Disclaimer - lines in italics are from the song At Last as sung by Etta James (1960)

At last…my love has come along… my lone-

"Clara! Stop fiddling with the console!" The Doctor shouted, waving his hands in exasperation, fluidly stepping to her side, "I'm driving, no passenger radio privileges…"

"You said I could learn to pilot this thing," Clara began, hands on hips, "You said it would be…"

"Last time, bad things happened. Very bad things. So no -"

lonely days are over …

The TARDIS lurched.


"I didn't touch anything!"

and life is like a song…

Sparks flew from the console, and the TARDIS shuddered. A thunk and a sudden halt of the time rotor brought Clara and the Doctor to the floor.

The room went red.

at last… the stars above are blue…

"What?" The Doctor whispered.

"Ugh, that cow!" Clara began and the Doctor quickly crawled over to her, putting a finger to her lips.

"Shh," he hissed.

my heart was wrapped up in clover… the night I looked at you.

The Doctor looked at his finger and pulled it back with a grimace. Slowly, he stood, fluttering his fingers at his side in silent message. Clara grabbed his hand, and the Doctor helped her to her feet.

and I found a dream… that I could speak to

The TARDIS doors flung inward with a crash, and the Doctor and Clara spun in wide eyed surprise.

Clara shifted her eyes nervously to the Doctor, "What the hell is she doing?" she whispered.

a dream that I… can call my own…

Breathlessly curious, the Doctor replied, "I don't know."

He took a cautious step towards the entrance, and a section of flooring popped up underneath him. Effectively tripped forward by his own ship, he caught himself on the door frame.

What he saw when he looked out those doors made him lean over against them.

I found a thrill to press my cheek to … a thrill that I… have never known…

Not possible.

This couldn't be … Rose Tyler couldn't be…

She was just standing there. Tracing her name on a memorial plaque. A bronze plate listing the dead from a disaster so very long ago…

Clara came up beside him. "Who…"

The Doctor went to take a tentative step, lifting his hand as he did so,

and the scene rippled before his eyes - like a stone thrown across a lake, like a teardrop in a puddle.

Of course.

Of course.

The Doctor sighed shakily, and looked to his shoes. Clara grabbed at his arm.

He didn't respond.

And then Clara gripped harder. Shook him. Pointedly inclined her head back in the direction he'd been staring.

The rippling had stopped, the mist evaporating with a faint hiss.

And Rose Tyler was looking at him. Straight at him.

Focused dead on, grinning from ear to ear.

and you smile, you smile… oh and then the spell was cast…

The Doctor stood in disbelief, and ever so slowly his own lips curved upward. Ever, ever so slowly letting himself believe that this was real. That this was truly happening.

Rose's smile lessened in intensity, perhaps wondering the same thing.

The Doctor swallowed hard. Twice.

"Run?" he squeaked out nervously.

And Rose crashed into him.

and here we are in heaven…

For you are mine … at last.