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Katniss' POV

"...Thank you for the bread. It really meant a lot to me. I'm so sorry about Rue. I tried to save her, but I couldn't and I'm so sorry about it. I'm in servire debt to all of you guys now. You have one less hand to help with harvest, but Peeta and I both agreed that Rue and Thresh's family will get half of our food portions a year so they won't starve." I let the tears roll down my eyes, I don't care if I look weak, I don't need to look strong at this moment. "And for Thresh, I don't even think we had a conversation together except for that one time where he saved my life." I pause my speech and look down at Rue's family. One of the older girls is an exact replica of Rue. I can see tear stains on her cheeks and some more making their way down her face again. Her brown eyes sparkle from the tears streaming down her face. I can't help but to feel guilty because in a way, I killed her sister.

Before I can continue my speech, I see an older man who gives me the three finger salute, the same salute that I gave to them right after I covered Rue in the wildflowers. It's an old gesture we use back home in 12, meaning saying 'goodbye' to someone you love or 'we respect you.' Soon, more and more people follow this gesture and pretty soon, everyone was giving us the salute. The peace keepers didn't hesitate to start firing their guns. A few people were shot and probably injured and several more innocent people were shot down dead. The peace keepers brought the man who started the salute to the steps leading up to the stage. Peeta and I look at each other in terror. Both of us frozen in terror not knowing what to do.

One of the peace keepers shots the man in the back of the head, I try to rush to his side and attempt to save him, even though I know I would fail. But before I can get to his aid, two peace keepers are suddenly at my side and restrain me, I'm pushed back into their Justice Building and the doors shut and lock. I can't see what's happening, but I'm still screaming. I look over at Peeta and he is just as traumatized as I am.

"What happened Haymitch?" I ask. I can feel the tears coming heavier. Several people just died today because of me and that's very hard to live with.

"You made that same gesture in the arena, and now the people followed you and President Snow doesn't like that Sweetheart!" Haymitch yells. I can smell the alcohol in his voice. He promised us he would stay sober for this trip. But then again, Haymitch doesn't keep promises normally.

Before I can respond, Haymitch grabs my wrist and motions for Peeta to follow. The Justice Building here in District 12 is a lot nicer than the one back in District 12. The glass is stained glass with pictures on them and the ceilings are high. Haymitch leads us down staircase after staircase, some of the doors he opened had to be forced, I wonder when the last time some of these doors were opened. There were cob webs in almost every corner. Finally Haymitch leads us in a small room that smelled of must and mold. It didn't even smell this bad in my old house in the Seam. Haymitch turns on a lantern he brought with him.

"Listen Katniss, you have to prove your love for Peeta. You and I both know he will go through with what he already discussed with you."

"Discussed what Haymitch" Peeta asks. "Is there something you're not telling me?" Oh that's right, I forgot to tell him about Snow's threats, well more like chose not to tell him.

I look at Haymitch and Haymitch looks at me, Haymitch holds his hands up in defense, "You're on your own Sweetheart. This is your business not mine."

I give Haymitch the evil eye for putting me in this situation, "Well Katniss, I'm waiting." Peeta says, I can tell Peeta is pissed at Haymitch and I, especially me. To soon know that the love of your life has to pretend to love you in order to save her family and her friend who is also a guy who loves her.

"One day after I came home from hunting in the woods, President Snow made a surprise visit, and he told me that some of the Districts think I faked my love for in the arena for survival and some of the Districts think that this was an act of rebellion. He told me that I'm walking a thin line and if I don't prove my love during this victory tour, he'll blow up the mines, make sure Prim gets reaped, and hurt everyone we both love, including your family." I say, the day that President Snow came, I can remember as if it was yesterday.

The summer air was turning into the brisk fall air, it's mid September and the air already gets cold here in District 12. The winnings I receive monthly for being a Victor can easily feed my mom, Prim, and I and several other families for a solid six months. I often run extra food to families in the Seam who really need it. I've always hated to see young kids come to my mom because of how starving they were. I've offered some of my winnings to Gale and his family, but he refuses to take it. Since he's turned 18, he goes to work in the mines and works 12 hours a day for six days a week. I normally run the trap routes and drop off the findings to Hazel before Gale gets home.

I finish early today and don't really feel like going home this early. When you're a victor, you normally drop out of school. Going to school is a privileged honor and I'm supported financially for the rest of my life. Victors are supposed to come up with a new hobby. Haymitch's was teaching at first, Peeta's is to draw and paint, and mine is hunting, but I can't really tell people that. So Cinna and I discussed that he would help me design the dresses I'm wearing on the Victory Tour.

I catch an extra rabbit and walk to the cabin my dad showed me when I was younger. It's not very big, but it's nice and cozy in there. I roast the rabbit and take a short nap. I slept longer than I intended too, when I wake up, I knew it was going to be dark soon. Even though I know these woods with my eyes closed, it's not a good idea to be out here after dark especially with wild rabid animals wondering around.

I look quickly before crawling under the fence back in the District boundaries. I run the rest of the way home not wanting to worry Prim and Mom to death. I walk up onto the porch reaching for the door handle to open the door, but my mom beats me to it. "Katniss, just in time for dinner." My mom says and fakes her smile. I'm not on time for dinner, I'm really late for dinner. What;s going on?

I walk deeper into the house knowing something is wrong, as I turn the corner I see a peace keeper stare right at me. Great, I've been caught hunting. This is it for me. Snow is already pissed off at me, and now he'll make my death as long and painful as possible and tell the Districts my death was an accident even if what I did was punishable by death. The peace keeper grabs my hand and leads me to the study, I can smell the stench of roses and blood which makes me want to throw up. Snow has to be here.

"Well, hello Ms. Everdeen. How's my favorite victor?" President Snow says, I can see the a smile tug at his face. He sits behind the mahogany desk and motions for me to sit in the other chair. "Go on, I can handle her from here." Snow says to the peace keeper giving him the signal to leave us alone.

"Why are you here?" I snap, I don't care who he is, he doesn't belong in my house. I'm not in the mood for him.

"Why are you saying I can't visit my favorite victor?" He's lying, he absolutely hates me. I see a sly smile on his face, I know he has something up his sleeve. "I see how some of the Districts didn't fall for your act. I must say though it was very clever of you. And the berry stunt was a classic, certainly going down in the history books." You're damn right it will go down in the history books, 'Katniss Everdeen, co-Victor of the 74 annual Hunger Games, the Girl who was on Fire, and the girl who killed President Snow.'

He's talking about the love act Peeta and I played, but Peeta actually does love me. Two can play this game, "I see you keep sending innocent kids to participate in the Hunger Games."

"You're not in the range to be making remarks like those Ms. Everdeen. I don't like seeing you as much as you don't like seeing me. And we can minimize the time we spend together if we agree not to lie to each other." I nod in agreement. "Good. You know I can kill you right now, but that would only fuel the rebel's fire. I could kill you in your sleep, induce a heart attack. No, no one would buy that. But killing off someone you love might be able for you to gain control over the rebels."

He's right, I'm in no position to be making the calls. "What do you want me to do about them?" I say trying to sound not concerned about it.

"Many people think when you pulled the berries thought it was an act for rebellion. Make the districts believe you did this out of love, and I can always somehow make the mines magically explode, or Prim get reaped. And I'm sure Peeta wouldn't want his family to die from an oven fire. You may go now Ms. Everdeen and see you in the Capitol."

I get up to exit the room, "Oh, hunting in the woods with your friend on Sunday's isn't helping your case at all. Especially when you two kiss." President Snow says as I was leaving. How did he know about Gale and I hunting in the woods? We always cover up our tracks. And no one from the Hob would tell because we could tell right on them as well. And the kiss? It was a one time thing. And I can kiss who I want. It's my life not his. But as Snow said earlier, I'm not the one in the position to be making the calls.

"And how do you think we can stop all of this from happening?" I ask, I cannot afford for anyone to get hurt or killed under my watch. I cannot handle it physically or mentally.

"Marriage. Prove your love through marriage. And Peeta, you propose to her in the Capitol, if the Capitol citizens are happy, it puts Snow in a better mode." Haymitch says. Marriage? What if marriage isn't enough? Will we have to have kids to prove it?

"Whatever. Well, thanks for telling me." Peeta mumbles and walks away. He opens the door but waits to exit, "Oh, next time, I think I should be included with all of this news, it's my life were talking about as well." He says and slams the door.

"What's his problem. I thought he wanted this?" I snap at Haymitch.

"He does, but he wanted it to be real! Not where he's happy and you fake the marriage. You could do a lot worse than him though. " Haymitch snaps right back at me and walks after Peeta. "And keep in mind, that you could live a thousand lives and still never deserve him."

I don't follow Haymitch. I think instead. How can I prove my love to the Districts? I hold his hand and kiss him often, but what more do they want? I'm already being

I look back at Haymitch wondering what to do now. I know I could never deserve Peeta. He's cute, charming, sweet, unselfish and polite. And then, well there's me. Who's the total opposite of him. How could he love me? I'm just some girl who is using him right now. He could love someone who deserves him and they're not that many.

I take a deep breath and exit the room. I really start to think about what Haymitch said to me about not deserving him and how I could do a lot worse. I begin the walk back up to the main floor. I walk up the last flight of stairs and see Effie. "Oh, there you are Deary, I was getting quite worried. We must get on the train right now if we don't we'll be very behind schedule." Effie says in her high pitch voice. I envy her right now, not for looks but because her life isn't at steak nor her families not a worry in the world.

We've been traveling for a few hours now. Peeta and I both locked ourselves in our rooms and both got messages from the avoxs telling us it's dinner time. I ignore the note for about fifteen minutes, but end up going to dinner because I'm hungry.

"Oh Katniss, it's nice of you to join us." Effie says, I fake a smile at her.

"Whats our plan for tomorrow?" I ask cheerfully changing the subject. I look over at Peeta who is just picking at his food with his fork and not looking up at either of us. I can tell he's still hurt from Haymitch and I keeping that secret from him.

"Well, we if we arrive on time, we'll do your speeches and then the party." Effie says other things but I'm too busy watching Peeta. After dinner is over Peeta rushes back to his room.

"You've really messed him up Sweetheart." Haymitch says and takes another sip of his beer.

I give him the evil eye again and walk back into my room. I sit on the bed closing my eyes and lay down. I've ridden on these trains enough to know that they're bugged. Maybe they even have cameras. What better way to show my love for Peeta if I'm caught sneaking into this room after curfew?

I get the courage to walk out of my room and into Peeta's. I know he never keeps his door locked because he normally wanders the hallways at night when he can't sleep. I wonder how bad his nightmares are. I'm sure he has them, almost every victor does. Even though we've survived the arena, we never really leave it because it will always be with us in our heads when we have nightmares and our scars that remind us of the Games and what we went through to get out alive. I want to tell him how much I really have missed him since we've gotten back from the Games but with how I've been acting towards him, that really wouldn't be fair.

I open the door to find him pacing his room, I don't think he even sees me until I close the door and it makes a click sound. His room is just like mine, a king sized bed, a dresser, TV, couch, attached bathroom, and a desk.

"Hey." I say.

Peeta walks over to me, and puts his hands on my shoulders, "Are you okay Katniss? Did you have another nightmare?" He asks, I can look in his crystal blue eyes and tell he has forgiven me for what I've done to him for the past few months, (which was ignoring him) and not telling him about Snow's threat.

"No, I was just wondering if I could sleep here. It's lonely in a bed this big." I say. I can see his eyes light up when I say this.

"Of coarse you can Katniss." He says and leads me over to his bed. I lay down and Peeta lays next to me not knowing how close he should be to me. I snuggle up close to him. At first he is a little stunned at how close I am but he wraps his arms around me. I can help but feel safe in his strong muscular arms.

"Peeta, how come you roam the hallways at night? Is it because of your nightmares?" I ask him and turn so I face him. This question stuns him a little.

"My nightmares are normally about losing you. And when I roam the hallways, I know I can protect you if something should happen." I immanently feel guilty. Instead of sleeping, he roams the hallways making sure I'm safe? And here I am ignoring him for the past few months and he still puts me before himself.

"Well, I'll be safe tonight. After all, you're the one who's protecting me." I whisper and give him a kiss. At first he hesitates to kiss me back, we've kissed hundreds of times, but this is the first one we've shared alone and the first one I started. He deepens the kiss, before I pull away for a breath.

"You may not love me the way I love you Katniss, but I'll always love you and I'll always be here for you, I promise. No matter what, I'll always be here for you. Even though we're going to get married for show and to please the Districts and Snow, we can work something out so you can be with Gale if you want. But you may not love me the same way I love you but can we at least be friends?" He asks, I don't know how I feel about Gale, I love him like a brother, and Peeta, well I'm not sure how I love Peeta yet. I'm just confused on this entire thing. I'm being forced and rushed into it. I don't think Peeta and I have been on a real date.

"I thought we already were." I say and kiss him again. We share a few more kisses that night before we both drift off to sleep.

I'm running through the woods, at first it's Prim I see, "Prim!" I shout, "Watch out for the bombs!" I run to push her out of the way. But I'm too late, the bombs blow up and blow her into pieces. I keep running through the woods and soon realized I'm being chased by mutts. Not just any mutts, but the mutts who have the tribute's eyes, Peeta's right beside me, "Katniss, keep running no matter what." I hear him say and purposely trips himself so I can be saved from the mutts and the horrid death.

"Peeta, Peeta, please don't!" I' screaming and thrashing and I feel Peeta trying to wake me up. I fling open my eyes and see Peeta's eyes lingering above me. I reach my arm up and cup his jaw in my hand. "You're alive?" I ask, I can't tell if what happened was just a dream or real. I'm hoping just a dream.

"Yes Katniss. I'm here, I'm alive, it's me, Peeta." He says. I keep sobbing not knowing what to say, "You died." I blurt out. He looks over at me in confusion "In my dream, you tripped yourself so the mutts would kill and eat you and not me." I say, still sobbing.

"Oh Katniss. I'm sorry, I had no idea." He pulls his strong and muscular arms around me and hugs me tight. This feels so right, him comforting me after my nightmare. "I love you Peeta." I say and he pulls me even closer to him. He doesn't make a big deal about me saying this, but I can only imagine him melting inside.

There's a knock on the door and one of the avox's hands us a note,

You two okay in there? I've heard a lot of terrifying screams. -Haymitch.

Peeta writes a note and gives it back to the avox to give to Haymitch. "Do you want to try and get some more sleep?" Peeta asks, and I nod and fall into a deep sleep.