The Farewell

Sora opened his eyes slowly, he was a bit disorientated, however he remembered what happened, he fought against Xehanort's young self and then passed out after defeating him. He was in a hospital room, lying on a bed without his jacket, gloves and shoes so he deduced that he was in Shibusen's dispensary, maybe the adults who were watching the fight brought him there. Sora was the only one in the room, so his friends must be healed already and he wondered how much time had passed since he blacked out.

The boy looked at his left, he could see through a window that it was early and he also saw a small table with things on it at the side of his bed. There was a small blackboard with his student card on it, Black*Star's autograph written on it was also there along with some candies that, according to Sora, Patty could be the one who put them there. In front of his bed there was a cabinet full of medicines, all of which were arranged symmetrically.

"Only Kid would have done something like that," thought Sora sweat-dropping.

The door at the right side of the room opened and a dark-skinned woman crossed it, she was covered with bandages and wore a nurse uniform. She noticed that Sora was awake and greeted him.

"Oh, good morning Sora," she said. "Are you feeling all right?"

"Yes, thanks Ms.…um," Sora wanted to thank her since it seems that she is the person who has been taking care of him, but he didn't know her name.

"My name is Mira Nygus," she said. "I'm Professor Sid's partner and the assistant of Dr. Stein as Shibusen's interim nurse. I've heard a lot of good things about you so I'm glad that we finally met."

"Likewise and thanks for taking care of me Ms. Nygus," said Sora. "Could you tell me how long have I been here?"

"Your fight against the boy with silver hair took place the day before yesterday," said Nygus. "All the meisters who fought him recovered the same day, but you have been sleeping until today."

"I see…I'm glad they are okay," Sora said.

"They have come to visit you frequently," said the woman. "It seems that they care a lot about you."

"Yeah, they are great," said Sora smiling a little. "Ms. Nygus about the black blood…"

"I wanted to talk to you about that precisely," she said. "Dr. Stein has done some analysis and it looks like the black blood inside you has stopped moving, as if something was blocking it. He told me that it was something that you did therefore you shouldn't have problems with that blood anymore. Anyway, you're feeling fine, right?"

"Yes, I feel great," Sora answered.

"I'm glad," Nygus said. "By the way, Stein has already explained to the others about how your black blood is now disabled, so don't worry about giving explanations and don't be too hard on Soul and Maka."

"I wasn't planning on blaming them or anything," said Sora. "All this gave me experience and now I'm stronger than before so I should thank them instead."

"Sid was right, you're a good boy," Nygus said which made Sora feel a bit embarrassed. "Your wounds have also healed very quickly, at first I was surprised but Sid told me that you can use healing magic so I thought it was normal."

The Keybearer found strange that all the wounds of his body had disappeared so quickly, it was true that he could use Cure spells, but not when he was unconscious, but then he remembered a certain girl with pink hair who could use healing magic.

"I have to thank her for it," thought Sora and then he started to get up.

"Are you sure you want to get up already?" asked Nygus. "Don't you want to rest more?"

"Don't worry," assured Sora with a smile. "Besides, I think that I've slept enough."

"Very well then," she said. "You should tell Shinigami-sama that you've already woken up so don't forget to pay him a visit, okay?"

Sora nodded as he put his clothes on, then he walked to the door, he needed to stretch his legs before going to the Death Room and he also wanted to see if he could find his friends. While he walked around, Soul, Maka, Black*Star and Tsubaki were entering the academy.

"Hey, let's skip class and go to see how is Sora doing," said Black*Star. "Maybe I should write my autograph on his face to see if that makes him recover faster."

"Please don't do that, he'll get angry…well no," Tsubaki said remembering that Sora isn't someone who get upset easily. "Just don't do it, okay?"

Soul and Maka didn't talk a bit, both of them were still thinking about the black blood issue and felt guilty about it, they didn't know how to face Sora now, but they will have to do it eventually.

"Are you two still thinking about what Professor Stein said?" asked Black*Star who noticed that Maka and her partner were very quiet. "His black blood can't do anything now, you should be glad."

"Still it was our fault that he almost got killed by Xehanort…" said Maka with a low voice while he looked at the floor as she walked. "Surely he hates us because of it…"

"Who hates you?" asked someone. The Scythe Meister looked up to see a recovered Sora in front of her, he was looking at her and Soul and she started to get nervous since the girl didn't know what to say. Soul saw that Maka didn't talk so he decided to be the one talking although it didn't had a good result since he didn't know what to say either.

"Sora…we are-" said the boy, but the Keyblade wielder interrupted him.

"Thank you," he said and Soul and Maka looked really confused at him. "If it were not for you, I wouldn't have been able to fix a problem I had with myself that could have ended up killing me, so don't even think about blaming yourself for what has happened since you've done me a great favor."

Both students were speechless, they didn't understand how Sora could be so forgiving and kind, another person wouldn't have said the same thing and now they realized how lucky they were to be his friends.

"Wow, I…well, just thanks man," said Soul, but Maka was still quiet and suddenly she embraced Sora in a hug which at first surprised the Keyblade wielder but then he returned the hug.

"Thank you, Sora," said Maka who was crying a bit but no one noticed. She was really worried since now three of her friends had black blood inside them, but Sora wasn't the kind of person that ditches friends.

"Boy, this girl is always so sappy," said Black*Star.

"Anyway, we're happy to see that you're healed," Tsubaki said giving Sora a warm smile.

"Yeah, this gets boring without you around," Black*Star said as he and Sora high-fived.

"Yay~ group hug," cheered Patty who saw Maka hugging Sora and she wanted to do the same. She was being followed by her older sister and Kid.

"I see that you had a perfect recovery, I'm glad," said the shinigami.

"We were worried when we saw that you were still sleeping," Liz said.

"What can I say, I've been always a lazy bum," Sora joked and the others laughed. Suddenly the Keyblade wielder felt someone tugging his pants and when he looked down he saw Fire and Thunder who were happy to see him. The spiky bot let go of the two girls who were hugging him and crouched to greet the two kids. Their meister was also approaching the group followed by Ox, Kim and their weapon partners.

"Hey, good to see you Sora," Kilik said as he and the Keybearer fist-bumped.

"I'm glad that all your wounds are healed now," Ox said. "You were pretty injured after the fight."

"Yeah, you could say that I had a miraculous recovery," Sora said, then he winked discretely at Kim and the girl looked away while blushing slightly. "I'm going to see Shinigami-sama, do you want to come?"

The fourteen students followed Sora to the Death Room, when they arrived at the room they were greeted by Stein who was talking with Maka's father. The redhead went to hug Maka right after he saw her, but the girl chopped him and sent him away with a bump on his head. Marie was also there and when she saw Sora, she immediately went to hug him and you could tell by Sora's face that she was using too much force.

"Ah, Sora, I see that you woke up," said Stein as Marie let go of the Keybearer. "Did Nygus tell you about…?"

Sora just nodded, he didn't want to mention the black blood since Soul and Maka were still a bit uneasy although they already now that he wasn't mad with them. The Keybearer looked at Shinigami-sama who was staring at the boy intensely.

"Good job, Sora-kun!" he said with a funny voice and doing the victory symbol. "My old pal Yen Sid didn't joke when he said that you were the best at your job."

"Yen Sid?" asked Soul curious.

"Former Keyblade wielder and my actual master," Sora answered which surprised the others.

"He must be really powerful," Kid said wondering how the former Keyblade wielder would look.

"Anyway, as I said, you did a splendid job," Shinigami said. "Although I didn't expect that Xehanort would come here, you knew how to keep him in check at the end and you did a good job against the Heartless too!"

"If you let me Shinigami-sama, there's something I'm still curious about," Stein said. "Sora, during the fight you lose consciousness and another person took control of your body, according to the kids his name was Roxas, do you know him?"

"So that's what he did," thought Sora. "Yeah, of course I know him."

"Could you tell us who is he?" asked the doctor. "I'm sure that everyone would like to know more about him."

Sora sighed since he was previewing another round of explanations although he didn't mind at all, besides he was sure that Roxas would like him to tell them about him, they were his friends too after all.

"Do you remember what I explained you about Nobodies?" asked Sora and the doctor answered with a yes. He and Sora had a private talking the day Xehanort appeared, the doctor investigated a lot about the Heartless and about Xehanort and he asked Sora to explain him some things since he was probably one of the people who knew more about those subjects.

"What is a Nobody?" asked Ox and Maka at the same time, they were also curious and had interest in knowing more about the Nobodies.

"If someone with a strong heart and will becomes a Heartless," explained Stein, "a Nobody will be also created. A Nobody is like the body of the original self but without a heart, however recently Sora discovered that the Nobodies retain a small part of their original self's heart and end up developing their own."

"Roxas is my Nobody," said Sora and everyone looked astonished at him.

"Hey that's cool, you have him to watch your-," Soul said but he stopped when he realized that something was wrong about what Sora said. "Wait a moment, if you have a Nobody, then you…"

"I've been a Heartless," Sora finished what Soul was about to say and the people in the room looked at him with worried and dumbfounded faces.

"Okay, that's new, you didn't tell us about that," Harvar said.

"Wait, during the fight against Xehanort you looked like one," Jackie said. "Was it there?"

"No, that was just the side effect," Sora said.

"Could you tell us about it?" Stein asked who found Sora's story really interesting.

"Sure, I've already broken that rule completely so I don't mind telling you about what happened," Sora said.

"What rule? Are you breaking a rule?" asked Maka. She always has been someone who followed the rules strictly so she wanted to know what Sora meant when he said that and Shinigami-sama explained what was that rule.

"The meddling rule," he said. "It's supposed that only the Keyblade wielders should know about other worlds since most of them are in charge of protecting them. Basically you shouldn't even know that Sora-kun is here, but since I know about other worlds and I told you about it, that doesn't matter anymore."

"What a silly rule," Black*Star said. "If I were a Keyblade wielder, I'd make sure to tell everyone that I'm around."

"Even if you're not a Keyblade wielder you would do that anyway," Soul said and then he looked at Sora. "You can start when you're ready."

Sora nodded and started to tell them what happened with Kairi when his home was destroyed by the Heartless and how he traveled to look for her and Riku. He told them how she lost her heart and how the heart went into his body. The most difficult part was when he told them about Riku and how Xehanort's Heartless possessed him and then he explained them how he freed Kairi's heart to complete the Keyhole of Hollow Bastion and how she later could make him return to his normal self.

"That's how Roxas was born, I guess," said Sora and when he looked at the people who were listening to, he saw that they had different expressions, the boys were smiling at him mischievously while the girls looked at him touched and with admiration. Sora was starting to get nervous with all those stares.

"I didn't expect less from you," Spirit said smiling.

"What?" Sora was now more confused and then Marie grabbed his hands and looked at him.

"Good job Sora," she said. "When it comes to love you have to work hard and that girl is very lucky to have you at her side."

Sora's face started to get red. "Hey, wait a moment, I think you misunderstood the whole story!"

"I don't know, from the way you said it she looks more than just a friend," teased Jacqueline.

"It seems that you also have a princess to court," Ox said to Sora while he looked at Kim who rolled her eyes.

"Seriously, it's not-"

"Who would have guessed the mighty Keyblade's Chosen One had a love interest," Kilik joked.

"I think it's cute," Tsubaki said.

"Become into a Heartless for a girl," Stein said. "I've never understood love, but I can tell that she has a special effect on you."

"Give me a break…" said Sora.

"By the way, you mentioned Xehanort's Heartless," Kid said. "Then he has a Nobody, right?"

"Indeed, his Nobody is called Xemnas and created an organization of thirteen Nobodies," answered Sora after the blush disappeared from his face. "Roxas was in the organization as the last member."

"Roxas was with the bad guys?!" Black*Star exclaimed.

"Not exactly," Sora said. "As Prof. Stein said, at first it was believed that Nobodies didn't have a heart, but Xemnas knew that it wasn't true and tricked many Nobodies into joining his organization, but unfortunately for him, some of them betrayed him and Roxas was one of them."

"That sounds more reasonable," said Kid. "Besides he wouldn't have helped us if he was one of Xehanort's allies."

"Well, let's not talk more about this," said the headmaster. "We'll leave it to Sora and his fellows Keyblade wielders and I'm sure they will prevail. Now Sora…"

"Yeah, it's time to go," finished him.

"Aww, are you going to leave already?" said Patty. "What about the party?"

"What party?" asked Sora a tad confused.

"We planned to have a party in my house to thank you for everything you've done," Kid clarified. "It's in your honor so do you think you could stay one more day with us?"

"Well, I guess it wouldn't harm to stay here one more day," Sora said with a smile on his face and the others returned it, glad that he could stay a bit more.

"I'm glad to hear that," said Kid. "You'll have to dress formally and if you let me cut your hair…"

"That's drawing the line," said Sora covering his hair. "I don't have formal clothes either."

"Don't worry about that," said Liz grabbing Sora's left arm. "Patty and I will take you shopping and choose a suit."

"Yeah, let's go!" said Patty grabbing Sora's right arm and the two sisters started to drag him out of the Death Room much to the amusement of the other students.

Later the party at Gallows Mansion began and a lot of students attended to it, the atmosphere was very calm despite Black*Star shouts. Sora was eating some food that looked really delicious, he was very relaxed although that was easy after the fight he had recently. The Keybearer saw how Patty and Black*Star were gobbling the food and he found the situation funny, although there were some people who were looking at them with weird faces.

"Sorry about those two," said Kid who approached Sora when he was looking at Patty and Black*Star. "I know is a bit difficult to calm down when they are around."

"Not really, this is probably one of the most relaxing moments I had in a long time," Sora said. "Besides, there's always someone who is crazy in a party."

"You're not wrong," Kid said smiling and suddenly Kilik appeared behind them.

"Hey Sora, how are you doing?" he said. "Let me say that you look weird dressed like this, it doesn't suit you, you'd look better with your normal clothes."

"What are you saying?" said Liz who heard him. "He looks really handsome, right Patty?"

"Yup, c'mon Sora, let's dance," said Patty and she dragged him to where some people were dancing.

"This girl is a bit rough sometimes," Kid said.

Meanwhile Soul and Maka looked how after dancing with Patty, a lot of girls were asking Sora to dance with them. The poor boy was being cornered by the female students and Soul couldn't help but laugh.

"He sure is a ladies' man," Soul said although Maka didn't look amused.

"They are all over him," she pouted. "I also want to dance with him."

"Then why don't you ask him instead of waiting here?" asked Soul but Maka didn't answer and Soul sighed. "I don't understand you."

"I still don't believe he forgave us for the black blood," Maka said.

"Yeah, he's a good friend," said Soul. "Although I didn't understand what he meant with fixing a problem he had with himself, but I'm glad that he's all right."

"Right…" said the Scythe Meister. "Do you think we'll ever be able to go to other worlds?"

Soul looked surprised at her partner, he didn't expect that question although he had to admit that he also wanted to visit different worlds.

"Who knows?" he said. "First we should fix the problem with the Kishin, don't you think?"

Sora was sitting on a chair after dancing with a lot of girls; fortunately Kim and Jackie could save him from them although the two also wanted to dance with him which made Ox jealous.

"Man, I'm tired but at least this was easier than those dances in Atlantica," thought Sora while he rested, then Tsubaki approached the spiky boy and sat next to him.

"Sora, I wanted to thank you for what you've been doing for Black * Star these days," she said but the Keybearer didn't understand what the girl meant. "Before you arrived, he has been acting a bit weird, you know that he's someone who loves to win and lately he lost his victory strike with some people."

"I'm one of those people?" asked Sora.

"Yes," she said, "but when we met and you won against us, I thought that he was going to continue acting like that, but surprisingly after fighting you he changed a little, he started to be like he was before that slump. I don't know how you did it, but I'm really grateful."

"You're welcome," Sora said smiling at the girl. "But, you know, I think that he should take a break."

"Actually, I planned to take a trip with him to visit my parents, Shinigami-sama gave me the green light," Tsubaki said. "Please don't say anything, I'd like to be the one telling him."

"Don't worry, my lips are sealed," said Sora as the rest of his friends approached him.

"Hey Sora," began Soul, "I'd like to know how you got here, what do you use to travel around the worlds?"

"I use a spaceship," Sora said bluntly.

"..." Sora's answer left him speechless for a second. "Are you serious?"

"Really, is a big spaceship," Sora repeated.

"Then you are an alien?!" Black*Star exclaimed.

"Don't you remember that he is from this world?" asked Kid hopelessly and Black*Star laughed.

"These two weeks have gone really fast," Liz said. "We're going to miss you, Sora."

"We'll meet again, I'm sure of that," said the Keybearer.

"When you return, we can play another basketball match," Soul said.

Sora looked at him with suspicious eyes. "Are you trying to cheat me again?"

"Of course not, Captain Sora," replied him with a smirk on his face and the others laughed.

"Sora, let's make a deal," Black*Star said. "When you defeat that Xehanort guy and I kill the Kishin, we'll have another duel to see who is stronger."

"Who said that you were going to be the one who defeated the Kishin?" thought everyone sweat-dropping.

"All right, it's a promise," Sora said and he and Black*Star shook hands.

The Keyblade wielder was now in the Gummi Ship leaving Death City, the day after the party he went to Shibusen to say goodbye to everyone and before he left, Maka told him that everyone wanted to have a photo to remember him and Sora thought that it was a good idea. He looked at the photo; everyone was there, the students, the teachers and Shinigami-sama. He really enjoyed his stay in Death City and besides it helped him to become stronger than he was, he really wanted to visit them again in a future.

When he was halfway to the tower, the Gummi Ship started to emit a sound; it was an incoming call from somewhere. Sora picked up the call and saw Riku on the screen.

"Hey Riku, what's up?" Sora said, happy to see a familiar face.

"I can't complain, how about you? Did you finish your mission in Death City?" Riku said.

Sora grinned. "Yup, the city is safe and clear of Heartless," he answered. "I'm heading to the tower now."

"That won't be necessary," Riku said and Sora looked at him confused. "Yen Sid told me to inform you about another world under the Heartless attack."

Sora sighed since he was hoping to see his friends again, but first things first. "Where and how bad is the invasion?"


(To be continued in The Guild's Light Warrior)

My first story is finished; I've got to say that I really enjoyed writing it so I hope enjoyed reading it. There will be a "sequel" in a future, I'm going to write a fanfic called "Kingdom Hearts: The Light Guardians" and Sora will see the Soul Eater cast again along with other characters.