Title: Chapter 7 Eyes of Stone

Author: Keikokin

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: to come, will be slashy eventually

Beta: Breanna826

Disclaimer: The HP universe is owned and created by the great JK Rowling. No maliciousness is left.

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"Well, I still think they should have worked at it harder," Mrs. Weasley huffed. She was, as usual, serving up food at the Burrow.

Arthur sat down at the table, eagerly eyeing the food. "They are grown adults dear. Whatever happened is between the two of them. "

"Honestly Arthur, I don't think you care." Molly huffed sitting down at the table.

"I do Molly. But if Ginny and Harry don't want to talk –"

"And that's another thing," Molly snapped, "why won't they tell us? And where has Harry been?"

"I imagine he's taking some time to himself dear." Arthur said between mouthfuls.

"Why should Harry need time to himself? He has us!" Molly's eyes glistened.

At that moment, Ginny knocked on the door before pushing it open. "Mum? Dad?"

Arthur ate faster in case things didn't go well, again. Each time Molly saw Ginny, she interrogated her to the point both Weasley women were yelling. It wasn't pretty either. He looked up with a mouth full of food to see Ginny's face drop as she noticed Molly's presence. "Hi."

"And just where have you been? Where are the children? Have you spoken to Harry?" Molly rattled off one question after the other.

"Ron is watching them at the moment with Hermione. No, I haven't spoken to Harry and I'm tired of hearing his name. If this is going to be one of those visits mom, I'm leaving." Arthur waved and Ginny waved back before Arthur tucked back into his food.

Molly rushed to Ginny's side. She put an arm around her and led her to the table. "I just worry about you both. But I just don't understand why-"

"Molly dear, I think she's made her point clear." He smiled toward his daughter. "How are you Ginny?"

Ginny managed a tired smile. "Okay. Really, I'm fine."

Molly sat back down, wringing her hands under the table. "So how are the kids?"

"Fine." Molly and Arthur looked at each other, neither knowing what to say. "I just needed a break from them. But I doubt you'd understand."

"What exactly are you saying?" Molly asked in confusion. "We had all of you, why wouldn't we understand."

Ginny shot to her feet, nearly toppling her chair over in the process. "See! This is why I hate to come over here anymore! Either you are interrogating me about my marriage which is long over or you're insinuating I'm not taking care of my kids right. Why do you even care? The whole family knows that Harry is your favorite!"

"Now Ginny that's no way to talk to your mother," Arthur pointed out. "We do not play favorites between –"

"Yes you do and you always have. If you want your questions answered so badly, why not ask him? It's impossible for you to leave me any privacy, is there? It's my life! Why can't you understand that and be on my side for once?!" Tears brimmed at her eyes as her fists began to shake at her side.

Arthur stood up and reached out a hand to his daughter's shoulder, but Ginny shook it off. "Don't you see Dad? You can't fix my life like I'm a little girl anymore. A simple pat on the shoulder doesn't cut it anymore."

"But Ginny dear," Molly tried to approach her from the other side," we're just trying to help."

Ginny stepped back and made her way to the door, before looking back. "Nothing could have helped." She slammed the door behind her, leaving her parents standing at the space she once stood, still blinking.

Molly was the first to sit back down at the table. Arthur followed suit, sighing loudly. They were both silent and contemplative, the clock slowly ticking in the background as they watched Ginny's hand return to her home. Next they saw the Ron hand moving and both turned toward the fireplace, since Ron preferred to floo. Soon the flames turned to green and Ron stepped out. He spotted his parents and asked," What bloody hell is up with Ginny?"

"Ronald!" Molly admonished for his use of bad language.

"What happened son?"

"She came over to the house, declared she had enough of the kids and just left! I swear if she does that one more time-"

"She's done this before?" Molly asked quickly, wringing her hands once more.

"Loads," Hermione's face had appeared in the fire. She looked over to her in-laws. "Sorry to just be barging in on you."

Arthur smiled kindly at her and asked," Is everything okay Hermione?"

"Oh, just being used as a sitter again."

"Isn't that the truth," shot Ron. "I am more worried about the kids though. They didn't even seem to care. "

"They almost act like we're beneath them, is more like it," Ron grumbled. "It's like we are the lucky ones to watch them all the time. Not that I don't love them like my own but-"

A deep silence filled the room. "I wonder why Harry hasn't contacted them at all." Hermione whispered but in the quiet it might as well have been a shout.

"Well if his own family started to treat him like that-" Arthur began.

"Who'd want to ignore their own family? I thought Ginny wanted the kids? Harry always wanted a family; surely they knew how much he loved those kids. I still don't understand him signing them over, do you?" Hermione looked around hopefully from one face to another for an answer. But none was forthcoming.

Seeing the look of worry and sadness cross his mother's face, Ron went to her side and gave her a big hug. "It's not you, I mean we all turned out okay 'cause we had the best parents ever, so she knows how to be one too."

"Oh Ron," Molly sank into her youngest son's arms. "I love you too." She smiled.

"I suppose it will sort itself out in the end," Arthur added optimistically, so they all tried to make the best of things and turned their conversation to the latest news in the Prophet.