I do not own the Haruhi Suzumiya series. This is a work of fan fiction.


This is a science fiction story with a philosophical bent. Some chapters will dive into metaphysics, epistemology, and ontology (e.g., Chapters 4, 5 and 8), while others are mostly fluff (e.g., Chapters 3 and 7).

The story is rated 'T' for some implied enthusiastic marital sex scenes. (Hint: Haruhi does everything over the top.) Also rated 'T' for some themes not suitable for pre-teens.

I admit I am playing around a lot in this story with lots of fun and crazy antics mixed in with philosophical musings about the nature of the universe - all pretty much de rigueur for any Haruhi Suzumiya story. But there is a method behind the madness, and it is fully explained in Chapter 5 (spoilers).

This story is part of a series. The opening story is The Realization of Haruki Suzumiya. For the link click on my handle (HuuskerDu). Although it is not necessary to read that story first it will help you ease into this one, especially if you are not already familiar with Suzumiya Haruhi no Seitenkan.

The final story is The Memories of Haruki Suzumiya. Read that story last.

Chapter 1: His Final Act

On the day that Haruki Suzumiya died I was busy preparing dinner in the kitchen.

I wiped my hands on my apron and checked the oven temperature. I then started on the ingredients for the hot pot. It was an old recipe of Haruhi's, one that she whipped up (seemingly out of thin air) for our first SOS Brigade Christmas Party all the way back in our freshman year in high school.

I have to admit that Haruhi is a good cook whenever she puts her mind to it. Of course she is. (Does that surprise you? It shouldn't.) However, she rarely has the time or the patience for it, so it usually fell upon me to prepare our family meals. I don't really mind. It helped me to discover that I rather enjoy cooking, especially for our family. I have since become a rather good chef myself - even better than she is (but don't tell her that).

Ayu ran into the kitchen. She was chasing the cat.

I am falling

The cat ran under the stool that was on the left side of the breakfast nook. As the little girl approached, the cat dodged and tried to escape. She lunged to cut it off.

I scolded her. "Ayu, please leave Shamisen alone."


The cat hissed.

"Stop it. He'll only start cussing again, and you are too young a lady to hear that kind of language."

Haruhi came into the kitchen. She pulled off her reading glasses.

"Kyon, just look at this. This is awful. Highway robbery."

I am lost

Earlier that morning the postman had delivered a certified-mail package. It was the proposed contract from the cable network.

She shoved the paperwork in my face. "Look here, on page 10, the residuals are only 8%. They must think we're chumps."

She flashed her fiery yellow-brown eyes at me. "There is no way I'm signing this!"

She put her reading glasses back on. She had another pair for distance and driving. Both pairs were on chains around her neck. It was a pity that she always wore those large rimless glasses. It made her look like Sarah Palin.

Now, don't misunderstand me, Sarah Palin is a rather attractive looking gal, and my Haruhi even more. It's just that I'm not into the hot-librarian look.

I waited for her diatribe to stop so I could resume making dinner. She shoved additional pages in my face while pointing out the contract clauses. I nodded but I wasn't listening.

I snuck a peek at her and grinned inwardly. I loved her so much. Granted, her energy level had slowed down, and her appearance wasn't what it was. Her hips were getting a bit wide. That didn't matter. She could look like Phyllis Diller for all I cared. It wouldn't change my feelings for her.

We fit so well together. We meshed. I think it was because my lackadaisical personality was the diametrical opposite of her own. I was understanding, passive, quiet, and sentimental. She was ethusiastic, passionate, active, and excitable. My laid-back personality complemented her fiery nature perfectly.

She finally harumphed and stomped out of the room while reading more of the contract aloud to herself. I resumed assembling the last ingredients for the hot pot.

I am falling

The cat had crept under the stool that was on the left side of the breakfast nook. Ayu approached to grab it. The cat tried to escape but she lunged to cut it off.

I moved the stool away and picked up Shamisen by the scruff of his neck. I scolded my daughter, "That's enough. Go play with your sister."

"But Daaaad..."

"Get! Go!"

Sleep and dream

The cat squirmed and kicked me, then bolted from my hands and fled into the hallway. Ayu squealed and ran out after it. That child never listens to me. She takes after her mother.

It was our other daughter that took after me.

Ouch. That was a nasty scratch. I pulled off my apron to get better access to the wounded area. I then went over to the drawer to find the Mycitracin.

I paused and rubbed my eyes with the back of my hand. I was really tired. For some reason I didn't get much sleep last night. The lack of sleep wasn't due to Haruhi's snoring. Her 80 decibels were no match for my industrial grade earplugs.

Dream of me

Actually, I didn't get any sleep at all. Every time I dozed off I would suddenly feel my stomach drop like I was falling, and then I would lurch upright gasping. It had to be heartburn from that leftover chili. It was way too spicy.

I really need to knock off the late night raids on the refrigerator. I was doing it because Haruhi had put me on a strict diet.

The late night snacks have been giving me nightmares lately. The last one was pretty weird. I was all alone in a field of white. It was featureless and it felt like I was floating or falling. I saw two people, mere shadows. One of the shadows dissolved and I yelled something. Then I woke up with a start and felt the heartburn going down my throat. I really should start taking some Pepcid AC before bedtime.

{ Koizumi: Kyon, we have a situation. }

I jumped. The sound of Koizumi's voice was coming from the small nickel-shaped subcutaneous transceiver hidden behind my left ear. I will never get used to that.

The Organization. After the events of four years ago, I had joined the Organization. I didn't volunteer. Koizumi drafted me.

It wasn't so bad. I was only a reservist. I had never participated in any ops. And the perks were good. They had a great dental plan.

I spoke using the subvocal technique that Koizumi taught me.

{ Kyon: Hi Koizumi! How you been, pal? I haven't heard from you in a while. }

{ Koizumi: Stop the idle chit-chat, Kyon. This channel is only for authorized Organization use. }

I sighed. When he was not wearing his mask he was always all business. I liked it so much better when he was just nothing more than a lackadaisical pretty boy, always polite and smiling.

He was all work and no play. I don't think the real Koizumi had ever taken a vacation in his life.

Dream, please dream.

{ Kyon: So, how did that trip to Warehouse 13 go? }

{ Koizumi: Shut up. I need to give you a sit-rep. }

The real Koizumi was always curt towards me, sometimes downright rude.

{ Kyon: Can it wait? I'm busy making dinner. }

{ Koizumi: I said shut up. I'm reactivating you. }

I put my knife down on the kitchen counter. Not now, please not now.

{ Koizumi: Here's the sit-rep. The WMAP detected a huge change in the CMBR. It was isomorphic, aligned perfectly. Jumped from 3 Kelvins to 10. Non-temporal. The wavefront is retrograde. }

{ Kyon: Can you please translate that into non-geek? }

I could almost see the silent sigh on the other end of the link.

{ Koizumi: I'll start over. A few years ago the mundanes over at NASA launched an unmanned spacecraft called the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe, the WMAP. The purpose of the WMAP is to measure the CMBR, the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, It's the remnant of the radiation from the Big Bang. }

Oh boy, here we go again.

Koizumi was always philosophizing about how the universe started. He said that although the universe appeared to be billions and billions of years old, it was actually created by my wife about 16 years ago. It only looked older because of something called M-gauge expansion and superinflation, basically some kind of rapid acceleration of space and time. I never pretended to understand it.

Am I dead?

Personally, I think Koizumi's theories are a load of crap. Ok, smart boy, so where was Haruhi before 16 years ago, huh? Answer that.

{ Koizumi: The Organization uses the WMAP as an early warning system to alert us for UEEs. }

{ Kyon: UEE, oh yeah, a UEE.. Ok, I forgot what that is. }

{ Koizumi: Next time read your briefs. A Universe Ending Event. I know you throw away everything I send you. }

{ Kyon: Whatever. Haruhi's going to be pissed if dinner is late again. I can't do that three days in a row. }

{ Koizumi: Kyon.. }

{ Kyon: You want no UEEs, right? Then leave me alone. If I'm late again my wife is going to give me a UEE up my backside. }

I was bluffing of course. Haruhi hasn't used her god-like reality-warping powers in years. She somehow suppresses it using some kind of mental technique that Nagato taught her. Suppress it, but not control it. She promised me she would never use those unconscious - and cosmically dangerous - powers ever again. I've always wondered, who, if anyone, had given her those powers in the first place.

Koizumi ignored me and resumed his babble.

{ Koizumi: The CMBR radiation is supposed to be only 3 degrees above absolute zero. But the WMAP is reporting that it just jumped up by another 7 degrees. And the wavefront is travelling backward in time. That's why we can see the change from billions of lightyears away. }

{ Kyon: Is there a reason why you are wasting my time with this cosmology lesson? I need to get the taiyaki out of the oven before it burns. }

{ Koizumi: It means a cataclysmic event of unimaginable power just happened. The MAGI think we're seeing the echo of some major multiverse disaster. }

{ Kyon: Whatever. I'm busy. }

"Hey kids! Dinner in 5 minutes!"

I could overhear Haruhi in the other room yelling on her cellphone. "Jack, you gotta fix this! There are landmines everywhere. Go look at page 22.. Yeah 22. See? They snuck in a liability clause and an indemnification clause. Those bastards!"

I spoke up to Haruhi. "Dear, hurry and finish will you? We're going to eat any minute."

She was yelling into the phone. "Tear it up and start over. Yes, tear it up!"

I rechecked the oven temperature. I could hear the sound of the starlings chirping outside. In the summer I always kept the front door open and used only the screen door. Their songs were beautiful.

{ Koizumi: I need to finish giving you your sit-rep. The MAGI are running sims. There are big deltas happening in higher dimensions. }

Whatever. He continued his geek babble. I really wish that motor-mouth would stop.

My mind was drifting again. The lawn was getting really shaggy. I'll have to mow it again soon. And the car was back the shop. They always try to screw me over on the bill.

Then I noticed that the birds had stopped singing.

Something didn't feel right.

I gradually became aware that there was some faint sound at the very edge of auditory perception. Something high pitched. Ultrasonic? The sound seemed to come from everywhere. I couldn't pinpoint it.

The sound increased, then it got irritating. My head started to throb.

Shamisen yowled. "Shit, make that stop!"

That cat's mouth was always filthy. In both senses of the word.

"Daddy.. my ears hurt."

Then I heard a very different noise. It seemed to come from outside the front door.

What is happening?

{ Koizumi: The MAGI think that several universes outside our own just died horribly. A lot of them. }

I heard a scream of a woman outside.

Universes outside our own? Could it.. oh no.. Please no.

I yelled, "Haruhi, stay here and watch the kids!"


"Stay here!"

I dropped everything and ran outside.

Please no.. it's not..

It was. It was Kyonko.

She was sprawled out on the grass. She was a complete wreck.

I ran over and bent down on my knees. I cradled her head.

"What are you doing here? It's ok. I got you."

She was sobbing, her whole body was shaking.

"He saved me. His final act."

"It's ok now. Calm down, it's ok. You're safe."

"No.. you don't understand.."

As I held her, she turned her head up to face mine. Her face a mass of tears.

"He saved me. Why didn't he save himself too?"

Oh my poor Kyonko.

"It's gone."


"It's all gone!"