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Chapter 4 – The battle for Elysium

2176 Illyria, Elysium (two days after arriving at Illyria)

I sat at the edge of the bed, quietly slipping away on the canteen of electrolysed water. Looking over my shoulder, I saw Wendy slowly sit up with much tender to not make much sound. Looking around, trying to figure out where she was, her eyes finally locked onto me.

"Did we?"

"Did we do it; well I think the answer is obvious but I'm not always correct."

With a slow look on her side of the bed, she gave a soft groan at what she found. Turning her head back to me, I saw a worried look appear across her face. Deciding to help, I moved up to sit next to her and hand one of her hands in one of my own.

"Hey, don't worry about it, I won't mention a thing about what happened last night, ok?"

Nodding her head up and down in agreement, I handed her my canteen to which I earned a suspicious look from her.

"It's ok Wendy, it only contains electrolysed water, it will help you get over the hangover you have."

Taking the canteen with both hands, Wendy lifted the canteen to her lips and took a long drink from it. Handing me back the canteen, I gave it a quick shake to see how much was left in it, only to find it near empty. Picking up my bag, I grabbed the electrolyte sachet. As I was at a door to go and make some more electrolysed water up when Wendy called out.

"Revan, where are you going?"

Turning around, I saw that she was getting up. Not wanting her to get worse by getting up, I gave her a gentle wave to sit down.

"I'm going to refill my canteen; it's nice to have a filled canteen ready for emergencies."

Not waiting for an answer, I walked out of the room and down to the kitchen, stopping by the imported fresh fruit basket and grabbed a few apples. While I had the canteen filling up with water, feeling hungry, I decided to take a bite from one of the apples. As I took the first bite, the sour taste of it reminded of how long since I last had a sour tasting apple. Turning the water off, I empty the sachet into the canteen then screwed the lid on tight. I started shaking it in my hand and eating the apple with the other hand.

Looking out the window, I saw smoke rise from the horizon and what seemed to be ships in the air. Dropping my newly made apple core on the bench, I quickly ran up to the bedroom to find Wendy getting walking out the bathroom.

"Wendy, can you get to the nearest news channel on the TV?"

Unsure of what I was going on about, Wendy quickly turned TV on and what came on instantly was the Alliance logo with emergency on the bottom.

"This is the Alliance command post on Elysium; Elysium is under attack, all personnel report to the barracks. All civilians get to the emergency bunkers, if not able to, please take a week's worth of gear and food and head away from the fighting. This message is on loopback feed."

Dropping the canteen and the apples on the bed, I quickly rush to my pack and grabbed out my armour from the cloak that I usually kept it wrapped in. As I quickly put the armour on in the usual pattern that I do, I saw Wendy look around, unsure of what to do.

"Wendy, do you have any type of armour nearby?"

"Yea, I think we kept a few suits in my parents' room."

Nodding my head as I heard the answer, I quickly pointed at the door to tell her to go and get it.

"Put on the one that feels the best fitting for you!" I yelled to make sure she heard me.

Quickly fitting the rest of my armour on, I clip the cloak on and draw the hood over the back of my head and made it into a secured position so it wouldn't flap everywhere. Reaching into my bag, I grab out my modified pistol and quickly clipped it onto my thigh. Reaching even further, I grabbed the last two weapons from the bag, the monomolecular sword in its sheath and my M-6 Tsunami assault rifle. I clipped both weapons into comfortable positions on my back, with a quick glance I saw the canteen that I dropped and clipped it on my other thigh and picked up the apples.

As I walked out of the room, I saw Wendy make her way towards me in light armour with an M-7 Lancer assault rifle and an M-3 Predator. Frowning in disgust, I walked up to her and made her stop. Giving her a look over, I saw the weak spots in the armour.

"You know that won't give the best protection, don't you?" Pointing out the areas of concern

"Yes, and it was the best fitting, don't worry, it is installed with strong kinetic barriers."

Handing her some apples, I headed out of the Mansion and towards the city, leaving Wendy to quickly run up to catch me.

"So, what is the plan?" She quickly voiced up as we took cover to check for any hostiles.

Giving her a quick look, the comment gave me a pause to think.

"Well, I haven't thought too much about that, I was thinking of grouping up with some soldiers and give them a hand, but in the meantime, we should try and stay away from the big groups of hostiles until we are ready."

We walked through the city for another 5 minutes before we saw signs of battle happening. I saw a mixture of races amongst the dead bodies. Seeing a body moving trying to move, I quickly ran over to it, only to find a mortally wounded Alliance soldier. Reaching out to help him, he saw my hands and instantly tried to pull his gun on me.

"Stop right there you Pirate filth." His voice was all croaking, with each breath having a whistle at the end of it. Not imitated I knee down next to him and rest my hands on his chest.

"Soldier, I'm part of the Alliance, undercover agent if you need to know. From your reactions, I tell we are under attack from Pirates, but I need to know another thing, do you know where the bulk of the fighting is?"

With a grunt, he slowly pointed in the direction to our right, nodding in recognition of what he showed us, I pulled out my pistol and placed it against his head.

"I'm sorry that we were too late to help. I'm willing to put you out of your pain if you want as from what I can tell, you got no more than 3 minutes left and not even medi-gel can help you. I'm so sorry."

With an ever so slight nod, I pulled the trigger, blasting a round into his head, instantly killing him. Wendy looked at me in disgust.

"What was that for? We could off try to help him."

Standing back up from the now dead person, I clipped my pistol back to my thigh and turned to face Wendy, anger nearly pouring off my skin.

"Help a man, who was near dead. He wouldn't off held on for long enough to get him too proper care, I let him chose between suffering until death or the quick way to death and he chose the quick way."

Not wanting to get into a bigger argument, I stormed off towards the assumed front lines. Ignoring Wendy as I walked, she quickly ran up and settled in next to me. Walking through more dead bodies, I started to get a feeling of someone was following us, but each time I checked all around me, I saw no signs of any other living being in the area.

As we got closer to the front lines, I spotted a lone person shooting from what seemed to be an M-92 Viper sniper rifle. Running up to him, I unclip my assault rifle from my back and took cover next to the soldier. Taking a quick look at the soldier I noticed he had Lieutenant Badge on his armour. My sudden appearance nearly earned me a very good look down the barrel of the Lieutenant's sniper rifle. Quickly realising that me and Wendy weren't the enemy, he turned his rifle back towards the Pirate's line of defences. Unsure of whom we were he finally spoke up.

"Who are you two? Because from the looks of it, I wouldn't guess you are normal civilians."

Turning my head slightly, I gave the Lieutenant a quick hard look, which he couldn't see due to my visor and hood. Turning my head back, I glimpse a group of Pirates preparing to attack again from the edge of the park ahead.

"Well for your information, I'm an Alliance intelligence agent but just call me Revan if you needed a name."

With a few seconds of silence of all three of us aiming down our sights, the n the Lieutenant took a shot, killing one of the Pirates with a headshot.

Moving his head away from his rifle, the Lieutenant turned to look at me.

"Ok then Revan, I'm Lieutenant Shepard of the SSV Moscow Marine corps, was on a holiday until today." Turning back around, he looked back down his sights then fired, killing another Pirate.

Holstering my assault rifle back onto its clip, I look around for any rubble to use, seeing some good size chunks. Activating my biotics, I lift up a good amount of them and placed them into a makeshift barricade, making the pirates only able to come down in single file. Using my Biotics, I make more into additional cover to fall back on.

All three of us quickly take cover when the area around us is sprayed with rounds. Grabbing my assault rifle, I take a quick peek to the side to see a group of around 20 Pirates charging towards us with a Krogan carrying a shotgun, leading them. With a quick motion, I quickly lay down a singularity, catching a few pirates by surprise and then with another motion, I threw a wrap into the singularity, causing it to detonate to which killed 3 of the pirates and knocked over most of the others.

Hearing the sound of the detonation, Shepard and Wendy quickly popped up and fired into the mass of pirates who were starting to get up. Seeing the Krogan get up, I quickly targeted him with a full auto fire, to which of my displeasure, it only managed to knock down his shields when the rifle overheated. Dropping my rifle, I reached with my right hand and grabbed the pistol and with the left hand, the sword.

Quickly I jumped out of cover, using my pistol; I shoot at his shotgun, trying to take out it out of the fight. Noticing what I was trying to do, the Krogan quickly put his head down and bull charged me. As I stood my ground, firing as quickly as I could, the pistol overheated, making me clip it back onto my thigh. Waiting for the last moment to move, I try to jump out of the only to be clipped in mid-air and sent over one of the barricades with my sword landing next to my head.

Standing back up, I grab the sword and put it into a standard grip with it pointed downwards. Spotting the Krogan turning around to face me, I saw a smile creep across his face as he casually walked around to trap me. As he finally lined me up, a few rounds hit his shield, making both of us glance to see Wendy walking forward at him, firing her assault rifle in bursts. For a moment I thought I saw his face break into an even bigger smile before he spoke.

"I'm going to enjoy this quick fight, taking on a team of soldiers on my own, maybe the biggest surprise present this year."

Deep inside of me, I felt an anger that I never felt in a long time. I gathered my biotic strength around my body, after a few seconds of holding what seemed to be most my strength around me, I launched myself at the Krogan with all the fury I could muster and my sword pointed at him. When I suddenly stopped and saw the area around myself, I noticed that my sword was covered in orange blood from the Krogan and a pile of rubble on top of most of the Krogan. Seeing him trying to crawl out of the rubble, I walk over to him with my sword in hand. As I approach, the Krogan started giving a hefty laugh then started talking with his deep voice

"Never have I seen so much power used and the user still standing, at least I got to taste it before I die. If you had any honour human, then finish me."

Nodding my head, I bring my other hand onto the sword and plunge the sword down into the Krogan's head, killing him instantly. With a quick flare of biotics, I quickly clean the sword of blood then sheathed it. When I looked around, I noticed that we weren't under attack anymore. Turning around to find Shepard and Wendy, both with their helmets off, looking at me in surprise.

As the adrenaline wore of, I started to feel slightly tired. I quickly sat down and reach into the pocket that held some apples, the first thing I am greeted to was crushed apples, cursing I quickly duped the contents of the pocket with the thin cover of the pocket protector. Quickly seeing this, Wendy handed me an apple with slight smile across her face.

Placing the apple on a barricade, I flip the hood back then took my helmet off. Grabbing my canteen, I took a brief drink from it, easing some of the tiredness off. Handing out my canteen as an offer for a drink, only Wendy took up the offer while Shepard tapped his non pistol strapped thigh to reveal a small tank of water. As soon as I'm handed back my canteen, I screw the lid on and clip it back onto my thigh. Grabbing the apple before it gets crushed; I sat down with my back against one of the barricades, facing both Wendy and Shepard.

"Ok, now that is done. Shepard, do you have any updates from around the area?"

Shifting as if the subject was a sore spot, I motion him to answer before taking a bite out of the apple.

"Most of the soldiers are fighting, but in ragtag made units, as most of us were on leave from various places, we have some colonists who have armed themselves helping various units over the city. I hear that the defence ships plus a few nearby Alliance ships have been doing some destruction against the pirate fleet." Looking back down, he saw the bodies of the pirates laying there and another group getting ready.

"Hey Revan, do you think you can block off this rout?"

Placing my helmet back on, I turn around and stand back up when launch my biotics at the building structures, slowly making them weak, with a final blast. I bring down the wall and floors of the buildings near the park and would of billowed dust up into our faces if I hadn't erected a barrier at the last second. As the dust clears from around us, I begin to see my handy work of a debris wall around 2 stories high.

Nodding in satisfaction, I turn to see my assault rifle on the ground with damage all over it, in anger; I toss it at the debris. And with a flick of my hands over my helmet, I do my hood back up.

"Ok, now that is done, are there some troops who need a hand?"

Looking down at his Omni-tool, Shepard checked the channels the units were using.

"Yea, there is one about four minutes run away that is requiring backup; we will head that way now."

Without much a due, we all started jogging towards the troops. As we jogged, I noticed how Wendy seemed to be trying to stay as close to me as possible. Smiling at this, I let it carry on unnoticed to her. During the jog, I got the feeling that we were being followed again, with a glance around, I couldn't see where anyone could be following us easily and out of sight due to lack of shadows.

After jogging for a few more minutes, we came across the troops of which numbered around eight of them and a few bodies dragged off to the side. Seeing us, one of the soldiers broke away from the rest and ran up to us. Coming to a complete stop, he gave a quick salute then started rattling things off to Shepard.

Letting them talk, I walk off ahead with Wendy following me, grabbing my pistol from my thigh; I start to take a peek around the corner into where the troops were fighting only to have a spray of rounds hit the building right above my head. With a curse, I jump back, nearly on top of Wendy.

Activating my biotics, I create a barrier around myself then walk back up to the corner and have another peek, this time not getting shot at. Seeing around 23 pirates in cover, I let a build-up of a biotic flare in my hand occur then launch it down the street. When it impacted, it created an explosion that sent four pirates flying out of cover due to the force and killing another three. Seeing the four Pirates out of cover, the soldiers started to send their own rounds at them only able to take 2 of them out before being forced back into cover by the remaining Pirates.

Ducking back into cover due to some rounds hitting me, I turn to see Shepard standing next to me and Wendy. Letting my barrier drop, I unclip my pistol from my thigh.

"Ok, I manage to kill three of them with my biotics and get two more killed from lack of cover after that explosion, leaving around 17 left shooting at this position."

Shepard shook his head at hearing those words; either displeased or a bit shocked with the whole situation.

"Darn it, well then I have to go on my own as another unit is about to be wiped out by an attack. Revan, you stay here and organise these troops and get rid of the pirates then come to these co-ordinates if I haven't sent you a message ok?"

Looking over the co-ordinates on my Omni-tool, I saw that it was some distance to the place. Hearing a crunch, I looked up to see Shepard running off in the direction of the attack. Taking a deep breath, I started getting a memory of the Prothean training.

The Prothean tactic instructor was marching in front of everyone, giving all a lecture of command.

"If you are under heavy attack, retreating is pointless; you will only be shot in the back. The enemy will show you no mercy; they only see you as meat standing in their way and offer them no mercy either. On the battlefield, there is only one victor and it isn't the one who kills the most, or the one who is not afraid of dying but it is the one who is the most ruthless and cunning of them all."

A hand on my shoulder brought me out of the memory, to which I find Wendy's hand on my shoulder and a concerned look on her eyes. Nodding my head in thanks, I quickly crawl my way to the middle of the soldiers. Giving a quick cough, I knew as soon as I did that, I gained most of their attention.

"Ok men, I got a plan. How many of you got grenades that are still usable?"

Seeing six of them put their hands up, I noted that there will be at least six grenades in to use, I decided to go to the next step.

"Ok, I going to launch a biotic attack that should hopefully distract them, when the attacks happen, throw as many grenades at them as possible then and when I give the signal, activate them and start pouring as much rounds at the Pirates on the edges then work into the middle, but do not shoot me, got it?"

With a chorus of yes sir from the eight of them, I start to gather some of my biotics into a flare in my right hand, Wendy crawls over to me.

"Revan, are you going to actually go over there and melee them?"

Looking start at her, I saw some concern shine through her visor.

"Yes, sometimes to win these situations, I was taught that only the most ruthless and cunning will be the victor and that is what I'm going to do now."

Seeing that she was possibly about to argue me out of it, I raise my left hand up to her helmet and place my index finger against where I thought her mouth was.

"Please, don't argue about this, with teamwork and good placement, I should be walking back here unharmed, now will you line up and prepare to fire down range at them?"

Nodding her head, she quickly crawled back to a position and held her assault rifle against her chest.

I felt the need to pick up the morale of the men; I finally gave some words to help them fight.

"Soldiers of the Alliance, we are here, holding our ground against this filth who think that they are our masters. But let me tell you something, I do not intend of dying here without letting them know one thing and that I will not allow them to control us, to enslave us and to destroy us. Now, do you soldiers care to join me?"

"Yes Sir." Nodding my head with a slight smile on my face, making me know I have them being inspired and decided to go a bit further.

"I have heard that due to being so close to you, but I bet they didn't, now troops, do any of you care to join me?"


Without wasting much of a breath, I jumped over cover and launched a biotic flare at them. As soon as I launched it, all the soldiers with grenades started chucking them at the Pirates to which I counted 15 grenades before stopped coming past me. As I walked, I spotted the Pirates were getting over the sudden flare, deciding not to waste another chance, I launch another flare at them, killing 1 of them and taking it as the signal, the soldiers activated their grenades.

Hearing the Pirates curse at the sudden explosions, I draw my sword into my right arm and ran at them. Feeling the heat and bits of the explosions hitting my shield, I hastily erect a barrier to ward off as much as possible. A few seconds later, the soldiers started pouring as much rounds as possible on the Pirates on the wings. Within a few seconds, I dash into cover, right underneath the nose of a blind firing Batarian, who didn't notice me until I stuck my sword into his neck, right underneath the chin, then with a quick flick, severing the throat and the Batarian jugular artery. Without much of a gargle, he fell slumped onto the cover with his blood pouring out of this neck.

Moving on without much detection, I slide up next to a Turian who was waiting for his rifle to cool down. I sat there waiting for a few seconds before he shifted his weight to have a look around the other edge of cover. With a quick stab, I push my sword into his back, then pushing even further until I had my sword in him fully. With a loud cry, the Turian jump away from me, with my sword sliding back out of him due to my grip. Falling onto the ground, he started to whimper more than cry as a puddle of blood formed around him, falling unconscious then presumably dead due to blood loss.

With the cry, I knew that my stealth was blown. Jumping over the rubble they were using, I swing my legs in mid-flight, hitting a Batarian in the chest, then as I land, finishing him off with a stab into his heart. As I brought my sword back out, I noticed a nearby Human charging up to me from a few steps away with all the bravo of an idiot. With a quick sidestep, I plunge my sword straight into his chest then with a shove, tore my sword back out of him, spilling his blood everywhere.

As he fell, three nearby Batarian Pirates raised their assault rifles up at me and one Asari raised a pistol. I dived to the side, throwing a singularity in between two with assault rifles, temporary taking them out of action. As the other two fired at where I was standing. I swiped my blade out as I landed, cutting the Batarian with the assault rifle legs from underneath him, as he fell; I slide my blade into his gut and gave it a massive twist, making him scream out in utter pain. As I pull my sword back out, a flash of blue happens around me, seeing a faint blue shimmer around me, I realise that another biotic attacked me but my barrier fended it off.

With another flash, a bit further away from me this time, I look to see that the Asari surrounding herself with biotics. Not wasting a chance to take advantage of it, I throw my own warp back at her, taking her off-guard, then with a surge, I biotic charged into her, sending her flying into three Pirates who were being suppressed by the Alliance soldier's fire.

As rounds started flicking on my barrier and around me, I turn around to find the two Batarians aiming uneasily at me on full auto. Reinforcing my barrier, I walk towards them. Seeing this, they kept firing until the assault rifles overheated. With a flick of my hand, I place the one on my right into a stasis then walked up to the one who in his panic, tried to run away. Not allowing this to happen, with another flick of the hand, I lifted the Batarian up, allowing me to catch him. Without a second thought, I shoved my sword into his heart, killing him instantly then allowed his body to drop like a rag doll.

Walking up to the other Batarian and silted his throat. With a flash of biotics, I throw the body into a couple of other Pirates. Sliding my sword back into its sheath, I bend over to pick up the assault rifles of the two Batarians. Clipping one to my back, I place the other against my shoulder and aimed at the cowering Pirates.

Seeing a couple get back up and pushing the bodies of their dead comrades away, I send a quick burst their way, pushing them out of cover and unfortunately into the newly made crossfire. In less than four seconds, they were cut down from the amount of rounds hitting them.

Looking around, I spotted only 6 still standing and trying to shoot back at the soldiers, giving me no notice. Throwing a flare into a group of three Pirates, one Salarian and two Batarians, the power of the blast killed the two Batarians and flung the Salarian out of cover, to where I gun him down without much problem.

Noticing that they only had three left, the Pirates turned around to try and take me out. Quickly ducking behind nearby cover, I felt a shot had managed to break my barrier that I had to lessen to conserve my strength. Quickly crawling through cover I noticed that they were trying to crawl to where I was while trying to keep me suppressed. Dropping the assault rifle, I let my left hand draw my sword and right hand to unclip my pistol.

Waiting for a brief lull in them shooting at me, I popped up and walked towards them with my pistol going on full auto, as my shields were about to drop from the incoming fire, I gathered my biotics up and charged into the furthest Pirate of the group, sending the Human flying into the wall with a sicking crunch as his body hit made contact with it. Turning without a second thought, I quickly bound over to the next Pirate, this time a Turian. Without a warning, he swung his talons at me, only able to scratch the surface of my chest armour, with a split second reaction; I shove my sword into his gut and held him as a shield between me and the last Batarian Pirate.

Once he gave up on the fight, I dropped the dead Turian body to the ground, seeing the blue blood running down my sword, the Batarian tried to turn and run away, only for me to leap tackle him to the ground. Dropping my sword on the rough landing, I quickly gave him a punch in the stomach and then placed my pistol underneath his chin and gave one pull of the trigger, killing the Batarian instantly.

Rolling myself off the body, I felt a burst of pain to see a gash on my leg with red blood slowly dripping out of it. With a deep sigh, I grabbed some medi-gel and applied some over the cut. Hearing footsteps, I grabbed my pistol and braced myself against any possible attackers only to have Wendy's head pop around the cover I was using, to which I lowered my pistol.

"As you can see, they are all dead and I'm still in one piece and alive as promised."

Seeing Wendy offering her hand out, I quickly used her to pull myself up to a standing position. The moment I had stood up straight, I got a slap on my helmet. The slap itself didn't hurt but the force was strong enough to make me wince and rub my neck.

"Ouch, what was that for?"

"That's for doing something stupid and putting yourself in danger."

Then in a split second, I feel something massive hit me, only to find Wendy giving me what must have been her strongest hug.

"And that is for staying alive."

Giving her a hug back, I held onto her as long as possible, letting it go on for another minute, a thought popped into my head about Shepard.

"Um Wendy, we have to go, Shepard might be expecting back-up."

Letting go of me, Wendy moved back in a hurry. Spying my sword on the ground, I quickly grabbed it and placed it in the sheath and placed my pistol back on its clip.

Walking back up to the soldiers, I saw that 1 had died in the assault. Seeing me and Wendy returning to their position, they stood up straight and gave us a salute. Dismissing their salutes with one of my own, the presumed leader of the group walked up to me.

"That was some balls doing what you did there. Hell when you disappeared for the moment from all that smoke from the grenades, the lady who came with you wanted to charge in after you, wasn't easy to tell her to wait. The troops here are in your debt, we would of most likely have died if you didn't pull of that act."

Nodding my head in respect of the soldiers, I then waved of any more attempts of praise from them.

"I only did what I had to do, if that meant dying in that goal, so be it. The people who we should be giving our thanks to are the ones who died in the defence of this city. Now I'm heading off to help the Lieutenant who was here with us earlier, as for you lot, make sure that this spot doesn't fall to further attacks, ok?"

"Sir yes sir." All of them chorused.

Nodding my head in gratefulness, I gave one last salute to them before marching off towards the co-ordinates with Wendy next to me.

After five minutes of walking, we walked carefully through the ground floor of a small parking complex, both with our assault rifles out. As we made it to the middle of the floor, I felt a sudden gush of wind come past me, making me quickly raise a protective barrier around us, in time for a shower of metal, rock and smoke with a quick burst of fire to be deflected by it. As the smoke cleared, the entrance we walked through was nothing more than a pile of rubble that blocked the way.

Letting the barrier drop, both us turn around only to find a lone male human figure casually walking through the door. Seeing both of our assault rifles trained onto him, the figure stopped, only to raise his arms out, bringing in 4 more people, from the looks of it, one Asari, two Salarians and another Human, all warmed with assault rifles while the leader had a shotgun.

"You five, move out of the way, I'm on my too an important place, so important that it maybe live or death on the other end." I pointed off to a random direction to help reinforce the idea.

As soon as they heard it, they all started chuckling away, like it so a joke. The leader took another couple of steps forward, walking like he owned the place.

"Well, well, well. I have to say, hunting you was too easy once we found you. I bet you would be too tired to fight us all, even with your little helper there."

Taking a few more steps forward, the leader of the group was surely grinning at what he thought must be an easy victory.

"I know who you are; Revan and I know who your companion is as well plus I know who she works for."

Hearing this, I turn my head to look at her, only to find her own head hanging in shame. Seeing this, the leader held his hand over his mouth, acting shocked at the scene.

"Oh, she hasn't told you? This makes this moment even sweeter."

I could almost feel the glee and smugness coming of this person, making me feel like I should cut him down where he stood. Turning to look at Wendy, the leader did a mocking wave.

"Well, I might as well spill the beans, don't you think Miranda Lawson. What would The Illusive Man say when he hears that you failed him and Cerberus on bringing Revan into your organisation."

Turning back to me, he brought his spare hand onto the shotgun and brought it up to his shoulder.

"Now down to business, The Shadow Broker sends his regards and offers this chance to surrender to us."

Placing my assault rifle onto my back, I saw that he had relaxed even more. Letting my hand grip around my sword with all my anger, I let out the only voice I could muster.

"And what is the second option?"

"I hate it to be that option, which is to die. So pick, surrender or die?"

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