Title: Eyes of Stone

Author: Keikokin

Fandom: HP

Rating/ Pairing: undecided

Authors Note: This is only a WIP. I usually do not post them. However, I have a need for feedback, so here goes. This is literally all I have written so far.

Warning: Creature!Harry, OOC, AU, eventual slash

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is the property of JK Rowling. No maliciousness is intended nor profit being made.

Draco Malfoy sighed as his legal secretary buzzed him as he was about to eat. "Yes Matilda?"

"Mr. Harry Potter is here to see you sir." A giggly voice responded over the intercom. Draco shook his head and pushed the button. "Let him in."

Draco cast a stasis charm on his takeaway. The door opened to reveal Harry Potter smiling flirtatiously at Matilda. Draco wanted to roll his eyes. Matilda was old enough to be Potter's mother. Harry breezed in, closed the door behind him. Then his face fell and he plopped into the chair in front of Draco's desk. "I have a problem Malfoy."

"Being a bit brighter than you are, I already reached that conclusion Potter. It might move things along if you told me what the issue is this time? I would like to get to eat sometimes today. Perhaps if you'd been respectful enough to warn me you were coming over?" Draco raised one eye brow.

Harry did roll his eyes. "Point taken, however," he looked back at Draco seriously, "I didn't know where else to go or talk to for that matter."

"Your friends not being loyal again?" Draco sniffed and brushed some lint off his solicitors robes. "Tell me when to be surprised. Well, at least you had the sense to realize I was and always am the best choice in a difficult situation."

Huffing Harry added. "If you don't stop acting like your father, I'm leaving."

"There's more good things to my father then you give him credit for Potter. " Draco chose to ignore Harry's snort. "Even you can't deny he commands a room every time he walks into it." Harry couldn't argue with that.

Draco wanted to pursue this line of questioning but knew that there was more to come. "Fine, what's going on?" His eyes wandered to his food as his stomach growled.

"What are you eating?" Harry looked into the cardboard boxes, smiled, grabbed one and a pair of chopsticks then settled back into his chair. Draco's mouth fell open. "This is pretty good." He waved a wand at the box and a new one appeared where Harry had taken Draco's. The blond visibly settled. He pulled over the carton in question and began to eat, motioning with his chopsticks for Harry to talk.

"I spent the summer going through the Potter and Black vaults, seeing the properties trying to get my mind off the fact Ginny took the kids."

"You never really did say why you agreed to that. I couldn't understand it at the time. For awhile I thought that you were doing it to spare feelings, but I saw what it did to you. Frankly, I'm surprised you stopped wandering."

"I found out something that I really don't understand and there's only so many people who could keep it a secret." Draco sat up with interest. "I went to sit on the cliffs by the sea in my animagus form and it seemed like I'd finally found my spot in the world. But here's the odd thing. I never left. I stayed all night in the same position. I never moved and after about an hour I stopped blinking or breathing. I wasn't upset anymore. I just felt like I was stone with water running off me. Then I realized it was raining. A puddle slowly formed at my feet and I saw my reflection. I was stone. When I came to the next day, I remembered how hard it seemed to return to myself. It drained me so badly it took me all day to have enough energy to Apparate home."

Draco nearly choked. "What?" He then shook his head. "A Gargoyle?' he whispered.

Harry shrugged, biting his lip nervously now. "But the last family to exhibit any Gargoyle blood was the Goyle family, that's how they got their family name!"

"I spent the next night down in some caves right in front of a puddle and it happened again! But it was the best two nights of rest I've had. I came here directly from there. " Harry looked at Draco. "There's some way to find out where this came from right? I don't know my family tree. The ministry has it all locked up. Or maybe a potion? "

"But who on earth would want to turn you into a gargoyle? It would make you more powerful than even the rumors say you are."

"What do you mean? What's going to happen to me?"

In answer, Draco took a deep breath and walked over to a shelf of books and flipped through the pages of a small book. It looked very old and yellowed. "While the ancient magic of Gargoyles is nearly all destroyed in the Troll battles of '34, some knowledge still exists. They are experts in telekinesis they have the ability to move in time and space."

"Like Dr. Who? Cool!" Harry beamed.

Draco shook his head and continued. "The marine-type Gargoyle likes to dwell around shallow water, in lairs or undersea caverns and can use wings to swim with the water currents. They particularly like to perch on sea cliffs under the full moon." Draco stopped to look questioningly at Potter to see if this was what he'd experienced. Potter nodded. Draco continued. "The Gargoyle's voice makes a gargling, gurgling sound when it communicates telepathically. They can be ferocious if approached in the wrong manner and with the wrong intentions, for example, if a wizard tires to send them to kill someone they will only do so if the cause is just." Draco snorted. "Gryffindor."

Harry added. "It does sound a bit like me doesn't it?"

"Gargoyles are instantly able to determine if wizards motives are true. They are guardians of dimensional doorways into the other worlds beyond the physical. They can act as a catharsis, bleeding away negative thoughts, events and people in our lives that cause rot and erosion. They then transform it into an energy pattern they can use. Gargoyles do not live in statues, it appears that way as a 'touch point' when they travel the astral plane. They need companionship and protection while on astral journeys or during meditations and rituals. However, never try to trick, manipulate or coerce a Garoyle into doing something for you that they do not want to do. Irritated and angry they will punish you for such behavior before disappearing back to their most comfortable dwellings. "

"Gargoyles are believed to now being extinct. The last known line to carry it was the Noble House of Goyle. However, due to reoccurring inbreeding in the line no Gargoyle blood is currently believed to lie in that House any longer. "

"Thanks for that Professor Malfoy, but it still doesn't explain why this is happening to me and now. I mean shouldn't I have come into any inheritance at sixteen like everyone else did?" Draco remembered that year, seemed to be rumors flying everywhere at once and people being shunted quietly into the Infirmary. "Could someone do this to me?"

Draco shook his head. "All your luck your Gargoyle side realizes who your companion should be and it's bringing it out."

"That's not funny. I don't know what to do Malfoy! What if I slip into this again and don't come back?" Draco whispered a sleeping spell over the fortune cookies before offering one to Potter.

With a hiss, Harry jumped to his feet and threw the cookies at the wall. His eyes turned to stone and his voice hollow and gravelly, just like the book said. "You are trying to trick me Malfoy."

Draco held up his hands embarrassed by how badly they shook. "Calm down Potter. That's all I was trying to do was to get you to calm down. I wasn't trying to hurt you. But you need to stay level headed on this one Potter. "

Harry growled again. "Betrayer."

"Potter, I was trying to help."

"Slytherins always have alternative motives."

Quickly Draco said, "The only other motive I had was to buy time until I found some answers." Harry growled softly and returned to his chair.

Draco nervously lowered his hands. "I won't do it again." At this Harry took a deep breath with his eyes closed and seemed to settle. When he opened them again Draco was relieved to see they were once again green. But those eyes were looking concerned and scared. "Okay Potter. I believe you. Until I can find out what's going on, you need to stay some where secure."

"The caves under the cliffs?" Harry asked almost wistfully.

"I am not looking through a bunch of dirty caves to find you. And I said safe. What if the water rushes in when you are coming back from astral travel?"

"So where do you suggest?"

"The Manor."