Four side notes:

1. For the sake of this story, the key was not required. I needed to establish a friendship quickly and I think that would work better without the seal.

2. I find myself doubting if I should've kept the jumpsuit or no. Please tell me what you think.

3. Naruto and Kurama's friendship is moving quite fast. This is intentional. Please remember that Kurama has had a month's time to think about befriending Naruto and that they have talked for a couple hours before.

4. Minato. Minato and Kurama, specifically. I think that Minato is a very accepting and forgiving person and, if he gets time to know Kurama and reason to trust him, that they would get along just fine.

I wake up with a start. I breath in and out, trying in vain to calm my excited state. I look around, seeing my room and realize something, "Was it all... just a dream...?" I voice, disappointed.

I sigh heavily. After I had ripped off the paper in the apparent dream, nothing had happened. The Nine-Tails had not tried to attack me, or the Fourth for that matter, and had sat there, grinning at the confused and shocked look on the Fourth's face that grew over the time that the fox didn't attack.

I had sat back down, joining the fox in grinning at the Fourth. The Nine-Tails had then introduced himself to us, calling himself Kurama.

The Fourth had looked at Kurama for a while, too shocked to speak, before he laughed heartily. He threw his head back and laughed and laughed. Kurama, in mock annoyance, had called the Fourth a "crazy human", but with a smile on his face.

The Fourth had then introduced himself to Kurama and I as Minato Namikaze.

We had talked for a while before Minato had said that his time was up. His chakra was fading and he said a teary goodbye to me and, surprisingly, to Kurama as well. Kurama and I talked for a while afterward, Kurama mostly talking to me about the loss of my father and, later, about training me to use his chakra.

I had said goodbye to Kurama since I noticed it was almost five in the morning outside and had walked out of my mind.


I jump, frightened. Looking around me proved futile as I saw nobody and nothing besides the empty room that is mine. After a few seconds of looking around myself frantically I relax and ignore the voice, writing it off as a whisper of the wind.


The voice was louder this time, and somehow it seemed to come out of my own head. I ignore it again, but found it to be more difficult.

'God damn it Naruto, I am not the damn wind!'

"Kurama?" I say, looking around again but, realizing how ridiculous that is since Kurama is a gigantic damn fox and couldn't fit inside my house regardless of what happened, I cease doing so.

'Yes, it's me. Removing the seal allowed a mental link to be opened, and we can now talk directly from mind to mind.'

'I am not looking forward to puberty.' I think back immediately, shuddering.

I could practically feel Kurama blinking in confusion, 'What the fuck is puberty?' he demanded.

'Never mind.'


I walk to Academy in an excited state of mind. Not because I was going to the Academy, no that would be the direct opposite of what I want. Instead, it was because I had recently seen the most awesome article of clothing ever and I was going to buy it after the Academy.

'Ah, the orange jumpsuit.' I sigh happily, although before I could begin to imagine myself in the obviously awesome jumpsuit I get interrupted by my good friend Kurama.

'Kid, if you dare ever wear something as... just plain ol' disgusting as an orange jumpsuit, I will eat your face.'

Okay, maybe not so good friend Kurama, 'Hey! That "plain ol' disgusting" orange jumpsuit happens to be the best thing ever!' I think back, sending an image of the orange jumpsuit to the demon.

I hear Kurama blanching, 'Never mind eating your face.' I smirk in triumph at the victory, 'I'll eat your soul if you ever wear something even remotely similar to that.'

Not wanting to call the beast's bluff, I reluctantly resign myself to a life without the most awesome article of clothing ever.


I find myself getting bored at the kid's life, but certainly not at the kid himself. Naruto Uzu- no, Namikaze is a very interesting individual that keeps my attention through thick and thin.

I come to the startling realization that I am having fun just talking to the kid. Easily as much fun as destroying things, if not more. I wonder silently how much more fun it will become when Naruto becomes a Ninja.

'Don't ever change, boy.' I say, and I smirk at his confusion.


I sit at class, smiling brightly. The other children look at me in confusion, but I ignore them. I'm not paying attention to Iruka's drawling lecture, instead I listen to Kurama's point of view on history.

'I was barely aware of what was happening in the fight against Hashirama, since Madara was controlling me. However, I do recall the Senju using loads of Wood Release Jutsu.' Kurama says as Iruka asks me what Techniques Hashirama uses, probably in some sort of effort to get me to pay attention.

"Wood Release." I say, and I smirk at the completely stunned looks of the class. I look so smart!

'No,' Kurama says dryly, 'you're just an idiot and everyone is stunned that you suddenly have a half-decent mind.'


Kurama laughs and I find myself smiling as well. It's gonna be a good couple of years.