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Chapter 11

The long rode

The Titanius's came to a stop just before the road split into many different directions. Everyone got off so the could say their goodbyes and give any last-minute advice. Piper walked over to her boys and daughter while her sisters went to talk to others.

"Listen I need you guys to get along, no pulling hair or spitting on each other," Piper said as she hugged Chris and then Wyatt.

"I think I would worry more about her killing us," Wyatt whispered into his mother's ear. Piper pulled away as his statement was not that far off.

"You know we are not little right?" Chris asks as she was talking to them like when they were children.

"Just be nice to each other," Leo replied and hugged his sons. Piper nervously went over to Mel who has almost no expression on her face except the one that usually sent chills down anyone's spine.

"Mel I know this is not easy but try to get to know them," Piper said and hugged her whether she wanted it or not. Mel reluctantly hugged her back.

"I already know them, they don't know me remember," Mel said back as Leo came over to her. He smiled at his little girl. Leo put his arms around her and it seemed awkward as she did her best to hug him back.

"We love you," Piper said and said goodby to her sisters and nieces with Leo.

Phoebe said her farewells to her nephews and nieces as well as she gave Cole the evil eye while getting back on her Titanius. They all headed off to the other clans and had no idea how long they would be separated. The forest were filled with giant trees and vegetation was thick and lush. To them it might as well have been on another planet as everything seemed a new and surreal. The road they were on was mostly dirt and gravel. The Titanius seemed to know where they were going in did not need guidance from the riders.

Mel, Chris and Wyatt have been riding now for over an hour and the village they just left was far out of sight as midday was upon them. Mel was in the lead while Chris and Wyatt rode next to each other about 10 feet behind her. She had Terminator on her shoulder and his tiny hand was holding on to the caller of her coat and occasionally turned to look at them and even wave.

"This is going to be a long ride," Chris said as the other little creation of Melinda's ran past them barking. "And then there's that," he said and just shook his head side to side. The little guy apparently did not want to be left behind and ran up to its creator.

"Go home," Mel said and kept moving but it just kept barking excessively," Fine," Mel gritted her teeth as the dog used its little bunny attributes to jump up on the saddle in front of her. It got comfortable as Terminator kicked its feet back and forth like an impetuous child.

"You know it will be nice to have a sister when we get back," Chris said.

"So you can pick on her," Wyatt added.

"Wait does that make me the middle child?"

"Yeah," Wyatt replied smiling.

"How will this work, we just get memories or will it be like we have known her all the time?" Chris asks as the time traveling conundrum always made his head hurt.

"Honestly I don't know," Wyatt replied.

On a another path Piper and Leo were riding next to each other as Jack and Enait were in front.

"He doesn't talk much does he?" Piper asks referring to Jack.

"No but there is something going on between him and our daughter," Leo replied.

"Oh you didn't even get a chance to tell her she can't date till she's 30," Piper said.

"I haven't got a chance to talk to her at all. We need to find out when her conception date is".

"Any excuse to have sex," Piper said and gave her sideways smile as the hologram of Prue materialized and was now floating next to her. "Dammit Prue don't do that." she said a little startled.

"Sorry, but her conception date is at least a month away thought you want to know. And when we rest for the night I need to show how this suit works. Mel's orders," Prue said and disappeared.

"Yeah that's just a little creepy," Piper said as she did not like the hologram just appearing and seeming to know what they were discussing.

"So Jack how is your relationship with the black star?" Enait asks.

"None of your business," Jack replied.

"Do they know who and what you are?"

"No and I plan on keeping it that way," Jack replied while keeping his eyes focused in front of him.

"Her future and yours are intertwined. What if she is not the same if reborn into the good future, so many questions and a very long ride," Enait said as though he was enjoying the torment he was putting Jack through. Jack's eyes were now on Enait and narrowed as this conversation was growing tiresome.

"Just keep your mind on what you need to and leave the rest to us," Jack said and with a gentle tap of his heels his Titanius moved ahead slightly.

Phoebe was riding next to Coop and prudence while Cole was behind them.

"I still can't believe they made him come with us," Phoebe said and looked behind her to only see a smiling ex-husband.

"Do we know why he took the capsule?" Coop asks.

"No but I will find out," Prue replied.

"What other kind of powers do you have?" Phoebe asks as her curiosity could no longer be kept at bay.

"Mom, you know that we are not supposed to tell you everything," Prue replied.

"Considering what we know I don't think it will hurt," Coop added.

"Fine, well the D.O.A prem, levitation and hearting. I don't know if you can count my manipulation ability that's more just for fun," Prue said and smiled.

"Can you tap into other people's powers?" Phoebe asks.

"Yes and no," Prue replied and got confused looks from her parents. "It conflicts with my premonition sometimes and makes it hard to concentrate."

"Oh so you are a empath as well?" Coop asks.

"Yes but its not as potent as moms," she replied as Cole rode up to them.

"Hay I was getting lonely, care if I join the conversation?" he asks knowing how much this will irritate Coop and Phoebe.

"Actually Cole I wish you would fall into a deep hole and never get out," Phoebe replied.

"Listen I have better things to do than to save your sorry ass again," Cole said and the Titanius's stopped.

"Save my sorry ass, what the hell is that supposed to mean?" Phoebe angrily ask.

"If I did not show up when I did you guys would have been pancaked by meteors," Cole replied.

"Maybe you're working with them?"Coop asks.

"Maybe you are, I mean you are new to the family aren't you," Cole replied.

"You son of a bitch, like you can talk about trust," Phoebe said as Prue just rolled her eyes.

"Guys I know there is a bad history here, but we need to get to the other clan, so just try to get along," Prue said and continued forward.

Phoebe let out a deep sigh and rode up to her daughter while Coop kept a close eye on Cole.

"Why did you take it?" Coop asks referring to the capsule.

"I have my reasons but don't worry it has nothing to do with the charmed ones or you," Cole replied.

Paige was next to Henry while Trinity was next to Astra.

"You know I should have played D&D when I was teenager," Henry said.

"Then you would not have had sex until you were in your 40s," Paige said and smiled at him.

"True but I would have been more prepared for this," Henry said as he felt like a character in one of those fantasy books he used to read.

"Honey I don't think anything can help with this," Paige said while watching a dragon fly go by. It looked like a baby dragon but had the wings of a normal dragon fly. It apparently was hunting as it killed a bug with fire. Even though it seemed more like a lighter set on high it was still impressive to see.

"Astra the clan we are going to. They are not exactly friends with your dad," Trinity said.

"No but they are not enemies either," Astra said.

"Its going to shock them you know, they have never seen stuff like this."

"They adapt quickly so it should only be a slight heart attack," Astra said and laughed a little.

Hours past and night was coming. The moons were rising but did not do the double duty of lighting up the place and seemed to grow darker as they filled the sky.

"We should stop here for the night," Mel said and got off her ride. The matchstick beast went off to eat after she took off the bags on its saddle.

"How can it get darker when there are two moons?" Chris asks while getting the bags off his saddle as well.

"Revised luminescence," Mel replied.

"Do I want to know?" Wyatt asks.

"No because you would not understand anyway," Mel replied as she waved her hand over the ground and a chair teleported in. Wyatt who was not about to be outdone by tech, waved his hand and a much larger chair orbed in. Chris rolled his eyes as it was clear they were already competing.

"I will start the fire," Chris said but Wyatt did it for him by using his conjuring to create a already lit pile of wood with rocks around it. "Never mind." he said and was about to sit on the ground when a chair appeared next to him. "Thanks."

Mel began to eat the food that was in the bags while Chris and Wyatt did the same. The little dog put its large ears down and gave its best sad face as it too was hunger. Terminator tossed some bread up in the air and it jumped to get it. The two would play as Mel and her brothers eat.

"What is that thing anyway?" Wyatt asks.

"I told you it helps with small task and feeding apparently," Mel replied as she watched the two interact.

"No the dog," Wyatt said.

"Oh it was my first attempt at creating living things," Mel replied.

"Like conjuring?" Chris asks.

"Not like, better," Mel replied and Wyatt snorted.

"How can it be better?" Wyatt asks.

"Your powers are based on emotion mine or not, so its not a weakness," she replied as Terminator hovered back over to them and took some more food for his new friend.

"Weakness, all I have to do is find a way to unplug you and your out of commission," Wyatt said and got a very cold stare from his new sister.

"I am a black belt of 7 different martial arts, so I could kill you before you even thought about tapping into your powers," Mel said and seemed ready to prove it.

"Ok enough we promised mom that we would try to get along, and 7 really?" Chris asks and Mel just continued to eye down her older brother.

"Fine, so were are we going to sleep?" Wyatt asks.

"I know were I am going to, you can sleep in hell for all I care," Mel replied and tossed the remaining food on the ground so her pet dog could eat it. She got up and the chair teleported away. She then walked over to a tree that had some low lying branches and placed a round metal object on it. A hammock formed out of the small metal object. It had a full cover and zipped from the side so she could get in easily and be protected from rain or other invaders of the night.

"That was cool," Chris said as he liked this new technology.

"Whatever," Wyatt said and with a wave of his hand there was a small house in the middle of the road.

"That's inconspicuous," Chris said and Wyatt just shrugged his shoulders.

"You want to sleep on the ground, you might get dirty and we know you inherited your clean freak from mom?" Wyatt asks knowing how much his brother hated dirt.

"Fine, did you put good linen inside?" he asks as they walked up to the small cabin.

"Only the best for you princes," he replied and got hit in the arm by Chris.

The small dog jumped into the opened hammock and Mel closed it up for the night as Terminator used her caller as a blanket.

Paige was riding next to Henry while Astra and Trinity were writing slightly ahead. Paige kept glancing over at Henry and could not take the smile off her face.

"What?" he asks noticing her occasional gaze.

"Its weird, I used to have dreams like this," she replied.

"Stuck in a foreign realm and being attacked by elders?" he asks confused a little about what kind of dreams she had.

"No, you on a horse or Antonio Banderas. Except you are bare chested and all sweaty," she replied and Henry blushed a little.

"Oh and you are in a bikini drinking a cool refreshment, right," he said.

"That's about it," she said.

"I didn't know you liked those kinds of fantasies, I thought it was Piper," he said.

"All women have those kinds of fantasies, the only difference is what happens after I get on the horse," she said and winked.

"Hay guys we should probably stop her for the night," Trinity said and got off her Titanius's along with Astra.

They all took off the bags from the saddles and got a fire going relatively quickly as Paige orbed the necessary firewood and lighter fluid to get it started. Henry raised his eyebrows at her.

"Ok so its not going all caveman but it works," Paige said and sat down so she could eat what ever food they gave them. It was mostly bread and some fruit with way overcooked meat.

"Is it safe to be on the rode?" Henry asked as he ate some bread.

"For now, we are still in our territory, but in a few more miles we will need to be more careful and stay off the rode at night," Astra replied.

"Sweetie I know this is a hard question but did you have any other siblings?" Paige asks.

"Yes a sister, a twin sister but I don't know what happened to her after I got imprisoned," Trinity replied as she kept her head low. "I also had a younger adopted brother named Henry Junior."

"Henry Junior," Henry said proudly.

"Is he ok?" Paige asks worriedly.

"I don't know," Paige replied.

"Did she have the same powers as you?" Paige asks.

"Yeah we could fast orb through anything," Trinity replied.

"Wait I thought that orbing was blocked here?" Henry asked.

"I can't orb like mom its more confined but faster," Trinity replied.

"Can you orb things to yourself?" Paige asks.

"Yes but again it moves much quicker, so it takes a lot of getting used to. I almost killed myself a few times," Paige replied and smiled at some memories when she was younger and learning the craft.

"We have a long ride tomorrow and should get some rest," Astra said and took out a blanket from the bag.

"What clan are we going to see tomorrow?" Henry asked as he too grabbed a blanket.

"Monarchy of constellations," Astra replied.

"What are they like?" Paige asks.

"Let me do the talking they are a very traditional clan and don't like outsiders, so negotiations are going to be delicate," Astra replied and wrapped herself in the blanket to get some needed sleep as the Titanius's fed off the surrounding grass.

"Good night," Paige said and cuddled next to Henry.

To be continued...