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Chapter 1: Changes

*Malfoy Manor*

Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy were enjoying a quiet evening in their bedroom when they suddenly heard heart stopping screams coming from their son's room. Lucius jumped out of his chair by the fire and flung open the bedroom door as he ran towards his sons bedroom; with Narcissa following close behind. Both aware that this meant their son had not been spared as they had hoped. All of their lives were about to be drastically changed.

When they burst into Draco's bedroom they saw him withering on his bed, tangled in his sheets, sweating, and screaming in pain.

"What should we do Lucius, we have to do something to stop his pain" said a tearful Narcissa as she clutched her husbands arm.

Lucius pointed his wand at his only son casting silencio followed by petrificus totalus. At Narcissa's shocked face he said, "It is the only way to keep him from causing further harm to himself and others. I know this is hard for you Cissa it hard for me also, but there is much to do and not a lot of time."

"Pinky" called Lucius as he removed Narcissa's grip from his arm and gently pushed her towards Draco's bed.

"Master called"

"I need you to go and bring Severus Snape here at once. Tell him 'it is happening' he will know what to bring."

Once Pinky left Lucius changed the wards to allow Severus to flow directly to the fireplace in Draco's bedroom. He then called for an owl as he walked to the desk against the far wall. He needed to write a letter to the Minister of Magic, asking for an emergency meeting for the morning. He had to take action and help his son any way he could. Once he finished sending the letter off he went to his son's bed to comfort his wife.

Narcissa had conjured up a wet cloth and a bowl of cool water and was wiping her son's brow. In a soothing tone she told her son, "we are here my little Dragon. Everything will be alright," she looked up at Lucius and added, "your father and I will make sure of it." Lucius nodded his head at his wife in agreement just as a green flame emerged from the fireplace announcing the arrival of Severus. All three exchanged worried looks as Snape made his way towards Draco's bedside unstopping a potion bottle as he went. Severus quickly handed his bag off to Lucius, lifted Draco's head and emptied the bottles content into Draco's mouth. As Severus forced the pain potion down Draco's throat, Lucius took out the remaining bottles of potion from Severus' bag and placed them on the nightstand.

"I have given him the strongest pain potion that I am able to. Unfortunately it will not take away all of the pain. However, it will allow him to get more of a restful sleep and keep him from hurting himself." Severus said as he patted Narcissa on the shoulder as he wandlessly canceled the spells on Draco.

"Thank you Severus" replied Narcissa.

Severus then turned towards Lucius and asked what he planned to do.

"I have already contacted the Minister for a meeting in the morning to ensure Draco receives protection under the Protection for Magical Creatures Law. I was also hoping you could schedule a meeting with Headmistress McGonagall and be there when I discuss this situation with her?"

"Of course" replied Severus "I cannot reveal too much but I do not think you will receive any trouble from Minerva." At Lucius and Narcissa's curious looks he added, "Draco will not be alone, there will be another." This revelation caused both Lucius and Narcissa to look at each other and see the worry in each other's eyes. They could not determine if this was good news or a problem. On one hand, Draco would have someone around his own age to converse with. On the other hand, there was a risk of territorial disputes that - in some cases ended in death.

As Narcissa moved closer to her son, Lucius turned towards Severus and asked him if he cared for a night cap "I could really use some firewhiskey" added Lucius. Lucius once again called a house-elf to get them two glasses of whiskey. All three knowing it was going to be a long night and an ever longer day.

*Draco Malfoy*

All he could feel was pain; hot burning piercing pain; pain that was worse than being subjected to the cruciatus curse. He realized that this pain could only mean one thing; he was coming into his inheritance. He could feel his bones stretching and growing, feel his gums being pierced by sharp canine teeth, and feel the fire spreading through his veins burning him inside out. He could not believe the irony; having survived a war to only now be wishing for death, anything to make this pain stop. He could feel the presence of others in his room and prayed that they would be able to take away the pain. Wishing they would take mercy and just end his life so he could escape this unbearable pain. He could barely hear his mother's voice, unable to concentrate over the pain he could not make out what was being said.

Just as he thought he was going to go crazy from the pain, he tasted the pain relief potion touching his tongue. Finally relief had arrived.

Once the potion began to take effect, Draco became even more aware of his mother's presence and wished it was someone else. The hand on his forehead was too large, the voice was too high pitched, and the smell was all wrong.

He finally drifted off to sleep dreaming of chasing after the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She had a gorgeous kind smile, thick curly brown hair - that just made him want to spend the day running his hands through it - and a figure that he just knew would fit into him perfectly. He vowed right there in his dream that he would find this woman, make her his, and ensure that her kissable lips always had a smile on it. If only he knew how challenging it would be to keep his vow.

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