Title: Eyes of Stone

Chapter 16 Smack you upside your head

Author: Keikokin

Status: WIP 16/?

Pairing: H/D

Authors Note: Creature! Harry speaks in BOLD, Sorry for the wait!

Disclaimer: JK Rowling owns the entire HP Universe. No maliciousness is intended or money being made.

Draco wasn't the only one enjoying the hug. Harry couldn't believe that Malfoy was allowing this and wasn't pushing him away. He inhaled deeply. There was a layer of rich exotic scents and yet there was something all together Draco. Beneath that there was a scent of duplicity and dishonesty.

All warm feelings suddenly turned to ice and he pushed the blond away…"Is there something you want to tell me Malfoy?" Harry's voice had gone gravely with the Gargoyle's anger rising inside Harry.

Draco gulped taking a quick step back. He quickly weighed his option, be a Slytherin and find a way to get the hell out or trick the Gargoyle. But it might make the creature in Harry madder. If he didn't tell the truth in some way now the Gargoyle will sense it and he's a dead man.

Was there subject in particular you are questioning me about, Potter?

You are keeping something from me. I smell the fear on your skin.

Malfoy had to cough to find his voice. His whole mouth had suddenly gone as dry as desert. "I ran into Granger today." Harry's eyes flashed from dark green to luminescent to stone and back. Draco wished he'd gone to the bathroom earlier. Damn, he'd forgotten how scary Harry could be at times, much less Gargoyle Harry.

Do not test my patience. You continue to hold back information.

Draco weighed each word carefully before speaking.

"Well, you know how she is, always looking for some reason to spend time in the library. And I may have given her one."

Grumble Snarl what would that be Malfoy?

"Um, she may have pushed me on the whole divorce issue." Draco reached nervously for the doorknob behind him. When Harry shook his head, Draco made a run for it. He ran as fast as he could to apparated away only to find he was suddenly pinned to the wall a moment later by Potters stone-like grip.

You forget I can travel in time and space. There is no escape Malfoy. Tell me the rest before I kill you.

"Calm the fuck down Potter! She wanted to talk to Weasley about what his sister had done. I told her it wasn't a good idea. I said you'd be mad!" Any thought he'd previously had about weighing his words was tossed out the window as panic took over. He squirmed trying to get away.

10 points, I am mad. Tell me why I should let you live.

"Oh no, that is not right. It's all on her. Kill Granger. Hell, kill Weasley at the same time." Seeing Harry didn't look any happier, he changed tracks. "Look at it this way; at least she'll take the brunt of the idiots' anger, stupid opinions and ideas. If it doesn't go well for her, then you know to write Weasley off for good."

You were told not to interfere.

"It wasn't me, exactly. She ran off to research the muggle science end of things. So therefore, she is the one interfering. If you look at the big picture, she's really in it up to here." Draco made a motion at the top of his head.

Harry rolled his eyes. "You didn't think this one through Malfoy. If Hermione and Ron have a big blow up and she leaves him, who do you think she's going to go to for a place to stay? So you'll have to explain to your father why a Muggleborn is moving into the Manor. He ought to LOVE that. If that's not enough, how would you explain me living here? Or did you tell her the whole gargoyle thing too?"

Draco's mouth dropped, his eyebrows shot up to his hairline and his eyes went wide. His relief over Harry not using the Gargoyle voice again was obvious. He'd stopped struggling. "What do you take me for Potter?" He crossed his arms over his chest. "She is not moving in here. Father almost broke a blood vessel when I told him about you."

"What excuse will you use for me living here?" Harry threw his arms up into the air.

"Who can resist the Malfoy Charm? I'll tell her how much you love me and couldn't live without me." He smiled brightly.

"I think she's more likely to believe I'm having an affair with your father." Harry snorted.

Draco frowned. "Why? What's wrong with me? I'm younger. I'll eventually be the sole heir of the vast Malfoy fortunes and you obviously want me."

"One hug and you sound like you are trying to impress me to win my heart. I'm not a Veela." Harry shook his head. "She will want to know. But I have to get going before your father summons me. At the very mention a Malfoy house elf popped up at his side.

"Master Malfoy says he is not to be kept waiting. A Gryffindor is supposed to keep their word."

"Potter? Are you really having an affair with my father?" Draco was looking paler than usual.

Harry rolled his eyes once more. "Look instead of being a complete and total prat why don't you come with me? You might as well hear it all too. "

Draco frowned. "What the hell are you talking about? Hear what? What's going on between you two?"

Harry smacked Draco in the forehead. "Stop it!"

"Did you just smack me Potter?" Malfoy asked in a stunned voice.

"Only you Malfoy can go from giving a guy a hug, to needing to be smacked upside the head by the same guy within minutes. Have you always been like this and I've only now started to notice that you are without a doubt completely mental?"

"I'm mental? Just what do you think Granger will do if Weasley is stupid enough to kick her out? I'll tell you what; she's going to go have it out with the Weaselette. Now that's a cat fight I'd like to see! She's going to take care of your problem for you Potter."

Harry froze and blinked. A moment passed and then another. Draco could practically see Potter envisioning the scene. "That would be something. I wonder how bad Hermione would hex her."

"Ah, see there's hope for you yet Potter. So now that I've fixed that problem for you, let's go get under my father's skin."

Hermione confronts Ron, then a cliffhanger of her about to do the same with Ginny.