For the world shines our way
Indy and winter dabbles

# 1 something beautiful

He was off on an archeological Dig in Cairo Egypt trying to find a certain piece of Khufu's tomb when he went to see Salla his best friend in Egypt. "Welcome Indy I want you to meet my newest digger and fire's friend winter" Salla said with a hardy laugh bringing Indy into the living room where a beautiful girl with snow-white hair and icy blue eyes sat helping Fire knit a blanket for the children. "Hello you must be Dr. Jones correct? Or is it Indiana Jones" Winter asked shaking his hand firmly "you can call me Indy ma'am" Indy said his eyes widened as she grinned at him "thank you my name is Winter" she said as he sat next to her and fire on the sofa.

Later that night…

Indy stood on the balcony of his room at salla's home looking at the sky as the sun began to fade and it turned a lovely shade of orange. There on the ground in the yard he saw Winter she was dancing and twirling her long white hair flowing behind her. She was breath-taking as she made every turn ever so carefully without falling. "well did cupid shoot my dear friend again with his love arrows?" Salla said coming to stand behind Indy and patting his buddy on the back. "I don't know Salla she is very beautiful though you're probably right" Indy replied sighing and sitting on the window sill. "hey Salla still got my guitar I left here last time?" Indy asked "of course friend I know what you're about to do is the window still open?" Salla asked "yeah just hand it to me will ya" Indy snapped plucking some notes and clearing his throat and softly singing.

Indy: I'm in your ocean ankle-deep
I feel the waves crashing at my feet
it's like I know where I need to be
but I can't figure out yeah I can't figure out

Just how much air I'll need to breathe
when your tide rushes over me
there's only one way to figure out
will you let me drown? Will you let me drown?

Hey now this is my desire
consume me like a fire I just want something beautiful
to touch me I know I'm in reach
cause I'm down on my knees, I just want something beautiful
oh something beautiful

In a daydream I could never live like this
I wouldn't stop until I found something beautiful
When I wake up I know I will have
no I still won't have what I need

Hey now this is my desire
consume me like a fire I just want something beautiful
to touch me I know I'm in reach
down on my knees waiting for something beautiful
oh something beautiful


Indy laid on his bed in the dark thinking what if Salla was right she was rather pretty but maybe he'd need to get to know the girl first before he frightened her away from him. He'd hopefully talk to her tomorrow during breakfast. He turned on his side and fell asleep quickly.