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Disclose Location:

"So you see Kuran, this new deal can benefit us if you sign this disclosure form." A man stated as he hand Kaname the form. Kaname lazily read the form.

"I don't see why I have signed this disclosure if I'm safe from any bankruptcy, but you my dear sir that is different story." Kaname as he hand over the forum and got up from his seat and making his to the door.

"Listen here you brat; you'll sign this forum!" The man stated as he grab hold of Kaname collar forcing Kaname to look him the eye.

"If you know what is best for you wil let go of me." Kaname stated in bored matter.

"Why your body guard is not here?" The man state as he whine up his fist; when felt a cold metal press to his head.

"Would you like to repeat that?" A robe figure spoke as they place their index finger on the trigger of their gun.

"No," The man stutters as he lower his fist.

"Good, now put the prince down and we'll be on our way." The robe figure spoke as they lower their weapon; as the man lower down Kaname as robe figure walk next to vampire prince. The robe figure walks ahead of the prince into ink night.

At the Kuran Manor:

"Kaname -san, Zero-chan, your back!" Two girls shout as they hug their older sibling. Zero gave small at her younger twin as she took off her hood.

"Ah, welcome back you two, and how was the trip?" Rido ask as came downstairs. Zero's smile fall into frown.

"Ah, Rido I forgot you exist; should you be taking my sister back home." Zero stated looking at oldest Kuran. Eight years ago the head Kuran passed away leaving Kaname to inherit the title of Prince of Vampires.

"There was problem, Zero-chan." Ichiru stated as she look down to her feet.

"What happen?" Zero asks looking at her younger twin.

"There was fire at home and I was locked in my room, and Rido ripe open my window and carry me out. Once we were outside I saw the fire started around the living room." Ichiru said as she starts to cry burying her head into Zero's chest. Zero hold onto her younger twin.

"You can stay here with us Ichiru I'm for sure the Kurans have enough room for you." Zero state as she look at Kaname.

"Yes, we do have room for your twin Uncle can you Ms. Kiryu her new room." Kaname stated as Rido approach Ichiru and took her hand. Zero was about to follow them, but Kaname call her back for other plans.

With Ichiru:

Rido led Ichiru though many flights of stairs. As they approach to a door.

"Are you going be okay for night, Ichiru?" Rido ask as Ichiru follow behind him.

"Yes, thank you for asking, Rido-sama." Ichiru stated as she smile at the older vampire.

"Here we are your room." Rido state as he open the door letting Ichiru in.

"Thank you Rido-sama," Ichiru said with smile on her face as she steps in her new room.

"If you need anything I'll be downstairs." Rido said as he leaves Ichiru's new room.

"NO," Ichiru yell as she hugs Rido from behind "Don't leave me what if the fire starts and Zero or you can't save me!" Ichiru said as she starts to cry burying her face into Rido's back. Rido turn around and hold the young girl.

"I swear you too this I'll never anything bad happen to you as long as I live; I care for you Ichiru and nothing is going come between us not even your overbearing twin or the Vampire Society." Rido said looking into Ichiru's eyes and to Ichiru can feel safety from Rido.

"Can you stay tonight?" Ichiru ask as she rubs away her tears.

"Of course," Rido said with smile on his face giving small kiss on her forehead. Ichiru gave small smile at Rido.

With Zero:

"I don't like how Rido-san is getting close to my twin." Zero stated as she lean on wall crossing her arm.

"If keeps my uncle not going crazy it's not our concerned." Kaname said as he looks over some document.

"Plus, you're not worry about my uncle and his affair with sixteen year old you're more worry about that fire took place tonight and how my uncle knew it was going to happen." Kaname stated as he put down document.

"I've been protecting your ass for two years and you already figure me out." Zero said with smirk on her face. There was knock on the door Kaname look at Zero. Zero nod and disappear into the shadow.

"Come in," Kaname said as the door open Yuuki step in.

"It's only Yuuki," Kaname said as Zero reappeared behind Yuuki. Yuuki turn around getting heart attack "Don't do that." Yuuki said as she punches Zero at her side.

"Is there something you need, Yuuki?" Kaname ask looking at his young sister.

"I need Zero tomorrow." Yuuki said and right away Zero knew where this going Zero gave Kaname 'Please no don't do this to me,' look.

"Why?" Kaname ask looking at his sister.

"Shopping!" Yuuki state in enthusiastic tone throwing her hands up in the air.

"I can't see why not, but I need Zero first. We were planning visiting the burn house of Kiryu and see if there any reminds of the Kiryu." Kaname said looking at his baby sister.

"Alright," Yuuki said with smile on her face as she left room.

"It's almost sun rise you should get your sleep, Kuran-san." Zero state as she peak out from the shades. Kaname nod as Zero escorted Kaname to his room. Once Kaname was safe in his room Zero did clean sweep of the manor. Before Zero went to sleep she check on her twin and what she see didn't please her Rido-san sleeping in the same bed with her twin instead causing scene she close the door causing door knob to form to Zero hand. Zero let out loud sigh as she head off to her room for long do of rest. For gods know what Yuuki will buy.


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