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Episode setting: The Yoko Factor and Primeval

Note: I've decided to skip over New Moon Rising as it doesn't really effect Giles and Buffy's relationship.



Despite everything that had happened between them the previous week, there was still a tension hanging between Giles and Buffy. It was slowly receding, but not fast enough. There were still moments when Giles felt that things were never going to be the same between them. He ignored it of course. Waiting for the feeling of uncertainly and guilt to vanish.

Buffy was still spending all her free time patrolling, trying to find Adam. It wasn't take he didn't understand. They needed to find the creature before it killed again, and their was the constant feeling that they were running out of time. But he couldn't help but feel a little out of the loop, especially with Buffy working so closely with Riley, despite the man leaving the initiative.

Sat at home again, while Buffy made her rounds, Giles sat in on the floor beside Sam's crib. He's been more grizzle of late. The doctor reassuring them it was just him teething, though Giles wondered it if had something to do with Buffy rarely being around.

With his guitar in his lap he sang gently to his son, hoping to calm him.

"If I leave here tomorrow,

Would you still remember me?

Well, I must be travelling on now,

There's too many places I've got to see.

And if I stay here with you, girl,

Things just couldn't be the same.

Cos I'm as free as a bird now…ahh!"

Giles yelped as he looked up to see Spike stood in the doorway for Sam's room.

"You know, for someone who's got 'watcher' on his resume…" Spike grinned. "…you might wanna cast an eye to the front door every now and again."

Giles scrambled to his feet. "What do you want?" he demanded, placing the guitar against the wall and reaching for Sam, who'd begun to cry again.

Spike waved the bag of blood he'd retrieve from the fridge. "Buffy around?" he asked, walking casually out of the room.

"Why?" Giles snapped, following the vampire to his kitchen.

"I need to speak to the lady of the house. Be a pet and give her a message from me. Tell her I just might have something she just might want."

"And what might that something be?" Giles demanded, rocking Sam as he glared at the vampire who was making good use of his microwave.

"Information. Highly classified." Spike stated matter-of-factly. "Not cheap word-on-the-street prattle. I'm talking about the good stuff." he insisted at Giles disbelieving look.

"Thrill me?" Giles said, taking a seat at the counter.

"It's nothing I know." Spike scoffed. "What, you think I 'd come running over saying, I've got a secret, beat me till I talk? - There's files in the initiative. I'm pretty sure I know where."

Giles leant forwards, his interest peeked. "Files?"

"Yeah. Secrets. Mission statements. Design schematics. All of Maggie Walsh's dirty laundry, which I guess would include lots of tidbits about…"


"Yep." Spike grinned. "So, where is the love of your life tonight?"


Spike smirked. "Right. With Riley no doubt."

Giles glared at him dangerously.

Spike held up his hands as the alarm on the microwave sounded. "Just saying, that she seems to be spending a lot more time with him than here with you and the sprog. - But then she's young." he sighed, taking a gulp of his blood. "Anyway, just tell the misses that I want to talk to her. Make a deal." he murmured happily, walking out of the kitchen and heading for the door. "When you see her."

Giles glared at Spike's vanishing back, shifting Sam higher up his chest.

~Don't Lie~

"Buffy?" he moaned, when the bed dipped beside him.

"Yeah, go back to sleep."

Giles turned over in the bed and looked at the clock on Buffy's nightstand. Five thirty. "You been patrolling all night?"

"Yeah. We didn't find anything though. We'll head out again tonight."

"We?" he murmured sleepily.

"Me and Riley."

Giles hated that Spike's subtle taunts were suddenly flying around his head as his girlfriend snuggled closer into his embrace.

~Don't Lie~

Buffy stumbled down the steps of the complex, blood seeping from the cut on her head. She was halfway down the steps when she heard someone behind her. She turned, prepared to fight only to freeze. "Angel?"


She stared up at him, confused. Her heart racing. "Your hurt."

"You too." he nodded at the cut on her head.

"I'll live. - You want to tell me who ran your face into the door, now?"

"Not really, its not world-in-peril kinda stuff."

"Let me guess. You thought of something else really hurtful to say and couldn't use the phone because the funniest part is the look on my face…."

"Buffy, please. I really don't have a lot of time."

"What's going on?" Buffy frowned, nervous and concerned.

She took leapt back as Angel fell forward under the weight of another body, making them tumble down the stairs. She rushed the rest of the way, yanking at Riley to get him off her ex.

"Riley! Riley get off him!"

"He attacked four of my men Buffy. I think he's up to his old tricks."

"He won't hurt you!" Buffy snapped yanking Riley back so he few across the courtyard. "Enough. One more display of testosterone poisoning and I'll personally put you both in the hospital!" she snapped. The commotion grabbing the attention of the surrounding apartments. Buffy front door flew open as Giles, Willow, Tara and Spike stood staring at the scene.

"Well, my my, isn't this a fun little reunion." he murmured, glancing smugly over his shoulder to Giles as Buffy stepped between Riley and Angel.

"Anybody think I'm exaggerating?" Buffy snapped, looking between them.

"I'm sorry. I just wanted to make sure you were safe."

"Awe, isn't that sweet." Spike whispered, shouldering Willow meaningfully.

Buffy turned to see the other standing in the door, meeting Giles gaze. "I need to speak to Angel."

Angel straightened up, his gaze following Buffy to find Giles glaring at him.

Riley looked between them for a moment before heading for the apartment, angrily shoulder through the line of bodies that had gathered there.

"Touchy!" Spike huffed, turning to follow, sending another look at Willow.


The ex-watcher stared at the pair of them before stepping inside and heading straight for the liquor bottles.

She turned back to Angel, her arms folded over her chest. "Okay, I come to see you, to help you and you treat me like I'm just…your ex…"

"Well technically…."

"Shut up! And then you order me out of your city and then you show up two weeks later and start pounding on my friends! I would really like to know: What the hell are you trying to do?"

"I was trying to make things better." Angel murmured guiltily.

Buffy stared up at him in surprise before the ridiculousness of the situation got to her and she burst into laughter. "Of course you were." she shook her head.

"I would have come earlier but I've had things to deal with."


"Some of it." Angel sighed. "Listen Buffy, I'm sorry for what I said. It was out of line." he rubbed at his eyes.

"And Riley?"

"I got jumped by some soldiers. He came in in the middle. He wasn't real forthcoming with the benefit of the doubt."

Buffy nodded. "Yeah. Put yourself in his place."

"I guess."

"Look. You weren't entirely wrong in what your said in LA. We don't live in each others worlds anymore. I had no right to barge into yours and make judgements."

"I'm still sorry."

"Me too." Buffy smiled.

"And next time…I'll apologize by phone." Angel smiled.

Buffy huffed a laugh. "Would probably be best."

"Things are pretty tense around here."

"Understatement." Buffy murmured.

"Can I do anything?"

Buffy met his gaze, a smile on her lips. "Leave."

"Right." he nodded. "See ya round."

"Hopefully not for a while."

They shared a hug before Angel headed for the stairs.



"It means a lot that you came."

The vampire nodded once more, taking a few moments before vanishing up the last few steps.

Buffy hung back for a few moments, taking deep breaths. Finally she turned towards the apartment and walked inside. She found Riley sat on the couch, staring at her. Willow sat at the computer working while shooting her boyfriend concerned, anxious looks. Giles was sat at the breakfast bar, sipping at his drink.

"Well, I'll leave you all to it. Let me know if you need me." Spike said, skipping out with a spring in his step and a grin on his face.

"So? - How bad are you hurt?" Buffy asked, meeting Riley's gaze.

"I'm fine." he replied harshly.

She glanced around the room.

"What did Angel want?" Giles asked, his tone cold and angry.

"To apologize. For LA."

Giles scoffed. "Because they don't have telephone's in LA."

"I know." Buffy sighed. She rubbed at her arms as the tension and cold descended on her.

Trying to ignore the tension she turned to Willow. "What are you working on?"

"The disks Spike brought us."

"Spike brought disks? What disks?"

"Stuff from the initiative." Giles grumbled.

Buffy shared a look with Riley, confused. Willow glanced up from the computer, her gaze flickering from her best friend to her boyfriend with a deep frown.

"So what's on them?" Buffy asked turning back to her friend.

Clearing her throat, Willow dropped her gaze to the screen. "It's still encrypted."

"How long before you….un-crypt it?" Buffy asked, her attention torn between Willow and Giles, who was leaning out of the kitchen while opening a fresh bottle of scotch.

"Hours. Days. - Months, maybe." Willow murmured with a shrug. Her fingers moving over the keys of her laptop.

The door opened behind them to reveal Xander, clearly in a bad mood. Buffy didn't do much more than nod an acknowledgement.

"Need help?" Riley said, marching over to Willow's side.

"I'm fine." the red-head said a little sharply.

Buffy moved her hand to rub at her head, only to remember the cut she'd gotten during her fight with Adam. Hissing in a breath at the pain she drew her fingers away bloody.

"You okay?" Riley asked, taking a concerned step towards her. "You should clean that." he lifted her chin and stared at the wound. "Don't want it getting infected."

An odd noise came from the table, and Buffy turned to see Willow's back painfully straight and took a step away from Riley, the man's hand instantly dropping as if burnt.

She held her breath for a second before turning to see Giles staring into a glass, the look on his face saying he'd noticed the completely innocent gesture and was taking it all the wrong way. "It's fine. Just cracked it on a rock while fighting Adam."

"You fought Adam?" Giles head snapped around to stare at her. "When?"

"About an hour ago. I just woke up in the woods and headed back here. He was in some cave." she took another breath and turned to Riley. "I…I'm afraid he killed….Forrest."


"I tried to stop him but…" she pointed at her head. "Knocked out."

"I've got to go." Riley snapped, rushing for the door without another word.

"Riley, wait, just…." Buffy tired to protest.

"Ri…." Willow began but was cut short by the slamming of the apartment door.

Buffy sighed and began to pace the room, a blanket of heavy tension weighing over them. Her eyes constantly searching out Giles who hadn't so much as looked at her since she'd walked through the door.


Willow kept her eyes fixed to the screen, her lips pressed together.

"Come on Will, we're on the clock. Adam was at that cave, so maybe he was there for a reason. - Maybe I should go back, scope it out….."

"Right! Them maybe you'll get lucky and he'll still be there." Willow snapped, leaping out of her seat. "And he can rip your arms off for you! Buffy, you can't go back alone."

Buffy frowned at her friend.

"You never train with me. He'll kick you arse." Giles added unhelpfully.

"Giles!" Buffy snapped, glaring at her boyfriend.

"Sorry. Was it a bit honest? Terribly sorry!"

Buffy stared at the older man. "You're drunk." she scolded.

"So she doesn't go alone." Xander said, getting to his feet. "Giles, weapons all around."

"You're not going, Xander." Buffy said calmly, her eyes still locked on Giles. "You'd get hurt."

"Oh. Ok, you and Willow go do the superpower thing." Xander snapped furiously. "I'll putt around the Batcave with crusty old Alfred here." he waved his arm in Giles direction.

"No, I am no Alfred, sir. - No, you forget. Alfred had a job." Giles slurred.

"What are you talking about. - And Willow isn't going wither. I'm doing it alone."

"Oh, great. And then, when you have your new 'no arms' we can tell Sam, it's a good thing we didn't get in the way of that!" Willow snapped sarcastically.

"You guys, this isn't helping." Frowning at the group, fully aware of Tara and Anya's not to subtle retreat to the bathroom.

"Wow, we're good that this huh?" Willow scoffed. "I know, maybe you can called my boyfriend and take him as back up, and after you guys can go back to his dorm and 'train'."

Buffy's brows drew tight together. "Will? Will what….?"

"She's right. You can go off with young soldier boy and I'll just stay here with Sam while you live it up with Riley and all your new college friends."

"This is stupid."

"Stupid?" Xander snapped. "You finally had the guts to say it to my face."

"I didn't say you were stupid! So stop being an idiot and let me fix this! - Ok, I need you. I need both of you, all the time. Just not now. Adam is very dangerous."

"Wait. How do you need me, really?" Willow frowned, unconvinced but the sincerity in her friends pleading voice.

"You're good with the computer stuff…usually. And there's the witch stuff" Buffy stared between her friends, flustered by the turn in the conversation. "You guys, what's happening? This is crazy!"

"Oh, no, it's not. It's all finally making perfect sense." Giles replied harshly. "And I'm not going to miss a moment of it." he turned towards the stairs, dragging his shirt over his head.


"And if I did join the army, I'd be great! You know why?"

"Who said anything about the army?" Buffy frowned.

"I might get a job that couldn't be done by a Border collie." Xander ranted.

"That's it. I'm going to bed." Giles annoyed, his voice muffled by his jumper.

"You'd do wonderful in the army." Willow said.

Buffy was getting a headache and she was more than sure it had nothing to do with the head injury. Whatever had happened in the last ten minutes was drilling its way through her mind. She wondered if maybe they'd all become the victims of some kind of spell, making her friends turn on her, and each other. She stood watched Willow and Xander argue and felt her stomach cramp. This had to have something to do with Adam. It just had to.

"You guys, stop this! What happened to you today?"

"It's not today! Buffy, things have been wrong for a while." Willow insisted, her arms folded over her chest. "Don't you see that?"

"What do you mean, wrong?" Buffy frowned.

"Well, they certainly haven't been right, since I started dating Riley. I knew you liked him."

Buffy stared at her friend. "I don't. I mean, I do…but not like that. I have Giles I don't…"

"Right. You have Giles." the older man slurred from the loft. "The old drunken sod who can't even keep a job he was born to have, let alone a young sexy girlfriend."

Buffy stared at the loft, her heart racing at the man's words.

"No! It was bad before that." Xander put in. "Since you two went off to college and forgot about me. Just left me in the basement to wither away."

"Enough!" Buffy yelled, her head ringing. Her calm crumbling under the weight of her friends attack. "All I know is, you wanna help, right? Be part of the team?"

"I don't…" the pair looked awkwardly at each other as the fire began to burn itself out.

"No! No, you said you wanted to do. So let's go! All of us. We'll go to the cave with you two attacking me and the jealous drunk drooling on my shoes! - Hey! Hey, maybe that's the secret way to kill Adam." Buffy yelled furiously.


"Is that it? Is that how you can help? You're not answering me! How can you possibly help?"

Xander opened his mouth to protest and argue back only to find no words, guilt and regret slowly clawing at his insiders.

"So….I guess I'm starting to understand why there's no ancient prophecy about a Chosen One and her friends!"

Buffy marched past the silent pair towards the back of the house, into the bedroom where she found Sam gone, looking around she followed the sound of cry to the bathroom. Pushing it open she found Anya cradling her weeping son on the toilet. Reaching for him, she marched back to the living room and straight for the door, grabbing her coat to wrap around him.

~Don't Lie~

Buffy rolled out of her old bed in her old room with a weight of loneliness on her chest. She'd barely slept the night before partly because of her fight with her friend, partly because she was alone. She missed the reassuring warmth of having Giles beside her. She couldn't understand what had happened. Things had been going so well for them. All of them.

Groaning she pushed herself up in bed and glanced around her room, sighing. Sam was still sleeping, though not exactly soundly. He's been restless all night and she knew it was because he missed his dad, as much as she did. She still couldn't believe Giles had acted the way he had. That he believed she was having an affair with Riley. Then she couldn't believe Willow thought that either. Sure she'd been spending more time with him than usual, but that was purely due to hunting down Adam. Northing else. - Of course Angel's surprised appearance hadn't helped matters.

Running her fingers through her hair she sighed once more. What did it say about her relationships that they could turn against her the way they had? What was she meant to do to fix it? - Hell, did she even want to fix it?

Throwing back her covers she headed for the bathroom, after emptying her bladder she stared at herself in the mirror. The cut on her head was healing, but it was still visible, reminding her that she needed to get back out there. Something was happening. Adam was making his move, she could feel that. She'd have to deal with it alone, something she'd never had to do before, even before coming to Sunnydale she'd always has someone to help her. Merrick. Pike. She wondered if perhaps she should call Riley, but considering the root of all her problems, she quickly brushed it aside. No doubt he was busy trying to fix his own relationship, if Will had ripped into him the same ways she'd done to her last night.

Heading back to the bedroom, she got dress, snatched up the baby monitor and headed down to the kitchen. She hadn't filled her mom in on what had happened. She didn't want to hear the I told you so, so she'd just said that Giles had gone out drinking with friends. She knew from the look on her mom's face that the woman hadn't believed her for a second.

She found her mom at the island sipping tea and flipping through the paper. The older woman looked up at she walked in a gave her a reassuring smile, once again prove she hadn't believed Buffy's story last night.

"Morning sweetheart. You want coffee?"

Buffy fixed a smile in place and strolled over to the island. "No thanks mom. I've got to head out. Important slayer stuff. - Can you look after Sam today?"

Joyce looked at her intensely for a second before nodding. "Of course." she took the monitor.

"Thanks mom. I don't know how late I'll be."

"That's fine."

Buffy hovered for a second, looking from her mom to the window.

"Buffy, is everything alright?"

She chewed on her lip, wanting to slip every painful moment from the previous night but wasn't ready. It was still too raw. "Fine. Just this whole Adam thing. I better go." she turned and marched to the back door.

~Don't Lie~

Giles woke with a pounding head and the feeling he'd done something irrevocably stupid. With his eyes still close against the morning sunlight, he groaned and rolled over, his arm stretching out, searching for the warmth of his lovers body, only to find cold sheets. Instantly his eyes snapped open and he stared at the space. The memory of the previous night clawed its way through his hangover and he groaned.

The knocking he could hear apparently wasn't in his head. Throwing back the covers she slipped on his robe and rushed down the stairs, his stomach protesting at the movement. His head spinning all the way to the ground floor. Reaching the door he pulled it open reluctantly, squinting at the sunlight. It took his a moment to focus on the figures.

"Hey." Willow's voice reached his brain through the cloud of fog.

"Hello." he smiled. "Oh…um…pardon the robe." he stammered, wrapping the thing tighter around his body. Folding his arms over his chest. "Bit of a late start."


"Hope your feeling alright Mr Giles." smiled Willow's friend.

It took Giles a few seconds longer than he should to remember who she was. Tara. Willow's new roommate. "Oh…yes…quite well thank you." Considering he had the hangover from hell and may very well have destroyed his relationship with his irrational jealousy. "I'll probably have a brisk job later on." he added, fixing a smile into place. Later being next damn year.

He could feel the odd tension between them, but frankly couldn't understand where it was coming from. Willow seemed distant. He wondered if maybe he'd said something the previous night and just couldn't remember. He wouldn't put it past himself. "Did you want something?"

"I forgot my laptop….and the disks."

"Of course. Right. Come….come in." he waved his arm at the table. "Will you be working here? Typing? Talking? Because that would be fine."

"No, that's okay."

Giles smiled awkwardly over at Tara as Willow slipped her stuff into her back.

"Got 'em. So…" Willow turned uncomfortably to Giles. "See ya."

"Yes. Right. Well….good luck with all of that." he said, feeling weird and out of place in his own skin.

"Okay. Bye." Willow nodded, before reluctantly turning away. Tara on her heels.

Closing the door Giles knew he should have said something but couldn't quiet think what. His head was a mess right now. He stumbled into the kitchen and poured himself a glass of water. Downing it in one, he refilled it three time then headed for the bathroom. On his way out he hovered by the Sam's bedroom door, staring at the empty cot, sighing to himself. Fear ripping up his insides. He stepped back into the living room and went straight for the phone, lifting the receiver, only to hold back. If he was going to talk to Buffy he needed to have a clear head.

~Don't Lie~

Buffy made her way cautiously through the cave, her fingers tightening around the axe in her hands. It didn't take her long to find where Adam had set up home. Computers in one corner, a couch in the other and the faint aroma of cigarette smoke in the air. She rushed over to the computers, staring down at them. Maybe she should have brought Willow with her. A noise echoed from the tunnels and Buffy quickly headed back the way she came.

She turned a corner, weapon raised ready, only to find Spike.

"Easy Sheriff. Watch where your pointing that thing?" Spike murmured, holding up his hands in surrender.

"What are you doing here?" she said, relaxing her stance.

"Looking for a weekend get away place." Spike replied sarcastically. "Shove off." he headed the way Buffy had come.

"Adam's been using these caves." Buffy informed the vampire.

"What?" Spike stopped, looking back at her with an wholly unconvincing look of innocence and Buffy's spider instincts went on alert.

"I found his lair."

"Crips that's all I need…." he moaned, shaking his head. "…running into that goon."

"Well Adam's cut out of here, so whatever he's planning is about to go down."

"Look at little Nancy Drew. - What about those disks I nabbed. They 'ort to tell you something."

Buffy stared at the vampire, things slowly slotting into place in her head. "Willow has the disks."

"Well, I'd get on that. Can't ignore valuable information just because you two birds fell out, now can you?"

Bingo. "Right."

"Well. You do what you want. No worry of mine now is it?" Spike huffed, marching away.

Buffy stared after him for a second before running out of the cave. She needed to speak to the other. They'd been played.

~Don't Lie~

They stood in awkwardly in the center of campus, staring at each other. Buffy's eyes flickering to a weary looking Giles as he sipped on the coffee he'd picked up on the way over. It served him right if he had an hangover, she thought. "Where's Anya?" Buffy asked, turning her attention to Xander.

"Oddly, Anya decided not to join us, despite all the fun we had at our last meeting."

"And I don't think Tara felt welcome. - and Riley…" Willow looked at her feet. "I haven't seen him since last night."

Buffy looked concerned but forced it back. "Will, who told you me and Riley were having a….thing, specifically?"

"Well, I….Spike, specifically, but…"

"And who told you we through you should join the army?"

"That's not….exactly what he said." Xander grumbled, shamefully.

Buffy turned a questioning brow to Giles, staring at him.

"Well, Spike can be very convincing when…" he groaned. "I'm very stupid."

"He played us." Buffy sighed, looking between them all. "He wanted us to fight to split us up. That's where it came from. - The stuff we said last night?"

"Of course. Well, piffle. Let's move on." Giles scoffed.

"I'm movin"

"Me, too." Willow forced a nonchalant smile.

Buffy looked between her friends, her stomach in knots. They knew they were lying. It was obvious in the tension still hovering over them. Spike couldn't have made them say anything that wasn't true. He'd just tapped into her friends insecurities and used them. Spike's greatest weapon she hated to admit, was reading people.

"So, why do you think Spike made with the head games?"

"He's all dressed up with no one to bite. Gotta get his ya-yas somehow." Xander replied.

"I think it was more than that. I think it was Adam."

"Spike's working with Adam, after all we've done for….Nah. I can't even act surprised." Xander huffed.

Giles smirked at the younger man.

"I just went to Adam's lair…."

Giles head snapped around to stare at her with concern.

"He was gone." she quickly clarified. "But Spike just happened to be there. He made a big noise about getting information off the disks."

"Oh. I decrypted 'em." Willow announced eagerly, before sobering. "Well, they decrypted themselves, but I almost had it."

"What did they say?" Giles asked.

"A bunch of stuff we already knew about 314. But it also said there's some final phase, where Adam manufactures a bunch of creepy cyberdemonoids like him. There's a special lab in the initiative, but it didn't say where."

"He wanted me to know about his evil-guy assembly line. This lab, it's in the initiative?"

"Hidden somewhere."

Buffy thought for a moment before huffed. "I'll give the demon his due. He thought this one out."

They all stared at her intrigued and confused.

"What do you mean?" Willow frowned.

"Think how overcrowded the containment cells are in the initiative. Those demons were just too easy to catch. It's like they wanted in that place."

"The Trojan Horse." Giles sighed, taking off his glasses and rubbing at his eyes.

"Adam's making sure the demons attack the initiative from the inside."

"Demons verses soldiers. Massacre, massacre."

"And Adam has a neat pile of body parts to start assembling his army." Buffy sighed.

"Diabolical, yet…gross." Willow murmured.

"Does anybody else miss the mayor - I just wanna be a big snake?" Xander groaned.

"I've gotta shut him down. His final phase is about to start." Buffy said, turning to Giles desperately.

"We need to warn the initiative."

"They're not gonna listen to me." Buffy shook her head.

"Riley?" buffy asked, looking at Willow.

The red-head shrugged. "He's a deserter, I'm not sure they'll believe him either. - But I suppose we can try, I'll call his pager. Tell him to meet us at Giles."

"Ok, I'm confused again. Adam has this evil plan. Why is he so anxious for you to know about it?" Xander frowned.

"He wants me there. Probably figures I'll even the kill ratio."

"He's not worried you might kill, oh say…him?"

"No. He's really not." Buffy murmured. "Okay. Will, you go see Riley, we'll meet you back at Giles."

Willow nodded, turning she rushed off towards the dorms, hoping he'd finally found his way back to her place. The others turned in the direction of the parking lot and Giles car.

~Don't Lie~

Buffy stood in the back bedroom, staring at the empty crib, her back pressed to the wall, her arms folded. She was instantly aware of Giles the second he stepped into the room making her stiffen.

"Buffy. I…."

Buffy pressed her lips together. "If this doesn't work…."

"It'll work."

Buffy finally turned to look at him. "Now say that with confidence." she smiled slightly.

Giles stepped closer to her. "It'll work." he said a little more firmly.

Buffy turned back to the crib. "I….I never really considered that I might one day leave him."

Giles arms went around her instantly. "You're not going to leave him. It will work."

Buffy sunk back into her lovers hold, her head falling against his shoulder.

"Buffy, about last night."

"Can we just forget it." she sighed warily.

"I wish we could but….I'm sorry."

"It's fine. It was just Spike…."

"We both know that's not true, Buffy. Everything I said was on me, Spike just brought it to the surface."

Buffy turned in his arms. "I'm not having an affair with Riley. - Or Angel. Or anyone! I don't want anyone else but you. I wish you'd believe that. I love you."

Giles looked down at her sadly. "But after…..I'd understand."

"Hey. Look, I know we've had a hard time these past few months. It wasn't just because of Faith, things were weird between us before that. I was so caught up with the Initiative and Maggie Walsh, then with what happened with…" she swallowed. "…with Parker…stuff was just off." she pressed her hand to the side of his face.

Giles closed his eyes, leaning into her touch. "Maybe we've been moving too fast. You moving in here with me. Maybe your mum was right, you need to be nineteen."

"Hey." Buffy swiftly protested. "I've loved living here with you. It's my home now. It was awful last night, being away from you." she sighed.

"I'm just….I don't want to lose you." Giles murmured, tightening his arms around her. "Or Sam."

"Giles, you're not just my lover, you're one of my best friends, you're my watcher…."

"Not anymore."

"Always. - And you're the father of my child. You're not going to lose me, ever." she lied. Straining on her tip toes, she pressed her lips to his, the kiss quickly becoming passionate.

"Wow, sorry guys." Willow flushed.

They drew apart, their arms still locked around one another, as they looked at the red-head.

"Everything's ready. When you are."

Buffy looked up at Giles, nodding. "We're ready. - Let's finish this." she pulled her arms from around him, pressing one final kiss to his lips then heading for the door.

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