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In space with earth shown with a giant hole after the great mushroom war. It was very quiet and peaceful until a giant spaceship showed up out of nowhere because of cloaking technology. In the ship there were masked alien hunters with hunting gears, ancient artifacts, and tons of skulls for trophies. One of the masked hunters are targeting on earth and searching main objectives (2 species).

1:Xenomorphs, Deadliest space monsters in the universe of an unknown origin.

2:Last Human, An endangered species who apparently survived the mushroom war long ago and grows very powerful.

The hunters had send 4 others to the pods and transported them to a location on earth called OOO.

This could mean the hunt begins!

On the land of OOO

The human boy named Finn (who is 16 years old now) is facing a giant octopus monster, squirting sticky ink all over the grasslands and the animals. The octopus use its tentacles to swipe Finn out of the way, but Jake the magic dog grow his hand big to catch Finn.

Finn: Thanks Jake, I owe you one!

Jake: No problem dude!

Finn: Man, this guy is like unstoppable or something!

The octopus was about to squirt ink to Finn and Jake but suddenly there's big fire behind the beast, heating it in exhausted so it retreats back into the ocean where it came from. The fire transformed into a beautiful girl, revealing to be Finn's girlfriend flame princess (who is also 16 years old too).

Finn: Thanks FP, I owe you that too!

FP: Your welcome FTH, I just always like being a hero like you guys!

Finn: Glad to here it, so what do you guys wanted to do?

Jake: How about we pranks on the Ice King!

Finn: Uh Jake, he and Gunter went out to place called wizard and pet face off contest.

Jake: Well that's a bummer.

FP: How about we spy on BMO of what he's doing.

Finn and Jake: Good Idea!

At night after spying on BMO talking to himself in the mirror, Flame princess stayed with the two boys in the Tree Fort for the night.

Finn took of his shirt, hat, and his shoes off to rest, Flame princess is wearing tinfoil sleepwear to snuggle with her boyfriend.

They both kissed and FP's matrix didn't exploded like last time(because they went to find a magic doctor to make her matrix completely stable for any romance so she wouldn't burn the whole world, plus while kissing her doesn't burn Finn's mouth).

FP: So Finn...

Finn: Yeah?

FP: Have you ever thought about having children?

Finn: Yeah, definitely.

FP: Do you thing they could become royalist or heroes like us?

Finn: I would say either.

FP: Me too.

Finn: Goodnight FP.

FP: Goodnight FTH.

They both kissed again and then they sleep.

Suddenly outside, 4 falling pods from space head for separate ways.

1 headed for the fire kingdom, 2 headed for the swamps, 3 headed for the mountains, and 4 headed near the candy kingdom!

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