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Katniss' POV

Coin never told us that Peeta and I would be actually fighting in the war, going on the battle field part of it. She told us we would end it. End it as in killing Snow. She is going to pay after this war is over. All of these lies and pain she has told us. Gale is in our squad as well, I sat next to him and Peeta on our flight over to the capitol. I was a nervous wreck, I couldn't think properly. All I could focus on was the worst, what if I died? What if Peeta died? What if Briar died somehow? I knew I couldn't think like that but, it was so hard not to when it was all so real that I or Peeta or even Gale could die out here. The hovercraft reminded me of the ones that fly us over to the arenas. I scratch that thought. The last thing I need to be thinking about is the Games when we are fighting to get rid of them.

When a voice came over the intercom telling us to prepare our gear for landing, my knees almost folded but thankfully Peeta was there to catch me. We start to put on our gear, which is like our outfits from our first Games. "Katniss, don't worry, we'll be fine." Peeta says as he massages my shoulders from behind. I want to believe him, that we'll be okay. But I mean he can't control what the capitol will throw at us. Will they have mutations come and kill us? I'm sure Snow knows we are coming, just like the last time we were in District 2. I feel like I'm back in my Games, every second is like a ticking time bomb and my death awaits. How you're not guaranteed to be alive the next minute. The doors from the hovercraft opened. On the way over here, our squad leader explained how we have to land in District 1's woods so we can have a better sneak attack on the capitol. But told us he would better explain it to us once we landed in the district.

When the hovercraft doors open up, I can see the District 1 I remember seeing on the Victory Tour, it does look a little run down, but compared to the current state of District 2, this is a flawless place compared to District 2's current state. The woods don't seem like the ones back home in 12. The ones in 12 seem more welcoming and a life line. The ones that are to my left, seem like a death trap. Perhaps it's because my death could actually happen in those woods within a few hours. Peeta notices that I'm a little tense, he rubs one of his hands along my back. "Attention soldiers, you may now exit the hovercraft. We will begin our march to the capitol shortly after." A mechanical voice says allowed through an intercom. The voice reminds me of the voice that tells you to prepare to enter the tube that launches you into the arena... I shake that thought from my head not wanting to freak myself out even more than I already have.

We exit the hovercraft, Peeta takes my hand and Gale is beside us. I look around cautiously as if expecting an attack right now. We wait around for about a hour before our squad leader grabs our attention. "...We will start our walk to the capital once I am done with this speech. You do realize that there is a possibility that your life can be lost during this mission." Our squad leader pauses and looks around. He makes eye contact with me but I quickly break it by looking down at the brick on the ground. "The walk will probably take all night. But once we get there, we will invade some capitol citizen's homes to rest up for our long journey. Our two Mockingjays will show us around the capitol, since they know it better than anyone of us. My name is Sargent Brooks. Now do we have any questions?" He looks around quickly, "Good. Now lets begin our walk." Sargent Brooks says. And he leads us into the woods of District 1.

These woods remind me of our first Games. The atmosphere of realizing that we could die at any minute. Peeta and I hold hands and Gale walks next to me. None of us say anything. I wonder if Gale is still jealous of Peeta, I hope not. Gale is my best friend, my hunting partner, I need him in my life. I have no clue what I would do if he ever left me... But I could only imagine watching your crush fall in love with someone else and even have a child with him. While you're just there hurting inside.

Gale and I walk swiftly and quietly through the forest floor. Clearly years of hunting has paid off for both of us in different ways, for hunting and of course during both of my Games. I can't help but cringe when I hear Peeta step on a twig, the more he tries not to step on it, the more he does. If there were peace keepers trying to find us, it wouldn't be hard because of how loud our group, or squad is.

My stomach rumbles, I haven't had time to think of how hungry I was, I don't even remember eating this morning, probably from being such a nervous wreck. "Peeta," I say nudging his arm, he looks over at me, "Do you think there will be food or water soon?" I ask him.

"I don't know Katniss. We need food and water if they want us to survive. But something tells me we will have to find it ourselves." He tells me. I nod my head and keep walking.

After several more hours of doing nothing but walking, we were brought to a stop. In a distance, I can see the tall and architectural buildings. "I need our two mockingjays to come up to the front please." Sargent Brooks says aloud. I look over at Peeta, silently asking him if we should. He nods and we walk up to the front. "Now, you all will follow these two through the capitol." He continues on.

Peeta and I stand awkwardly in front of the squad not knowing what to say or what to do. We have hundreds of pairs of eyes looking up at us. Once again reminding me that they depend on us for their safety for their survival. I take a deep breath and begin talking. "Just follow us," I say, my voice shakes and I'm sure I sound nervous. "We'll attack the capitol in groups, from all around. But before we do that, we'll take over some capitol homes and recuperate there for the rest of today and tonight then tomorrow morning we'll move deeper into the capitol." I say. I look over to Sargent Brooks for approval and he nods.

I'm not sure where some of the capitol citizen's housing is, but after about a mile long walk, we find enough housing to hold all of us. There are at least five soldiers to a room, except where I am at. My housing area has Peeta, Gale, Sargent Brooks, and I. I remind the squad to find some food in the pantry or where ever to recuperate some because I don't know when the next time we can sleep or eat again.

Throughout the day none of us say much, mainly because we are afraid if we do talk, we will be found and killed immediately. I'm sure that is what any peacekeeper's orders are if they find Peeta or I to kill us immediately. Or to drug us and then be brought back to Snow where he can torture us. I try not think that what happens if we lose the war. The Huger Games will go on and continue even harsher than ever before guaranteed. But what would happen to my family? To Peeta's family? Will they all be killed and tortured? I try not to think about it but with all of this silence around us it's almost impossible not to think. I get up from the chair and walk over to the couch where Peeta is sitting and snuggle up against him. He wraps an arm around me, I always feel safer when I feel his arms go around me warding off anything that could possibly harm me in any way.

In the pantry we find some leftover noodles and cereal. I wanted to heat up the noodles, but we couldn't risk using an electricity. Risking putting up smoke from deserted houses. There was also milk in the fridge, but for safety reasons, Sargent Brooks recommended that we don't drink it. We all silently agree and drink some bottled water also found in the pantry. The house we stayed in was more like a condo, meant for a family whose was staying here on vacation or something. It wasn't over the top like I would have pictured. It was a simple four bed three bath house. What ever family stayed here had at least a daughter and a son according by the under water themed room and princess themed room. Sargent Brooks told us after dinner to start getting ready for bed so we can get an early start tomorrow morning. He went to go tell the other soldiers to get some sleep.

Peeta and I share the same bed, like normal. I pray that the nightmares won't come back and consume me tonight. It's already hard enough to have the videos the capitol showed me while I was being held hostage. In bed, Peeta wraps his arms around me. I turn so I'm facing him, I lean my ear against his chest so I can hear his steady heartbeat pounding in his chest. This always seems to calm me down in the worst situations. It was a comfortable silence before Peeta spoke up. "Katniss, whatever happens tomorrow, God forbid, one of us dies, I think we owe it to each other and Briar that we would continue on for the other and Briar and not become like your mother." He says. I don't respond right away, I can only imagine how my mother felt after my father died. How she feel into that deep depression, how she abandoned Prim and I. How I blamed her for never being there for me. I never thought about looking at her side of the situation. God forbid that if Peeta died, I would want to shut myself out from the world and just want to die.

"I promise that even if you don't," I find a tear slide down my face, "I'll continue on for Briar." I promise him, he holds out his pinkie so we can pinkie promise.

"And I promise that I will continue on if anything shall happen to you." He says, he gives me a kiss on my hairline, then my forehead, and then finally my lips. Within ten minutes I can hear his soft snores and it isn't long after that that I find myself asleep.

In the morning when Peeta and I are both woken up by Sargent Brooks, we are given a map of the capitol. Showing us possible places Snow could be hiding and all sorts of underground and secrete passage ways. I re braid my hair into its traditional braid. I eat a couple bites of cereal before quietly exiting the condo which housed me to meet up with our squad. Once all of us were there, Sargent Brooks gave us some assignments for the overtake of the capitol. He reminded us that we would be pairing with another squad of soldiers as well.

I'm not sure where Sargent Brooks left too, but he handed out weapons and sent us along our way. Peeta and I reminded them to be quiet and try to make as little noise as possible. We walk down the streets of the capitol not yet running into the other squad that Sargent Brooks told us about. I keep a wary eye for any peacekeeper or something out of the ordinary.

"Peeta," I say and start to point up ahead, "Is that the other squad?" I ask him. I can see a similarity on their uniforms compared to our's.

"I think so." He replies back to me. We have our squad start picking up the pace so we can catch up the other group of people. "Hey!" Peeta shouts at them.

Their leaders stops and looks behinds him, "Katniss?" A young squeaky voice says. I can recognize that voice anywhere, it's Annie's voice. What's she doing here?

"Annie?" I reply back at the unknown voice. I walk closer and see a taller figure next to her as well. "Finnick?" I say in confusion. I don't know why they're hear. Maybe I'm hallucinating? Right? They're in 13 watching Briar.

"Katniss, Peeta. What are you doing here?" The voice says, it's Finnick and the other person is Annie. But they were supposed to be watching Briar. Right? That's what we were told.

"Finnick, who's watching Briar?" I ask Finnick and Annie with worry in my voice. Peeta is now standing right next to me, concern flooding us face as well.

"We were told you were watching her." He replies back. My heart sinks in my chest, I have no clue who is watching Briar.

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