how when a Senju or Uzumaki was around the one that they were destined to be with, their mate, their body would react. When she had read this she took her student Shizune and headed out into the world hell bent on finding that one person that was practically made for her, but to no avail. She walked through the Land of Fire, Wind, Lighting, Earth, Water, and almost all of the minor countries trying to find that one special person, but to no avail.

She had never once felt that supposed feeling of 'Love at first sight' no matter how hard she tried. She had even tried to force the feeling to arise with Dan, but even then she knew that she was just trying to fool herself. Dan was a nice guy, but she knew deep down that he wasn't the one for her. He was far too soft, and he didn't have that wild personality that Tsunade secretly wanted.

Soon though her Sannin traveling rights expired and the Third Hokage ordered her to come back and take over the hospital. He had even promised to add a medical ninja training portion to the academy for people who wished to become medical ninja. Now she was stuck in her same routine. Wake up, eat breakfast, go to the hospital all day, then go home, talk to Shizune, eat dinner, go to sleep. It was driving her crazy. She started wondering why she couldn't just have the child without the man. It would be so much easier anyways. Then it hit her like a brick, 'Artificial insemination'. It was the perfect way for her to have a child that she could dote on, but without the unsatisfactory sensation of having to sleep with a man that she didn't know or love.

And like a gun she was off. Walking down the streets Tsunade had a lot to think about, 'hmmm I'm glad I can have my own baby now' Giggle Giggle 'but who am I going to ask to donate their semen, so that I can become a mother? It can't be just anyone; they have to have all the quality of a good person, father, and also a highly skilled ninja. Hmmmm in that case it really narrows my choices down doesn't it. The only men strong enough to even qualify are Kakashi, but he's a pervert with many other character flaws. Then there is Guy...NO!NO!NO! There are far too many things wrong with him to ever be considered. The only two choices left, that she would consider would be Asuma, and the Yodaime Hokage. Asuma she considered family since he was her sensei's son, and the Yodaime was currently in a relationship with the red head whirlpool princess. Sighing in defeat, Tsunade decided she couldn't find someone to be the father of her children on an empty stomach, so ducking inside a local Raman stand to grab a bite to eat, when he search came to an end.

There putting down bowl, after bowl, after bowl of ramen was the Nine Tailed Fox's host, and only other Uzumaki left in Konoha, besides Kushina was Ken Uzumaki. He was not loved, but also not hated in Konoha. He had proven himself to the Hidden Leaf Village and gained a fair deal of respect from the ninja portion of the village. The civilians were still weary of him sense they didn't know much on tailed beast hosts, but after a couple of years there fears died down mostly, and he was able to live a fairly normal life.

That didn't matter to Tsunade. What did matter to her is that what she had learned about the 'hosts' and the effects it had on their children, as rare as it was for a 'host' to have children because of the innate fear most people had of them. The children usually obtained certain gifts from the tailed beast there host parents carried. The gifts Ken had received besides the giant chakra reserves that all hosts received was that his chakra regenerated very quickly. Something like that was very useful to a ninja, but that wasn't what Tsunade was interested in though.

Ken had received a second gift from his gest that Tsunade knew would be able to keep her baby alive longer. That gift was his body's ability to regenerate. She had read reports on how he would receive injuries that would kill or cripple normal ninja's for life, but these injuries only kept ken down for a week at most.

'Why didn't I think about this before? He is kind and humble because of the way he grew up. He is a powerful ninja, even without the Kyuubi's help, he's very handsome with large muscles a rugged face and long unruly hair, but most importantly his genetic material will benefit my baby the most in the long run. Now my baby will almost definitely survive a long life, even if he decides to become a ninja. All I have to do is convince Ken to give me some of his semen and I'll be a mother in nine months' thought Tsunade already fantasizing about her future child and all of the fun things that she was going to teach him or her.

Sitting down beside the red headed 'host' Tsunade cleared her throat. "Hehem, hello Ken my name is Tsunade Senju and I have come to talk to you on some very private and personal matters" spoke Tsunade trying to sound as professional as possible about something that was completely personal.

Ken just noticing someone was beside him looked up from his noodle to see one of the legendary sannin speaking to him."Uhmmm ok what is it you need to speak to me about Lady Senju?' was his reply. He liked to be as friendly as possible sense it usually got people to warm up to him quicker.

Tsunade seeing no real way to make it sound any better decided to just come out with it and see what happened. "Ken as you know I am the last of the Senju clan and also single with no child. The single part doesn't really bother me that much since I have had time to deal with it. My problem comes in the fact that I have never had a child, and my one dream growing up was to have a big family. After my good friend Dan died I gave up on ever having a family, but lately I have wanted to try again. That is why I have come to you" spoke Tsunade with a firm look in her eyes.

Now Ken may not have been the brightest bulb in the pack, but to any man that sounded like a confession. Responding as quickly as he could, Ken tried to find out what she meant "Uhmmm well I hope you do have a family sense I too have also wanted to start a family, but with all the missions I take I doubt I will ever get the chance any time soon.' after that Ken looked a little down. He knew that it would be hard to find a woman to love him, and to also bear his children.

Tsunade noticed the down cast look and knew she had him just were she wanted him. "Well I believe we could find a way to help each other out then with our mutual family problem" spoke Tsunade with more pep in her step. She knew that she was going to get what she wanted, without a doubt.

Ken looking up and wondering where this conversation was going asked "and how are we going to do that?" Ken was starting to think that the Tsunade Senju, the woman that every man fantasized about, was going to ask him to have a one night stand with him.

Tsunade smiled, and then replied "have you ever heard of Artificial insemination?" It wasn't something that she personally liked since it was sort of like the twisted experiments that her old teammate did, but she also knew that it was natural in a way, so she got over it.

Shaking his head 'no' Tsunade explained that by taking the semen and injecting it into the female egg a child could be conceived even when sex hadn't occurred. The process wasn't that difficult and after the egg that had been placed inside of the woman it would grow naturally.

After explaining the process Ken decided that he would be more than happy to donate his sperm to Tsunade if she agreed to let him spend time with their son. Tsunade wasn't happy about that but agreed. She knew her child would have hated her for keeping away possible the only other relative they had. After they got done eating, they made their way to the hospital where she could implant ken's seed into herself.


When Tsunade got home she saw Shizune making them something to eat. Tsunade kind of felt bad about Shizune since she felt she was the one that had kept her from meeting the man that she would fall in love with just so she could take care of her in her depressed state. She also felt bad for making Shizune cook and clean as well since she was terrible at that sort of thing.

"Hello Tsunade-sama, where have you been it is getting dark" spoke Shizune as she looked behind her to see her absolutely glowing teacher and friend. She had heard her teacher squeal about something this morning and then head out quickly. She was curious as to what it was that caused these effects.

"Guess what Shizune" spoke Tsunade with the biggest grin that she had ever had on her face. It was actually kind of scary which was the reason Shizune took a few steps back so that she didn't get caught in some bi polar attack.

"What happened, Tsunade? You left very early this morning and even skipped your shift at the hospital. The Hokage was contemplating sending ANBU looking for you, but I convinced him that if you had been captured there would at least be lots of collateral damage to the village" spoke Shizune with a sigh. There was more than one village that they had been kicked out of for because Tsunade got drunk and then started using her super strength recklessly.

"I had the best idea I have ever had this morning, and long story short, I am going to be having a baby" Tsunade practically squealed as she pulled a shell shocked Shizune into a bone crushing hug. Shizune looked like a deer caught in some head lights while Tsunade looked like she was drunk with her overly happy face.

"Wait a second Tsunade, are you telling me that you ran off this morning and did that with some man you didn't even know, just so you could have a baby" asked Shizune incredulously. She knew that her master had wanted a child of her own, as well as a husband, but she wouldn't of ever guess she would have been willing to sleep with some random man, fight the rejection process of her Senju blood, just so she could have a baby.

"Of course not" spoke Tsunade with a small wave of her hand like that wasn't even worth mentioning. "I used Artificial Insemination to get pregnant. This way I can choose the best mate whose DNA will benefit my baby the most, while I won't have to do that with him, nor will I be forced to live with him either" spoke Tsunade like she had just tasted something sour, but then she gently rubbed her belly and the smile came back to her face.

Shizune was shocked by what her master was telling her, but she had to admit it was a much better idea than any of them had come up with these past ten years. It might in fact be the only chance that Tsunade had to become a mother, and though she didn't say anything, Shizune was actually giving it some thought as well.

"But what about the baby's biological father? Who is he, and won't he want to be a part of his child's life" asked Shizune seeing the annoyed look crop back up on Tsunade's face. She had obviously hit a rough spot, though she wasn't surprised. Tsunade was a bit petty in the fact that she didn't like to share, it was one of the reasons Shizune was still single. It wasn't that she and Tsunade did things together; it was just that Tsunade didn't want to be a third wheel, and the fact that Shizune was sort of a wall flower was also a factor as well.

"I chose Ken Uzumaki to be the father of my children" spoke Tsunade seeing the surprised look on her student's face. "Along with all of the benefits that come with having Uzumaki blood, there is also the fact that he is the jinchuriki of the Nine Tails Fox, which gives him larger chakra reserves, quickly regenerating chakra reserves, and quick regeneration physically as well. With all of these things my baby will surely have all he needs to succeed" spoke Tsunade as she started gushing again and rubbing her belly. Shizune was scared of when the mood swings would set in. Tsunade was already very temperamental as it was.


Inside of the Uzumaki compound were two people. The first was a lovely young woman by the name of Kushina Uzumaki, and the second one was a young male by the name of Ken Uzumaki. They were both family, and unfortunately the last of their clan since it had been destroyed during the last Great Shinobi World War.

Kushina was inside the kitchen trying to cook, but Ken knew that he would have to go behind her and clean up her mess, then start cooking their meal. Kushina had a lot of great qualities; it was just that cooking wasn't one of them.

Ken was also wondering how he was going to break it to Kushina that she would be an aunt soon, and that he would be a father, though he wouldn't be married to the mother of his child, and that he would probably only see the baby one week every two weeks, or possibly just on weekends.

Kushina had a history of freaking out and becoming very violent. It was one of the reasons that he suspected that her relationship with the young Fourth Hokage wasn't going as well, and he also suspected the he wasn't her chosen one, and that she was just trying to force the feeling to pop up. Ken would have told her it was pointless, but he valued his life way too much.

"AHHHHH" shouted Kushina as the pot that she was cooking in started to boil over. She tried turning down the oven, but it wasn't fast enough, so now she had a big bowl of noodles boiling over onto her stove causing steam and all kinds of crap to start to rise.

"So it is finally my turn" came a voice from behind her, which caused her to get irritated quickly. She turned around and saw her brother looking at her with a smirk on his face that made her want to hit him upside the head with a cast iron skillet.

"You know it isn't very manly for a man to be a good cook" spoke Kushina in a childish voice that bellowed how jealous she was that her brother could cook like a pro, but she would probably end up dead if she lived alone, if it wasn't for takeout.

"Yea, but it is even worse for a woman to not be even able to boil noodles for homemade ramen" spoke Ken with a grin on his face, though he knew he was pushing his sister a bit too much, especially with that cast iron skillet in her hands.

Kushina went to say something, or hit him with the cast iron skillet, but then a thought popped up in her head causing her to forget to give her brother brain damage. "Hey where did you go earlier? When I said I was going to make us some dinner you all of a sudden said you needed to go somewhere and you only just got back" spoke Kushina giving Ken the death glare. "You didn't go to the ramen stand and fill up on their ramen did you" asked Kushina with murder in her eyes.

Ken knew that he was in between a rock and a cast iron skillet place, but he had just the thing to shock Kushina out of giving him her punishment. "Well Kushina Lady Tsunade sent for me, so yes we did meet up at the ramen stand, but it was purely business" spoke Ken with his hands raised showing Kushina he didn't want to die.

Kushina gave Ken a look that said she didn't believe him, but she would give him the benefit of the doubt. "So what did Lady Tsunade want" asked Kushina thinking that she would be able to catch Ken in a lie, thus getting to punish him twice as much.

"To have my child" spoke Ken, instantly seeing a blank look in Kushina's eyes.

"What" asked Kushina thinking that she had heard Ken wrong?

"She asked if she could use my semen for something called Artificial Insemination, so that she could have a child without finding her chosen one" spoke Ken knowing that this night wasn't going to end anytime soon.

For the next few hours Ken prepared dinner for his sister while answering the million and one questions she was shooting his way in rapid succession. It was annoying no doubt, but he did love his sister, and he knew that after she let it slip that she had dumped the Fourth Hokage, that she needed this distraction.

Finally ken was able to placate his sister, but she went on about how she was going to talk to Tsunade and iron out all of the details on how much time she and ken were going to get to see their nephew/niece/daughter/son, and she was going to make sure that it was plenty, or she would show the sannin just what kind of power she was packing.


After a month of waiting Tsunade finally took a pregnancy test, and when it showed up positive everyone in the entire village heard her shouts of happiness. Many congratulated her on her pregnancy. People were happy the Senju clan would continue, also people started treating ken even better. Everyone new about the Artificial Insemination, but none could really blame them. Tsunade and Ken had always wanted a family.

Nine months later as Tsunade was giving birth to her child, she kept repeating to herself that she would never tell another woman in labor to breath continuously, because it was PISSING HER OFF! Obviously she needed to breathe; she wasn't doing this to die! Why did they have to keep repeating themselves, she wasn't an idiot she could remember to breathe after all.

Tsunade finally got to hold her baby boy, after twelve hours in the delivery room. He was so cute; he had his father's build and handsome facial features, but had her sky blue eyes, her flawless skin, and golden blond hair that seemed to glow even in the faded room. The strange thing in her opinion was that he had the same exact markings as her granduncle, except instead of one on each cheek he had two, but he didn't have one on his chin, and instead of red they were a light grass green color. It was strange, but she was sure that it was probably just a Senju thing that popped up every few generations.

She knew he was going to have fan girls just for being the last male Senju, but now she knew she was going to be beating them off with a stick. He was going to be powerful, something fan girls flocked to, handsome, another things fan girls flocked to, and rich, the most important thing fan girls flocked to. Tsunade was going to have to make sure that her son didn't fall for some fan girl, or she may have to bash his head with a very heavy rock.

One of the nurses took her baby out of her arms and began to take his measurements and things like that. To everyone's shock the space in front of the woman began to swirl right before a man with an orange swirled mask came out of it and killed the nurse, right before he caught the baby in his arms.

"Well now I wasn't expecting this. I had figured all of the Senju would die with you Tsunade, but I guess I was wrong, though I may still be right if you don't do as I say" spoke the masked man as he pulled his kunai out of the nurses head and held it above Tsunade's crying baby.

"Wait, don't hurt our baby" shouted Ken as he took a few steps towards the masked man trying to think of anything that would save his baby from this man. "What do you want, I will give you anything, just give Tsunade back out baby" spoke ken with tears forming in his eyes.

"Well if you say it like that then I have no choice but to oblige you" spoke the masked man as he pulled out a small slip of paper and threw it at Ken, whom deftly caught it in his right hand. "Put that chakra suppression seal on yourself Nine Tails, and the child will live" spoke the masked man.

Ken didn't know what exactly was going on, but he had a good idea. The man was either here to stop the continuation of the most powerful clan in the elemental nations by killing their child, or he was here to unleash the Nine Tails that was inside of him, to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village. It wasn't much of a surprise really. Many of the higher ups knew that there were ninja trained to sneak into enemy village to unseal the biju that were inside of their current hosts to cause mass amounts of damage, but it had never happened to a jinchuriki of the Nine Tails before.

Everyone knew he, the Yodaime, and his sister Kushina were seal masters. Ken had spent all of his free time learning and creating seals that had to do with tailed beasts and there 'hosts.' He had tried to invent a seal that would seal away the tailed beasts forever so that they would never be sealed inside of anyone and ruin their lives ever again.

Ken looked at everyone in the room and sighed a bit. He took the chakra suppression seal and put it on his chest instantly feeling it stopping his chakra in its tracks. He looked over at the spiral masked man with hatred in his eyes right before he said "Ok I did as you asked, now give Tsunade our baby back."

Ken didn't know how he knew, but he did know that the spiral masked man was smirking. Ken's heart did sink when the man tossed the bundle that had his new born son inside of up into the air, but when he turned around to watch the bundle fly through the air, a hand grabbed him and pulled him into some kind of twisting spiral before he was able to try and save his son.

"NARUTO" shouted Tsunade, but she was strapped to her bed because the nurses were scared she would use her super strength on them, but luckily golden chakra chains came out of nowhere and wrapped around her baby before placing it on Tsunade's lap. Tsunade didn't need to look back because only one person had the ability to create golden chakra chains.

After checking over her baby to make sure he was fine she started shouting at everyone. "What are you all still doing here? Go tell the Hokage what has happened, and that he should prepare for an attack by an unknown assailant and the Nine Tails" shouted Tsunade looking around that the people in the room like they were idiots.


Inside of one of the forests that surrounded Konohagakure a large puff of smoke appeared right before a giant Nine Tailed Fox came out with evil red eyes. Soon these eyes took on the shape of the Sharingan and the masked man grinned behind his mask like a crazy person.

"Kyuubi you obey me now! Go forth and destroy this pathetic village! Soon you and the rest of your kind will become whole once more and this world shall be mine" spoke the spiral masked man with a grin on his face. He watched with glee as the fox did as he ordered it to and began to run in the direction of Konoha.

As Ken lay in the grass he looked over at the giant Nine Tailed Fox rushing towards his home with one thing on its mind. He couldn't let it destroy the village; there was no telling what would happen to his son and Tsunade if they didn't have the village to protect them from the other villages. They would be taken and possibly used to create a new Senju clan in whatever village was able to get ahold of them.

Instantly he channeled chakra through his body and dark red chakra chains shot out of his body and began trying to restrain the Nine Tails. Ken could only hope that the Hokage was getting rid of the masked man, because he couldn't restraint he Nine Tails and the masked man at the same time.

The fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze just got done defeating the masked man and saw the Nine Tails trying to break free from dark red chakra chains. Minato knew who made those chakra chains and quickly began running in the direction they originated from until he came upon Ken Uzumaki who was drawing a giant seal out of his own blood.

"Ken, are you alright, what is going on, how did the Nine Tails escape the seal" asked the Fourth Hokage not understanding what was going on. He was happy to see golden chakra chains starting to wrap around the Nine Tails, but he also felt a pang in his heart.

"That masked man forced the Nine Tails out of me, and I am trying to draw an advanced seal that will seal the Nine Tails inside of the Shinigami, but even that will only last for limited amount of time. The Nine Tails will eventually free itself, but at least nobody will have to suffer the life of a jinchuriki for a long time" spoke Ken as he continued to draw the intricate seal that he had invented. It was based off another seal that the Uzumaki clan had invented that summoned the death god, but this one had a different purpose.

"Do you need any help" asked the Fourth Hokage.

"Yea, push as much chakra as you can into the seal, I'll do the rest" spoke ken as he whipped some sweat from his brow.

"Ok" spoke Minato.

So Minato pushed as much chakra into the seal as he could, then the death god appeared, after the nine tails, and finally took both of Minato's and ken's lives as payment for holding the Kyuubi for one hundred years. Ken tried to say only his life was up for sale, but Minato cut him off.

"It's for the good of Konoha, and I'm the Hokage, so it's my job to protect this village even at the cost of my own life." After telling his guards that the third is Hokage again and to tell him everything that happened. The death god finally took his payment, and took both of their souls for all eternity.

After everything was said and done the village was safe once more. Tsunade wasn't in any shape to help the injured, nor was she going to let her little Naru-chan out of her arms after what just happened, so Shizune took her place and started healing everyone she could.

Tsunade was let out of the hospital a couple of days later with baby Naruto. On her way to the Senju compound she ran into Kushina. She was looking awful after the death of her brother, and her close friend the Fourth Hokage, but she put on that fake smile as she walked up to them.

"Hello Tsunade how is Naruto-kun?" shouted Kushina as she walked up to them and looked into the bundle that was closely nuzzled against Tsunade's giant rack. She started making baby noises at her new nephew that her brother had at least been able to meet before he died.

"He's fine just on our way to the Senju compound to put him to bed" replied Tsunade as she watched Kushina make a fool out of herself. She still couldn't understand why people wanted to make those silly sounds and facial features when they looked at babies, but she couldn't say anything since she had been doing it ever since little Naru-chan had been born.

"So do you think I can come over some time and see my nephew" asked Kushina with a shy look on her face. She would see her nephew, even if she had to beat Tsunade over the head to do it, but the least she could do was ask first.

Tsunade thought about it 'I did promise Ken he could spend time with Naruto and since he has passed on I guess Kushina can take his place in the deal' thought Tsunade as she looked over at Kushina. "Sure why not but you have to help take care of him from time to time" spoke Tsunade liking the idea of having someone else to keep her Naru-chan protected in case some other village tried to kidnap him.

"Ok sounds good. Even though Minato wasn't my chosen one he was still very close. So now I have a cute little boy to keep my mind clear of all those depressing thoughts" spoke Kushina as she gently took Naruto from Tsunade's reluctant arms and started to play with him as they walked over to their new home.

It was a big thing when Kushina and Minato broke up. It wasn't that they weren't happy, it was just that Kushina wanted to save herself for her chosen one, since the Uzumaki were just like the Senju in that regard. So after a little talking and getting to know one another Tsunade agreed to let Kushina live with her in the Senju compound.

Kushina promised to teach Naruto the Uzumaki arts, such as kenjutsu, fuinjutsu, barrier ninjutsu, and water style techniques. The Uzumaki's were famous for their skills in the ninja arts as well as medical ninjutsu, but even Kushina was no match for Tsunade in that area.

Tsunade already knew what she wanted to teach Naruto when he got a little older. First of all chakra control (she hoped he got her naturally perfect chakra control). Then medical ninjutsu, and finally her signature super strength technique if possible, though she did want to teach him her Strength of a Hundred Seal as well, as that would assuredly keep him from dying.

She also had an ulterior motive for letting Kushina stay with her. She knew Jiraiya would come up with any excuse to stay at her house and try and spy on her while she bathed was changing. This way there wasn't anything he could teach baby Naruto that they couldn't teach him. It felt so good when she threatened to have Jiraiya arrested if he tried breaking into her house for any reason.

Jiraiya was unhappy at how his teammate had treated him, and tried to assure her that he wouldn't try to turn her son into a pervert, but to no avail. When she went to the Hokage and had a restraining order put out against him, he knew she was serious, so he packed up his bags and decided to get back to his spy network.

When people saw Naruto with Tsunade, Shizune, or much more rarely Kushina, they saw the way his hair seemed to shine, and how his eyes were the perfect shade of sky blue, so they began calling him the sun of the Senju clan. The name became wildly popular and soon Tsunade began receiving requests for arranged marriages.

"Don't they have anything better to do then try and sell their daughters off to my new born son!" Tsunade yelled as she shifted through a rather large stack of mail, mostly about Naruto.

Shizune and Kushina could only laugh at Tsunade's plight. It wasn't often that Daimyo were sending marriage requests to people who were not royalty, but then again the Senju clan was like royalty inside of the Land of Fire, and was actually a recognized name in the government, so maybe it wasn't so crazy. For all they knew Daimyo were sending marriage requests for Tsunade when she was young and her parents simply destroyed them without her knowing.

Tsunade was worried. The more popular Naruto became, the more other nations would take notice of him, if they hadn't already. She feared some crazed Iwa ninja was going to try and assassinate him, or a Kumo shinobi would try and kidnap him and turn him into a breeding factory, or even a crazed Kiri ninja would try to kill him thinking he may be a bloodline user like her grandfather with his wood release kekkei genkai. That's why she had Kushina upgrade the Senju clan's barriers and also had someone with Naruto at all times.

[Five Years Later]

Baby Naruto was running through the Senju compound at high speeds with an excited look on his face. He had always had way too much energy, which caused Tsunade, Kushina, and Shizune a lot of headaches, but they consoled themselves by saying it was a sign of someone with lots of chakra.

"Shizune-neechan, guess what! Kasan said that today was the day she would start teaching me how to be a really strong ninja like you and kasan, and Kushina-neechan" spoke Naruto with his overly excited childish voice. He couldn't wait to start learning how to be a powerful ninja like his mother, and it was driving him crazy not starting immediately.

Looking down Shizune saw her favorite little brother. He had grown much in his five short years of life. He was now about three foot ten inches tall. He was fairly tall for a joy his age, and about fifty pounds. His eyes still shined with pure happiness, and just looking into those eyes made her smile. Running her fingers through his chin length hair that was still as bright as the day he was born Shizune said, "We'll if she's going to teach you then so am I." Naruto was about to explode when he heard Kushina come from behind him and say, "Then that makes three of us."


Outside in the training ground Tsunade was standing there ready to starting teaching her son about how to be a ninja when she saw him and his two 'Neechan's' coming out of the house. She sighed a bit knowing that they were going to want to teach him as well.

"Kasan" shouted Naruto as he ran at his mother then jumped up into her arms. Tsunade smiled has her son hugged her and nestled his face in between her large breasts. He had always seemed to like them, typical male she would say in her head then laugh confusing Naruto.

"I can already guess what happened, but Naru-chan I think we will need to talk a bit about the basics before we start teaching you anything important" spoke Tsunade as she pried her son off of her and then sat him down on the side of a fallen tree so that he would be comfortable while they explained the basics to him.

"Naru-chan your body is still too young and is still developing, so we can't do any strenuous physical activities or it will stunt you growth, and there will be no if, ands, or buts about it young man" spoke Tsunade seeing her son about to complain. He wanted to learn how to be a ninja, but he didn't want to wait which was his fatal flaw right now.

"We will be teaching you things like chakra control, medical ninjutsu, shurikenjutsu, and things like that which are not a threat to your development, but don't worry, I promise you will love it" spoke Shizune with a smile on her face. She saw the deflated look on Naruto's face and thought he looked so cute.

"What about elemental ninjutsu, or genjutsu" spoke Naruto wanting to learn those two things most of all, but he saw the way his family was looking which gave him a sad feeling.

"It takes years to learn things like that, and if you don't have nearly perfect chakra control, you won't be able to use genjutsu anyways. Basically what I am saying Naruto is that what were are teaching you is the basics, well not medical ninjutsu, but the rest is. Once you have mastered the basics you will find that learning other things is much easier, so actually by doing this you will learn the things that you want much faster" spoke Kushina with a smile on her face. It wasn't a lie, if he did have perfect chakra control then learning how to convert said chakra into elemental chakra would be much easier, but he obviously had large chakra reserves and they were still growing, so learning to control it would be an ongoing challenge, unless he had Tsunade's naturally perfect chakra control.

"OK" shouted Naruto as he pumped his fist getting ready to learn how to be a really cool ninja. His family started to giggle a bit which confused Naruto, but he let it go and watched as Shizune-neechan picked a leaf off of a tree and then handed it to Naruto. "What is this for" asked Naruto seeing that there wasn't anything special about the leaf.

"The first step in learning chakra control" spoke Tsunade with a scary look on her face that made Naruto gulp a bit.


After a long day of training Naruto had gone up to his room and had fallen asleep almost as soon as his head had hit the pillow. He had learned so many new and interesting things today that it had amazed his young mind and he found that his mother and sister's constant praises of his abilities to be a great added bonus.

Down in the dining room sat Kushina, Tsunade, and Shizune all with shocked expressions on their faces. They had never expected what they had just seen to happen. Naruto's chakra control was amazing, and he had a natural grasp on it as well. His chakra reserves were huge for someone his age so they had suspected that it would take a while for him to master the leaf balancing exercise, even with the natural skill Uzumaki and Senju were born with, but Naruto mastered the leaf balancing exercise in ten minutes. Kushina and Shizune were speechless, while Tsunade's brain went on autopilot and started teaching him how to tree walk.

When Naruto was quickly learning how to do that they had all been just so shocked they were unable to speak and just kept watching Naruto get further and further up the tree with every try. Soon after only an hour of practice Naruto had mastered that exercise as well, so for the rest of the day they taught him water walking, and kunai balancing. They were quickly seeing that chakra control wasn't a problem for Naruto regardless of his large chakra reserves.

"I still can't believe it, and I saw it happening with my own two eyes" spoke Shizune as she looked at the table with a blank stare. Her mind was going through a million and one different things at once, like all of the possibilities that were open for Naruto. Chakra control was the thing she was sure would hold him up, not anything else since Senju and Uzumaki were known for their natural skills, but it seemed that she was wrong.

"It was like a sixth sense to him. I actually wish I had the Byakugan now because I am sure there is something going on with his chakra circulatory system that is allowing Naruto to control his large chakra reserves like that" spoke Kushina, slightly jealous since chakra control had always been a problem for her and her brother, though shape manipulation was second natured to them because of their kekkei genkai.

She was thinking of all the things that Naruto could learn now that they knew he was a natural with chakra control. He could learn medical ninjutsu like Tsunade had always talked about, though her and Shizune had never believed he would be able to do it because of his chakra reserves, learn her Super Strength Technique, how to create Chakra Chains, the Strength of a Hundred Seal, and so much more. Kushina absent mindedly thought about all of the skills that they had that required almost perfect chakra control.

"I think Kushina is on to something. I will call a Hyuga to look over Naruto tomorrow because with his reserves he shouldn't be able to control chakra that well. I need to know if there is some kind of defect or mutation going on with his chakra system that could be dangerous in the future" spoke Tsunade, though she was thinking that if it was a mutation, and not lethal, then it could be a major bonus. It was like how kekkei genkai were formed, but instead of mixing two elements together, he would be born with large chakra reserves and an easy way to manipulate chakra, much better than some kekkei genkai in her opinion since those two things were what all ninja wished they had.

"Do you think that is wise Tsunade, I mean the Hyuga would almost undoubtedly tell the elders of the Hyuga clan, then as you know the gossip would spread from there? There is no telling what damage this could do to the Senju reputation or to Naruto's reputation" spoke Shizune with a raised eyebrow. There were ways to examine the chakra system with medical ninjutsu, but it was long and tedious, and Naruto's attention only lasted so long before he started getting bored and would start trying to get away. While a Hyuga could do it quickly, it wasn't as discrete as they would want it to be.

"I am sure that I will be able to convince Hiashi to keep this discreet, plus that prick owes me. If it wasn't for me his wife would be dead because of complications with his daughter Hinata, and possibly his only heir. I am sure he will have a second child regardless of the risks as it is a Hyuga Tradition to have to children and then choose whichever is the best to lead their clan" spoke Tsunade obviously having problems with the Hyuga traditions, but it was law that the clans may practice whatever traditions they wished so long as they didn't threaten Konoha, since it was the pact they made when the first formed Konoha.

"Well I guess if you put it that way then it should be fine, I just hope that there isn't anything wrong with little naru-chan" spoke Shizune as she took a sip of tea thinking about how devastated she would be if her little naru-chan was sick or injured.

"I bet he has some super cool power that lets him manipulate chakra super easy. If he could pass that on then the power his descendants would have is almost unimaginable. Who knows what ninja would be able to do with perfect chakra control and monstrous chakra reserves" spoke Kushina always being the optimistic one in the group.

She knew there was nothing wrong with Naruto, everything in his family pointed towards a perfectly healthy, yet extraordinary child with endless potential. The son of a pure breed member of the head family of the Uzumaki clan, a direct descendent of the first Hokage and super powerful mother who had pure Uzumaki genes as well, and of course whatever factor the Nine Tails would play as it obviously would being sealed inside of Naruto's father.

"Alright it is settled then. I will call Hiashi over tomorrow so that he can look over Naruto, and if there is nothing wrong then all will be good, if there is something odd then we will have to tackle that in the morning. Right now I am so mentally exhausted that I just want to all asleep" spoke Tsunade thankful for having Kushina and Shizune to talk to. She would never be unhappy so long as she had Naruto, but it was nice having some more adult conversation then the ones she had with her five year old son. She, Shizune, and Kushina all went to bed after that with thoughts of tomorrow on their minds.


Naruto was practically jumping out of his skin as he ran out onto the training ground with his mother, and two neechans. They had taught him how to levitate a leaf over his head, though that wasn't all that great, and walk up trees like he did the ground, that was awesome, and how to walk on water, which was amazing, now he could go fishing anywhere he wanted. He did notice that they looked like they were waiting on something though, which was a bit annoying for a five year old who wanted to learn something new like he had the other day.

"Don't worry Naru-chan, once Hiashi looks over you, we can begin training, I promise" spoke Tsunade was she looked down at her son who looked like he was about to explode. She was thinking about testing for A.D.H.D since he never seemed to be able to slow down, but she just figured it was another side effect of all that chakra he had that was just waiting to be burned into fuel for Naruto.

Hiashi Hyuga had very long, brown hair, and featureless white eyes like all members of his clan. He was wearing very traditional, loose fitting robes with a long-sleeved, brown haori. Naruto thought that he looked like a girl, but his mother had taught him that saying things like that got him a time out, so he kept his mouth shut.

He had received a message from Tsunade that she wanted him to examine her son using his Byakugan to make sure there wasn't anything wrong with his chakra circulatory system, which he found odd. Usually he would have sent a branch member to do such a menial task as a clan head shouldn't have to subjugated to such petty work, but Tsunade had reminded him that it was she who had saved his wife and child, and probably would have to do so again in the future if he continued to follow his clan's 'Outdated and stupid tradition' as Tsunade had called them, so he had agreed to do it himself. It had nothing to do with the fact that she said she would also be the person who made sure he never had another kid again using her monstrous strength if he refused, so he sucked it up and did as he was asked to do.

When he made it to the Senju compound Tsunade's assistant was there to greet before she led him to the back of the large compound where Tsunade Senju, Kushina Uzumaki, and Naruto Uzumaki Senju were waiting for him. He just wanted to get this over as he had other things to do besides do tricks with his eyes for these people.

"Who is that guy" asked Naruto pointing towards Hiashi with an innocent look on his face that made all of the women present just gush at his innocence.

"That Naru-chan, is Hiashi Hyuga, clan head of the Hyuga clan, and he is here because he agreed to help me to see if there is something physical that made it so easy for you to learn chakra control the other day" spoke Tsunade with a sweet voice, though the part about chakra control got Hiashi's attention as that was basically the most important part of their clan's techniques. Maybe he would be able to learn something that would help them get stronger after all.

"I thought you were the best medical ninja in the world, so why would you this man mama" spoke Naruto with a finger in his mouth and his big blue eyes looking up at her like a little puppy dog. Tsunade had found the ultimate weapon; there was nothing in this world that could deny that face.

"Well you see Naru-chan, I am the best medical ninja in the world, but it is still very difficult for me to examine the chakra system since it is so complex, and with your short attention span I figured having a Hyuga with the Byakugan look over you would be a much better solution to our current dilemma" spoke Tsunade, though she did have to explain to Naruto about the Hyuga clan and their famous dojutsu, the Byakugan. To say Naruto was amazed would be an understatement.

"Yes while this is all fun and what not can we please move on? I have other things to do today" spoke Hiashi as he walked up to Naruto and then looked down on him. Byakugan thought Hiashi as he looked down on Naruto and started to examine him. He let out a gasp in surprise shocking all present at the reaction the head of the Hyuga family had. When he deactivated his Byakugan he knew that they would all want an in depth explanation as to what he saw.

"What was it, is there anything wrong with my baby" asked Tsunade as she slowly approached Hiashi. Hiashi knew that he better start talking quick, or Tsunade was going to start throwing him around trying to shake the answers out of him.

"He has three chakra pathways and six times the number of tenketsu points inside of his body" spoke Hiashi getting surprised looks from everyone around him, though he couldn't blame them, this was amazing to say the least.

"Explain" spoke Kushina being the less educated in the medical arts out of the three girls, though that wasn't to say that she didn't know what was going on entirely.

"As you know there is a path in which all chakra flows, and the tenketsu are like places that manipulate chakra and allow us to better control our chakra. Naruto has three of these paths coming from his core that spread out through his body in a much more complex web then other people's chakra network. He also has six times the number of tenketsu points, which is why he has such great chakra control, he is genetically superior to others is the best way I can describe it" spoke Hiashi thinking about what he had seen. He could only guess that the Senju/Uzumaki genes had somehow mutated due to the Nine Tails influence and this was the result. He wished greatly that all Hyuga had this type of chakra system in them, learning and advancing the Gentle Fist would be so much easier this way.

After that Hiashi and Tsunade along with the other girls continued to discuss what had happened until Hiashi left, though even then the girls continued to talk about what had happened. Naruto quickly got bored and started to play on top of a large pond out behind their house watching as fish swam up to the top of the water to eat the worms and bugs that he was throwing to them that he had found earlier.

"What should we do Tsunade? If what Hiashi said is correct then chakra control should be a breeze for him, and with Kushina's Chakra Materialization Bloodline Limit shape manipulation should be a breeze as well" spoke Shizune just trying to imagine a way for Naruto to train that wasn't exceedingly easy for him. He would be naturally gifted in all ninja arts because of his heritage, his chakra control would be a breeze, and he was naturally strong and energetic, so there really wasn't a field in which Naruto should have any real difficulties, besides possibly advanced genjutsu.

"We are going to focus on the basics" spoke Tsunade whose brain was on autopilot again. "We will teach him all of the chakra control exercises that we know, all of the shape manipulation exercises that we know, how to convert chakra into medical chakra, and then we will fill his brain with facts. That means we will teach him anatomy, algebra, anything he will need to know to become a medical ninja, while he will also need to learn everything from basic math, science, history, geology, to the high learning areas so that he will not miss anything. We will also need to drill things like chakra theory into his head so he will know more about what chakra is instead of just how to shape it" spoke Tsunade as she pulled out a piece of paper and looked at it.

"Once he has mastered shape manipulation and chakra control I will teach him my Strength of a Hundred Seal. That way he will be able to manifest it before he even graduates from the academy, and it will not get in the way later on" spoke Tsunade as she put the paper back in her pocket. "The thing we must make sure of is that we don't tell anyone of his skills. The other villages will not hesitate to assassinate him if they found out that he is a genius" spoke Tsunade with some hesitance in her voice.

"We should also teach him things like how to make poisons and we should also start building up his immunity to poisons. I know that Suna is the ones who usually use poisons, though Kiri is a close second, but this is the ninja world and anything can happen" spoke Shizune already plotting out a schedule in her brain on how to strengthen Naruto to poisons as much as possible without making him to sick most of the time.

"We can't forget shurikenjutsu either. It is a basic shinobi skill and the sooner he learns how to use kunai, shuriken, and senbon the better. It will also help him with his anatomy and vice versa" spoke Kushina already thinking of ways to help Naruto get stronger without pushing him to hard. He already had so much on his plate, and learning the mental stuff with all that energy was hard, she knew that for a fact so she knew that they would have to go easy on him a bit.

"Alright we all know what we need to do, and since shurikenjutsu will help Naruto physically without putting too much strain on his body we can begin teaching him that as soon as possible as well. Shizune you had better use only the weakest of poisons on naru-chan until he has a good immunity or else, and I will stick with his chakra control and shape manipulation. The rest of the stuff we will alternate doing, as he will probably end up hating whoever it is that would be forced to teach him all of that by themselves" spoke Tsunade knowing how being still was the last thing that Naruto would ever have on his mind. Even as a small baby his legs never stopped kicking and his arms never stopped flailing around.

"Yes mam" spoke Shizune as she gave a salute to Tsunade with a grin on her face.

"You can count on us" spoke Kushina as she mimicked Shizune with a grin of her own.

"Why do I keep you two around" spoke Tsunade with a sigh as she face palmed herself.


Naruto had been playing keep away from the fish. He would feed them some bread or worms that he had found and then run away as the fish were eating to the other side of the pond. It wouldn't take long for splashing to start happening and then moment under the water to start coming in his direction. It was a lot of fun, and Naruto was sure that he could catch his own fish if he was fast enough, but he found playing with the fish much more fun than killing and eating them.

"There you are Naru-chan" came from behind Naruto. He looked back and saw his mother and two sister figures looking at him from the bank which caused him to smile.

"Are you guys all done talking" asked Naruto with a happy tone. Finally they would start teaching him something cool like they had yesterday. He knew that something weird had happened by the way they had reacted, but his short attention hadn't allowed him to ponder that avenue and went straight to something else that was more fun.

"Yes naru-chan we are done gossiping about you, so hurry up and come over here so we can start your training" spoke Kushina with a smile on her face. She watched him dump what looked like a bucket of bugs into the water where the fish went crazy on them and then run towards them.

"COOL, so what will you guys be teaching me" asked Naruto hoping it was something cool like how to heal cuts and bruises like he had seen his mother do when he was younger and followed her around the hospital. Naruto had never been a patient in a hospital, his mother told him that he healed too fast for that, and after some of the things that he had seen, he was very happy about that. Tsunade, Kushina, and Shizune were all very lucky that Naruto had never seen something like a fire jutsu before, or else they would never have been able to wrangle in his attention.

"Yes Kushina-chan will teach you shurikenjutsu, Shizune-chan will teach you about poisons, and I will keep teaching you chakra control as well as shape manipulation. We are also going to have to start improving you educations" spoke Tsunade seeing how happy Naruto was, until that last bit. Naruto hated to sit down and learn, but Tsunade had an idea on how to fix that.

"Don't worry Naruto we are also going to teach you how to be stealth like real ninja, as well as how to use those weak, but useful academy jutsu, but only if you are good. Let's just say that learning jutsu is a type of reward for doing a good job" spoke Shizune with a smile on her face. She knew just how to get Naruto's attention without using force.

"Yea and if you are really good I will teach you my Super Strength Technique will make you so strong you could break a mountain with your bare fists" spoke Tsunade hoping to get Naruto really excited and malleable for his future education.

"YES" shouted Naruto, causing everyone in Konoha to hear him shouting.