The Honorary Winchester

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Summary: A missing scene from when Charlie left the Winchesters at the end of Pac-Man Fever. Inspired by Trace Adkins' song "Every Light in the House is On."

Author's Note: If this is OOC, I'm so sorry. First official Supernatural fic and all.

"I love you."

"I know."

Charlie smiled at the response, wondering if Dean even realized he was making a Star Wars reference. He probably did; she didn't give him nearly as enough nerd credit as he deserved. He reached out to pull her into a hug and she stepped forward into the embrace, feeling extremely touched by the gesture. This wasn't just some manly man who knew about all things that go bump in the night; this was Dean Winchester, her… well, her brother. His hand rested on the back of her head for a few moments, holding her, and then he pressed his lips to her skull in a swift, good-bye kiss. It was his way of returning her hesitated voice of affection, she knew. Nodding, she turned and waved, unable to look at him. The emotion she felt when he gave her that kiss was too much to handle—it made her feel loved, cared for… It reminded her that not only did she think of him as her brother, but he thought of her as his sister. She was officially under his wing now.

She hoisted the bag over her shoulder up a little bit to hang more securely and began to walk down the long drive to her bright yellow car.

"Charlie, wait," she heard Dean's voice call from behind her. She turned, a questioning glint in her eyes.


Dean shuffled his feet ever so slightly—so much so she wasn't sure how she even noticed it—as he walked towards her. "Look," he started, an uncomfortable look on his face. He didn't say anything more than that, as if he was unsure of how to finish what he started.

"What's up?" Whatever caused that sort of behavior from Dean had to be serious, didn't it?

"Listen," he started again, squaring his shoulders and looking her square in the eye. "If you… in case you want to come back home, I'll… leave the light on, okay?" He stuffed his hands in his jacket pockets.

Home. A broad grin exploded over Charlie's features. He hadn't said their bunker. He hadn't called it their HQ, or their base, or even their Batcave. He called it home. He hadn't even called it his and Sam's home; he just said home—like it was hers she any qualms about being welcome before, they were officially sent back the depths of doubt they came from. That statement, along with Sam's comment of her being a Woman of Letters, had her reassured that she was most definitely an honorary Winchester.

"I appreciate the gesture," Charlie told him honestly. It meant a lot to her that he would say that. This sort of thing was privilege, and high one at that, something that wasn't given to just anybody. She was important to them, and she knew it. They were her boys, but she was their girl—their sister.

"Don't forget about the mid-year jubilee, all right? It's gonna be meta-awesome."

"Wouldn't miss it," Dean repeated from when she first reminded him about it, and she knew he was telling the truth. "Be careful out there, kiddo."

Oh, yeah, she was definitely under his wing now. "I will, Paranoia," Charlie assured him, smiling. "I'll see you," she bid as good-bye, giving a short wave as she turned and walked down the drive again to take her leave.

Charlie Bradbury, the honorary Winchester. She liked the sound of that.

But the next time they were together, she and Dean would have to find a happy medium about the whole 'no novelty tee-shirts' thing.