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Katniss' POV

The gong rings and I dive into the water along with the other tributes. Luckily for me, my dad taught me how to swim in the lake when I was younger, but I don't know how Peeta could get off his podium because he doesn't know how to swim. Most of the other tributes don't know how to swim so they just stand there cluelessly wondering what they should do next. If you didn't know how to swim before this, that sucks for you, they didn't have swimming in the training room to practice, so you better know how to swim or be a fast learner. The arena was made perfectly for the tributes from District 4, Finnick and Mags.

I was the first to arrive at the cornucopia followed by the brother and sister careers from District 1, I grab a knife, a bow, and two pouches of arrows. I look over at Peeta wondering what I should do. "Don't worry, I'll get him." Finnick says and without a second thought Finnick dives right back into the water and swims over to Peeta's podium. I back myself and Mags over more to the wooded area for protection while we wait for our allies to return. While Finnick was getting Peeta, Johanna managed to come and find us near the forest.

"Just because we're allies, doesn't mean I won't kill you soon brainless." Johanna says with a smirk. I'm not sure if she was joking about that or was serious. But to be safe, I don't want to find out.

Finnick and Peeta reaches us and the bloodbath continues to go on. I think Cecilia died, I remember watching her reaping and as their district escort called her name, her three daughters clinged to her side and crying her eyes out and the oldest couldn't be more than seven years old. That's why I don't like to love anyone, because they will always leave you, through death or because of a breakup, but they always leave you and leave you in a complete mess, I mean look at my mother, she's a prime example.

"Lets get out of sight while they fight it out." I say. They all agree and we all start our trek into the forest. We only go a few steps inward until I realize that this isn't a forest. It's too tropical. And I can see all of these strange trees. It must be a jungle. I remember learning about them briefly, I can't recall to much about them, besides they rain a lot more. So that means more water! No, because what if the water is poisiness? And then Peeta dies because I thought it was safe? No, I can't risk Peeta's life. I hope that it won't come down to Peeta, Finnick and I because if it does, I don't know how I could ever kill Finnick. He's already saved Peeta's life when I didn't react fast enough. I hope somehow, a career could come along and kill him off. I've always hear he was the Sex Symbol or Sex God, and I thought he would be an ass, but he's really nice and caring and selfless.

We walk for hours before I have to stop. "I can't go on any longer." I ask trying to catch my breath. I remember last year how I almost died of dehydration. I couldn't let that happen again if I was to get Peeta out and constantly having to worry about Johanna killing me doesn't help my case. And plus I'm 'pregnant', pregnant ladies can't go too long without water. Hopefully a nice and kind sponsor will feel some symphony for me and make a generous donation.

Finnick and Peeta are looking at each other, almost like they are having a mental conversation with each other. "I'll carry you." Peeta says and lowers himself so I can get on his back. I nod and jump on, he adjusts to my weight and we keep going.

We hardly even talk, we're so afraid that one of the other tributes or careers pack will find us. I feel a lot more vulnerable than last year, even though it was mainly only me for a while, I didn't have to worry about anyone else. "Let's make camp." Johanna suggests. We all nod our heads because it's not like we have a better plan. We haven't seen any sign of food or water so far, so it looks like we'll go to bed hungry and thirsty.

There were no back packs this year, so more there was no sleeping bags or other survival supplies. Just because we're previous victors' doesn't mean we're survival specialists. Mags wove a 'floor' out of leaves for us to sleep on so we don't feel whatever creatures are crawling on the ground. Johanna and Finnick volunteer the first watch. We go to bed starving. I snuggle up against Peeta, he wraps his arms around me. "I'm so hungry Peeta." I say, I'm not complaining, but I am supposed to be pregnant.

"I know. And I'm sorry." He says and pushes my bands and kisses my forehead. I tell him to wake me up when he does his turn to take watch, but insisted that because I'm 'pregnant', it's better that I get as much sleep as I can. I hear eleven cannons fire, it's less than last year on the first day, but feels like more because I actually know their names. It hurts to think that most of these victors had wives or husbands and kids of their own and now they won't ever see them again.

When I wake up, Peeta, Mags, Finnick and Johanna are gathered in a circle. I can see they started a fire.

"Do we have any food or water?" I ask rubbing my stomach. Peeta just slowly shakes his head. I let out a big sigh.

"Well instead of complaining about it, why don't you go looking for some?!" Johanna shouts.

"I will!" I scream back and grab my bow and arrows. Peeta tries to come after me to stop me, but I continue on going farther and farther away from them and deeper into the unknown land of the jungle and the arena.

I've been wandering around for around looking for something decent to eat for a while now and have found nothing, no sign of life. Not even other tributes.I feel a cramp form in my lower abdomen, I ignore it and continue my journey on finding food. The cramp finally goes away, I find a creature, it had the abilities to climb trees like a surreal, but was a lot bigger. I aim my bow up and aim for it's eye. I feel a flutter in my abdomen and suddenly a gush of water comes down my legs. At first I thought I just peed in my pants, but it's followed by this horrible pain. I let out a scream. I find a small cave about two hundred yards away and slowly walk there. The pain will go away but soon is followed by an even worse pain.

I don't care if this cave is filled with some deadly creature, at least it would put me out of this pain. I curl up in a tight ball onto the ground and hug my knees tight to my chest, it makes the pain a little more bearable, but still doesn't make a big difference. "Peeta, please help me." I scream, I know he probably can't hear me. The tears come harder now and the pain comes back even stronger. I scream. "Someone please help me! Please!" I scream, "Haymitch please do something." But I don't think Haymitch doesn't know what's going on right now either. Did I pick up some tropical disease?

It didn't take long before a silver parachute landed a few feet away from me, it took all of the strength I had to sit up and crawl to grab it. I looked at the note before looking at the gift,

I have no idea what's happening to you Sweetheart, go to Peeta and your group, they are not far, I'm sure Finnick could help. -H

I sighed, he doesn't know what's wrong with me. Am I dying? I hope not, I need to keep Peeta alive. I scream as another part of pain hits me. I remember to look into the parachute, it's just a stick type thing. I have no idea what it meant, or what it possibly could do. I just put it in my pant pocket.

I need to find Peeta. I need to find Peeta. I need to find Peeta. I repeat to myself over and over again. I tried to stand up, but if I straighten myself up, the pain is still there. I decided to crawl, it might take longer, but maybe I'll be in less pain. I crawl out of the cave and try to remember the way I came. Another rush of pain hits and I scream. "Katniss?" I hear a familiar voice scream.

"Peeta?" I say as loudly as I can, my voice is hoarse from screaming and crying already.

"Katniss, stay right where you are, we'll come to you." Peeta says.

"Just please hurry!" I scream back, the pain stops for a few minutes, I try to relax myself and lay on my side by a tree trunk. I wonder if Peeta and the others can see me. I close my eyes and I feel Peeta shake my shoulder.

"Katniss? Katniss? Are you okay?" Peeta asks, I open my eyes again and see the concern in his blue eyes. I open my mouth to respond, but another rush of pain hits and I let out another scream.

"Peeta, please just make it stop. Kill me if you have too, but make it stop." I whine to him, I've never been in so much pain before, I don't even know how to describe what it feels like, because it's nothing like I've ever felt.

"Tell me how often these pains occur." Finnick asks.

"I don't know." I sniffle, "Every few minutes, then they come back stronger and stronger. Then they come sooner." Finnick nods and whispers something in Peeta's ear. Peeta looks like he disagrees at first, but then nods in agreement.

Peeta walks over to me and comes around behind me and wraps his arms around me. "Finnick wants you to take off your suit, he wants to check something." Peeta says in a calming voice.

In a normal situation, I would have never agreed, but we aren't in a normal situation so I reluctantly agree. Peeta strips off my suit and uses it to cover my naked chest area. Finnick opens my legs. "Look." Finnick points at my vagina, I think. "I don't think she has much longer." He says and Peeta's eyes light up.

"What's wrong with me?" I ask, I let out another scream and this one hurts more than the last ones, I didn't even know that was possible.

"Did you know you were pregnant?" Finnick asks me.

I look at him with confusion. "No, why? I'm not pregnant Finnick!" I snap, "There's no way I'm having a baby."

"Well, you can say that all you want, but I can see the hair. Spoiler alert, it's brown like yours." Finnick replies.

No, this is some sort of mistake. I can't be pregnant. I didn't even have the pregnancy bump. I mean being pregnant would have explained my cravings, my throwing up, moodieness. But I had my period. You're not supposed to have your period while you're pregnant I thought.

"Katniss, you don't have much longer, just try to endure it." Peeta says. I know Peeta is estatic for this baby, even if we were in this bad circumstance. There is no way Peeta would let me die now.

Peeta's POV

When Finnick first said Katniss was pregnant, I couldn't believe him. It was impossible. But when he showed me the top of the head filled with brown hair, there was no denying it. I noticed Katniss did gain some weight, but I thought it was because she could have more to eat. She was moody, but I thought it was her period.

I held Katniss in my arms and held her hand for two long hours of her screaming and crying. I felt terriable, back in District 12, normally you got some pain medication to help with the pain. But Katniss has had no pain reliever.

Finnick checks her again. "Okay Katniss, I need you to open your legs farther apart and push on your next contraction. Johanna and Peeta, I need each of you to hold one of her feet." Finnick demands.

I'm surprised no other tribute has managed to find us, we aren't hidden, and with Katniss screaming and crying, I would have thought someone would have found us. Something must be holding them up.

"Push, Katniss push. One, two, three, four, keep going, five, six, only a few more seconds, seven, eight, nine, one more, ten." Finnick says and Katniss lets out a sigh of pain.

"Again, one, two ,three, you're doing good, four, keep going, five, six, seven, eight, nine, almost done, ten. Rest." This goes on for another hour and we still don't have a baby.

"I can't, I'm too tired. I can't do it." Katniss says, I can see the sweat dabbled along her forehead."

"Just give it a few more times, I think it's almost out." Finnick encourages.

Katniss nods and begins to push again, I can see the head coming slowly farther and farther out. She lets out another loud scream and suddenly she stops and a loud wail begins to fill the silence. I can tell tears are forming in my eyes, and I look over at Katniss who has tears in here eyes as well.

Finnick cuts the unbilical cord and grabs some cloth we had to wipe the baby down. "It's a girl." Finnick says and tries to get the blood off of her. "We need to keep her warm with something." He says. We have no blankets, so I volunteer the top part of my suit hat's already been ripped. Finnick wraps her up and hands her to me. I walk over to Katniss and hand our daughter into her hands. Katniss doesn't realize we have a daughter.

"It's a girl." I say. Katniss looks up to me and smiles.

"What should her name be?" I ask.

"How about Briar, it's a tree." Katniss suggests, I laugh how she's keeping her family tradition in it. "Now you can pick the middle name."

I smile. "How about Evangeline? It means good news, and she was good news even though it was bad timing when she was born."

"Briar Evangeline Mellark." Katniss says and has an even bigger smile across her face.

"Briar Evangeline Mellark." I repeat.

Katniss and I look into each other's eyes and then down at Briar, who looks exactly like Katniss, until she opens her eyes and then she we realize she has our eyes. This moment is perfect, just my two girls and I.

I can only imagine how many sponsors we have now. The capitol citizens would never let our baby die. I wonder how Katniss' mom and Prim are handling it. And my parents. Especially my mom, because I know she isn't too fond of her.

It wasn't long before that moment was destroyed with a loud scream. This could only mean trouble.

a/n: So I'm sure some of you guys are like 'how could Katniss be pregnant? The pregnancy test was negative.' Well, I said she drank a few glasses of water to make her pee, but when you take a pregnancy test, you can't drink water to make you pee right before it. One of the big events just happened, but this story is far from over ;)