Title: Eyes of Stone, Chapter 8

Author: Keikokin

Rating: not sure yet

Beta: Dream Howler

Warning: Adult themes, eventual male/male slash

Disclaimer: JK Rowling owns Harry Potter. No maliciousness is intended, nor profit being made. This situation is adult in nature, and should only be viewed by those who are old enough to do so.

Ginny went straight home from the Burrow and threw herself on her bed. Curling herself around her pillow, she began to sob. Everything that she had once was now in shambles. There wasn't anyone who could help either. When she cried herself out, she rolled over staring at the white ceiling. As if it was yesterday, the memories of the fights she and Harry came crashing over her.

"Ginny, I'm home." Harry had walked in from the floo. "Where's the kids?"

"Over at Ron's." Ginny yelled from the kitchen where she'd been cooking.

"Again?" Harry came into the kitchen, looking upset.

"What are you trying to imply?" Ginny turned toward him angrily. "You have no idea what I go through. If I had some help around here, I wouldn't need to clear them out."

"You know how Hermione feels about house elves –"

Ginny smashed a dish in the sink. "This isn't about her and you know it. If you were there for us-"

"Oh so it's my fault we have a family?" Harry asked in astonishment.

"No, but it is your fault you are such a lousy father. You never scold them! You let them do as they want and they don't listen to me at all. IF you took a firmer hand with them-"

"Do you want me to apologize for not having a father to emulate?" Harry couldn't keep the bitterness from his voice.

"I just want to be done with this! I can't take any more. Either you are here or you are out!" Ginny yelled.

Harry took a deep breath. "Look you knew since the end of the war, that I was thrust into the limelight. It's not like I like it. But you certainly seemed to enjoy it for a bit."

"That was before the kids!" Ginny snapped.

"Look, you clearly don't want me around to be a father. I can't remember the last time you said you loved me. Do you?"

"No. I want a divorce, and I should keep the kids since you obviously don't know a thing about it."

Harry's nostrils flared and looked more hurt and angry than Ginny had ever seen when he said at last. "There are things I DO know about Ginny, which would not go over well. You violated the laws of nature by stealing my DNA. Do you know how hard that is for me to deal with?"

"Oh and this comes from the man who is probably gay, what with the lousy love life we have. If I hadn't done what I did, I doubt we would have had any kids at all. I hate you Harry! Just GO AWAY."

Ginny curled into a tighter ball. She didn't hear the floo nor Ron or Hermione yelling. It wasn't until Ron gently touched her shoulder that she sniffled deeply and pulled herself together. She rolled over. Ron's face fell when he saw her face. "Gin?"

She got up out of bed. "Are the kids downstairs?"

"Yes, but Gin are you okay? Is this about the divorce? "

"I don't want to discuss it Ron. How many times do I need to tell you to butt out and just leave it?"

"But why?" Ron pleaded. "If Harry keeps hurting you like this, I'll go after him myself! Who cares if he killed stupid old Voldemort anyway, it was just dumb luck."

Ginny gripped the door frame tightly. "Leave. It. Alone." She left the room and headed downstairs. Ron, however, took a moment to calm down. Ginny was his sister, his only sister damn it. He didn't like seeing her hurt or upset. Was this why he and Hermione had the kids so much? It all boiled down to Harry, he was sure of it. There was no way this was Ginny's fault.

Toward the end of his sisters' marriage, he could see Harry was closing himself off. He had become increasingly distant until that fateful day, when Ginny told them the news. He wondered where Harry was now. "Well, at least I don't have to deal with him anymore," he grumbled to himself. "Bloody lucky I haven't seen him, or I'd give him –"

"RONALD!" Hermione yelled. "We need to get going!"

Ron shook himself from his thoughts and unclenched his fists, before making his way downstairs. Hermione took one look at his face and knew he wasn't happy. She also knew that storm cloud was in some way connected to Harry. Biting her lip in worry, she tried to put on a happy face as they said goodbye to the kids.

They were polite in their goodbyes, but the kids were still cool toward their Aunt and Uncle. They left for their rooms, and Ginny waved them off. When at last the Floo died down, Ginny felt everything weigh even heavier on her shoulders.

Hermione turned to Ron as they returned home. "Ron honey, are you okay?"

"Absolutely bloody smashing, you've seen what Harry's done to my sister and those kids. She's falling apart and the kids don't want to be involved with anyone."

Hermione was about to reply when the Floo came to life and the kids tumbled into the house. "We're home!" They had gone over to the neighbors to play, so their parents could take their cousins home. Each seemed to have chocolate milk mustaches and a smile on their face.

Ron and Hermione instantly put their conversation aside and turned their attention to their kids. It was unspoken that they would probably be discussing it again. Neither of them liked to discuss the situation with the kids around. Besides, they all missed their Uncle Harry, and didn't understand why he wasn't welcome over anymore. It would only cause trouble if his name was even brought up.