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Sasuke's POV.


sobs forever.

I'm so sorry


It's time to hunt again tonight.

I, being an incubus, must rely on the sexual energy of others to live. It's a sad and lonely existence, I suppose, but I'm not one for dwelling on things such as that. When I need to feed, I'll find someone to fuck and be done with it. But falling in love? I don't have time for such trivial affairs.

I take a look around me. I'm currently in some shabby part of town just waiting for someone halfway decent-looking to seduce. So far all I've seen are a couple of giggling schoolgirls who wouldn't stop gushing about how handsome I am and a couple of shady-looking businessmen who followed said schoolgirls for a couple of blocks.

As I said before, it really is a shabby part of town.

I sigh and jam my hand into my jean pocket to snag my pack of cigarettes and lighter. How long have I been out here again? Three, four hours? I can't fucking remember. I bring one of the white sticks up to my mouth and light it then inhale deeply, sliding my cigarettes and lighter back into my pocket once that's done.

Suddenly, a tuft of golden-blonde hair catches my eye. I focus my full attention on the owner of that shock of hair and I'm not the least bit disappointed.

He's beautiful.

Breathtaking, actually. Incredibly, unbelievably handsome.

I want him in bed with me.

I smirk and push off the wall I leant against, dropping my cigarette in the process. The blonde man- no, more like a teenager- is across the street from me, but even from here I can tell he's quite a sight to behold.

I can just imagine him under me, moaning, screaming as I pound into him. The thought makes me shudder.

I make my way across the street. He glances up as I approach him with a curious look painted across his beautiful face. His deep azure eyes immediately draw me in, and I notice that he has three curious whisker-like markings on each cheek, though they do nothing to detract from his good looks.

"Can I…help you?" He asks with an adorable tilt of his head. He's undoubtedly captivated by my beauty, as most are. I know seducing him won't be difficult at all.

"Yes, you can," I say with a smirk. He blinks a couple of times and tilts his head once again.

God, he's fucking edible.

"Come home with me," I breathe, inching my face closer to his. His eyes cloud over and he nods his head a couple of times.

"Yes, master."

I grin in triumph. See? It wasn't difficult at all.

I grab his hand and lead him to my car that's parked a couple of blocks away. My heart thuds in anticipation of tonight's activities; I can already tell he's going to be a great fuck. Once we finally reach my black sports car I pull him towards me so our faces are only inches apart.

"You're fucking gorgeous," I breathe.

He smirks lopsidedly, his tongue darting out to moisten those pretty pink lips I'd like nothing more than to press my own against at this very moment.

"Same goes for you, master," he says, looping his hands around my neck.

I need to be inside him.

I growl and crash my lips against his with fervor. I drag my hands down his back until I reach his ass, squeezing and kneading before pressing his body flush against mine. He moans lightly, which gives me ample opportunity to shove my tongue into his mouth. His hands quickly find purchase in my hair, tugging on it harshly and causing me to groan. Yes, tonight will be wonderful.

I feel him hardening against my groin and his sexual energy spikes. I know he's hotter than hell for me, and I also know he wants nothing more than for me to take him right then and there. But unfortunately, I can't.

We soon part for air, but not before I roughly bite his lip. His breathing comes out ragged and he tries to thrust against me, obviously eager for some form of relief. I chuckle and detach myself from the teenager. I know from years and years of experience that sexual energy is always stronger when one has to wait. He whines at the loss of my body against his, but I only smirk and open the passenger side door.

"Get in."

He nods in compliance and sits down. I shut the door behind him and make my way over to the driver's side. I soon sit down as well and start the car, shooting another glance at the cute blonde. It isn't long before we're out of that shady neighborhood.

"Tell me what you want me to do to you," I say. I love hearing what my victims desire; it helps me increase their sexual energy to its highest point if I know of their deepest, darkest fantasies.

"Fuck me…hard and raw," he says, barely above a whisper. "I want your cock pounding into me." He moans softly as he palms himself through his jeans. "But let me suck your cock first. I want to taste you."

I shake my head, a small smirk tugging at the corners of my lips. I really made a wonderful choice tonight.

Soon, we pull into the driveway of the Uchiha mansion. I know my older brother is home, but he's undoubtedly fucking some slutty girl or boy up in his room so I doubt he'll bother us. I wink at my blonde companion and open my car door and stand. I shut it lightly then saunter around to the passenger's side and open it for him. He stands swiftly, and not long after I close the door does he bring me in for a bruising kiss. His body is flush against mine and I feel the outline of his rigid cock beneath his tight jeans.

His sexual energy is astounding.

I moan into the kiss, but soon have to break it off. I need him upstairs, now, for I don't know how much more teasing I can take. I roughly grab his wrist and yank him towards the door, only pausing to unlock it. The maids loitering in the hallway shoot a knowing glance towards me and my blonde victim, and I catch a couple of them giving him a once-over. I growl in warning and the girls scamper off to complete whatever work they have elsewhere. I drag him upstairs to my room, pinning him against the door as soon as it's shut.

"What's your name?" I say, my voice so low and raspy it surprised even me. I'm never been this worked up before. Why is this cute little blonde affecting me this way?

"N-Naruto, master."

I smirk. What a fitting name.

"Well, Na-ru-to," I begin with my breathe ghosting over his ear. He shivers. "I hope you're ready for me."

He gulps and bites his lip, squirming a bit and thrusting his groin against my own.

"Please, master. I'm so hard."

I growl and attack his lips. I eagerly shove my tongue into his mouth, mapping out this previously uncharted territory with enthusiasm. He moans breathlessly into our passionate kiss which only serves to get me more riled up. His sexual energy is the most intense I've ever had the pleasure of sensing and it's causing mine to spike as well. As I pull away from him, I'm surprised to find I'm nearly as out-of-breath as he is.

"Master," he whines. "Please, please fuck me."

I smirk and lean down to nibble on his earlobe. He's a couple inches shorter than I am, which is exactly what I like in my submissive partners.

"Suck my cock first."

With a high-pitched whine he practically shoves me towards the bed in the middle of the room. I fall back onto it and have the distinct pleasure of watching him strip. He makes a show out of lifting his orange shirt out of the way, then slowly shimmying out of his blue jeans.

Well, he wasn't lying when he said he was hard.

Even through his boxers- which are practically soaked in pre-cum- I can tell that he's nearly on the verge of bursting. He makes quick work of discarding his last remaining article of clothing, and then he's left there in all his naked glory. His cock stands rigidly against his abs, dripping beads of pre-cum that I'd like nothing more than to lick up. His tan skin is flawless, stretched over taut muscle, with no tan lines in sight.

"Beautiful," I breathe.

He smirks at me and traces one hand lightly down his torso. He stops to tweak his own nipples, and whines and bites at his lip, never once breaking our heated eye contact. His hands eventually move down farther until one firmly grasps onto his cock, pumping slowly. I have to stifle a moan at the lewd sight.

"Naruto, come here," I say, dropping my voice to that sultry tone that always leaves my victims weak at the knees. He complies, and soon he's straddling me on my bed.

"Master…" He whines as I assault his unmarred neck. "You're still clothed."

I grin into the crook of his neck before sucking harshly enough to leave a mark that will undoubtedly last for days. He cries out at the rough treatment; he's just a shivering, lustful, needy mess at this point.

"Then fix it."

He nods and begins undressing me. He grasps my black shirt and pulls it over my head before throwing it somewhere unimportant. He moans once he's presented with my naked torso, running his hands over it appreciatively.

"You're so sexy, master," he says. He latches his pretty lips onto one of my nipples and sucks harshly. I have to bite my lip to keep from crying out. Unfortunately, I can't keep my voice in once he begins biting.

I love biting.

"Fuck, Naruto." I'm beginning to feel dizzy from the sheer amount of lust permeating the room. I gasp, my whole body jerking, as he bites again. "Suck me off. Now."

He reluctantly detaches himself from the hardened nub and shifts downwards so he's on the ground in front of my bed. I sit up and smirk at my adorable little pet, and he gazes at me so innocently it makes my cock twitch. He slowly unzips my pants with his teeth, pulling them down once that's done. I lift my hips to help him along. Once they're off, he comes face-to-face with my hard, leaking cock. I never wear underwear and I can tell he's appreciating this simple fact.

He nuzzles my cock with his cheek, almost affectionately, before licking lightly around the head. I groan. He's practically worshiping my cock, and that fact leaves me breathless. The cute little blonde licks up my entire length, wasting no time in taking the tip into his mouth and sucking harshly. He nips slightly, which causes my hips to buck without permission. He doesn't seem to mind much, though, and allows my cock to slide further into that greedy little mouth of his.

"Such a slut." He moans in agreement, bobbing his head faster and sucking harder. He relaxes his throat, allowing my cock to slide farther down until I'm certain I must be choking him; that, or the little whore doesn't have any sort of gag reflex. I throw my head back and groan as I feel a familiar coiling in my stomach. I bring my fingers to lace through his hair and push his head down to meet my thrusts.

It feels so fucking good.

I pant harshly, his seductive gaze pushing me further and further... Oh, God, I'm not going to last much longer. He moves his lips up and sucks at the head of my cock then slides all the way back down, not meeting any resistance as he deep-throats me. He swallows around my cock, causing my hips to buck without my permission, then slides back up. He detaches himself from my cock, smirking impishly, then licks up the prominent vein on the underside of my shaft. He tongues at the head, making a show of it and happily drinking every drop of pre-cum he can. He sucks the head back into his mouth, scraping his teeth over it lightly, then swallows my cock once more.

I cry out as my climax washes over me, hitting me full force and making me forget how to breath. I lock eyes with him as I'm lost in pleasure, watching him greedily drink up all of my cum. I can't draw my eyes away. Once he's certain he's gotten every last drop, he releases my cock with a lewd 'pop.'

"Master…please fuck me," he begs as he crawls on top of my once again.

With surprise, I notice that I'm still completely hard. I'm sure it's thanks to feeding off this boy's sexual energy; it's honestly bigger and far more powerful than any of my previous partners' and I feel as though I could fuck all night.

"Prepare yourself."

He nods, bringing three fingers to his mouth. He mimics the treatment he just gave my cock, causing my length to twitch. He's so deliciously whorish. Once he's certain his fingers are wet enough, he reaches behind him.

I'll never forget his face when those first two fingers slipped inside.

He throws his head back and nearly screams. I growl as I feel a certain spike in sexual energy that lets me know the blonde's brushed against his sweet spot. He rides his fingers, soon slipping a third inside.

"Naruto…look at me."

He opens his eyes, but they're half-lidded and completely glazed over. He moans as he continues to abuse his sweet spot. I reach my hand forward and stroke his leaking cock, watching in fascination as his face contorts to one of utmost pleasure. I'm not given any warning before his back arches and he screams, spurting thick ribbons of white cum all over me and himself. A little even manages to get on his face somehow and I moan in appreciation before leaning forward and licking it off.

The blonde soon removes his fingers, grasps my cock and rubs his hole over my arousal. I groan at the feeling. I'm surprised at the fact that he's still completely hard, but then again, his sexual energy really is incredible. Naruto repeats this motion a couple of times before gradually lowering himself onto my cock.

"You're so tight," I groan. Jesus, it's like a fucking vice, and I'm not even halfway inside.

With a light chuckle he soon finishes lowering himself onto my cock, mewling at the feeling. I know he must feel incredibly full; I can tell by the look on his face and the way his sexual energy is sky-rocketing. He shudders, his brows knitted together and flushed face drenched in sweat.

"Tell me how it feels, Naruto," I whisper with a small thrust of my hips. He bites his lip and moans, his bright blue eyes hazy and unfocused as he stares into my own deep onyx ones.

"So...fucking…good. So big." He fucks himself slowly on my rigid length, bouncing carefully at first, and I watch in fascination as his ass makes contact with my groin. He soon picks up the pace, bringing himself down faster and practically screaming as I brush against his sweet-spot.

I've never felt pleasure this intense before in my life. Nothing, nothing at all, could ever compare to this.

I grab his hips and slam him down harder and faster. He screams in appreciation, gyrating his hips in the best possible way.

"Yeah, fuck yeah, master," he moans, moving a hand to grasp his leaking cock. He pumps himself furiously, his hand a blur over his arousal. "I-I can't," he gasps, shaking his head.

Then he cums hard, arching his back beautifully. He screams out his climax and I feel his ass contracting around my length, trying to milk me for everything I'm worth. That, coupled with his pleasure-filled expression are enough to send me spiraling over the edge. I hold my breath, euphoria wiping my mind of every other thought as I fill him to the brim with my cum. I feel some slipping out of his ass and running over my balls and I bite my lip in an attempt to keep my noises to a minimum, though it's incredibly difficult. Wave after wave passes over me, his orgasm merging with mine.

A few moments later he slumps onto me, trying to regain his breath after both our climaxes are over. I'm honestly surprised he hasn't passed out yet, but I can still feel a good bit of sexual energy remaining with him. After a feeding as good as that I, of course, could probably fuck for hours straight without growing tired, but I'm sure this little human must be exhausted by now.

I hear clapping coming from the door of my room. I whip my head towards the source of the noise and am hardly surprised to find a naked Itachi standing there. I shake my head, a small smirk tugging at my lips. Of course.

"Good job, little brother. I see you've picked quite a cute little blonde."

"Well, you know I have high standards," I chuckle.

With a nod, he saunters toward me. "I could feel his sexual energy even from my room. He's quite impressive."

I quirk an eyebrow. He could feel him all the way across the mansion?

"The girl I brought home passed out after only one round. Depressing, isn't it?" Itachi says with a gleam in his eye. He pets the blonde in my lap who- surprisingly- is still awake.

"You want to fuck him?" My brother was never one for being subtle. Naruto looks up at me, finally, and blinks a couple of times. He turns his gaze to Itachi and licks his lips, raking his eyes over my brother's body, which is quite nice, if I were to be honest.

"Well, I see he's still up for it. Go ahead," I say, gently pushing the blonde off of my lap. He sits up and moves to get off me. He whines a little bit as my length slides out of him and cum dribbles down his thighs, then turns to face Itachi.

"I see you filled him up well, baby brother," Itachi chuckles, pressing the blonde flush against his front and kneading his ass. He swoops down and crashes his lips against the blonde's, and I watch with fervor. Naruto whines deep in his throat and brings his hands to tangle in Itachi's long, raven hair. I chuckle at the sheer neediness of my little victim; one would hardly believe he'd just been fucked within an inch of his life. Naruto grinds against Itachi and I see my brother's hand parting and kneading the blonde's ass. He lightly traces Naruto's hole with two fingers then thrusts them inside. Naruto moans loudly into their sloppy, heated kiss, bucking against the pale digits.

I feel my own cock stirring back to life at this little show, and stroke myself leisurely. Soon, Itachi pushes Naruto away from him and down next to me on my bed. He crawls on top of the smaller blonde, but not before leaning over and kissing me deeply, grasping my face with his hand. His tongue pries my lips apart and I can't help but moan and suck his tongue into my mouth. He's intoxicating.

I feel Naruto's eyes on us, his excitement obvious. So he likes watching, does he? I smirk as Itachi pulls away.

I watch as Itachi's cock nudges at the blonde's puckered hole. He shoves inside, not even giving Naruto a moment to adjust. I nearly wince. I know firsthand just how rough my older brother can be when he fucks. Naruto throws his head back and moans, obviously not the least bit bothered by this rough treatment. Itachi picks up a quick pace and grips Naruto's thighs with near-bruising force. The blonde tries his best to keep up with my big brother by bringing his hips to meet my brother's thrusts, and he's doing a damn good job. The hand on my length increases in speed and I chew on my lip as Naruto stares at me with a smoldering gaze. He licks his lips lightly, glancing from my cock to my eyes then down again.

Such a little whore.

"Aniki, I think Naruto's thirsty," I chuckle. Itachi throws me a knowing look and pulls out. Naruto whines but soon gets the idea and crawls on all fours. He wiggles his ass in the air, just waiting for Itachi to enter him again, and my older brother doesn't leave him waiting for long. He thrusts into him roughly and quickly. The blonde screams and pushes his ass back to meet my Aniki's thrusts, quickly establishing their old rhythm.

I move so that my cock nudges at Naruto's pouty pink lips and he wastes no time in grabbing it and sucking as though his life depends on it. I thread my fingers through his hair and buck into his slutty mouth.

"You just love my cock, don't you, Naruto?" He moans around my length in response and hollows his cheeks, sucking as hard as he can and easily deep-throating me. I've never received better head, that's for sure.

Itachi's thrusts increase in speed and power, and I can tell that both he and Naruto are close to the edge. I'm not far off, either. It's building and building...

When we cum, all of our orgasms merge together and I nearly black out. Dear God, I've never felt this before. This blinding inferno, burning me, spreading its heat throughout my entire body. I can barely keep my eyes open, let alone remember how to breath.

It passes a few moments later, and it obviously took its toll on all of us. We're all out of breath and I plop down onto my ass, trying to steady my staggered breathing. Naruto collapses right where he was, taking Itachi down with him. I glance at Naruto, pleased to see he's finally passed out. My eyes flicker up to meet Itachi's, both of us sharing a knowing smirk.

"Well, that was fun," I say.

Itachi hums in agreement, gently pulling out of the blonde.

"I'd love to keep him. It's rare to find someone with such incredible sexual energy. He's a great fuck."

I nod in agreement. That was definitely an understatement.

Itachi saunters over to my side of the bed and brings me in for a deep kiss. I moan and bite at his lower lip, but he pulls away, leaning in to place a chaste kiss on my forehead. I nearly pout. Who said I was out of energy?

"Goodnight, baby brother, and thank you for sharing." He smirks at me. I smirk in return and he soon leaves the room to go back to his own.

I glance at the sleeping blonde at the foot of my bed and get up so I can move him and tuck him in. Once I'm sure he's comfortable enough, I climb into bed next to him and drape a protective arm around my cute little victim and pull him into my chest.

Perhaps it really would be nice to keep him.

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