Gruesomely Beautiful

Will lies on his bed hideously having had his face been cut and stitched together like the cracks of a mirror glued together but the scars are apparent and the mirror no longer can show beauty people wish to see.

The man refused anyone near him or look at his face for he greatly blamed himself for his disfigurement because he had expectations.

"I see that you are not too ugly." Hannibal stated within the room. Will had his eyes closed and kept them closed because he didn't want to see the man's reaction to his disfigurement. Though he could imagine it was the same expressionless expression to the normal yet to Will he would've seen the examining distant eyes and blunt lips waiting for words to move them and make them smile.

"You're not going to talk to me are you." The man sits on a chair next to him.

"What do you want Hannibal?" Will questions tiredly with a rasp voice having not got up to drink water. The man notice this so gets up to the kitchen.

It wasn't very far so he continues the conversation. "I missed you Will." It sounded like pure miserable affection yet it also felt like a mockery to the man scorned. A straw was placed on the man's chapped lips.

Hesitant yet eager, he drinks the water and then licks his lips feeling the tears of dead skin on his lips. So hideous he was and a man as beautiful yet corrupt as Hannibal is before him. Oh, the irony.

"Leave." Will ordered.

"As you wish." Hannibal responded with hesitance which pierced the lying male's heart. Now the effects of loneliness hurts all the more as he heard the man go to the kitchen, throw the straw, wash the cup and then turns the knob. Each step just squeezed the man's heart insufferably.

"But I will be back." The man said with an honest yet still a sound of mockery in that tone for Will. Maybe the man was being truly affection and honest but to Will, it's all a mockery.

Will found that treating him with so little care was the first affects to manipulation but for what? Hannibal was a psychopath and with his powers of empathy he tried to find a cause but all leads to either a meaningful relationship or ruthlessly shaming him more into depression.

The next day, Hannibal came by as promised. Will was in the middle of feeding his dogs who still loved him as their own owner because he was still kind and sweet to them. Even though he was disfigured, they knew that scent of a man who was still human.

"Hello, Will." Hannibal smiles at the man even when he turned to him.

"You didn't have to come here." He glared at him showing how hideous his face could become.

"But I wanted to come Will. I wanted to see you."

The last phrase made the male laugh. "See me? I'm a fucking monster and you came to see this! So you could rub it in my face that I screwed up! That you could've done better than me because you're just fucking perfect even for a psychopath who accepts for who he is and I couldn't! IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED TO SEE?!"

"No." Hannibal responded simply leaving Will to feel dumbstruck by the blunt answer. Tears strolled down his cheeks. The man walks towards him casually and holds his face as if it was the most normal thing to do. "Let us have tea."

The two sat down at the table having lunch together with tea. "I made us lunch but don't worry, none of it is human." He said that as if human was chicken.

Will looks at it and then laughs. "Obviously." It was pasta with only small garlic bread and vegetables. No meat. Having been eating human before, he eats the food anyway to taste the deliciousness he hadn't had for awhile. "So why're you here?"

"I came to visit you, and see how you were doing. I can't imagine the horror of losing one's face in the judgemental society we live in today." The man sips in his tea as he enjoyed his 'pork'.

"It's not as horrible as it seems. People would avoid you and I've always wanted that to avoid being social. The hard part is the reason why it happened."

"So you are suffering from failure syndrome."

"Yes." Will didn't deny having thought about his predicament. Usually he'd argue his point of view but right now he just wanted to get the facts straightened out as fast as possible for his former psychiatrist to leave. "That man faked his own death and I should've been more careful because psychopaths were unpredictable. I should've had his fingers scanned, DNA tested or anything to know he was truly dead, but instead I dropped it as solved because I just wanted to go home." He puts a spoon full of pasta into his mouth.

Hannibal was silent as he continued to eat.

"You're not going to comment on that?" Will questioned and then regretted how he sounded so hopeful.

Hannibal looks at him. Takes his napkin to wipe his lips and then responded, "Do you have nightmares of this person?"

"Yes. Constantly. I can barely go to sleep without remembering how he did everything. The way he stabbed that knife into me and I became in shock so no pain was felt yet in my mind, time stopped and I could only recognize him in the room. The way he leaned in against my body and whispered into my ear of how my mind was to turn into a blur and only him would haunt it. He then laid me on the floor taking out that knife to slide it across my face to become the last person to see the face I once had before ruining it with scars claiming that I am his."

Hannibal stared at him with a stern frown and unamused eyes. "The description you give me sounds like you two were intimate." His voice was calm yet hard in the background.

"The day I was about to die becomes more of a fantasy when you live. I wish I could've killed him with the same anger and intimate compelling thoughts of how to do so. I see it through his eyes and it becomes my design." Will began to fantasize it in front of a very very unamused man.

Hannibal quickly covered his lunch. "I need to get back to work." He abruptly gets up and goes to the kitchen to clean his mess with exact precision despite his need to leave. Before he left he told the man, "I love you." Leaving a very bewildered Will.

Will didn't see Hannibal for a few weeks, though there has been more girls missing. But then due to Hannibal's meticulous manner, he was never a suspect, and he was never caught. There has been also a few men killed as well who happened to fit the description of the man Will was almost killed by.

Then Hannibal comes back as if he hadn't gone on a killing spree. "Sorry for the long absence, and for my abrupt leave the other day."

"It's alright. The news have been lively of missing people. It kept me company." Will was reading the page in the newspaper of missing people. "What brings you here?"

"I wished to see you again and to take you out for lunch."

"Take me out? Like a date are something." The ex-special agent laughed.

"Yes. I'd like to have lunch with you somewhere else. You've been in the house for far too long. Don't worry. There will be no one around. Just the two of us."

"You're planning on killing me aren't you."

"No. Just a day outside for lunch."

Will was suspicious but he's already at risk with being with the man right now so might as well swing with it. The two entered his car and drove out to a secluded area in the woods.

They exited the car, and Will finds a romantic picnic has been set right next to a lake. There was the classic picnic blanket, basket of food with an added basket of wine and two glasses.

"Come sit." Hannibal told him with a hand holding Will's to lead him onto the blanket. "It's a beautiful spot isn't it?"

"I guess. Are you sure no one will be here? No hikers? No joggers? No other families or couples coming for a picnic?"

"No. The river has been red flag for being polluted but the scenery is still beautiful and as long as we stay away from the water, we'll be fine."

"And I guess the policemen and people cleaning this lake won't be here today."

"You are correct. Wine?"

"Please do." They poured themselves wine and had the food divided. Then they began talking about intellectual things in general about each other and about other people and things. They laughed like two good friends and such.

"I am truly enjoying my time with you Will, and I am glad you are enjoying yourself too." Hannibal commented.

"Yeah...Me too. So this Clarice Starling, the new agent you're working with,"

"Ah, she's a strong headed woman. Suffers from the cries of lambs because in her childhood, she watched her uncle slaughter them."

"She sounds interesting."

"She is. She's also intelligent, brave, independent and very beautiful."

"Nice to know I make a sucky comparison."

"I was not comparing. You are your own interesting individual."

"It doesn't matter. Nice to know someone like you can be attracted to someone without wanting to eat them."

"Just because I described her as a good woman, doesn't mean I find her attractive in a certain way."

"So you're going to eat her?"

"I haven't had my menu planned yet. The day's still young, how about a little dance?" The man stood up.

Will laughs. "Without music?"

"I thought a little cliche would help lighten the mood more."

"I'm already enlightened."

"Then let me enlighten you further. Maybe it'll give you better dreams tonight."

"No thanks."


"I'm not doing it! You're making me feel like a girl."

"Come little girl."

"Now you sound like a pedophile."

Hannibal walked closer to the disfigured male with his hand out.

"You're serious."

"As serious as I wish to take your dreams away and enjoy what reality has to give."

"I'd never dream of this." He took the hand and the two were doing the waltz. "I never had the chance to dance before."

"Oh, why is that?"

"I was always the shy kid who never got to ask a girl to dance or go to prom. I never did like being sociable when you see the person too much before knowing them."

"You found them boring."

"No. I found them too vulnerable for their own good that it was scary."

"So you had muderous thoughts even as a child."

"Since I witnessed my first murder."

"Witnessing a murder as the first idea to our reality is always the hardest to not manifest into any of us in such a young age, but there's no point of avoiding it. When you think about it, the consequences aren't that great when they're avoidable."

"Like how no one has captured you yet. Even Jack hasn't realized the truth at all. I remember he said that I was the finest china but now I'm a painting of Picasso."

Hannibal flinched when his foot is stepped on.

"Sorry, I told you I haven't danced before."

"It's alright. You're doing better than most beginners."

"I figured it wasn't that hard."

Later, Will was taken back home. The car lights were still on since it was dark having lost the track of time. Hannibal may have done that deliberately. Like a cliché chick flick, Hannibal took Will to his front porch.

"I had an enjoyable time with you Will. I hope we can do this again."

"I enjoyed it too. Good night."

Hannibal smiles, leans in and kisses Will gently on his lips which surprises the man since he thought that all of this was more of a playful joke for the man. A kiss was seriously taking it too far.

Hannibal leans in more to whisper in his ear, "I'd like to hear you say my name for once." He leans back and shows a face of happy anticipation.


"I'd like to hear you same my name for once. Not once have you said it."

"Dr. Lecter?"

The man smiles wider. "My first name."

"Oh, your first name! Of course! Hannibal." He nods knowing he was acting like an idiot but to suddenly be kissed by a male cannibal psychopath who told you 'I love you' and take you on a date and asked you to say his name was all a confusing matter for a straight man.

"I'd like you to tell me good night with my first name. If you don't mind."

"Good night Hannibal...Lecter?" How Will stumbles for words just seem to enlighten the man all the more.

"Good night Will." A second kiss lands on his distorted face. "I love you." The man leaves and Will had much too contemplate.

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If any of you are lost, Will's face is disfigured and Hannibal still sees him. Hannibal becomes jealous by how Will intimately talks about his killer as if they were in a sexual relationship which made him immaturely confess his love though Will just takes it as a misunderstanding since the man just said it so abruptly.

Later, they go on a date, Clarice Starling is mentioned but it states in my story that Hannibal isn't interested in her. And then back home, he kisses him, Will is shocked. Says good bye, kisses him again and then more shock.

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