This is a season nine story.

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Mel is imprisoned in the dark future by evil Wyatt . A spell is cast by a unknown being brings Chris and Wyatt to the past from the good future but it also releases Mel.

Mel was born mortal but has a IQ of 200. she has a photographic memory, Eidetic memory and mimic capabilities. She can see someone do a complexed task and then duplicate the actions without having to see it again. This is why she is a black belt in 7 different martial arts. She uses technology of her creations to fight and she can duplicate most magic with it. She can not do spells and some potions unless it involves a chemical reaction. She is not the stereotypical nerd by any means as she is a fighter at heart.

Everything is getting updated including the magical community. The sisters will also be getting a major power boost and Mel's approach to fighting will be unique and different to all of them.

Chapter 1

I've seen those eyes

It's been a week since the ultimate battle and the sisters along with their loved ones were trying to get back to normal life. Billy needed some time alone and they did not mind giving it to her as the events still made them uneasy with trusting anyone for a while. Leo was putting the kids down for bed as the sisters were sitting in the living room drinking some tea to help them relax. They watched the fire crackle and let the soothing sound calm them. If only they knew what was transpiring in some far-off realm with a old enemy or foe.

Cole watched in the distance as a man was performing a elaborate spell. A tattoo glowed on the side of the mans neck as he rocked back and forth with his eyes closed, while chanting in a language he could not understand. A hot wind caused the man's hair to play tug of war against it as a bright orange light emanated from the clouds above him. Cole had to turn away as the brightness was too intense but the man opened his eyes and looked directly at it and then smiled at his accomplishment as the light rushed past him.

Back at the manner blue and white orbs appeared and two men were standing very confused in the living room as more orbs also came in.

"Wyatt," Paige said.

"Chris," Phoebe said in the same surprised tone as her sister.

"What are you guys doing here?" Piper asks.

"I don't know, did you guys do a spell?" Wyatt asks as Penny and Patty also orbed in and were just as confused.

"No why?" Paige asks.

"Then it beats me," Wyatt replied.

"Girls you can't just call us when ever you feel like it," Penny said with her hands on her hips and then she looked at her grandsons. "Oh what is going on?"

The sisters looked at each other with their mouths open wanting to reply but could not seem to find the answer.

"You have your powers don't you?" Phoebe asks her nephew.

"Yeah," Wyatt replied and used some telekinesis to move the cup of tea on the table.

"Well that's good, at least we did not screw that up," Paige said but had no idea what was happening.

"Wait you didn't summon us?" Patty asks.

"Nope," Piper replied and something extremely heavy and large crashed through the roof and then the ceiling right next to her.

"Oh my god Piper are you ok?" Phoebe asks while getting up from the chair as Chris and Wyatt ran to their mother.

"Mom are you ok?" Wyatt asks.

Piper stood up and backed away from the large metal rectangle object that had odd engravings carved all over it as Penny walked up to it and put her fingers under her chin as she recognized the symbols.

"Yeah I'm ok but I almost became a Piper pancake and what the hell is that?" Piper asks as she joined her sisters and sons to stand in front of it.

"A very rude interruption," Paige replied.

"The Black zodiac," Penny replied and everyone was slightly curious on how she knew that.

"Okay Grams is there something you need to tell us?" Phoebe asks as Wyatt could see a place to put a hand palm down on. It looked like a sophisticated security system that require fingerprints to open.

"I've been alive for a long time dear," Penny said nonchalantly and wanted to keep her little dark secrets to herself.

"Like we need this right now," Piper said.

Wyatt gave a week smile as he walked over to the metal object that was somehow hovering above the floor by a few inches. If it was not it would crash through to the basement.

"Get away from that son," Piper said as she had no idea what this thing was as Wyatt could no longer keep his curiosity at bay and for some reason he felt drawn to the object and placed his hand on the futuristic security system. He felt a sharp pain in his hand as over 50 small needles pierced his skin.

"Dammit," he said and backed away as the object seemed to come to life.

"Wyatt what did I tell you," Piper said as he looked at her like he did when he was 2 and did something wrong.

"Sorry," he said as the object began to make noises. The sound of metal hitting metal and clicking could be heard as some of the symbols spun and locked into a position aligning with a similar symbol that was on the base of the object. It was like a giant Chinese puzzle box until finally water escaped from the bottom and rushed over them covering the entire living room floor and soaking the base of the furniture.

"Nice job their brother," Chris said as he somewhat enjoyed his brother getting in trouble on occasion.

Piper pressed her lips together as this was the last thing they needed at the moment. Everyone was at the ready as the door swung open and a woman who was wearing a black tank top with black pants fell onto the floor.

"This is new," Paige said as the woman began to cough spitting out any water that made it into her mouth and lungs.

"I will get a towel," Phoebe said and ran to the bathroom.

The woman finally rose to her knees as she took in deep long breaths while her body shivered slightly. Her shoulder-length hair was drenched and covered her face as she put her hands to her upper thighs.

"Who are you?" Penny asks breaking the silence first, but the woman did not answer as she was still trying to get used to normal air.

"With our luck probably the devil incarnate," Paige said as Phoebe came back from the bathroom and put the towel done in front of her.

"Here you go," Phoebe said softly so not to frighten her. She could not understand the vibe she was getting as it was a mixture of complete confusion and jubilation. The woman leaned her head back and took in a deep breath and then moved the wet hair out of her face.

"Listen we don't have time for this, so you need to tell us who you are or we will put you back in the box," Piper said and the feeling of confusion and jubilation that Phoebe was getting, changed rapidly to rage. Phoebe backed up and got close to Piper as they may need to freeze her quickly. The woman's eyes opened and her vision was fuzzy at first but then everything came into view and she began to smile awkwardly.

"I hate this dream," the woman said softly as she stood on shaky legs. Piper looked into the woman's deep green eyes and for some reason recognize them and Phoebe could feel Piper's emotions build from frustration to absolute confusion and worry.

"Dream why do you think this is a dream?" Paige asks.

The woman was about to reply until her eyes set on Wyatt and her expression narrowed and the familiar look that Piper gives when she is completely pissed off, was exactly the same expression this woman was giving. The death stare or if looks could kill was the first thing that came to Paige's mind as she watched the scene unfold.

"Piper freeze her now!" Phoebe yelled as she could feel the emotions of the woman getting to the boiling point of hate. Piper did not hesitate as she too could see the familiar look. Right as Piper put her hand out to freeze the woman lunged at Wyatt with her fist reared back and ready to strike with unbelievable force.

"Whoa," Piper said as the woman was now frozen in place.

"Well I think that narrows it down to she's evil," Paige said as she began to look for something to tie her up with. Piper wanted to look into her eyes again and walked over to her.

"Piper be careful," Patty said.

"Something's not right, I may know her," Piper said as she looked at her mother.

"What do you mean honey?" Phoebe asks.

"I recognize those eyes, I saw them before and I've never forgotten them," Piper replied but everyone was still confused. "I think its Melinda." she continued and looked at her sons who just looked at each other puzzled.

"What, Piper that's not possible why would she try to kill her brother and be in that box thing?" Phoebe said as Paige returned with some rope.

"Paige don't," Piper said and stopped her baby sister from doing what she intended.

"I don't know how to explain it Phoebe but I just have this feeling," Piper said and ran her hand through her hair with shaking hands.

"Mom we don't have a sister," Chris said and could see Piper's face fall.

"Wyatt, Chris could you go get your father?" Piper asks and they nodded and orbed away as Mel unfroze and saw him leave.

"Even in my dreams I am denied guilty pleasures," she said in a raspy voice as she looked at her prison.

"We need to know who you are and this is not a dream," Paige said.

"I will entertain the notion, Melinda Aunt Paige," Mel replied and Piper has to sit down.

"Oh my god," Phoebe said and sat down as well while Mel looked in the inside of her coffin and at the top was something that made her laugh.

"You sadistic son of a bitch," she said and pulled down a bag that had clothing in it.

"Who put you in there and when?" Piper asks while Mel pulled out the black attire.

"Your beloved son, but your dead so doesn't really matter," Mel replied in such a monotone that it pierced everyone's heart.

"The dark future," Paige said as the puzzle pieces were beginning to fall into place.

"What?" Penny asks.

"Wyatt was evil in the other future," Paige replied as Mel put on her outfit that almost seemed to be a living thing as they could see no zippers or buttons and seemed to become one with her. There was a spark of electricity ran from her feet up to her neck as she smiled slightly. When she opened her eyes, her pupils grew three times the size and they could hear what sounded like something being turned on. Her eyes then went back to normal as she checked the fibers.

"What was that?" Penny asks as she has never seen this kind of technology before but neither have any of them.

"Ok back to your hypothesis," Phoebe said as Mel began to walk around the room slightly still in the daze as though none of this was actually real.

"Mel do you know where you were imprisoned?" Paige asks.

"Magic school, what year is this dream taking place?" Mel asks.

"Sweetie I don't know how to tell you this, but you're not dreaming. Wyatt put his hand on that thing and it opened up somehow," Piper replied.

"That didn't answer my first question," Mel said.

"2008," Phoebe replied.

"I recall you talking about his time and the ultimate battle but why would my mind bring me here, there so many other places," Mel said as she still was not believing that this was legit.

"Ok hear me out. Magic school is immune from time-line changes remember the avatar thing," Paige said and now the crazy pieces were slowly falling into place. "if she was imprisoned in the dark future then she would be immune when we changed it and because her soul was never released, she could not be born into the good future, I think."

"My head hurts," Patty said as a figure appeared next to Melinda. It flickered slightly before becoming solid and was a duplicate of Piper.

"What the hell?" Piper asks as she stood up.

"Mel its good to see you again - what?" the hologram asks as Mel raised her eyebrow slightly and nodded her head to the left. The hologram Piper looked at the room. "Oh I see," it said and looked right at the real Piper.

"According to them I am no longer the king of infinite space, my nutshell has been broken and I am in 2008," Mel said as she turned her hand over expecting something to appear but when nothing did she closed it quickly. "My armory?"

After a moment of pause the hologram replied. "You do not have access to your armory in this time, technically it has not been created yet," it replied with very little emotion.

"Ok what is that?" Piper asks getting frustrated by the second.

"I am her internal systems and on occasion her confidant or adviser," the hologram replied.

"I don't understand any of this, why would you even have that?" Piper asks while rubbing her temples.

The hologram looked at Melinda slightly uncomfortable as the answer may not please them. "It doesn't matter, well are they right are we truly in the past or have I truly gone insane?" Mel asks the hologram.

"You have always been slightly insane, its what gives you your mystique, but yes from what I can tell by scanning the airwaves we are in the past and you are free," The artificial Piper replied and Mel's lower lip slightly quivered at the thought of being free from the prison. "You need to recharge your only at 60%."

Piper began to shake her head side to side and then left the room. "Piper wait," Phoebe said and went after her as Mel watched her leave and took a sharp breath in.

"Look for a armory," Mel said getting to business as she did not like being without her weapons.

In the kitchen Piper sat down at the table and entangled her fingers together as she placed them under her chin trying to keep herself from vomiting. Phoebe sat down a crossed from her and could feel the wave of emotions rush over her like a strong breeze.

"Piper we will fix this," Phoebe said.

"They don't know her, how is that possible Phoebe, how can she not be born in the good future?" Piper asks but she knew the answer from Paige's theory. Patty entered the room as she can only imagine what her daughter was going through.

"Honey there has to be a reason for all of this, think about it if Wyatt's was not here then he would not have been here to open that thing up," Patty said in hopes to get Piper from having a full blown panic attack and focus.

"She's right, this is not an accident this is a good thing, Piper we were able to free her now we just have to figure out a way to save her," Phoebe said and put her hand on Piper's arm.

Piper nodded slightly as her mind tried to wrap itself around everything.

Back in the living room the hologram of Piper put her hand on a wall that did not have a lot of decorations on it and it became a transparent screen and images and maps began to form.

"Wow that is cool," Paige said as she could not help but enjoy the future technology.

"That is so starwars," Patty said with wide eyes as Mel rolled her eyes slightly.

"There are four possible locations each of which will require breaking in to obtain," the hologram said.

"And that's a problem?" Mel asks showing no signs of concern.

"Arrogant as usual but considering the time you should not have any issues."

Piper along with Phoebe and Penny walked in. "Sorry I walked out like that, it's just overwhelming." Piper said and walked over to the hologram of herself. "Could you change your appearance because it's kind of freaking me out?"

"Unfortunately that code has been forbidden to me, locked out so to speak," it replied and Mel pulled out a device from her coat pocket that was the size of a credit card. It had a touchscreen and she began to quickly push buttons that look more alien then English. "Oh well apparently I am now capable of doing your request," it said and changed to a man," is that better?"

"Yes," Piper said.

"There is another quandary, the weapons of this time are not as powerful as the ones you have developed," the man said.

"I will re-create them," Mel said.

"And just out of curiosity how, the technology is not developed yet some of the materials won't be for several years."

"Everything is built on one principle, materials that can be found in any time period," Mel replied and walked over to the wall that still had the images on it. She quickly wrote down using the tip of her finger a very complex string of equations that baffled everyone in the room even the hologram. He walked up to it when she was finished and smiled.

"You are a genius," he said and looked at her proudly.

"Retrieve what I need I have a feeling I'm going to need them," Mel said and he nodded and walked over to Phoebe.

"I need your phone," he said and held out his hand.

"Ok," Phoebe said and was not sure how a hologram was going to hold a solid object. But when she put it in his hand it was clear that he could.

"There is one more thing that you missed," he said.

"My equations are flawless," she said and he shook his head slightly.

"Not your equations your coffin it's numbered," he said and began to dematerialized into a stream of light going into the phone and Phoebe had to quickly react and catch it before it hit the ground. Mel walked over to the metal object and looked on its side. There was the number three carved into its metal.

"Mel what's going on, why are you using weapons?" Piper asks.

"I'm mortal, a generational skip and I can't believe he did this," Mel replied as she ran her hand over the cold metal and ran her fingers through the grooves that made the number.

"What, you don't have any powers?" Phoebe asks.

"No I'm not even a witch, I can't do spells or potions unless its a chemical reaction," Mel replied but never looked at them as she was still fixated on the number.

"You can't believe he did what?" Penny asks.

"Imprisoned us all," Mel replied as Wyatt and Chris came downstairs with Leo who was holding the little Chris as he seemed to be fussy and could not sleep. They told him about the capsule and a woman that they believe to be Melinda or at least that's what she tells them.

"Piper what is going on?" Leo asks.

"Um we are still trying to figure that out," Piper replied.

"I need to go to magic school as well to free the others. Unfortunately I will need your hand, so you can come with it attached are I could remove it. It's your choice," Mel said to Wyatt.

"I like it attached," Wyatt said as Chris walked over to her so he could orb her.

"Don't threaten my brother," he said and Piper could see a slight flinch in Mel's eyes as she looked away. Chris then orbed out with Mel and Wyatt.

"Piper I promise she will be ok," Paige said noticing.

"She better be," Piper said.

Mel was standing in the center of the great Hall with her two brothers who had no idea who she was and at the moment her attention was focused on some wall. It did not bother her that Wyatt was unaware of her existence, but Chris hurt her deeply as they were close in the other future. She kept her emotions in check, something she has become quite good at over the years as she looked around the room.

"What are we looking for?" Chris asks and Mel closed her eyes as she was trying to pull memories of where she left something very important to her. She opened her eyes and walked over to the bookcase and gingerly put her hand on a book and moved it out of its place. She then did the same to other books that were near the first one and seemed to hold her breath in hopes that it was still where she hid it. She smiled slightly as the little object came to life. It was only about 6 inches tall and opened its wide eyes after blinking several times. The little robot was covered with dust as it stood from a sitting position.

"What is that?" Chris asks as he looked at the little robot that had a rounded head and big black eyes. It even has the capability of smiling and seemed more human than mechanic. It climbed into Melinda's hand as a stream of electricity came down her arm and into her little friend. It lit up around its joints and seem to come more to life than before.

"It helps me with small task," Mel replied as it hovered off her hand and was now eye level. "Do a scan for the others," she said and it smiled slightly and even try to hug her but she pulled away as she walked back to the middle. It lowered its head and started scanning as a beam of light came from its eyes. After a few moments it showed excitement as it hovered near a wall on the other side of the room.

"What is it with her?" Wyatt whispered to Chris.

"Beats me but apparently we have a sister and what did they mean by the other future and why does she hate you so much," Chris replied.

"Hell if I know," he replied as the wall began to move and Mel backed up while the sisters came in.

The sisters arrived at magic school as it was taking them a while and Piper did not like her future daughter being up there, considering what happened.

"Wyatt your up," Mel said and backed away.

"Hay that hurt the last time," he said.

"Your self-healing, so quit being a pansy and do it," Mel said as she had major issues even looking at him while Chris gave a slight snort. Wyatt walked over to the first one. Again he felt the sharp sting but immediately it healed as the box began to unlock and water escaped from its bottom. He did the same with the others as Mel stood between them as her little helper hovered over to the sisters and smiled.

"There is something you should know," Mel said and turned to face the others. "Two are related," she said.

"What?" Phoebe asks.

"One is ladybug and the other is Trinity one of Paige's daughters," Mel said and everyone was speechless as Phoebe and Paige looked at the new people. Unfortunately unlike Mel they did not come out of their state easily they were somewhat delirious. Years of seclusion and darkness with only their thoughts to keep them company would drive anyone insane.

"Which one is mine?" Phoebe asks through tears and Mel looked to her right and gave a slight nod. "Its ok baby mommy is here," Phoebe said as she got to her and tried to calm her daughter who was shaking badly.

"No why this, please let me die," Prudence said as she put her hands to her ears.

"Oh god, no baby this is real, your in the past and free," Phoebe pleaded but every time she tried to touch her, Prudence just crawled away. Paige ran to her daughter who was in the same state and Piper had to look away as a man set his eyes on Mel.

"Jack do you know what is going on?" Mel asks as she knelt down.

"I like this dream, your in it," he said but she could tell he was not aware of reality at the moment. He tried to put his hand to her face and she pulled away uncomfortably. "Wait don't go," he said as tears escaped his eyes.

"Paige heal them," Mel said as she went over to a table and sat down. She understood how they felt, at first she believed it was all an illusion but because of her intelligence she was able to put the pieces together quickly and her internal program would be devoid of any psychotic break. Paige put her hands to her daughter's head and tried not to break down as she felt her healing power kick in.

"Shirr its ok baby its ok," she said as Trinity looked up into her eyes and seemed to be coming back to reality.

"Mom, I don't understand," Trinity said as she put her hands to her mother's face. She was shaking afraid she would disappear the moment she touched her, but once she felt flesh. she pulled her in for a hug.

"Yes sweetie its me," Paige said and even though she has not even given birth to her yet, she immediately felt the connection.

"Paige," Phoebe said through tears while trying to keep her daughter from running away.

"Wyatt you may want to be at the ready, I have a feeling they're going to react the same way I did when they see you," Mel said.

Jack was first to set eyes on Wyatt," You son of a bitch!" he said and began to rush him but Mel stopped him. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Things are changed, we are in the past 2008 and apparently he is good. I know its a bummer but we can't kill him in this time," Mel said as Jack was trying to wrap his head around it. "Astra hold!" Mel yelled as the tattoos were beginning to glow on Astra's body, signifying she was about to kick in her power.

"I hope you know what you're doing," Astra said as her body stopped glowing and she went over to the table to sit down as she was still recovering.

"Me too," Mel said as Trinity and Prudence joined them.

"Chris do you know them?" Phoebe asks and he shook his head no," Oh god I think I'm going to be sick."

"What do you mean you don't know us?" Jack asks and Mel put her hand to her head.

"I hate repetition, you guys explain I need to run a diagnosis," Mel said and left the room to find someplace private. Piper played with her hands nervously as she watched her daughter disappear into a room in the hallway.

"Here honey sit down I will get you something to drink," Paige said and kissed her on the forehead.

"Anything but water," Trinity said and gave a weak smile but her body was still shaky.

"Ok," Paige said and quickly made her way to the bathroom.

Piper took a moment to explain to Wyatt about the dark future and he almost collapsed onto the couch.

"Wyatt its not your fault and your not that person anymore," Piper said as she could see the pain in her sons face.

"How do we fix this?" Phoebe asks while she gave Prudence some tea that Paige brought back.

"I don't know," Piper replied and put her hand on Wyatt's and squeezed.

Mel sat in the quiet room as she needed to be free from people at the moment. She needed to think, she needed to keep all the emotions in because in her future, it is what got her to get imprisoned in the first place, all those damn emotions. She felt drained as her little friend put it small arms around her forearm and leaned its head onto her jacket. It made small tones almost musical in sound.

"I missed you too," she whispered as she was the only one who could understand it. She needed to recharge but the technology in this time was not near as advanced and it would take at least eight hours of stasis to become fully functional again. The thought of going back into a deep sleep was something she was going to try to avoid.

Back in the main hall the others were quiet for a moment. They were all exhausted and wanted to celebrate winning the ultimate battle but that would have to be on hold as a new challenge has arisen.

"So Mel invents things?" Paige asks.

"Yeah she has a 200 IQ, eidetic memory, photographic and some kind of mimic capabilities. She can see someone do a complex task and repeated without seeing it again. Some people say it was to compensate for lack of power others say she was the counter to Wyatt," Trinity replied.

"She doesn't seem like the stereotypical nerd," Chris said.

"She's not she's a fighter and there is nothing stereotypical about her, although she does have one cork," Prudence said.

"What's that?" Wyatt asks finally speaking after a long period of silence.

"She has to kill people and groups of even numbers," she replied.

"Wait are you saying she won't kill a demon unless there's two of them?" Piper asks.

"No if there is one she will deal with it but if there's three, she will intentionally make sure that two are together when they die. Yeah its weird but she was working on it before our inconvenient vacation," Prudence replied by giving a sideways look to Wyatt.

"Piper your exhausted, we all need to get some sleep and try to deal with this tomorrow," Phoebe said and Piper nodded.

"Wait should we send them home?" Phoebe asks while looking at Wyatt and Chris.

"No, none of my children are leaving my site until we know what's happening, I do believe it's for a reason I just don't know what yet. Um Wyatt you can sleep with yourself," Piper said and wrinkled her face at how that sounded as everyone chuckled a bit. "You know what I mean."

"You sure?" he asks.

"Yeah I agree with Piper, we need to figure out what is going on," Paige said," Trinity do you want to come home with me?"

"Yeah," Trinity replied and Paige said her goodbyes and they orbed out.

Coop took Prudence and Phoebe home. "I will get Mel," Piper said and went to the room where she saw her go. "Mel are you ok?" she asks and when she did not get a reply she opened the door gently. Mel had her head down on her forearms as her robot looked up at her. "Mel?"

"What?" Mel replied and shot up as she clearly drifted asleep.

"Lets go home so you can get some rest," Piper said and helped her stand. "Honey are you ok?" Piper asks as Mel looked slightly pale.

"I just need to recharge, its ok," Mel said and let her mother help her out the door as the little robot hovered behind them.

"You have very interesting gadgets," Piper said and Mel gave a small smile.

"Trust me you haven't seen anything yet," Mel said and she entered the main Hall and they all went home as tomorrow brings new questions and hopefully less disturbing answers.

To be continued...