For the world shines our way
# 7

Two months later…

It was nice breezy spring day and the birds sang in the morning light as many friends and family of the two came to the chapel. Crysta, Christine, Nyota, Cassidy and Randy helped Winter get into her dress as the five bridesmaids got into their own dresses. They also tried their best to keep Indy from seeing her in her dress until it was time so he stood at the altar waiting for his beautiful Bride to come to him. Luke skywalker would walk his once padawan down the aisle to her groom. Soon the music played and Indy's butterflies in his stomach started to flicker as he then saw her. Winter was a cloud of beautiful White with pearls and intricate patterns in her veil her Blue eyes shining bright. She walked beside her once Jedi master who is a grand master to the end of the aisle then he handed her to Indy. "be good to her Indy I will miss her" Luke said with a bow. In the crowd of friends even were her old crewmates from the enterprise. Spock, Uhura, Kirk, Sulu, Scottie, McCoy, and Chekov sat in the back row all happy to see an old friend getting married. There at the end of the aisle stood Indy he held out his hand and she took it the preacher started. "Henry Jones Jr. do you take Winter Celchu to be you loftily wedded wife?" the preacher asked "I do forever and always" Indy replied looking into her gorgeous eyes. "and do you winter Celchu take Henry Jones Jr. to be your loftily wedded husband?" the preacher asked "I do for as long as we both live" winter replied looking into Indy's amazing hazel eyes that were now lined with a golden fleck of brown. "then I now pronounce you man and wife you may kiss your bride" the preacher proclaimed and the crowd of friends cheered. Indy lifted her into his arms and kissed her passionately as she hooked her arms around him and they walked down the aisle. The crowd followed until they reached the dorm area then they all scattered.

"ok Honey close your eyes a minute I have a surprise for you" Indy said leading her to the living room then he went to the bedroom and closed the door a minute. Then he came back out and lead her to the bedroom. In the bedroom the lights were dim and he had candles lit and on the bed was rose petals. "Oh Indy it's beautiful" Winter gasped kissing him passionately. The thought of making love on rose petals made her become slightly horny. "shall we my lovely wife" Indy asked holding out his hand to her. She then took it and they shed their clothes. He lay her down on the bed softly and laid on top of her kissing her body all the way down to her womanhood making her moan in ecstasy. Soon he slowly thrust into her and the room became heated. He thrust faster and he began to return her moans of pleasure with his own. They ended the night in each others arms it was the perfect wedding night ever.