Why do I even bother

I mean, it's not like he's there anyway

All that's left now,

Is an old man with a crown who's gone cra-zay

Is it even worth it?

The man who protected me and stood by my side

Has fallen prey to the ice

He left me once,

He came back twice,

The first overjoyed me to the core,

The second made me wish he'd already fallen through death's door

I think it'd be better to just end it now,

Then put him through even more pain,

He wants to remember, he really does,

But he's too far gone to ever remember,

At least, I know, no matter who he is,

He can give me his love,

But sometimes it goes a little too far,

I wonder if I'm more than just another Princess to him now,

He'd marry me if he had the chance,

He'd do a little... happy dance,

And this song is over.

What needed to be said, has.