AN: This series I want give shot at. Hope you guys enjoy. Two more thing Kiryus twins are girls I repeat girls, and it will be Kaname/Zero and Rido/ Ichiru. Thank you.


"Ha, that Kurans can't be touch." A drunken man laughs at local tavern as he took another gulp of his beer.

"What do you mean? The Kurans can't be touch?" A young man asks as he hears the drunken story.

"You don't know," The drunken man said looking at the poor lad.

"The Kurans are the kings and queens of the vampire world, and with title like that they get the most elite bodyguard one example is Kiryus." The drunken counties his story as the lad listen.

"Wait, I thought the Kiryus hate all vampires, so why are they helping the Kurans the most powerful vampires?" The lad asks looking at the drunken man.

"The Kiryus have debt to them. For you see one of Kurans save one of Kiryus, and to repay that debt the oldest child must become bodyguard to the oldest Kuran child. You must wonder who is who for saving. Well it starts when Kiryu's brought two new lives to this world; twin girls the oldest was name Zero Kiryu and youngest was Ichiru Kiryu, but the problems start soon at the age of five when Ichiru fallen very ill and since Ichiru fallen ill she can never progress to be elite vampire hunter like her older twin. That didn't stop the girls to develop their close relationship. Then one faithful day the youngest twin adventure out to far from her twin and she cross to Kuran's territory and her heart start to fail until Rido Kuran found her. At that time Ichiru fear for her life because everyone in the hunter society fears him and even the vampire world fear him. Rido was cruel man, but on that day he save Ichiru no one know why he save the young girl. Many claims were to spite the Kiryus other claims she was his mate after his young sister reject him. To my honest opinion I think he care for the girl everyone portray Rido as bad man I think Ichiru saw some good in that man even though she fear him. Rido gave his blood to her and carry her back to his mansion. Meanwhile the Kiryu were stressing over the youngest Kiryu fearing the worst. The main head of Kiryu call the Kuran hoping they spot their young child. Haruka Kuran answers the phone saying he didn't see the young child until Rido walk in carry the young girl. Haruka was furious at his older brother for bring the child in this house nevermore Haruka told the Kiryus they have youngest Kiryu and she was safe. Few minutes later the Kiryus came to pick up their child, but the problem was Ichiru became attach to Rido. The Kiryus were furious, but Rido struck a deal if they want the child back the oldest must become Kuran's bodyguard they agree to these terms, but that didn't mean there was catch even though Kiryu get their youngest child; Rido get visitor privilege of the young child." The drunken finish his story.

"What happen next?" The lad asks looking at the drunken man.

"My lad no one knows?" The drunken man answers as he got and staggers away.


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