I stare diligently at the gigantic nine-tailed fox directly in front of me. It stares right back, seemingly undeterred by my intense staring, although I could detect a hint of amusement inside the large, red, slitted eyes.

The first time I had met this giant fox's acquaintance, I had fainted and immediately been shoved out. The second time was a while later. I had to learn to meditate and, since I was (and still am) a very active and enthusiastic person, it was a bit difficult. That whole night had been spent shouting at the fox while it looked on, not saying a word, looking almost proud of the agony it had caused.

This third time, I wanted to approach things differently. Show it that it was not the one handing out the orders, that it was not me who was stuck behind the bars that held it but itself. Show it that I did not fear it.

I open my mouth to say something but instead hear the booming voice of a dangerous demon, "I'm sorry."

A few seconds past and my diligent stare transforms into one of shock and confusion, "...what?"

"I'm sorry." it said again, yet there was nothing sincere about it, "I'm sorry for all the pain I have caused you. It was not my intention and I never wanted this either."

I contemplate this for a minute. There wasn't a hint of apologetic feelings in either the booming voice or the giant eyes, but who had I never given a second chance, who had I never forgiven? I had forgiven the villagers for their uncalled for hate, spitefulness and general animosity. If I could do that, who could I, honestly, never give a second chance?

"You are a bad actor, fox." I started, and I saw it become nervous, "I can see your real feelings right in your eyes. But if you've watched all these years – I think you can do that – than you would know that I forgive everyone. I am willing to give you a second chance." I turn away from the surprised face of the Nine-Tails, "Don't waste it." and I walk into the darkness and out of the depths of my mind, feeling good about myself and finding my exit cool as Hell to top it off.


I stare after the blonde eight-year old, confused as to what to do next. The human had obviously forgiven me, but why? Why, if he could sense my lies easily, would he forgive me this effortlessly? Did every human do this? I snort to myself. No, they do not, if the cold eyes of the other humans in that pitiful village were any indication.

Than what made Naruto Uzumaki so special? I had even seen a small similarity to father! I just don't understand! How could I, who caused everything bad in the boy's life, be forgiven so easily?! It made me agitated and frustrated that I could not figure out this enigma. Why do I suddenly begin feeling bad about the things I have done? Why do I suddenly regret my choices in my immortal life?

Why do I feel this bright, fuzzy feeling inside of my chakra-constructed body, and why do I keep thinking of his kind words?