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Mass Effect: New Life


I'm just your average 19-year-old nerd but even with following all the science that happens in our days, little did it prepare me for what happens next.

I was getting ready for the cosplay judging at the local weekend long Sci-fi event. I was in my Darth Revan costume which came to late to wear at the previous event but didn't have enough money to commission a mass effect costume as I only got into the game and lore for just under a year.

I was on my way to the toilets when I hear overhead announcer go off.

"Just less than 10 minutes to the cosplay costumes start being judge."

I curse myself for needing to use the toilets but hey, better than feel like you really need to go while on stage.

Luckily for me there isn't a line of people needing to go to toilets as well, so I quickly get in there and do my business. When I come out, I see some person dressed up like Javik washing their hands in the hand basin. I walk over to another basin and turned the hot tap on.

"Nice Costume, at a quick glance, I swear that you almost look like the real thing." I said, trying to make some small talk happen.

"Thanks, yours isn't too bad for a primitive." Was all I got, Damn what a burn and an act, sounded like the real thing as well.

"You entered in the cosplay event?" I asked. If he is in this event, I might as well give up, that costume is too good.

"No, if I was then it would be like taking candy from a baby. Anyway you primitives are way to slack to get a challenge from in your dress-ups."

Next thing I knew, whoever it is in this costume had their prothean hands placed on the side of my head and the next I knew I saw visions of something I couldn't make out, then as sudden as it happen, it was over and whoever it is in the prothean costume, was looking at me with a slight grin on their face and the hand with a card in it sticking out.

"Yes, you I can see doing the things that need to be done to help everyone. Take this card and come to that address tonight and we shall talk."

I take the card form the hand, but before I had a chance to look at it, the overhead announcer went off again.

"Cosplay in 2 minutes, contestants, please be at the platform by then."

Shit, I quickly look up and see the person gone, leaving me in the toilets with a card in my hands and a tap still running. I quickly head out, leaving the tap running as someone else can deal with it and stormed my way over to the platform, earning a few glances as I pushed by some people and my cloak swilling behind me.

Later on that day, after the cosplay

Third, not too bad for a beginner.

It was nearly finished for the day, people were leaving en mass, I too was heading for the door when I felt someone tap me on the shoulder making me turn around.

"Excuse me sir but you dropped this not long ago." Some young kid said handing me the card that the prothean dressed person gave me.

"Thanks didn't think I dropped it." As I got giving it, I notice the address as being out in the country side. If only I knew not to go, then the mess that I would make wouldn't have happened. But sometimes curiosity kills the cat doesn't it.

I decided to see who this person was and what this person did in the toilets that made him/her give the card to me. After an hour's drive, I arrive at the place, and I couldn't see another place nearby which didn't seem weird as some do own lots of land.

After knocking on the door, I was surprised to see the person still in the prothean costume.

"Ah, you have arrived human, good, good, things are nearly ready, come in, time is not on our side."

WTF! Did that person act like I was from a different species or another world, maybe I shouldn't have gotten up from bed this morning. I followed cautiously as whoever it is walked through the house then down into the basement.

Ok, should I bolt out of the house now? But the next moment before I could, we were in the basement and the door slammed shut behinds us. Oh shit, what have I gotten into now? As we turned the corner, I felt like I nearly had a heart attack as I saw around a few dozen of other people who looked like protheans with some strange machines behind them.

"Ah Kazlak, I see you brought a guest, is he the one for the job?" One of them speaks up.

"Yes, I believe we can get back and rebuild once it is all done." Kazlak replied in more of a gruff voice.

"What are you?" I managed to gather enough courage to speak up.

"Ah he can speak, we go by a different name by in your tongue, we are the Protheans and are from another universe based on a game I see you humans have made, and you human are going to help us." The one who I think is leader as he came out to the front of the group.

"How can I help you, and how did you get here?" OK, am I seriously dreaming or wtf is going on.

"Don't worry, human, you will find us in time and there will be more than just the ones who are present here, we will give you some help but how you use it is up to you." Was all I got before I started seeing visions as the leader placed his hand on my head.

"You have been given all the knowledge of that I know off, from now on, your mind will be recognised as a prothean by our beacons and you will understand our language and gear."

Before I knew, everything seemed to be getting darker and a hell lot colder, with the last words I heard being.

"In time you will find us and in time you will have to take a side and lead."

Ok there we are, the prologue on how I entered Mass Effect, Can never trust those Protheans, right?

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