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School has started again, and now the complicated task of attending my classes, doing homework, studying for tests, working almost 30 hours a week AND, still writing the stories I have been working on (yes, stories. I have a few others I am working on) has begun. I admit, I have been sitting on this one for weeks without adding anything. I have been stressed, and couldn't even touch it. But I have not given up on it, and will not until it is finished. Unless I die, this story will not he discontinued or forgotten. I will finish it, it just might take so time.


The boy was not born into corruption; he was pure and good, longing to bring justice into the world. Then he found the forbidden fruit, he saw it as a tool to bring peace to the world, but his eyes were blind to its corruption. Kira slithered up to the boy and whispered in his ear, "This notebook will open your eyes and you will be god, knowing the good from evil, and dispensing justice to those deserving." The boy smiled, opened the book and then was lost into darkness…..



The memories swam through his head like a school of stalking piranha.

Light Yagami was Kira….

Of this there was no doubt. Ryuzaki had been right. As soon as his fingers had closed around that black cover, dream-like visions flooded his mind, poisoning his previously held beliefs and truths. All those nights pouring over the Kira files, hunting the death lists for a pattern, seated beside L and a mounted of new cases that had yet to be solved, they were now all a lie.

He had truly believed he wasn't Kira, and at the time, he hadn't been. Without those memories, he was only himself, a college student and detective-in-training, following his father had wanted to catch Kira and bring him to justice, but now, knowing that the person he had been chasing was himself, what he to do? How could one catch and condemn themselves?

Light looked out the window of the Helicopter, checking on the Police. Higuchi had been arrested, Handcuffed and blindfolded and was being questioned by his father at this moment. All eyes were either the new-captured criminal, or the frightful Shinigami. This was the moment Light needed.

"Ryuzaki, I'm going to check some of the names of the victims to see if this is the real deal." He said, turning to open the file of names on their portable computer.

"Oh, yes." Ryuzaki responded, seemingly lost in a thought. "Good idea."

Light didn't need to look over the file. Of course they matched. Light knew for a fact they would. He knew his own handwriting. His memories were clear and polished. What he needed was time; to rethink his plan. He was still wearing his watch, the one his father had given to him; the one he had outfitted with a small compartment, hiding a scrap torn from the pages of the death note. This was how he had planned on killing the new Kira to regain ownership of the notebook. All he had to do was pull the turning gear four times in less than a second, and it would pop open. The tiny pin lay inside, waiting.

I have to kill Higuchi before I let go of this notebook. If he didn't, Light would forget all over again, and this was his only chance to be sure no one was watching him. Still, he hesitated.

The police, having cuffed Higuchi, and were reading him his rights. He needed to act and act soon. He pulled the gear four times, and the hidden compartment opened. The scarp paper was waiting; his heart was beating hard in his chest.

They were hoisting Higuchi to his feet now, and were pushing him towards the awaiting police car, the door already open.

Ba-dump. Light's fingers brushed the pin.

Ba-dump. Higuchi was being pushed into the car, and the door was shut with a hard slam.

Ba-dump. Light had to…Had to do it now. He had to kill Higuchi now before it was to late.…

Light had to…Light….

"Light?" He turned his head sharply, snapping his watch closed, as his windows of opportunity slammed shut.

"Ryuzaki?" The detective's hand was held out towards him. "I need to see that notebook again. Give it here."

Light looked down at those pale fingers with dread as they reached forward and brushed the cover, and curled around the pages.


Ryuzaki tugged at the notebook and Light tightened his grip. Light's hands followed awkwardly, unable to released the notebook. Not yet!

There was a pause, and a confused shadow passed through Ryuzaki's eyes. "Light, is something wrong?" He asked, with a raise of his eyebrow.

I can't…. Higuchi has to…The cop car had since pulled away, taking Higuchi to the Task Force headquarters to be detained for further questioning.

Light thought quickly, needing a new plan, to say something! He couldn't let go, or he would forget. But as desperate as he was, he couldn't conjure up anything. His bag of tricks had been overturned, and had come up empty. He had no other options, no tricks, illusions, no hope, and no way out.

Light took a breath, preparing himself for the inevitable loss, and let the notebook be pulled from his hands. There was a rush of wind that brushed past him and….


He blinked once, then twice, and still nothing had happened. His memories remained whole and intact. How? Had Ryuk lie to him? Was the rule a fake, like the ones he had Ryuk write down on the back page? No, it couldn't be. While he hadn't tested it, it surely was real, and it clearly stated that….

Realization churned his stomach. If Light's memories remained, it was because he was the new owner of the notebook. And that meant that Higuchi was…

Ring Ring Ring!

Ryuzaki's cell phone buzzed from the confines of his pocket. The detective fished it out, and Light watched his expression change from a blank-slate to shock. He didn't need to hear what was said over the line to know what had happened.

"Yes this is him…What? How?...Are the officers alright?...Yes of course...please up-date me as soon as you know more. Thank you." He hung up, and turned to Light, suspicious gracing his face.

"There has been an accident." Ryuzaki didn't seem convinced, of course. He paged through the notebook, no doubt looking form Higuchi's name, but Light knew he wouldn't find it; nor would he if he happened to discover that small slip of paper in
Light's watch. He had not written down Higuchi's name.

But maybe someone else had. Light looked over at Rem, still clearly visible within the dozens of police car headlights, standing ominously towering over the lowly policemen below. They caught each others eyes.

Did you…? He questioned.

She responded. Maybe…Maybe not…

Light turned away, looking back to the detective. At this point, it didn't matter how Higuchi had died. All that mattered was the Light was the owner of the notebook once again, and his memories would remain. Still, Light felt a little relieved that he hadn't had to do it himself. He still needed some time to work out his next plan of action. He turned his attention back to Ryuzaki who appeared to be watching the police photograph the scene and the clean-up crew was arriving to clear the roads. But Light knew better. That expression, the detective was thinking, reworking, analyzing. "Ryuzaki?"

The man in question looked at him, his eyes still reflecting the 'work-in-progress' gaze. "Light-kun?"

The game of chess was beginning. Two apposing forces pitted against one another once again, forced to play move by move, neither yielding, striving for ground. Just as before, Light would have to walk the line, playing both as Kira and as himself. Light would lie, Kira would smile. Ryuzaki would comment with respect, L would narrow his eyes in distrust. A tentative dance, to manipulate, to play innocent to cover his tracks. To distract and confuse, all the while watching for pitfalls designed to ensnare him in his one web of deceit.

Light took a breath, slowly, calculated, and played his first move.

"Higuchi…he's dead, isn't he?" Light didn't want to draw more suspicion on himself by saying it, but he knew the detective enough to know that he knew Light already would have figured it out.

Ryuzaki looked at him with calculating unblinking eyes. "Yes." He said, after a moments pause. "We best head back to Task Force Headquarters. I would like to take a closer look at this notebook, as well as this Shimigami."

Light gathered himself and nodded. Now, at last, the true game began.


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