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Dreams Are What We Make Them

Buffy stood with Giles as Willow said goodbye to Riley at the front door of her mom's house. They'd headed back there after the chaos, the fight with Adam leaving everyone on a high from the power, so they'd agreed to have a spontaneous movie night. They hadn't actually discussed returning to the Summers' home, their feet had just taken them there. Habit probably. That call for comfort and safety.

There was also the fact that Sam was with his grandmother, and both Buffy and Giles needed to be close to their son after everything they'd gone through, connecting with the source of the slayer power had left them reeling and in need of an anchor.

"You okay?" Giles whispered beside her. His arm tightening around her shoulder.

Buffy lifted her eyes to meet his and smiled warmly. "Still buzzing."

Giles nodded understandingly and pressed a kiss to her temple, just as Joyce returned from the kitchen. Giles stiffened at the sight of his pseudo mother-in-law, his arm instantly pulling away from Buffy's shoulder. Buffy looked from him to her mom and held her breath. While things had gotten a little better, her mom having come to terms with the fact that her nineteen year old daughter was in a relationship with a man old enough to be her father, none of them pretended that they were one big happy family. In all honestly Buffy didn't think they would ever be that. But at least her mom had disowned her….or shot Giles with a crossbow.

The slayers attention was pulled back to the moment by the sound of the front door closing.

"Let the vid-fest being." Xander announced loudly; heading for the living room.

"You sure you won't join us?" Giles asked Joyce. More out of courtesy than a real desire to have the woman's company.

"No." Joyce shook her head, a forced smile on her lips. "You guys have your fun. I'm tired. I can't believe you're not exhausted." she added, looked at Buffy, Willow and Xander with a genuine smile.

Buffy made herself comfortable on the large couch. Instantly sinking into the cushions and wrapped her fingers around Giles wrist, tugging him down next to her. He lowered himself down reluctantly.

"I think we're all a little too wired." he said when no one spoke. Gaining him another forced smile for Joyce.

"Yeah. That spell of ours was powerful." Willow murmured, from the armchair where she was curled up, feet tucked beneath her. She made grabby hands at the bowl until Giles, with a huff and a roll of his eyes, handed her the popcorn.

"Hey. Don't hog the corn." Xander grumbled.

Willow took a few handfuls then forced herself to move, placing it back into the center of the table.

"I don't think I could sleep." Buffy stated, snapping some popcorn the moment Willow released the bowl.

Joyce smiled at the group. "Well, having fun." she sighed; turning on her heels and heading for the stairs.

"Night." they all called together.

Giles finally released the breath he'd been holding. "This is never going to feel normal." he murmured into Buffy's hair.

The slayer patted her boyfriend's thigh and snuggled in close. "It'll get better. Eventually." she lied.

"Well. We've got plenty of vids." Xander interrupted from the floor by the telly. "And I'm putting in a pre-emptive bid for Apocalypse Now.

Giles groaned; his fingers stroking aimlessly at Buffy's arm.

"What else?" Buffy pressed.

Xander sighed, rolling his eyes. "Don't worry; I got plenty of chick and British guy flicks. These puppies should last us all night." he stated confidently, thrusting the video into the machine, despite everyone's reluctance to watch the movie.

Giles didn't much care, ff he were honest all that matter was they were together. The battle won. The world safe. - At least for now. They weren't stupid enough to think the peace was going to last. - And he and Buffy were together. Though he couldn't lie, he still had doubts. The things Spike had said while manipulating them all had only hurt so much because they'd carried with them a shadow of truth, and it would always be hovering in the back of his mind. She was young, so much younger than him and despite the fact that she was more mature - for the most part. - than others her age, there was still a large gap that would eventually become too large. Eventually she'd meet someone. Someone younger than him. Someone who could give her more of a life than he could. - Not that he was holding her back. He knew he was being a little irrational, but he was also being realistic. - Seeing her with working so closely with Riley really hammered that fear deeper into his heart. He couldn't help but think - And he hated himself for it, he really did. - that if Buffy hadn't have gotten pregnant, they'd have never gotten together. If they hadn't have had that one morning together, she'd have found someone else by now.

He was pulled from his depressing analysis by Buffy's soft moan, as she snuggled close to him. Her eyes drifting closed. The buzz from the spell clearly wearing off. Making himself more comfy, his arm tightening a little. He set his focus on the movie till he felt his own eyes becoming heavy and impossible to keep open.

~Don't Lie~

"You have to stop thinking." Giles murmured from his place on the floor. "Let it wash over you."

Buffy giggled softly, watching him as he knelt in front of her. "Don't you think it's a little old fashioned."

"This is the way women and men have behaved since the beginning of time." he replied slipping the ring onto her finger. The light deflecting off the small diamond, blinding him for a second. He blinked rapidly, and when his vision cleared, he was looking down at her. Her face flushed hair damp as it clung to her forehead. Her small hand brushing the curve of his neck.

She giggled again as he ran his tongue over the stretched flesh of her swollen stomach, before bracing himself above her. His lips hovering over hers till she grew inpatient and closed the gap. Kissing him intensely. Then she was in his lap, her body wrapped around him, holding him hostage. The feel of her core dragging deliciously against him sending chills down his spine. He bit into her neck, marking her forever as his.

A movement out of the corner of his eye caught his attention and he turned his head to find a figure in the shadow. He narrowed his gaze. Staring into the darkness. Trying to focus on the figure. Buffy still moving against him. He tried to ignore the shadow. Focus. Then a beam of light caught the things face and Giles heart leapt into his throat at the sight of Jenny. Blood pounding in his ears. He blinked and when he opened them again she was gone.

He turned back to Buffy, to find her staring at him. Eyes wide; face like stone. Her arm out stretched. He followed it and stared in horror as it disappeared into his chest. Sharply Buffy tugged it free, taking his heart with it. He looked up at her, breathless. Her face cold and unfeeling, and covered in blood. His heartbeat quickened. "I know you. - I know…." his voice echoed in the room.

"You've gotta make up your mind, Rups."

His head snapped around to see Spike smirking at him.

"What are you wasting time for? Haven't you figured it out yet? With your enormous spongy frontal lope?" Spike chuckled. His eyes scanning Giles' form.

"I still think Buffy should have killed you." he growled.

"And yet." Spike chuckled.

Another voice caught Giles' attention. He turned to the other side of the bed to find a strange man stood. Squares of cheese covering his head and shoulders. "I wear the cheese, it does not wear me."

Giles shook his head, blinking rapidly. When he opened them Buffy was gone. As was his room.

He walked cautiously into the Bronze, his eyes scanning his surroundings. Moving deeper into the club his shoulder connected with a younger man. Giles turned to apologize and found himself staring at the boy. His dark hair, the sharp of his nose, the small scattering of moles on his cheek. There was something so familiar about him. Something tugging at Giles' subconscious. Then the boy smiled at him; his brown eyes alright with knowledge and mischief behind the black framed glasses. Giles opened his mouth to speak, to say his name, but the boy turned and walked away.

Giles watched him step through the door of the Bronze and vanish from sight. His gaze lingered for a few more minutes before he turned back to the crowd. His eyes focusing on a familiar green couch. He rushed towards it. "I'm sorry I'm late. There's a great deal going on and all at one." he said breathlessly. His eyes once again flickering to the door as he took a seat.

"Don't we know it." Willow said; glaring up from her book. "Only at death's door over here. Look at Xander." she snapped, tugging his jacket to one side to reveal the gaping wound.

"Got the seeping chest wound swinging. I promised Anya I'd be there for her big night." Xander rambled, nodding to the stage.

Giles didn't really look. "Did you see that…."

"Do you know this is your fault!" Willow stated firmly; glancing over her shoulder towards the door then back to Giles. "Do you?"

"We have to think of the facts Willow." Giles insisted. "I'm very busy. I have a gig myself you know." he turned to look up at the stage where Anya was attempting a joke.

"Something's after us. Its like some primal, some animal force.2

"That used to be us."

"Don't get all linear on me now, man." Xander said before bursting into laughter at Anya's joke.

Giles looked between the young man and woman, then let his eyes drift to the back door again.

"Rupert!" Willow snapped frustratingly. "You've got to focus. You must have some kind of explanation. If we don't know what we're fighting, I don't think we stand a chance."

Giles started at his own name. They'd never called him Rupert, not even both. He got to his feet, his head spinning with theories and explanations, but there was a pull of curiosity still lingering from the young man he'd seen. He took a few steps away from the group, intending to go in search of the boy. Find out why he felt so drawn to him, but then a hand landed on his shoulder and before he realized what was happening he was being dragged to the stage. A soft rock beat beginning to fill the room. He glanced at the band then back to Willow and Xander. "Its strange…" he found himself singing. "Its not like anything we've faced before. It seems familiar somehow." something clicked in his mind. "Of course. The spell we cast with Buffy, must have released some primal evil that's come back seeking….I'm not sure what…Willow look through the chronicles for some reference to a warrior beast." Fear curled around his heart. "I've got to warn Buffy. There's every chance she might be next, and Xander help Willow and try not to bleed on my couch, I've just had it steam cleaned…."

He stared out at the crowd, the soft ocean of firelight as they held up lighters. Narrowing his eyes, he squinted into the darkness. He was there, the boy. Giles dropped the mic, leaping off the stage as the boy turned to leave once again. "No, wait….!" he called, racing after him. He crashed out of the side door and into the alley beyond. His gaze flickered left and right. "Hello? Hello? I just want to talk to you?" he murmured; walking further into the dark. He froze at the sound of movement behind him. An ice cold chill running down his spin. He caught a glimmer of something on the ground and knelt to examine it more closely. Lifting the diamond ring between his thumb and forefinger. When he looked up it was to meet the eyes of the young man, a small brown bear pressed to his chest, a sad smile on his face. "I know who you are." Giles whispered softly.

The boy nodded.

Giles gasped when the sharp edge of a blade pressed against the flesh of his forehead. He could feel the skin already beginning to break. "And I know who you are." he said; not turning, his eyes fixed straight ahead on the young man. "And I can defeat you with my intellect." he added to the figure hovering over him. The blood slowly seeping down his face. "I can….I can cripple you with my thoughts. - Of course, you underestimate me. You couldn't know. You never had a watcher."

~Don't Lie~

Buffy snuggled closer, glancing up to see him already asleep. Taking a breath she succumbed to her own exhaustion.

~Don't Lie~

Buffy groaned as a familiar voice broke into her sleep.

"Buffy. You have to wake up. Right away!"

She opened her eyes reluctantly and glared over to the other bed where Anya lay buried beneath the covers. "I'm not really in charge of these things." she grumbled; snuggling deeper into her pillow.

"Please. - Wake up. - Oh please." Anya whispered with panic.

"I need my beauty sleep so stop it, okay!" Buffy flipped herself onto her back and startled when a face roared down at her.

"Faith and I just made that bed." Buffy said flatly; staring at the crumpled sheets, her brows drawn tight together.

"For who?"

She turned at the sound of Riley's voice. "I thought you were here to tell me?" she looked around the room to find the bed made. A small brown bear sitting in the middle of the covers. She stepped forward to pick it put. Her fingers running over the frayed seams. "The guys, aren't here are they?" she asked; glancing over her shoulder at the man. "We were gonna hang out and watch movies."

Riley folded his arms, leaning back on the bedroom wall. "You lost them." he stated matter-of-factly.

Buffy shook her head, looking at the nightstand. "No. - No I think they need me to find them." she turned her attention back to the bear in her arms. "Sam needs this." she announced, turning to leave the room.

Riley's hand halted her. "Here." he said; holding out a large pack of tarot cards.

Buffy frowned. "I….I'm never going to use those." she shook her head.

"You think you know. What's to come." he murmured harshly. Taking a step closer to her. "What you are? You haven't even begun."

Buffy stared at him. Her heart pounding in her ears. "I think I need to go find the others." she stepped over the threshold just as Riley spoke again.

"Be back before Dawn."

Buffy strolled thought the halls of UC Sunnydale, her eyes scanning every doorway and room, every face she passed. Desperate to find the others. She asked everyone she passed if they'd seen them. The small brown bear pressed to her chest like a shield. "They wouldn't just disappear." she said when yet another fellow student shook his head, rushing away from her.

She turned to carry on her search and frowned at the sight of her mom.

"Hi, honey." Joyce smiled though the hold in the wall.

"Why are you living in the walls?"

"Oh sweetie, no. I'm fine here. Don't worry about me."

Buffy craned her neck to see inside, wrinkling her nose. "It looks dirty."

Joyce smiled brightly. "Well, it seems that way to you. I made some lemonade and I'm learning to play mah-jong. You go find your friends."

Buffy frowned. She didn't want to leave her mom in the walls but she had to find the others. "I think they might be in danger."

Joyce began to laugh and Buffy glared. "I'm sorry dear, a mouse is playing with my knees."

"I really don't think you should live in there." Buffy insisted, turning to look around for a way to free her mom. When she caught sight of a young man. A teenager. Staring at her intensely, then he turned down a corridor.

Buffy rushed to follow, unsure why. Something just told her to. She turned the corridor and found herself in the empty halls of Sunnydale High School. She cautiously made her way passed the hauntingly familiar lockers till she found herself at the library. Pushing open the door she stepped inside and saw Giles sat in the chair, his back to the door. "Giles." she sighed with relief. "Giles?" she rushed forward, moving around the chair to face her lover. She dropped to her knees in front of him and stared in horror at the gapping wound in his chest. Tears burnt her eyes. The teddy fell from her grasp and she looked down at her hand with a gasp. Blood coated her palms and fingers. Giles blood she knew.

She didn't know why but she lifted her hands to her face, smearing the still warm blood over her skin, till there was not an inch of exposed flesh left.

"I thought you were looking for your friends?" announced an unfamiliar voice suddenly.

Buffy's head shot up to stare at the boy she'd seen in the hall. Getting to her feet she looked around her. The library dissolving to arid desert. The warm sand brushing against her toes. "I'm never going to find them here." she murmured before turning back to the boy. "Who are you?"

He smiled warmly at her, tugging off his glasses and cleaning them with the hem of his shirt. Something about the action was so familiar to Buffy, and she looked closer. Her breath catching in her throat.


He slid the specs back on and grinned at her, shrugging. Hey mom."

"How?" she stared at him in surprise.

"I was borrowed." Sam replied lightly, slipping his hands into the pockets of his worn blue jeans. "Someone has to speak for her."

Buffy caught sight of the woman out of the corner of her eye. "Let her speak for herself." she snapped angrily. Furious at her son being used by….something. Though she couldn't deny the thrill it gave her seeing her son so grown up. A deep fear had taken root in her heart that she wouldn't get to see him become the teenager in front of her. "That's what's done in polite circles." Buffy turned to face the stalking woman. "Why do you follow me?"

Sam looked passed his mother. His eyes following the ancient woman as she circled. "I don't." he said. Channelling her words.

"Where are my friends?"

"Your asking the wrong questions." Sam sighed, shaking his head.

"Make her speak!" Buffy ordered.

"I have no speech. No name. I live in the action of death." Sam recited. "The blood cry. The penetrating would. I am destruction. Absolute. Alone."

"The slayer." Buffy murmured, meeting the woman's dark eyes. Her heard pounding against her ribs.

"The first." Sam nodded.

Buffy tore her eyes away from the first slayer to her son. Sam smiled brightly at her. "I am not alone." she stated firmly.

"The slayer does not walk in this world." Sam said harshly.

"I walk." Buffy insisted, turning back to the other woman. "I talk. I shop. I sneeze. I love…" her eyes flickered to Sam for a moment. "I'm a mother. A lover. A friend. I'm going to be a fireman when the floods roll back. There are trees in the desert since you moved out and I don't sleep on a bed of bones. Now give me back my friends!" she ordered; glaring at the first slayer.

"No!" the woman grunted. "No friends. Just kill. We are alone!"

She frowned when a guy covered in cheese suddenly appeared between her and her son. "That's it, I'm waking up." she huffed, rolling her eyes at her son. Sam chuckled and Buffy's heart skipped at the warmth it ignited in her chest.

Buffy hit the sand under the weight of the first slayer. The woman delivering blow after blow, but Buffy felt nothing. She gave as good as she was getting before rolling the slayer and straddling the woman. "Its over. We don't do this anymore." she stated firmly; glancing one last time at Sam. He gave her a sharp nod and a bright grin. The first slayer turned furiously to Sam. Rushing at him. Buffy didn't hesitate, she got to her son fist, stepping between them. "Enough!" she yelled.

Buffy awoke face down on her living room floor. She pushed herself to her feet and turned, only to find herself flat on her back once more, the slayer kneeling over her, bringing her knife down into Buffy's chest repeatedly. Buffy stared up at the woman, unimpressed. "Are you quite finished. Its over okay." Buffy sighted wearily; pushing her away violently. Buffy got to her feet once again, marching over to the couch where she retook her seat, leaning back into Giles. "Your really going to have to get over the whole primal power thing. Your not the source of me. - Also…" she said, snuggling in against Giles side. "…in terms of hair care, you really want to say, what kind of impression am I making in the work place? Cause…"

Buffy shot up on the couch breathlessly. Giles, Willow and Xander swiftly following suit. She turned to them all. "You guys okay?"

"What the hell was that?" Xander frowned. His hand searching his chest for a signs of his wound.

"The First Slayer." Giles replied. His hand rubbing at his head.

They sat looking at one another for a moment, unsure what to say or do. Maybe even slightly concerned that they hadn't woken at all.

"How did….." Giles finally said; curiously looking at Buffy.

Buffy shrugged. "I just told her to get lost."

"That's it?" Willow frowned.

"Buffy nodded.

"Wow." Willow gasped. Dropping back against the couch cushions only to shoot up once again, fearing falling back to sleep. "The first slayer."

"She's not big with the socialization." Xander huffed.

"Or the floss." Willow cringed; wrinkling her nose.

"Some how, our joining with Buffy and evoking the essence of the slayers power was an affront to the source of that power." Giles said matter-of-factly.

"You know you could have brought that up before we did it." Buffy grumbled, turning to stare at her lover.

"I did. I said there might be dire consequences."

"Yes, but you say that about chewing too fast." Buffy scolded with a soft smile.

They all turned at the sound of Joyce's voice. "I'm guessing I missed some fun."

"The spirit of the first slayer tried to kill us in our sleep." Willow informed the woman bluntly.

"Oh…you want some hot chocolate."

They all nodded and Joyce vanished into the kitchen. Calling Xander to come help her.

"See progress." Buffy laughed humourlessly; looking from her mom's vanishing back to Giles.

"You alright?" Giles asked gently.

"Yeah. I mean just….." she shuddered before pushing herself off the couch. "I might just jump in the shower."

"You seem a bit….uh…" Giles shrugged; unable to find the right words.

"A little." Buffy smiled. "The first slayer. I never really thought about it. It was intense. - I guess you guys got a taste of that, huh?"

"Yeah, from now on you keep your slayer friends out of my dreams." Xander demanded, heading for the kitchen. "Is that clear."

"It's not good for the sleeping." Willow agreed.

"Yeah." Buffy sighed; turning to the stairs. "At least you guys didn't dream about the guy with the cheese. I don't know where that came from."

Buffy strolled along the hall, pausing outside her bedroom. Her gaze fixing on the crib and her sleeping son. Stepping over the threshold she quietly approached, crouching down to lift the brown bear that lay on the floor. Her fingers combed over the thick matted fur, smiling through the crib bars at her little boy. The image of him at sixteen playing in the back of his mind. Something had come from the first slayers attack. A weight had been lifted she hadn't even knock she'd been carrying. Sam was going to turn out just fine, despite the insanity around him. She was confident of that now, "Here baby." she whispered, getting to her feet and setting the bare next to her son, before leaning over to press a kiss to his head.


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