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Peeta's POV

I wake up and find Katniss in my arms. We normally wake up like this, but today is different. Today is the last day it will happen like this. She wakes up in my arms in our house. Today is the Reaping. I already know that Katniss will be the one coming back because I can't live without her. I managed to tell Haymitch to take good care of her for me.

"Come here boy." Haymitch says and practically drags me upstairs by my ear. He leads me to a bathroom and turns on all of the running water, I guess he knows all too well that the houses are wired. I bet President Snow is trying to listen to us right now. "Peeta, you have to go in the arena with Katniss." He says and holds my shoulders.

I'm a little confused by it. I thought he knew I would be going in the arena to protect Katniss and make sure she is the one to come back home. This was like an unspoken thing. "I thought you knew that?" I ask.

"I do, but trust me, stay alive as long as possible. I have a plan and I know a way I can get the two of you out. But you cannot dare speak of this to Katniss." He says. I nod my head expecting him to tell me our game plan. "I can't tell you the game plan, but stay alive." He says and turns off all of the water and leaves the bathroom as if nothing has happened.

I recall him saying that the both of us could live. How? There can only be one victor. Except for last year, and I still have no clue how we managed it pull that off. And this year, he's killing 23 victors who have earned their right to live. All of the Districts know that the Capitol faked the Quell, it wouldn't take a genius for that to be figured out. Even though the capitol won't admit to it.

"Katniss, wake up, you need to get ready for the Reaping." I say and she rolls back over.

"I don't want to get up." She complains. I manage to force her out of bed. It's ten, normally the Reaping wouldn't be held until the afternoon, but since they want us in the capitol as soon as possible, they changed the time to eleven.

Katniss nor I even bother to look nice. That's the capitol's job, to make us look appealing.

We walk hand in hand until we're in front of the Justice Building where we were legally married. We haven't told anyone about our marriage and I guess no one will ever know unless Katniss decides to tell them. Mainly because the capitol wanted to throw our wedding. There are two sections tapped off this year. One small section for the girls and another small section for the boys.

The town is in silence. I turn around and see Prim's eyes filled with tears. I said good bye to my parents earlier. My dad and brothers have tear stains on their cheeks, but to my mother, I don't think she could care less if I died. I was supposed to be a girl and because of I'm a boy, she hates me.

Effie walks up wearing another ridiculous capitol outfit. I don't think she has worn the same outfit twice in her lifetime "Welcome, welcome. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor." She says trying to have a happy voice and put on a fake smile. We watch the video about the dark ages and how the Hunger Games were invented to keep all of us districts inline. "And now the time was come to pick one courageous young man and women, for the honor, or representing District 12 in the 75th Annual Hunger Games. Now, as usual, ladies first." She says and walks over to the reaping bowl containing Katniss' name. She's the only living female victor, so it's only her name in the bowl. But, Effie still digs around in there as if expecting another name to be called. "Katniss Everdeen." Effie says. Katniss walks sadly up the stage. She thinks it's her last time seeing District 12, it's not. It's my last time seeing District 12 though...

Effie calls Haymitch's name next, but I immanently volunteer for him. Just like our plan. I see the tears well up in Katniss' eyes. I don't think she really believed that I would volunteer for the Games. I can only wonder what kind of plan Haymitch has up his sleeves and it better work too.

The peacekeepers take us inside, but instead of letting us say a quick goodbye to our families, the peace keepers usher us to the trains. "I thought we could say goodbye to our families first." Katniss says with a bit of anger in it.

"New rules, you can't do that anymore." The peace keeper says without symphony. He's not the one being sent to his death, we should be able to at least say we love them.

"But I'll never get to see my sister again! I never gave her a proper goodbye." Katniss argues but knows it's one she won't win. She stops trying to resist being pushed around, but once we're in the train, she goes into a corner and slides her knees up to her chest and puts her face into her knees and starts to sob. She's been so strong lately, and now, she's just letting it all out.

"Katniss." I say and put a comforting arm around her. "You'll see her again in a month. I promise."

"No, because you're coming home. Not me. You deserve it more than I do." She argues back. I say nothing in return but hold her in my arms.

Katniss' POV

We arrive the next day in the capitol. The capitol citizens are going crazy about the star crossed lovers returning back to the capitol. Peeta or I aren't paying any attention to them hoping they'll get a message that we're pissed off at them for making us go back into the Games and fight for our lives.

The Tribute Parade went well. Peeta and I are dressed in a matching outfits that are dying embers and a black crown on each of our heads like the crown we received for winning last year's Games. Cinna instructs Peeta and I to just look in the distance and not smile or wave at anyone. Whatever reaction Cinna was hoping for from the crowd, it worked because he was pleased with us after it was over.

After I take off all of my makeup, I walk into Peeta's room. On the Victory Tour, Effie didn't like us sleeping together, but because our days together are numbered, she doesn't seem to mind at all. "I hate all of this." I say to Peeta while he holds me tight in his arms in our bed.

"I don't like it anymore than you do. Trust me." He says in return and kisses my forehead. He starts to gently stroke my hair. I hope he won't miss kissing me too much when I'm dead after the Games, because he always tells me how much I complete him, and he completes me. I'm sure in ten or fifteen years, Peeta will realize what an awful person I truly am and get married and have little Peetas running all around their house in the Victor's Village. With some other beautiful wife who actually deserves him.

Peeta and I don't really talk at all for the rest of the night, I eventually fall asleep into a night with no nightmares. I wake up feeling fully rested, but a rude awakening from Haymitch ruined my whole day.

"Get up. You have training in a half hour. Effie won't be walking you down." He lays our training outfits on a chair next to the door and walks out.

"Well that was nice." Peeta says and I laugh a little. I put on new undergarments and Peeta helps me zip up the suit. We quickly eat breakfast, "Remember, you two need to make lot's of friends. These Victors have known each other for years, so they'll have a harder time killing them." Haymitch says and we're in the elevator heading for the lowest floor.

Even though we're a few minutes early, we're one of the last districts to arrive. Throughout the whole day at training, I'm drained from energy after one practice fight. I spend time with Mags. So now I have to tell Haymitch I'm now friends with an 80 year old women who can barely speak. I can picture him scoffing at me right now. I never leave Peeta's side this whole day. The game makers are watching us both closely, Boggs, another tribute told me about the force field surrounding them. And that force field is probably because of me.

When we arrive back at our floor, I eat five bowls of lambstew then Peeta and I head to bed, knowing that tomorrow will be just as boring as today.